Sunday, 10 November 2013

Count Your Blessings

Hello sweeties :*

Be prepared for tons of photos, I reallyyy utilized my camera.
Realized only when I imported my pics to my lappie.
644 pictures in a week -,- HAHAHHA

All is good I guess? :P

This was taken on a fine Saturday afternoon~

Took some selfies before the outing.

The deal of the day was of course, to celebrate baby Mei Yen's birthday! :)
My bestie ever since like Form One.
Both of us have changed a lot since then. 
But I'm glad we're still close ^^v

We went to F Concept at Bangsar!

Bangsar is a bit horrible to find parking, but lucky I've got a tiny car!

With the girls! :)

So glad all of them could make it, been a long time we didn't catch up aite!
Left to right: Jennie from da block, Chi Cheng beebo, Siet Yen piggy, Mei Yen baby.

Oops, cheesy nicknames.

I think youth is a really precious thing.

So let's not waste it! :)

Mei Yen blew her cake at Alexis :)
Wait I mean *candles*! Haha

Jennie was sweet to get her a little cake of her choice.
She chose Berry Pavlova!

We also ordered a little Tiramisu by the side, not bad too.
Only complaint about Alexis is, WHY SO STUFFY IN THERE lol.
It was mid afternoon and the Malaysia sunny weather was in full force lol ^^

Ahhh feels like so long I didn't do full body shots already :P
I used to ask my kakak to help me take them. HAHAHAH.
I mean when I'm alone.

I knowww vain lvl over 9000

But there's something about capturing a moment that makes me
not mind lugging my (quite) weighty camera around everyday.

With Chi Chi~

And the queen of the day, Mei Yen.
HAHHA. Haven't deliver her present yet thoo.
Coming soon hehe santa claus.

Look at Mei Yen's hair.
She does hair salon treatments as often as people put conditioner at home.
HAHAH. She has a thang for it

 Here's to friendship, here's to every blessing. 
Cheers :P

I wanna be grateful always.
When you start getting big headed.
That's when you fall!

Little polka dot bustier top from Sungei Wang haul last week.
Panel skirt from Forever 21. Heels too!

A little retro look :)
Incorporating blacks to my wardrobe again cos of current hairstyle.
But of course I NEVER really do all blacks.
I hate going without colour :3

Also I am so in love with bright lippies!
I guess they fall into three categories.
The classic red ones.
The fresh hot pink ones.
The punchy orange ones.

And this was at F Concept upstairs.
It's reallyyyy quiet upstairs. More people downstairs.

And of course! We all took pictures of our food when it arrived.
Hahahah. The culture of this generation it is.
Apps have taken over us by storm. DENG DENG~

I only ordered this cos my beloved papa bought me some seaweed popiah in the morning *w*
Hehe, I love muah dada. He always take cares of my every need! Amazing papa.

This is called the fusion tomato soup, something like that okay. HAHAHA.
RM7 only! I chose the smaller size. But it's quite filling for me.
Mmm. I love the soup. It's like seafood tomato sauce.

Okay, that sounds really wrong and gross.... but I like tomato sauce....
HAHAHAH sorry :P anyway it's good la ^^v

Siet Yen's cute mug of hot choco.
It's quite a huge cup actually!

Jennie, Mei Yen and Siet Yen all ate Aglio Olio pastas lol.

Yoohoo! Bumped into little Jasmine at Alexis.
Hehe. so nice to bump into her ^^

I like bumping into random people and catch up catch up a bit.

It's quite a small world!

I think during outings it's often that I bump into someone else I know.
The same social circle running to the same places, I guess.

Hotspots? 1U, DPC, BSD, De maju, Sunway Giza, and basically all clubs,
and Publika, and Pavilion. I guess like 1 out of 3 times will bump into someone.
But some places, ten out of ten HAHAH.

That's why go where also need to make sure you look decent :3!

Little Mei Yen.

HAHAH. She said she's doing celebrations for one whole week, with diff peepo.
Urrr, that's a lot of cake to eat! HAHAH.

For my birthday I just want the smoothest creamiest cheese cake :3
yumsssss. And I think sparklers as candles is also... so cute.

I love polka dots and heart patterns.
Anything kiddy actually, I also like :/

And do you know Pet Cafe 2. HAHAHA.
I love playing it. I've play it in three of my phones.
Means like three years ish?

Meaning from ip4s to samsung note to mega. HAHA

Anyway I'm gonna guard my belongings closely.
Nopeee not gonna lose em.

And also can this phone last please. HAHHA.
I don't get how people use the same phone for more than three years.
For me I struggle even to reach the two year mark!

It's always - broken!
Or stolen.

But nonono cant la weyhh I wanna preserve it a bit hahaha


Decided to play around with Mickey headbands!
I think I have... four of em? 
It's hard to find occasions to wear em lol.

This one's from Tokyo Disney Sea that Dad bought.
He thinks I'm 12, but that's okay.
Because... I like things that 12 year old likes...
 *gulp* guilty as charged..!

Okay what la I can look very mature also okay. HAHAH.

Played with my hair.
Cos I was wondering what I could do with it.
With long hair you can tie it, braid it, curl it etc.

I guess with short hair it's more about using wax and hairsprays
taking advantage that short hair can hold a style better.

Actually I would like to do pixie cut and feel what it's like to spike my hair.
HAHAHA. Cos I like guys who do spiky hair :3

But. I think bob suits me more :P

And I think I'm quite lucky that over this year though I changed my hairstyles,
there wasn't really any which I regretted badly.
I know some girls cry when they cut their long hair and all.

Pulled them off okay, diff colours and length etc ^^
No matter what hairstyle people always say it looks nice!
Or are they just being polite! hahahahha

And sometimes after a haircut people will always notice a difference and start complimenting.
So actually quite addicting to change hairstyles hahahha.
But okay, I'm taking a break. From salons I mean :P

Actually this photo is just to show you- yes, I made the effort to stick falsies.
Nowadays I cut them short because I have tapered eyelids so it kind of cuts my eyes ><
But usually I think eyeshadow is so much more easy. Pat pat pat and boom.

You know, if I needed a song to describe my face.
It would be... CIRCLE CIRCLE dotdot.
This really ghetto song. That I heard from pre-fame Nigahiga videos. HAHAHA. 

It REALLY is so the round.

I'm glad that I have a somewhat sharp chin to contrast it a bit. HAHAH.

Also on a random note I've been enjoying singing more lately, especially in church!
Also, yeah. My point now is to go churches more than clubs, seriously.
Clubs I guess I would go once in a while, for birthdays and such.
But definitely not a weekly thing. Like last time.

WHAT. Friday saturday sure in Sunway Giza or Vertigo and whatnot! HAHAHA.
Now Saturday nights I'm in church okokok.

Also I'm wondering if I should take up guitar :3
Yesss I play the piano but somehow acoustic guitar feels. umm. I don't know.
Sometimes I just feel like learning something. 
And good to learn guitar right, always use chords.
Piano too. But I always use the score, not play by chords :/

Sort of sweet smile. Sort of, lah.

And then the kind of doubty stares I do sometimes.


This was with Chui.
I went to Petaling Street with her, to do the snap buttons on 
my trench coat at Dexxon.

AHHH. So glad I had my trench coat and Chui's backpack to cover me.
Cos I was wearing a prettyyy short croptop and there were a lot of..
like shop peddlers who would wee wit here and there.

Hey sexy, tsktskstsk dono what else they use to get attention.

And I saw their famed counterfeit handbags!!!
From far look like not bad wey, if you imagine it being placed in the boutique.
Chinese people are really super at copying. 

Chinese people in the manufacturing business just gives me the impression 
this is how they run- find a hot item in the market, counterfeit it, sell it cheaper

But nopeee I'm not complaining. If China was gone, oh man.
90% of the stuff we use would run out of manufacturers :(
No WAIT, maybe like 99%.

Are you drooling?!
I didn't even edit this picture! :3

And this was at the mamak HAHAHA nono.
It's actually a chinese kopitiam.

Didn't plan to eat but Chui had this appetizing chicken rice in front of me.
It's quite not bad!! Love the sauce and the chicken.

Also Mc Donald's Hello Kitty is out OH OH OH!!
I wanna collect them all.
I got the ugly duckling the first day it came out ^^

With Jia Shin and Vency!
HAHAH. Stopped carpooling with Jia Shin dy cos of our different stayback times.
Got pros and cons I guess with carpooling :3

yes okay now you can see how short my top is -,-
when i go college I feel free to wear anything.
Because I feel like there's no pervert or anything.
I mean as a fashion designer we look at the human body as 
something to display clothes. Not in sexual terms. HAHAHA.

Then suddenly feel so self-conscious when taken out of context.

A random sketching while listening to some songs.
A woman praying came up! Noo it's not complete yet hahha.
I wanna try drawing manga! Used to love reading manga.
But it's so exy. Like RM35 one book. And I can read it finish in like one or two hours.

Oh yeah, online books are also cool!
Part of why I wanted a really huge phone was because of this also.
Google play app is pretty good! Reading Grimm's fairytale lol so funny the stories.
A duck did surgery on a wolf's stomach while he was sleeping to save her eaten chicks ~,~

At church hahaha. I was smiling stupidly cos Quinnie was mocking me for selca-ing all the time.
HAHAHA. Don't la weyhhh.

I wish to have an invisible cloak or something when I take pictures.
So right, I can put my camera in random places and set it on timer.
Pose in front of it like nobody's watching also and literally that's the truth.

HAHA nola. I don't really dare to do that. 


This was during Tuesday.
I remember cos it was the Deepavali holiday thing that day! :3

Went to Ours Cafe, it's so near from my house.
The food isn't all that good, but it's cheap and they have wifi
and mags and board games and a cute balcony.

With Charmaine and Natalie! Hehe.
Charmaine has a four Shih tzus. I wanna play with emmm.

And it's fun to spend time with Natalie, naww.
Now I realize how much I've missed her :3

And Natalie really grounds me I guess.
She's not the type to care about material things or fame or money. And that's refreshing!
(in this time and day.)

I guess the less we have, the easier we are to be content.
So sometime being too blessed can be a curse.
When, WHEN you take things for granted.

Abundance feeds greed, and greed is something abundance can never satisfy.
It only knows one word- "MORE".

So if you feel like nothing satisfies, I guess it's time to take a step back.


Saturday night, went to The Curve's Dragon-i with my family!
The place looks much better after renovation. Like a dimsum place HAHA.
So chinese-y.

With my grandma <3 .="" p="">
She's 76 years old this year, born in 1937.
Lived through Japanese occupation in Malaya. 

I like hearing her stories. First-hand account of history,
so much more lively than reading textbooks LOL.

She recently got her cornea surgery. 
Next month, she can dye her hair again.
Bet she will look so much younger with fresh black hair ^^

Also yeah it's so funny some people actually didn't recognize me with my hair!
HAHAHa. I'd be beside them wondering where to say HI! or not cos they
don't seem to recognize/acknowledge me.

Then after the long stare breaks, they finally recognize me. HAHAHA.

Dragon-I's specialty.
Chicken popcorn in a basket! HEHE.
It's nice! With a tinge of spicyness too.

Oh yeah, I remembered KFC used to have this popcorn chicken.
And I was kind of obsessed with it. Do they still have it now? :/
Also , hm. I miss eating Mos burger.
Tiny lil rice burgers!!!

A very huge sweet & sour fish.
Garoupa? I don't knoww lol.
I love eating their crispy skin :3 especially salmon skins!

After eating, as usual- we went to walk walk shop shop.
I got myself a pair of aviators like finally!
Actually two pairs :3

Naw, can't wait to wear them while driving in the afternoon.

For me, sunglasses that are oversized always suits me :3
I've never really had an aviator before and people say it's like a universal pair
that suits everyone. 

And I quite doubt that until I realized, okay.
I just need to find ones with bigger frames. ~,~!
*secret uncovered* HAHHAHA

Changed my top for family dinner. HAHA.
The top is from Bershka!

huge bug eyes!

Hahahah I love the filter effect.
Looks like I'm ready to go to the beach or smth, so tanned and sunny :P
Would be fun to surf or skate. Hehe.

Ah ! I miss swimming. 

HEHE. That's about it for this update :P

Goodnight, stay tuned for more ;)
loves :*

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