Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Many faces of the bobhead girl

Camwhore much? Haha.
As always right, what girls do when they have a new hairdo :3.

So quick that November's coming, bye bye to October.
And soon bye bye to 2013.

Fashion Sketching class today.
Sequinned top from Topshop (OH, the pun ^^ HAHHA)
Glittery pouf skirt from F Block

Vency and Jia Shin yoh, le college buddies.

Umm. I think bob also can look very punk if you want it to.
With the whole Avril Lavigne thing. But I don't want la ^^
I'm the kiddy kawaii kolours style.

Okay, that doesn't make sense.

But you know la what I mean ^^

Bug eye sunnies on? HAHA.
Always camwhore while waiting at the sri damansara traffic light.

Bug eyes on, bug eyes off.


29th was my dad's birthday.

Okay, actually I have a guilty confession to make...
EVERY year, I keep mistaking his birthday.

2011 I thought it was Oct 27.
2012 I thought it was Oct 28.
2013 I also thought it was Oct 28,
but actually it is OCt 29.

29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 .

HAHHAHA. Remember it please, as a fillial daughter.

Anyways, things concerning dates I always ask my brother.
He's good with birthdates and locations :3

And Sharene's 25. HAHAH. Keep mixing them up.

November has a lot of babies too.
I think cos parents always do the deed during Valentine's day.
So nine months later it's November. Isit? haha.

Just bought a cheese cake from Secret Recipe,
and invited relatives to come over :3

Dad doesn't like to plan anything for his birthday.
When you wanna plan something he'll be like, "no need la".
But I know deep down inside he appreciates it la.

After all this guy work hard all year round, on his birthday should have something right.
HAHAH. I haven't got his official birthday present yet actually.
Just card and cake.

What to give? Perfume? Hm, not sure.
Christmas coming too. The month of giving. :)

Be xtra kind!

Alright, that's about it.
Short post. Wanna update selcas actually.

Bye! <3 p="">

God Bless you!

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