Sunday, 20 October 2013

His Name on High

God is the truth and the light and we are nothing without him.

Christians need to read of the Word daily and live in faith. 
Otherwise, spiritually we are weak.

I just want to say a few things.
I have broken up with my ex, well and truly.
It is a clean break with no more ties.
We aren't suited together.

The time has not come for me to be in a relationship.
When the right guy comes, it will happen naturally.
For now, I'm probably going to take at least a six month break.

I'll invest more time on discovering God and investing in myself.
Concentrate on college. As always, friends and family will be there :)

Always turn to God. Turn to God first. Then to family and friends.
It is wonderful to have so many support systems.

Let's just say I want to start things anew.

If you feel troubled, look for ways to become good.
Never, ever dwell on negative emotions.
Make negative become positive again.
That is how you become healthy and free, and gain inner peace.

Forget the bitterness, forget the condemnation, forget the anger.
Forget it all. Yes, hurt is hurt. But let it go.
The hurt is only meant to hurt you for a few seconds.
It does not have the right, to be with you any longer.

Instead, ask the negative emotions to go.
Invite love and forgiveness to come in.
Fill yourself with inner peace and bliss.

We are not against the World, we are at peace with the World.
Our bodies are temples for Holy Spirit to will, no will of flesh or will of satan shall manifest.
In the presence of God, everything will bow down to him
for he is the Name Above All Names.

If you feel like you shouldn't do something, don't do it.
If you feel like you shouldn't see something, don't see it.
If you feel not wrong feeling something, let it go.
The little voice in your head will lead you to be good.
Find your God, he will lead you.

As he has led me.
And I am at the mercy of God.

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