Sunday, 3 November 2013

Adventures of Bob Haired Girl

HAHHAH. Hello there :p

I look so kiddy with bob hair!
Black short hair is really so low maintenance!
No need to touch up roots or anything.
No need to use curling thong, no need to blowdry.

Wake up with hair ready to go.
HHAH. But also less stuff to play with.

Going to enjoy bob hair with fringe for a while.
Let my hair grow maybe, but keep the fringe?
HAHA. Just wanna give my hair some time to recover.

Hehe alright enough selcas.

The four of us went to Thirty8 Grand Hyatt for tea.
An impromptu choice of venue lol.
It's my first time there actually! 

Would definitely come again.
Food is about RM30. Plus tax, can settle under RM50.
But of course! Have to try their desserts, espo their signature cake.

Miss Chloe

Miss Gwenllian, who drove all of us for the day!
So, big thank you ! Like mama duck lol.

With Mimi.
Glad to see her, we hadn't hung out in a while! :)
And she's always nice to shop with. Hehe.

It's a girl thing, of course!
I feel bad shopping with guys.
Like, they have to stand there and wait you :/
Watch movies and all those okay la. HAHA.

 Picking their orders.
The girls ordered desserts- Mille feuille and signature cake.
 I ordered california roll.
HAHHAA. Don't care where I go, I'm always up for Japanese food :)


And how many times do I have to repeat myself,
that I would like a 24/7 sushi chain in Bandar Sri Damansara. 

Two mille feuilles.
Eurghhh. I hate food with hard to pronounce names.
And then I'll have to guess it and embarass myself when I guess it wrong. T.T

But anyway if you're at lost can just point at the menu.
That's what people always do right. HAHAH.

Look! Their tea time buffet.
Looks so decadent. Unfortunately though, this section closes at 5pm.
And at that time when we were ordering... it was five minutes to 5pm. -,-

HAHA, so ala carte lo.
Buffet is RM68 per pax.

And of course comes the Signature Cake,
the first thing people order when they want desserts at Grand Hyatt.

The novelty is of course in the spewing gas from the dry ice.
HAHAHA. Everyone takes picture DURING THAT MOMENT.
When it arrives and the smoke is spewing, the whole shebang.

It tastes quite good. Very gooey and full of caramel :)
Plus a scoop of ice cream by the side too. Priced at RM25.
I guess this would be Grand Hyatt's take on the typical brownies with ice cream.

Good atmosphere. 
Surprisingly quite a lot of people.
Unlike Marini's. HAHA.
Cos a plate of food costs like RM100 right.

They also had a little trio. 
A singer, a pianist, a cellist. 
I love listening to live classical instruments performance.
Piano, violin, cello, acoutic guitar.
I love seeing people perform!

For piano, I just really love Chopin. :)

And then here comes my California Roll!
Hehe. RM30, quite good since they give six pieces!
But for sushi my appetite can always be doubled.
Twelve pieces also CAN.

Everyone on their phones. HAHA.
Also changed my phone. More on that later! ;)

I look like I'm falling asleep I don't know what pose is this lolol.

A lot of people say "China doll" or "Japanese doll"
whenever they see me in this bob hair. 

HAHAHA. I think also because it's so black it makes my skin fairer.
More contrast perhaps :)

My hair will probably become long again in like a year.
It grows fast naturally, so I don't really worry about hair length.

Sneaked a picture while at the lift.
They had a full sized mirror, so why not utilize it :P

And that was my Saturday afternoon slash evening slash night.

I missed family dinner :(
So I called Dad he dabaoed for me! Hehe.
What did I ask for? SUSHI AGAIN. Lol.

This one's from Sakae Sushi @ The Curve.
Only for one person but my dad spent like RM50 buying sushi!
I ate half only actually, keep the rest for Sunday morning I guess!

And yah. I also like that it can be kept in the fridge for overnight.
Seaweed popiah too. Which reminds me.
OH MY, I really need to learn how to cook!

I wanna do pasta and salad and sandwich.
Nothing too complicated ^^

Thennnn moving on!

About my handphone!

alright. So the story starts a little like this.
When I was 17, I took my brother's N97 to high school.
I think it was worth like 2k. And i lost it.
Lol so bad right lost my bro's phone -,-

But lucky he didn't really get angry or what.
He just accepted the fact. HAHAH.
Curse the thief. Nola. Can't curse people who are bad to me ;(
I bless him, that he will repent from his wrongdoings.

So like few days later my dad got me an iPhone 3Gs,
and I guess that was when I started using touchscreen smartphones like finally.
before that was those lala Sony Ericsson things ya knowww.
Back then Sony Ericsson was such a puller in the mobile industry.

Now it's all Samsung and Apple.
Blackberry also dying, cos their previously considered advanced QWERTYUIOP
has been replaced by touchscreen QWERTYUIOP!

How sad right, if you don't move with times
then times WILL LEAVE YOU BEHIND!!! @@G@GWU@!!!

As you can see. I was team apple.
But stupid me I lose it again at Beer Fact.
Second phone I lost. I vowed to be careful with my stuff.
I mean it was in my bag and someone stole my bag.
But funnily the thief left the Gucci bag in the toilet,
so that's kind of nice. Cos it's my first real handbag. HAHAHA.

So I got an iPhone 4s. Then one year later at Vertigo,
BOOM. iPhone kena tiup again.

So I got myself a pitiful Samsung Galaxy Y,
 but I refer to it as M because I think at that pricepoint
it's a phone maids would love to have.
RM400. Yeap.

I think looking back I should've paid RM800 for a slightly more decent phone.
The memory of half a GB did NOTHING FOR ME.
I could only download like four apps.

And for me, I need my facebook twitter instagram foursquare bible.
That's already FIVE. Facebook is the most exhaustive app out of em.

So right, my dad bought a Samsung Note.
But he never used it. When I wanted to edit pictures I would use his phone.
And slowly... I pilfered it from him. HAHAHA.
Cos I kept using his phone. And one day I just sort of changed my SIM card.
My dad was Team Apple la, so as I inserted my SIM card,
I have joined Team Samsung.

Samsung is the world of big screen and super clear and vivid and big and big displays.
After using Note, I felt so blind seeing iPhone screens. 
They look so tinnyyyy it's like ant and mouse.
But iPhone is more portable deffo, for clutches and all.

So right. I really kept a close eye on my belongings. 
Never lost my Samsung Galaxy Y or Note.
Last week the Note just sort of died.
The motherboard. Costs RM400 to replace,
so my Dad said he'll buy a new phone.

He said he wanted to buy me a Note 3 actually lol.

But I ended up with Samsung Galaxy Mega ^^
Got it at Courts Mammoth, it's so near my house :3

The display is amazing.
Actually I wanted to get a Tab 3 lol.
Use tablet as handphone. But I got this instead :3

And the price is really GREAT VALUE.
RM1550, for this! Comes with those air view, s beam, group play features too
(like in the S4)

But Note 3 is smaller but priced at RM2399!!! :0
So expensive. I don't like using phones more expensive than 2k man.
Phobia losing iPhones. I don't want to use iPhones anymore.
For some reason, it attracts thieves. LOL. Big market ah?! HMPH.

Note 3 and S4 are expensive, being the flagship phones.
But of course they invest more features and all. I think.
But I'm happy with my phone ^^
Love it more than Samsung Note actually.

Battery so far has been OK.
I know the display will eat up a lot of battery cos it's so huge.
But the battery is like 3300 mAh .
As comparison, iPhone 5 is 1440 mAh.
HAHHA. So Samsung packs more than double the battery.

To give you a comparison of the size :P
Mega is 6.3 inch, Note is 5.7 inch. iPhone 5 is 4 inch.

Dad also bought a lappie.
Eee, so advanced dy. So light but the laptop has double the battery life than my lappie.

Inside. I love the earphones. HHAHA.
By the way, there are so many Samsung chargers.
I think I have 5 or 6 of them.
From Y, Note, Mega, and the camera.
And also blackberry chargers. And one I combined with Apple charger with the USB.

And here's my homepage :)

I think the app I love most would be Instagram.
Because it's social networking but very phone exclusive.
So when I don't have a good phone I get a bit annoyed cos can't insta.
Facebook and all can use lappie lol!

And oh yeahhh. After Grand Hyatt we went to Sungei Wang.
Accidentally did a clothes haul.
Shall not shop until a long time!
Well, until December? :3

And of course November has a lot of babies. HAHAH.
Birthday pressies.

I bought-
Four flare skirts.
Four corsets/bralets.
Two tops.
One dress.
One clutch.

So twelve items. Spent about RM300.
So, each item averages to RM25.
Haha. The good news is everything is cheap.
The bad news is, here the lesson is learnt-
cheap stuff builds up to become expensive.


And Mimi is so bimbotic. Like me last time!
It's her first time at Sungei Wang.
Chloe and Xuan already shopped a lot in Sg Wang.
So it was mostly Mimi and I going crazy shopping. Hehe.

Trying the varsity tee and flare skirt with silver netting.

Corset! :)
Love them, they're so body-hugging.
But I'm prolly go wear them for parties only.
It's so tight. Normal days I would rather take it off and wear something else.
AHAHA. or, MAYBE I will get used to it.

A random pic of my unfinished trench coat.
Which is due soon, UH OH!

This is the sewing room we use mostly for now.
Taking fashion design is like signing up to become factory worker :P
Sew everyday!

But. I must always remember to be grateful.
that I get to study what I wanted since young.
I know not everyone has that chance, so I shall appreciate mine!

I think I wanna do like white angelic flowy clothes man. 
Or clothes with bible verses.

Saturday morning I also went to Natalie's house. 
We did praying mostly. :) Love catching up with her!
She's away during the weekdays thou, miss her!
Glad we live so near each other.
Bless her family hehe <3 p="">

And here is I don't now when. Thursday? yaya. HAHAHA.

With Jennie @ Amelio DPC.

Catch up over food. I did homework while waiting for Amanda.
In the end Jennie went home before meeting her.
HAHAHA. We said to meet at 3.30 pm but Amanda wasn't there even like five something.
Cos she was stucked in the jam!

I also went to Art Friend to get a box of Copic Markers!
Which teacher told us to get.

Being an Art Student is. So costly. So many materials to buy.
Because it's all about creating.
Fabric, beads, zips, buttons, papers, ETC ETC.
Everything is money :3

Very nice that Art Friend gives a 10% discount for members.
RM10 for membership. RM5 if you're a student.
THE PERSON POTONG ME. I paid RM10 eventho I'm a student. 
I didn't knowww :/

The copic marker was RM350+ before discount. After discount it's RM310+
Sooo. Quite a big difference!

And I went home and tested it.
HAHA! I think it's a great investment, especially if u love to sketch.
For me, I'm not good with watercolours.
So it's great to have Copics because they are markers but they apply like
paintbrush, because of their paintbrush shaped nib!
The colours also blend together well.

This was on Friday. I remember cos I wore this to church. HAHA!
That night I stayed back at church till midnight. lol.

Went to have mamak after service. Rachael and Bernard shoo funny acting there :P
Reporter and startlet conversations.

And lol. Church over clubs now.
I really wanna stop going clubbing.
But of course it's hard when all your friends go as a biweekly activity.
Umm. I think I make the exception for birthdays.
If it's Saturday then 12AM curfew cos I wanna wake up for Sunday service. lol!

That's all for tonight :)

Off to bed, tata.
Hope you enjoyed this post!
Dedicated to Ruki, for her support! ;)

Nights! :*

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