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Hello sweeties! :*

Yesterday night, Vertigo once more.
For the cute little Jun Wen's surprise birthday.

Planned by her sister and Li Chen helped to call everyone.
We came about half an hour/ an hour earlier than Jun Wen!
Surprise succeeded! Glad Jennie and I made it in time cos we thought we were late :3

Choon Lam the boyfie brought her in and the cake and everyone shouted Happy Birthday.

Jun Wen reacting to the surprise and Choon Lam looking happy he nailed it.

Look at the birthday girl's face. Lol.
Girl in purple is her sister, Kim Bee!

Her birthday is actually June 11. 
Choon Lam told her it's his friend's birthday party at Vertigo.
Turns out the "his friend" is Jun Wen herself. Lol.

Nice she didn't suspect anything. :3
That's the best things about surprise.
When something good jumps out and hug you out of the thin air.
And you just feel grateful.

Quiteee a lot of people came.
I think Vertigo is like a hot place for birthday celebrations in clubs!
It felt like free flow that night though.

Kim Bee "pao" everything. So no one has to pay.
I think that's really nice of her! Rich lol.
Kim Bee and Choon Lam? HAHHA. I'm not sure.
I just know it was free flow. Thank you for the invite! :)

Ki Ni, birthday girl's younger sister.
And her friend Mei Thing.

Totally surprised! HAHAHA.
They looked mature and gorgeous that night.
And the best part is they are fifteen! 

Cos it is hard fair for Asians to nail being mature.
Caucasians it's like nothing la, sixteen year olds act like they're Forever 21. :3

OOTD was something I grabbed in like, five minutes.
That time I just came back from Mei Yen's house and fetching Jennie.
Kok was the shark on the way.

I think I tried three outfits. Take on and off until it feels right lol.

Yellow halter dress from online. Very apt for an afternoon tea session at hotels.
HAHAHA. (Comments on this dress "so good girl" "fut tai".)
Eva clutch from Louis Vuitton. 
It's like go-to clutch for clubbing because it's small and fits nicely on my shoulder!
Tiny beaded bracelet by Tiffany & Co. , kind of wear it everywhere now- shower or sleep
I don't like wearing rings to clubs. Can't afford to lose it lol.
Watches too!

Anyway. after getting robbed not once but TWICE.
I'd promise to never let my belongings out of sight anymore.
I think places where it is easy to lose ur shit would be ....
clubs. beach. swimming pools. theme parks. airports.


Shark in the Saga. BOOM.
Damn fast he drive. HAHAHA. That's why he looks so stoned.
Concentrating on the road, good!
I'm not used to driving fast anymore.
Jennie keeps asking me to drive more dog!! :( 
Nooo scared already. Ever since my car accident, I think.
The minor one la. But still.

I hate getting my baby hurt! lol.

We reached around eleven!

My boyfriend <3 block.="" da="" from="" jennie="" p="">
HAHHA. One more exam paper to go, girl!

Bumped into Miss Vinnie!
Forever so friendly lol.

I called her pouhai and she said, noo I only go out because of friend's birthday parties.
HAHAHA. Win already :( can't blame it. 

She came with Daniel, after Beer Factory.
Corinne and Kar Chun's gangs were at Giza that night!

One more with the cutie! 
And Jin Fye's sexy chest in the middle.

WHAT! His cleavage so deep that night.
Suddenly along the way someone ripped out his jacket.
And pulled off his tank top. HAHAHA. Me including.

And Li Chen also started putting ice cube in people's shirt.
She *almost* got me. 
Jennie also slapped Vincent but of course Vincentholic so man, no problem one.
Cheeks also too much muscles already.

And a surprise for us that night, little Gwennie ^^
Or Xuannie, or Amanda, or Bou bou.

HAHHA. Ya know? J Bibi, Amanda Bou Bou and Karen Beh Beh.
HAHAHAH. Cheesy enough anot? Karen Bubu also can.
But seriously some people like to *bubuchahchah* me mockingly, ma de :(

Also another note, long time didn't see Chi Cheng and Siet Yen ! :3

Gwennie was supposed to be at Beerfact that night.
We told her about Vertigo and she didn't say she was going.
Heh, apparently she has had already decided to go Vertigo,
just that she came as surprise.

Naw, glad she came. Reunion ^^
it's not the same when one of us is missing :3

Jin Fye. On fireee.
And Ping Kuang. HAHAHA. We basically call each other waihai.
LOOK AT HIM NOW! The name suit him more looo bwahahha

Mad love this picture. look cute!

MUSH! HAHHA. Vertigo's dancefloor is alwaysss so tight by the way.
I felt like dying! 

Also Jennie's Canon lens got fingerprinted along the way.
The blur spot around tan yong sui face. HAHAH.
Okay okay jk, Tan family must be nice to each other **

Anyway, thankiu Jennie for the picha!
I like her flash. Meant for clubbing/night outings already.
The G12 and Jennie fated already.

King Jiat. 

He was MIA last last week at Dylan's Vertigo.
But today was his off day! YOOHOO.
Reunion only good ma.

Weng Hock leading the dance moves.
The new clubbing hai.


That's about it for Vertigo!


Right before Vertigo. 
Went to Valencia for dinner with Mei Yen!

She changed her outfit to go Dabbsy's Cafe. HAHHAA. Not bad not bad.

But she didn't take that long. Mei Yen is pretty on time ^^

God bless for this pizza.

I had two fricking BANANAS in the morning.
And the thing was, I went to college and the college canteen was closed because 
it was Saturday. HUNGRY DIE ME.
It was sunset time when I was coming back from college..

I don't get how people can stand having one meal to last for one day.
I can die if you only give me two. DIE. 
If you give me one? DOUBLE KILL ME already.

:( lol!

After that we sang karaoke at Mei Yen's house.
It's been so long I've been to Loudspeaker/ Neway those!!
Another house known for karaoke, is Jun Wen's. lol.

Mei Yen's parents were at Europe for ten days, that night they just touched down.
HHAHAHA. They came back with a lot of souvenirs it seems :3
Europe is a damn good place for buying branded.
Cos... Malaysia put tax on everything.

And before Valencia, BOOM.

With Jia Shin baby!

There wasn't any class actually, just go there to finish up some works.
Which is never ending lolol.
I was a bit like fifty-fifty about going college.
Because it felt so far and the day before I went KL too.

Jia Shin offered to fetch me and I immediately thought, wah, okay la.
Cos I drove to KL quite a lot that week. Still okayyy not SUNWAY.
Sunway two hour jam lol. I thought an hour was bad :e
Thank you juicy shin!


I look like a kid who's easy to cheat here!! lol

Mmm, still have to say I love my hair the way it is.
Very bright and very long.

Taken with the Samsung Note!

Hehe. Picture quality wasn't as bad as I thought. 
Cos of the sunlight. SUNLIGHT is always good for pictures.
LIGHT, is always good.

Thankyou Jia Shin.
Not bad ah you take picture.

HAHAHA. Cos I like how ma legs look here.
LOOK. My crotchet shoes from Forever 21, for RM25!!!
They were having some discount sales for shoes :)

On a sadder note, I also saw a pair of wedges 
I bought for RM130 a month or two ago,
that went down to RM49 T.T
But on the other hand, they didn't have my size. So it's fair maybee? :/

I only cut fabric. And I took one hour.
WTF. HAHAHHA. Dilly dally. Keep arranging like puzzles. TANGRAMS
So as to not waste fabric. And being careful with grainline placement.

whic is ALSO, to not waste fabric.

After that I practised a little on the overlock machine.
Cos there's an exam on how to thread it.
Sadly I can't say I've mastered it. Last minute practise next morning. BAH. :3

Random jacket of Mei Yen's.

Should insert Jennie's quote:
"You can never get me mixed up with another girl, even with my back".

But her one was picture of her removing her clothes, so hot a bit la.
I shall emulate next time.

Rape you then you know . *kening kening*

Look for Jennie in da sidebar if you wanna her blog :) 


Thursday night was a quick dinner at Ah Ku's place.
Her little boy's birthday. With huge presents 
Scottie! Such a lucky guy ~,~

But he kept asking everyone for gifts lollll.
And who can refuse, ho hum.

With kids it seems that what we want is to put a smile on their faces.


Friday afternoon was going down to KL with Jennie.
Xuannie was supposed to come, but couldn't make it cos of a quiz!
She forgot to check her portal lol :3

Umm. my blog post is getting wayyy longer than I though it should.
HAHHA. WTF!! I didn't know I had so many things to blog about!

Brunch at Ichiban Boshi, yehhh.

My favourite!!

Jennie wanted Sushi Zanmai initially but I swayedddd to Ichiban.
Cos. I hate Sushi Zanmai, just especially the Fahrenheit 88 one.
Super slow service, super rude waiters.

BOYCOTT LA, wait wad.

I ordered the similar RM2 thingy again. RM8 for four plates.
You can make yourself full at Ichiban Boshi for eight bucks.

Also initially the hostess said we had to wait for fifteen minutes due to rush hour
(seats were packed) but after like forty seconds they told us there was an available table.
HEHE. Felt glad eventhough it's a small thing. I was hungry!

And Jennie problem, she got full so fast. Bandaraya her set.
But after that she also got hungry fast. Like, eat little but many times kind.
Me? I like to eat heavy food. And then I get full and close my mouth.
Then open again la, lol.


A random Magnum ice cream.
My favourite flavour is Almond.

I remember asking for Magnum last time
cos it's an expensive ice cream. 
I mean more exy than Paddle Pop those.
When I was a kid la ^^

And actually I have to confess, whenever I go Xuannie's house...
I always try to check if there's any Magnum in her fridge for me to steal.
wahbiang, her fridge *always* got ice cream!!!

hahha, no jokesss

Yo. At Forever 21 looking for bikini.
But I got distracted and shopped for shoes instead, opppsss.
Cos cannot find high waisted + bustier top!!! :3

Anyway Xuannie wants to buy to, so wait for her *w*

HAHA. Somewhat my favourite background

Ruffle crop top from Sungei Wang,
icy blue skirt from Topshop,
blue ribbon wedges from Old Navy,
bag from Prada.

Walked over to Sungei Wang too, CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP.

Sale at Forever 21.
The white crochet shoes from Forever 21, for RM25.
Might wear this overseas. Flats are a musttt. Can die from all the walking.
I can never imagine myself travelling in heels!
If you ask me to be in heels for whole day I can, but ONLY if there's chairs.
Like, not having to walk a lot ~,~

The pointy toe flats are also from Forever 21, Valentino style.
HAHAHA. But no Valentino price. RM39!
Have to break it in first, wear socks and walk around at home with it.
To make it comfortable.

Houndstooth is ever the trend since Psy's Gentleman.
Also black and white stripes.
Bought Peplum top and Flared skirt in houndstooth.
They were like RM25 range.

Everywhere is a good place to shop now, it's mid year,
it's Mega Sales time!

Still love pastel barbie look.

Colour palette? Mint green, baby blue, sunny yellow, powder pink, cream, peach. 
Everything is so soft and dreamy, like cotton candy.
Peplum, ruffles, lace, sequins, flowers. 



OKAY, this is the last segment of this post. -,-
so long hahahaha. Congrats for making to this far.

Actually I thought of making a separate post but nahhhh.

This post is about a new camera! Samsung Ex2f.

Ya know, I have been wanting a new camera since last year.
So this is the third time I'm asking my Dad actually.

I have camera to use actually, but I wanted something for myself :(
if you know what I mean... it's just that I wanted to choose a camera,
filled with features that I wanted!!!

And I do use my camera a lot okay, like daily friggin basis.
Jennie and I are the ones lol. At events sure people come to use to take pictures ~,~
HAHAHA. It's a must for parties!

I hate using handphone to take pictures. Unless for instant needyness.
It's like....... DSLR is a pair of Louboutins, micro four thirds is Aldo, 
compact camera is Forever 21 and handphone camera is...
the fucking rubber thongs. RM10 slippers.

HAHAHAHAH. Seriousssss. Compact camera is still okay la actually, 
if it is one that is well-made and has a good lens.

Dad gave me cash to buy the camera.
But it's better than to use card actually!
Cos at the shop they charge more if you pay by card wtf :3

It's just that with cash it feels more obvious, the amount of money.
The amount of notes. With card, it's easy to overspend.
It's hard to feel the sting. It's just figures on a paper.
Lol. So. I hope I don't get into credit card debt in future!

Spending-wise I'm the type who saves for a while, then splurge for a while.
Nowadays I'm more budget barbie aka cheapskate.
Cos I wanna get my money's worth. And stop flinging my money around.
Food can make your wallet leak a lot actually!!

Pictures of this camera taken with another camera, the Sony Nex 3!
It is very darn clear as it is a micro four thirds camera.
Just that the lens is friggin big and not ideal for camwhoring and carrying around daily.
I cannot imagine how, if it's a DSLR lol.

So I got this baby! It's the third time seeing it actually. HAHAHA.
First time was at The Curve Harvey Norman.
Second time was at KLCC.
Third and final time? Sungei Wang camworld.
HAHAHA. Glad I went there.

I thought they would be cheaper a little, but I didn't know so muchhhh!
Harvery Norman was RM1.6k, KLCC was RM1.5k, 
Sungei Wang was RM1.3k!!!

But the girl kept asking me to buy accessories :(
she recommended a faster HD card for add on RM30.
I didn't want cos I wanted to save thirty bucks.

But after that she recommended lens cover, some crystal keep 32MM filter.
RM299 original price, she cover the lens and back LCD for RM180.
In the end RM160. 

But after I came back, I felt like it was too expensive for cover!! LOL.
But okayyy nevermind. Cos it was cheap. So in the end total was RM1460.
I wanted the cover because I thought it would preserve my camera in the long run.
Protect the lens la, the most valuable thing. 

I hate fingerprints! But if you have the cover then it won't get scratched, just the cover.
And I know I like to use camera without case and chuck it in my bag, sometimes keys scratch LCD.
Protect the baby!

Actually you can open and flip the LCD to protect it.
But a bit mafan.

So put cover and use it like this ^^

Of courseee the main draw for me was the flip out screen,
I kept researching online ya know!!! I don't wanna simply spend money. Kind of ! ^^
I just hate regretting after sacrificing.

Others were Canon G11, Casio ZR1000, Sony Nex C3.
Wanted Casio actually but it was hard to find and I saw some of the sample pictures
looked BLUR. Probably because the shutter speed was slow.

Umm. Cannot tahan that! Especially when shooting dogs, slow shutter speed killssss.
It was just because that one day I stumbled into Harvey Norman and tried the Samsung.
And it was clear. The LCD looked clearer than Olympus EPL5!
No shit.

As you can tell. I've loved cameras since forever.
Especially because of blogging. And sometimes Instagram.
And also because memories deserve to be captured.

The human brain remembers more on feelings than visual details.
And the beautiful thing about pictures, is it lets you recall and go back into that moment.

HAHHA. Okay. Clockwise from right is Fujifilm Mini 25, bought it for RM450.
Due to the instant polaroid craze. But sadly I've not used it as often.
Cos it's huge and the films are expensive to reload! RM28 for a pack of ten exposures. :<
But deffo use it when traveling.

A lomography camera I bought for nonsense sake.
RM90 I think. Kinokuniya sale, it came with a book.
Vignette effect.

I think the current 35MM film has been in for like half a year.
It is really old school, no SD card slot whatever.
Just pop in the film and wind it yourself!

The most precious album was probably that of Chuckie.
It was forgotten, but a while after Chuckie died the album popped out...
and I cried when I saw the first photo.
Little Chuckie. With the wacky fisheye add on effect.

Next one is Canon 310 HS, I was glad to have it because at that time 
I DID NOT have a camera. I felt like I was missing a limb.
That was right after my camera got stolen and before brother's camera came to scene.

It was given to my dad. Initial market price was thousand something don't know how much.
It came free when my dad bought a RM10k printer. ~,~

It was okay, because actually the pictures are quite bright.
But just that during Malacca trip last year a really jibai thing happened.
I put Ribena in my bag, the McDonald cup. Sohai.
My burberry bag got wet, but also... my Canon camera. LOL.
It was SOAKED. And the Gucci wallet actually had pink drops but thankfully
it dried and pretended like no Ribena molested it actually.

The camera meanwhile had a spirit of its own after that.
Would suddenly on and leak battery all out. 
And cannot display picture. That's why lol I need a new camera.

The other one is Sony Nex 3, the big ass brother.
The pictures are clear and look good eventhough if you don't know how to 
take picture for fuck's sake, but it is also fucking heavy to carry.
It's like having a 400 page hardcover in your handbag, no jokes.
But still can tahan la actually. HAHAHA.

It's always good to have a huge ass camera for good ass quality pictures.
But it's still my brother's!! I'm afraid that I may break it because it is so heavy ^^

Okay going back in time,

 sentimentally speaking, I used to have a Samsung camera.
That was... *aAAAARRGhhhhh* stolen.

aka the PL150! Good memories yeh.
Shutter speed quite slow, aperture not exactly high enough,
but the front preview made it loads of fun. HAHAH

And wayy before that was Sony T10. This one I still have the dead body.
I think the battery died or something. Should repair it maybe? Lol.
I used this when I was like fifteen.

I bought this simply because it looked pretty in pink. Super girly.

HAHA okay. So that is my camera history.
It is true that we get attached to the gadgets we use.
Camras, handphones, laptops.

So now here's my new baby :)

HAHHA. Actually, pssst I took this photo using handphone camera.
Aka the rubber thongs of the family. But turn out quite nice ah.

Actually you can use shitty cameras if you have good lighting and editing skills 
and good image composition. But better to use a good camera la, 
many IFS leh.

Some special features, as it is a smart camera!!!

Mobile Link, which uses the camera's WIFI capabilities to transfer pictures
straight to your phone. So you don't need to transfer to laptop first.

But, if you don't have WIFI built in your camera there's actually something call Wifi card.
Just check the compability! Quite large range. 
But it's a bit expensive, like RM150-RM250 I think!

Then there's also Remote Viewfinder.

Which... turns your handphone into a shutter release button!
Download the android app on your phone, open it and you can stand back,
press the button on YOUR PHONE and the shutter will go off.

Took this photo using the app actually. HAHHA.
I'm looking on my phone cos I can see myself posing in the app actually.

But I think I'll use timer for this type of shots.
Just that this is nifty ^^

Other than this you can also share straight to social media websites,
or use cloud to backup your pictures.

Next there is also Panorama.

PAN the camera shop.
I PAN other things next time. HAHAHA

Artistic Brush, with different effects.


But anyway, glad that the photo editing software industry has expanded greatly now.
So many editing apps and softwares to download. !


HAHAHA. Some of the video made directly inside the camera.

The kit comes with quite a lot of accessories.
A cutie whitey camera case, lens strap, lens cover, cover strap.

Picture took when I was at the shop purchasing this... with no edit :3

This is after editing! HAHAH.
I love reflection.
There's also split shot option!!! 
Totally lookbook style~~

At the bridge, walking back from Sungei Wang to Pavilion.
The bridge connects to Lot 10.
If you wanna walk from Pavi to Sungei Wang, it's real easy!
Walk from Pavi to H&M, go inside and find Isetan.
Then go up to level 2 and there's an exit to the bridge.
Walk straight and you will see Sungei Wang!
Easy as 1,2,3~

Eventhough somehow it felt far last time.
Cos I didn't know the way maybe. HAHAHA

Enjoying my Ochado, with new camera.

Daddy bought this hip Oppan Gangnam Style tee from H&M.
Cos we're going Korea, he said. 
Lol, jokesssss! ~,~


Tested this out with new camera.
I have to say this camera delivers good quality pictures eventhough
it's not micro four thirds!! :3 and shutter speed is pretty fast yoohoo.
Glad i bought it.

Jack Daniel's top and houndstoooth flare skirt from Sungei Wang.
Necklace from Forever 21.

I tested taking pictures outside, this time without Gene.
Just flip out screen and timer.

Purple Rimmel eyeshadow from Jblock!!!
Thinking of blue green yellow eyeshadow palettes.

And also I thought of having like one set, totally one shade.
Like pink hair, pink lips, pink EYEBROWS, pink nails.
Just to wonder what it's like to live in a colour palette
not natural in humans. :3


tried out beauty shot!

last picture, here you are finally ^^

I shall continue taking out new camera! Test and test!
HEHE. And take good care of it, of course. 
I want this one to last! No more careless drops or spills 
or giving chances for it to be stolen!

Goodnight everyone! I had quite an eventful week! :3

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