Thursday, 27 June 2013


Hello bibis.

Three and a half more days till my holiday vanishes into thin air.
Time is really like the sand that sifts to the bottom of an hourglass.
Slips by your hand so quickly, so furtively.

My little cuppy (Cabbie) got sick.
This is how I blog sometimes, with Cabbie on my lap.

His eyes got swollen, because he somehow managed to hurt himself. 
And it's so funny the way he tries to look at me with one eye open.
Sohem oh. Like a poor poor doggie ^^

 took him to the vet and he came home like this.
With the cone of shame oh my gatch!!

And the funny thing was he scared himself when he was in the cage.
His cone kept hitting the cage and he gets startled and whines,
then hit another side of the cage and whine again.
Rinse and repeat.

HAHHA SOHEM WEYH this dog. Noob like me.
But now the eyes big big already, because I kept helping him to
apply eye drops.

Actually quite fun to play as the nurse also ^^v
My patient sooo cute.

But heartbreaking la during the first day when he looked so pathetic :(

And then I went with J Bibi to 1 Utama, to do errands.
I hate doing errands. Use so much of time and moneyyy.
I went to fix my glasses. Will debut it when I get it. HAHAHA

Also met with Xuan who was coincidentally at 1 Utama with her friend.

We ate at Shihlin. Well, actually Jennie did la, cos everyone ate except for her.
So we just sat and chit chat. I think I saw Meng Wei and his gf next table but not sure :3

Also I don't know what to do for Friday night.
There's a private party in SS3, I know Yi Han gang they all going
long time didn't see them oh! 
And college friend asked me to go The Pool, but I'm not sure laaa.
Sometimes right have too many events in the end go none. HAHAHA.

OOTD, top and bottom from Sungei Wang. Super cheap like RM20/30 I think.
Ifff I'm not wrong la ^^ the whole sungei wang I see it like RM20 only their clothes.

Lace sneakers from Agape Boutique,
Bowling bag from Gucci.

Actually blogging because I am too free.
Feel super sad ya know holiday ending.
But too free also not good, dilemma sial.

Okay, that's all for my short and sweet update <3 p="">

hahha okay sohem bye byebyebyebey

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