Saturday, 1 June 2013

Orange peel

Ya. My editing skills got even more dramatic. 

It's Friday night but I spent the whole day at home actually, so sad :(
When I am bored and at home I can still find ways to be vain.

Now I know mostly there's two of me.
As if that's not enough, here's four of me in ONE picture! 
Who knows right one day I might go all Rihanna.

Anyway reflections were always my favourite editing style,
even ages ago with black hair. 

Okay maybe not ages ago ^^

Forgot to introduce the ducky ^^
It's Vency's little pet! Given to her by her boyfriend.
Vency likes duckie ducks because it reminds her of her boyfriend.
I think she should get a Pikachu also cos she reminds me of Pikachu. 

There was also a mini workshop for digital art at Raffles. :3
Vency is closing her eyes because I complained that her eyes were too big.
Reminds me of Nicholas, lol.

That day was also Morning class aka Thursday.
For this semester, it's the only day I have Morning class but it is also full day.
Means 9am reach college and stay till 6pm lol.

Was rushing and I didn't even draw my eyebrows -,-

Sat quite far back cos most of the seats were filled up!

*Thanks to the power of Canon's zoom*

The artist has worked with Marvel and DC comics before,
which explains the Man of Steel card Vency was holding!

It was really fascinating to see him working live projected on the screen. 
 hehe. Kelvin also let me toy with his Wacom tablet.
Feel like "borrowing" my brother's one ^^

Also, just now while watching Snowman and the Huntsman,
I doodled a random dude which I ended up liking.
Aww. Wished my boyfriend looked like this. 
Such sad eyes thou.

I think also cos subconsciously during the workshop,
the guy joked, "go home and try to draw a guy/girl you like".
I think the guy I like would have thick eyebrows and small eyes.
I think small eyes look manly on guys, those small and sharp but long ones.
Chinese got a lotta those, so no problem. BWAHAH

This was at Ichiban Boshi.

I felt like I found a loophole because halfway through the menu I noticed the 
glorious, ever glorious "RM2" section.
It's like the Daiso section, but better.

I spied a tuna handroll and a few sushi that not only looked edible but delicious.
Cos ya know, they always put the shitty ones under cheap prices.

Instead of ordering a RM16 maki I initially thought of,
I ended up getting four plates of sushi and they were RM8.60 for them.
Oh may, feel so proud of myself ^^

Cos spending on food can be a blackhole.
Actually, it starts and ends and begins and changes with 
your mentality. If you're only thinking of how to spend your money then I guess
that's where your money will go. Like, away from you!

I've been saving money for two/three weeks now.
Happy to say I've saved around RM1k :3
I don't mind saying this out cos 1k is quite little, 
I don't think anyone would bother robbing me for that right ^^
Don't bother lol cos if I wanna save money it means the money will go out of sight.

It's easy to save money cos there's not much outings nowadays!
Right after SPM was when I enjoyed "faicai" life like crazy.
I do miss it. I think I like parties because there's also adrenaline involved.
People can bring a lot of excitement. :)

Ya here is Vency and Jia Shin.
Vency is always well-done, immaculate make up and radiant face, le sighhh~~
Jia Shin is when she dress up then no need to ask her, she'll grab the camera and camwhore.
If not then, yeah, use hand to block herself lollll.

Umm. I've never had that habit before.
If I see a camera the only thing I will do is shove my face towards it.
It's like a flex, a natural instinct.

To ask me to shy away from camera is like trying to put your fingers inside a firepit.
Against your instinct :(

Unless I'm wearing glasses. Then it is not against my instinct? lolll

Lookie! Cabbie gone to grooming, his first fur cut.
With short fur his big eyes twinkle. With longer fur it's nice to touch.
But I just love him no matter what  <3 p="">

Brought him to Summer Pets at SS2.
Petsmore at Desa Park City is nearer definitely,
I used to go there but their service is not that good.

Have to wait long time and they're always full.
When you walk in they are upset and ask you to wait if there's any spot to squeeze you in.
When you try to book, they tell you on the phone, sorry we are full.

Lol, business too laku.
Okay lo, what to do. Groom at other place ~,~

But I think short fur is low-maintenance, 
can give him bathes in ma kitchen sink!

This was on Sunday.
Loveee Sunday brunch, free flow good food ^^ thanks to papa ^^
Had mango juice for drinks, mushroom soup for starter 
and caesar salad with smoked salmon as main.

This was at Weissbrau. 
Before that we would frequent the one opposite, La Bodega~! 
lol, traitor. but nvm right, La Bodega is always crowded!

Shot by my brada, yess make good use of him ^^

Followed him shopping for a while, watched him buy a pair of Gucci sneakers.
Yes lo, watch only. Watch with empty hands only. Haih.

HAHAHA. But I like to go in and sit. See what looks nice, blbalbal.
I think guys would get bored shopping. 

After that, went into Givenchy a while. Their men's tee really look snazzy, in tune with Kpop.
But high class sort of Kpop lol :3 I've also seen people tattoo stars like the one featured on their tees! 
Umm. The staffs were pretty friendly.

But then- they always are if you dress not bad. :/
can't blame them, I was a salesperson before lol!

On the other hand though, a lot of people don't dress flamboyantly
but they save up and buy gifts for their loved ones.
I think it's sweetie sweet!

But I think between a handbag and a vacation, I would choose a vacation first.
I think memories are really precious.
And also, when you break up wouldn't it feel odd using the gift? Hmm....

T.T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I wanted to take picture with them.... but I was walking alone at Tokyo Street that time T.T
Really sad balls la haih. I don't mind asking people to take picha for me if they had workers there,
but mostly just random shoppers! I shy shy.

Homaii I really wanted to take picture with them they were so cute and fluffy.
Was whining this to Vency the other day while we were at Pavi and she dragged me away lol.
Had to buy fabric ~,~

Look who I bumped into!! :33
I was coming down the escalators, and I spotted this girl staring at me!!
Took a while for me to recognize her cos she's grown up so much :3

It's been years. From America tour! I think I was like. Eleven? yeah!
Hahahha she was really friendly. Wanted to see Emily but apparently 
she has gone to Canada! Miss her :33

Was glad seeing you Kathy hehehe

Umm. Also this was kinda gross but amusing.
I chopped off a chunk of my skin on the sewing machine.
So right now I'm typing, with nine fingers.
I'm very glad God gave us ten. Love all of them.
Please kiss all of your fingers and sayang them now. ^^

So the skin came off in literally like a white chunk.
It went white and dead instantly zomg I freaked out and flipped it away.
So no souvenir to take picture, sorry ^^

It happened cos I was using the machine for the first time.
There's Juki and Ericco. Juki is the older and jerkier/faster one but I'm more used to it.
Vency and Jia Shin hardsell the Ericco one so I don't wanna rugi also,
went to try it.

When I was changing the needle I stepped on the pedal to make the footer lift up.
But ended up it went very fast, so the needle holder steel cup dug a piece of my skin.
Like scooping out sand out of a sandbox only, ma de. The skin flew off like orange skin.

Also oddly it only started healing real quick, the day after I took off my plaster.
I think the blood and air concoction was magic. Before that the plaster cockblock everything right :3
This is the second time I've hurt myself in college, the other one was at The One.

I'm not good with sharp things weyh. Basically I was carving a lithograph thing and the
knife sort of cut my skin. It's the same finger, except the scar is lower.

It is always the right hand hurting the left hand -,- the backstabber. Traitor!!
Hahhaha pity my left hand.

God forbid I ever get a needle stucked in my nail.
My no.1 nightmare, oh noooo.

All that glitter is gold?
But love is purer than gold?

HAHHA wtf.

Okay, that is all.
Tata, love always.

<3 p="">

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