Saturday, 16 November 2013

Siet Yen's birthday

The girls (left to right)
Xuannie, Chloe, Siet Yen, Karen, Mei Yen, Jennie, Chi Cheng.

Take at Bangsar Shopping Centre :)

Hello sweeties! Had a really happy reunion yesterday night (Friday)
for Siet Yen's birthday! 

I'm so glad the girls could make it!
Thank You Mei Yen for driving,
Jennie for the souvenirs,
Xuannie for the cake,
Siet Yen for the gathering, 
Danny and CC for the ride home!

Lol. The guys said they wanted to go toilet,
and they were gone for like a long time.

Then suddenly, they came in with balloons and flowers and Delectable cake!
Hehe so thoughtful. 
Of course it was so nice to see the look of surprise on her.
Everyone deserves to be treated special on their special day! :3

Oops ribbon blocking :P

This was at Pressroom.
Siet Yen wanted WIP actually but it was full.

Ah, I have to say Bangsar is filled with well-dressed pretty girls.
But mostly twenties/thirties sort.

OOTD of the night, was Minnie inspired! Hhahaha.
With the red, polka dots, and headband.

A stranger actually asked what was happening while we were going on a lift,
and Jennie said it's a birthday party.
The guy thought I was the birthday girl lol. 

HAHAH. I don't wanna upstage someone else's night.
Just that the headband gives a quirky touch :3

Headband from 1U. Vault I think?
By now they should have sold out, I bought eight of them.
HAHAH. But different patterns!

Peplum bustier from Sungei Wang! Level 6 to be precise :3
Butt level 2 has more cheap stuffs I think.
Eee love buying bustiers from Sungei Wang.

Pleather skirt was from Kitchen. Been meaning to wear it
but didn't know how to match it. HAHAHA.
But it is quite a daring piece. Especially since my ass is so big lolol.

Forever 21 boots for footwear. I need more shoes like this!
Comfortable platforms. Like Chi Cheng's! Which was like six inches.
HAHHA I WANTT. I 'm a shortie, boy do I NEED that extra height! :p

Love camwhoring with my ladies <3 p="">
Flipscreen is deffo fun for selca,
but having someone else take over the camera is also good.
Like capturing a moment. 
Flipscreens are more for posing.

But nevertheless, I enjoy both!

While on the way to Bangsar actually.
Taken while beauty Mei Yen was driving ^^

And I am soooo glad Mei Yen came!
Because, she seldom goes for night outings.
She's really an early bird.

I think it's good to not go on so many night outings!
And Mei Yen knows her mummy will worry la lol.
Such a fillial daughter!

With Chloe the doll ^^

Jennie playing Between I think -,-
Don't give face to the camera. HAHAHHA.

See see see!!!

Second picture dy she still with her phone EEISH.

Okay la she finally wake up dy.

Love the tanned skin overtone <3 p="">

Mmm, I'm grateful for each and every friend in my life.
At times we may argue and I may not like you.
During that time I guess we only remember the bad things,
but completely forget their good side.

like.... how good they treat you.
How they make time to see you,
how they randomly treat you things,
how they offer to drive,
how they do thoughtful things and birthday etc.

When you are angry you forget that.
Then when you let go of the anger,
you realise.

You're not that perfect either.
People put up with your imperfections,
why can't you put up with theirs?

If people ask for forgiveness, wouldn't you forgive and forget?
For a war can never last more than a season.

Now I can really say I don't hate anyone one, only love. :)
As a Christian, there's nothing to hate.
It's like. You've done so many bad things to God-
by sinning, by not acknowledging him, by throwing away the price he paid 
for you when Jesus died on the cross.

BUT. God still loves you.
God can forgive the worst sin. Murder, abortion, rape.
As long as you repent truly, he will wipe it off and make you as clean as the purest snow.

If he can forgive you, why can't you forgive?
If you judge others, then God will judge you too.
If you don't, then He won't.

Okay okay. Random quotes time.
-An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind.
-Friendship is worth more than your pride, more than your anger.

HAHHA. Just a random one for girl drama.
Based on personal experience. 
Because, yes. After all we are in between teenagers to adults.
And friends are like family.
This is also the tiime where people start dating seriously etc.
But be wise who you choose to be with!

Okay back to Siet Yen's birthday ^^

With Qi Yao! Hoho. Still having chubby cheeks as always.

Missed her much! Amanda Gwenllian. ^^
HAHAH love this picture

The guys cheering. Mostly to Siet Yen. HAHHA.
I didn't get to see Siet Yen drunk though lol.

And you knowww. 
I said I don't want to visit clubs for one year.
HAHAH. Then Nov and Dec babies all do their rounds in bars etc. /,\
So dilemma actually.

But now I have a limit. I don't drag people to go clubs anymore (jennieee)
I don't stay till the music ends, like 3 in the morning. 1 in the morning is enufff.
And of course the rule. Church more than clubs.

I only went Friday service like halfway though T.T
cos I was sitting in Mei Yen's car.
But I'm glad I went! Sing sing weee.

But I'm glad that I was NEVER into alcohol.
Friends would know, when it comes to drinks...
I'm a lightweight. No wait. Featherweight.

I just don't like being drunk and feeling like puking.
Why make myself sick? A little is okay la.
Few sips. HAHAH.

Siet Yen ordered shots. We were supposed to down but I didn't.
Thank You Daniel for helping me! WAHAHHA
I like cheering with wine glasses. The CLINK sound!
Daniel said to do it five times. But have to drink five times. 

Theng Loo Jason Chin they all also came. So long didn't see them!
Weng Hock and Shao Yang still in overseas, hope they are doing well ^^
I bet they MISS US.

HAHHA. I'm glad to be in my batch.
I'm glad for everything. For church, for people in church.
For my little cosy home and my beautiful family.
It's not perfect but it's mine.

And my beautiful Daddy, so selfless and eternally loving.
And for Natalie, such a good role model and solid foundation ^^
And for all the ladies, Xuannie Jennie Chi Cheng Mei Yen Siet Yen^^

And for the bible, AHH I need to read more.
And for college, I wanna be productive!

Oh yeah I just started playing Bitstrips. HAHAHA.

Tonight is Vincent's birthday @ Publika.
Hehe. Glad to have so many things to keep myself busy.

Yesterday I slept four hours, woke up at eight in the morning
and stayed in college still six in the evening, then showered and dine
then went to church at eight then went to Bangsar for Siet Yen's until one in the morning.

HAHAHHA. So packed right. I slept at 2AM like that, but oddly I woke up early today.
Like nine in the morning ~,~ 

But it's good, I don't want to sleep so much.

Oh yeah if you want more bubuchahchah, go to the previous post.

That's all, update soon.
Xoxo readers! Peace and love for you! ^^

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