Sunday, 23 June 2013

Weng hock's farewell and bangs!

Hello sweeties!

Really have holiday mood now. Right after Thursday, 
activities lined up. Just the way I like it!

^ that was my OOTD on Friday.

Houndstooth top from Sungei Wang
(has peplum actually but I stuffed it into my skirt :3)
Leather skirt from Miss Selfridge, 
Ankle strap studded heels from H&M,
Tessuto chain bag from Prada. 

Was heading to the salon with Jennie, to meet Mei Yen!
I think our hair looked okay before, 
just that I was looking for some change :)

Jennie did treatment! Cos she is the simple type!
Mei Yen did treatment too.

She kept promoting this hair salon, 
I'm wondering if she's secretly working for it >,>

The place is Hair Room at Menjalara.
I didn't know that street had sooo many salons.
Bianco and a few hundred more others.
Hair Room is a bit hard to find...

No signboard actually. -,-

I wanted to touch up my roots, do treatment, and cut hair.
Three things to do because having LONG and BLEACHED BLONDE hair
is really really really high maintenance.

I think I should keep RM200 aside for salon every six weeks. :3

I only brought RM300 actually.
And the hairstylist, Mandy- was really nice!
Better than A Cut Above man.

Because this is more like a personal start up business kind of thing.
A Cut Above is already established and everyone of them is busy.
Mandy will take her time and tailor things to your needs. HAHAHA.
She says she's slow. 

But I don't mind, because I can sit for five hours in salons.
Because it is definitely worth it.
Hair, make up and clothes. 
I love experimenting with these.

So in the end, touch up was RM50, treatment was RM100.
She did not charge for cutting my hair, I think because the treatment was expensive?
But RM150 is okay! Cos we spent like five or four hours there.
Sorry Mei Yen and Jennie for having to wait :((

HAHHA. But they entertained themselves.
Mei Yen entertained herself by reading books, revising for exams.
Jennie... umm I'll explain that later :p

My sad, miserable face.
Jennie said my bleach cream smelled and she shooed me :(
so hurt!!!!!!

Make me wanna cry.

AHAHAHHA. Anyway I did this face before when I was with my relatives.
Having dinner. I was thinking about something.
They thought I was crying!!! T.T

Here she is blow drying my hair. And after treatment.
Treatment took just a little while.
Bleaching part was... longer.

Attack the black roots section by section.
Then wash off and reapply.
Because going from black to blonde
is like winter to summer.

The other side of the spectrum, if you get what I mean.
And anyway I don't recommend bleaching yourself because I did it,
and it was patchy. Eventhough Gene helped.

You have to really do it section by section.
And any discrepancies can be seen because there's many shades
in between black and blonde.

Red, orange, sometimes gray/green. Apa cibai also come out.

HAHHAHA. I don't want to go K Care or A Cut Above already.
So expensive!!! Bleach whole head at K Care for five hundred,
then perm at A Cut Above from seven hundred.

Mandy also said my perm dropped quick because I bleached my hair
and my hair was long. Jennie's one damn big and bouncy oh.
The advantage of having natural hair. :3

But still, I'm only feeling blonde now.
I cry if I wake up in another colour suddenly.

She cut my fringe! 
My fringe was as long as my natural hair length.
Hadn't had bangs since forever. 

I've always wanted side bangs. "liu hai"

Okay yeah this is what Jennie did -,-!!!

She saw like hair all over the place and everything and decided to grab the broom 
and sweep the place.

HAHAHA. But good also, I would like to keep her in my house.
Automatic clean one.

And also midway I called her Gene because suddenly it sounded so familiar with Jennie.
And she was holding a broom.

Gene is my beloved housekeeper ^^

Also, Xuan said Mei Yen treat the salon as her house one!!!
Mandy has a dog crated inside somewhere apparently,
Mei Yen will go in and take it out one.

And also, WAH!!!
She curled my hair too! So nice of her hehe.
She did it with curling thongs.

It's hard for me to do it at home.
It was very easy when I had black hair -,-
I think need to go over it more.

And also guys don't ask me if I want to go more blonde.
Don't tempt me with it.

HAHAHHA. I don't want to bleach my whole head again, 
scared my hair will break. Retouch my roots la.

Maybe when I do a bob.
Short hair, you can do anything!
Because with long hair, our strands go more dead the longer it gets.
Less nutrients delivered down there!

And this is the end result! :3

So kiddy right! BWHAHAHA.
Actually I was supposed to do side bangs,
but I just wanted to try straight bangs for once!!!

And look! Never thought I could pull it off.
She warned me bangs will make someone look kiddier.
I was like, "I want I want! ^^".

Why not!! HAHHAHA.

And then I just thought if it grows longer I can push it to the side,
and tadah! Side bangs.

If i cut side bangs then it will only go longer!
That's why I go for straight bangs! Hehe.

I think bangs look better with headbangs and stuff.
Cos you have that extra hair.

And don't need to make up so much cos so much of your face is covered -,-
YA. Eyebrow no need draw already!! ^^

Happy happy ohhhh.

Three of us with curls!
Red, blonde, and black!

Sorry my hands are blocking your hairdos ;(


Same outfit, different hairstyle.
I think this outfit suit red corror.
But can't la, I'm this corror for now.

And everyone keep saying
"cute" "kawaii neh" "barbie doll"
when they see me. LOL.

Okay, I don't mind la.
Take it as a compliment ^^

But when Theng Loo said it, it sounds so gross!!

Mm hmm mm hmm!

So that was it! ^^

Of course after every haircut, must camwhore.

And camwhore.

Also, we went to eat Butter Chicken! While waiting for Mei Yen.
Love it love it oh <3 p="">

Xuan was the one who introduced us cos Yi Han them used to eat here :3

The Bird!! The restaurant is called The Bird!!!

Doesn't make sense, but yeah. THE BIRD!!!!


So creamy, so buttery, so fragant.

RM10.90, butter chicken with rice.
Came with complimentary drinks and desserts too.
But the dessert was wasted because we didn't drink it :(
Didn't suit us, it was something like ais kacang but soupy.

Look at all the vintage decor, oh my. 
So quirky, SO QUAINT!

And then after the salon, had an hour gap before next outing.
Weng Hock's farewell @ Changkat, Bukit Bintang.

So Jennie had to drive me home then herself home,
change, then drive herself and I to DPC Private Parking.

I wore H&M dress,
took the Eva clutch and changed my watch.
Because I was afraid the other would drop. lol.

Jennie beh <3 p="">

we were laughing because the shutter took so long to go off.
Feel stupid holding the pose -.-

With Chi Cheng. Hehe.

Yih Wern, Siet Yen and Chi Cheng were in Qi Yao's car.
Don't know why but Qi Yao is always with chicks one.

And finally Yih Wern can come out, oh my gatch.
Past midnight TOO, oh my gatch.

At the carpark while waiting!
Phin Chin and Kok Leon's car came next.

Our destination was Daikanyama.
Used the Segambut way, and so sad lol.
Phin Chin was following behind and there were also many traffic lights!
And we were rushing.

Umm. Sorry to admit but Bestarian style is really alway late.
An hour lag behind the current timezone.

Here we are, tadah! 
Safely reached!

As always Siet Yen will book a spot if she's hosting anything.
She's not a girl without a plan.

So we went upstairs, whole area all to ourselves actually!


HAHHAHA. Vincentholic.
Faster do your first blog post la ma de.
So easy also don't know!!! HAHAHHA.

Of course I will teach you if you need help ^^v

Weng Hock and Jennie <3 p="">

Weng Hock is Jennie's hired help.
Now the contract has ended. 
Weng Hock will be flying back to Australia next week.

Sudah kumpul cukup wang dah.

I wonder why he always NEVER DRIVE for outings.
His car all SOLD already ahhh

lolol. I talk kowk.

Yih Wern and Siet Yen.
They are housemates now.

Hahaha. Nola, Yih Wern stays over at Siet Yen's house from time to time.
Siet Yen always open bottles of wine form time to time too.
So now sick already.

Actually everyone is falling sick now, due to haze and all.
I'm amazed I didn't get affected actually, because last week 
I was such an easy target due to stress and all :3 hehe

I think if you don't believe something will happen, then it won't.
Law of attraction yeah.

The street outside.

Along the way while walking from Daikanyama to 
second round, a pub. Spirit or something.

Someone did something stupid.
I got really sad then really angry, that is all.
Went up and scolded him cheap, asked him to fuck off.
What he did was despicable and I could call the cops for that.
I don't want to cause a scene but some things are really not worth tolerating.

So I yelled him cheap and disgusting in front of everyone
and smacked his belly like thrice, it was the biggest thing in front of me.
I don't even wanna mention what happened exactly.

Just that I wanna say, you can look but dont touch.
If you touch I am going to break your fucking hands.
No matter how huge or scary you look.

I don't need a man to stand up for me,
when I get angry it's like I turn into a devil.
I can be a chihuahua barking to a rottweiler,
if you're gonna do something which will piss me off
I'm going to hunt you down and chew the fuck out of you
until I am done. 

And also don't ask me to chill when something has pissed me off 
because I have the right to be angry.
Angry and mean so that things like this won't happen to other people.
So that this won't happen to other girls.

The only thing I regret was not slapping his face instead of his belly,
and not bringing two heineken bottles to smash his fucking head with.
Look, but don't touch. 

After I yelled at him in front of everyone I felt better at least.
Everyone from three shops away was looking -,-
if I didn't do that I would still be sad.

Rather be angry and piss them back than stay sad and sorry.

Lmao. Back to happy things please.
This is just a short incident.
Now I know what to do if something like this happens again. 

Also turns me off from clubbing and going to Changkat, wtf.
Horny desperate men everywhere, so ugly and shit.

OMG. Don't come anywhere near me, vomit.

Also if you see me in real life please don't ask me to rehash the story. =.=

Make good use of my camera, flip out the screen and do self-timer.
TA-DAH! Portable photo booth.

The shoulder on the right is Xian Jion and I saw him coming from the corner of my eye.
My hands ready to push him away already.

Xian Jiong likes to photobomb in the worse way, that is-

He also sot already, said Amber Chia was his friend and kept posing. 
And the guys have all become instagramhai.

King Jiat kind of fell because of me right after the picture was taken. 
Lost his balance. ANYONYON ^^

The ladies~

King Jiat and Daniel, dog brothers.

Chi Cheng! hahahha


the guys, kj sher ding xj hock qiyao. hoho

Ding dog who was mellow yesterday.
For once!!!!!

This one, legend. Dance until pants can come off one :3

Here's the "treat" for Weng Hock.

Flaming Lamborghini, of course!
And also a jaegarbomb later.

Okay. Seeing this picture, now I know why Yih Wern was so tipsy.
HAHAHA. She drank some of the flaming lambo apparently.
Look at the dog brothers smirking.

See Weng Hock's song face after the Flaming Lambo has taken effect.
But his drunk phase is not that bad. HAHHA.

Some people can get really unmanageable and puke everywhere.
Like those dramatic type. Cry or shout suddenly.

I think when during the end of when we were 17 until somewhere 18
was when everyone wasn't good at controlling how much to drink.
Just do shots only, until drunk like mother.

HAHHAA. Now everyone steady lahhhh

Spent RM50 on alcohol, RM36 on food.

Sister lah.

Aww this is so sweet :3

So cute that long-time couples keep their spark.
I think it's hard to find the balance also.
Too much spark argue, too little spark not passionate enough.

Changkat, a street filled with balconies of people drinking.

Xuannie came late, to accompany her fam!
But if she says she'll come then she'll mostly come, eventhough late ^^
Nevermind one, Bestarian already adjust an hour late for her dy.

Hehehe. After that, we went home around two o croc.
Followed Kha Weng's car, in his little Polo.
Six of us la.

Actually secretly I think it was more fun when only a few people knew how to drive.
Gone are the days of stuffing seven to nine people in a five-seater!

I know the earliest drivers were Qi Yao, Shao Yang, Daniel.
Vinoth, Sim Kuan. I know they always drive la. Lol.

So cosy to squeeze everyone.
Jennie and I talk cock a lot in the car.
Daniel King Jiat and Ding were in Kha Weng's car also la.

Said shit like, "Go CC, bo jio. You think I don't play Dota meh".
And then Jennie keep saying Ding is dog etc but Ding don't know what to reply.
Because Jennie is banana prolly ^^

Jennie always protect me from Ding Dog when he is barking, hallelujah. ^^v

Also we were like saying to go trip to Redang with everyone.
Wait until Indian the commander comes back. But don't know when.
HAHA! July he's coming back! For seven days.

So this year, Weng Hock and Shao Yang are the ones leaving! :3
Last year was King Jiat and Vinoth.

But now Taiwan guy come back already.
See, our little LJ.

HAHAHA. Shouldn't put little actually.
But he really look like kid. Like the youngest among the guys.

But of course, these two act more dao gei la omg.
They picked up two wooden sticks and started "sparring" with each other.
Daniel also started "borrowing" the guard's motorcycle. Lolol.
It's like riding on a little horsey :3

They had time to do all of that because they were waiting for Jennie and Kok Leong
to settle their cars!!! So sad their car got clamped ;(

They said RM50 each, then RM50 to release two car.
Then Kok Leong came and he showed them his whole wallet.
RM20 his maximum. Then the guard say RM30.
So I give ten more bucks, settle lo.

Kok Leong is really good with persuading people to let him off.
I really admire that!!! Like people cannot cheat him of money.
Can always get good bargain.

Ma jibai, I also want this kind of skill!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HAHAHHA. Jennie is a lawyer but her instinct is to fight with words
but the guards didn't want to fight with words they want money only.
Ya know laaa, in Malaysia everything can settle with thi$ one.

So in the end went home around almost four o croc.
Then I slept for accurately seven hours and woke up eleven o croc the next morning.

Ma de, train yourself laaaa so hard to outing!!!
Feel like wanna call them up but afraid they haven't had enough sleep =.=
I think Xuan sleep less nowadays, Jennie more.

Look at the pig eating, eat very slow one this pig + cat.
I hurry her she also no diao one.

Then when I shop she diao me for taking so long.
HAHHAHA. Cos she's the type to grab and go!

Xuannie who sapu all her rice as you can see.

And me waiting after finishing a healthy plate of fruit platter.
BWAHAH. I ate seaweed popiah at home already,
courtesy of papa express.

Of course, this trademark place to take picture.
Magnum lah.

Chuuuu ^^v

Ootd was
green ombre straw hat from H&M
crotchet turquoise top from H&M
zip up turquoise skirt from Sungei Wang
bowling bag from Gucci
white see through wedge from Agape Boutique

Xuannie and I with a part of our "damage".
HAHAHA. Before we moved to Sungei Wang.
This was outside of H&M actually.

Accidentially spent about RM300, bought two pair of heels,
a set of bikini, a candy shop overalls, a galaxy printed skort, and that is all.
So fast money gone. But I saved so itshokay.

Trying to camwhore but my straw hat took too much space.
Soli lah brooo.

And I don't know why if you camwhore outside of H&M,
there will always be some random guy who will offer to help you take pictures.

Ya, a guy was smoking and he offered.
HAHHA. I happily handed my camera to him.
Sometimes you get scared, what if they run away with your camera etc.
But I trust on first instinct.

Jennie was like shaking her head. Apa cibai.
So paranoid. HAHAH. Better stay safe than sorry, for her :3

After that we moved on to Sungei Wang <3 p="">

There's this huge space in between the shops. For like perfomance and stuff.
@ddol! HAHAHHA.

Used it to take pictures.

So after we finished shopping it was six o croc,
which was on the dot of when we wanted to stop actually.
Go home and have dinnner with family, so now I am here blogging.

Two more hours after it will be three o croc!
I have to sleep so after my seven hours I will wake up at ten!!
And then we drive to Sepang!!!!!!!


shall pack my bags naw.

At the resto just now.


Goodnight peeps, till then! :)
peace out.

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