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This was Sunday's dinner.
Instead of the usual The Curve, we went to 1 Utama.

And actually Jennie and Mei Yen was there with their family too.
I saw Jennie passed by. Shouted her name but she didn't hear.
Didn't dare to shout louder because she was at the other end
and I'm sure if she could heard my voice PLENTY others would too.
But after that she was going to my house anyway :B

Mei Yen I saw her at Watsons with her sister.
HAHAH! Her sister said she saw me at Giza before.
Mei Yen was there to get her birthday present.
So nice :3

My family and I went to eat at Pui Tien.
A very chinese dining sort of thing. Like Grand Imperial but smaller?
The food was good! But the place was a bit packed.

Their famous prawns.
Not bad. I would prefer mine with cheese!
This one is more on the salty side.

Sweet and sour fish with crispy skin, which I always love.
I think the best one is from Dragon-I.

Brother beside and Chooi Yee beside (bro's gf)

Random One World Hotel shot. 

Bought a little cross from Wah Chan.
HAHAH. They were having a sort of booth there.
It has a really tiny diamond in the middle.
Didn't really notice it until the salesperson told me :3

I have one, but it's not like real jewellery.
And it rusted a little. And I wanted something that could last me a long time,
so I decided to get this.

Anyway, being a Christian is certainly not about wearing the cross on yourself all times.
Rather, it is figuratively taking up the cross each day, walking in line with God.
Wearing a cross to me is just to remind me of my faith.

Some people may not get why I'm so religious.
But once you feel God, wouldn't you be the same?
You'd realize how real He is. 
After all, every human has the instinct to know God.

I guess the best way to describe is just a feeling of
peace, love and light. Divine. That's my experience.

And I got a little eyebrow cake from Heavy Rotation.
Because I kept running through my auto pencils. /.\
I finish eyebrow pencils quite quickly.
Eyebrows too big maybe lolol.

And beside it is eye jewel or something like that from Kate Spade.
You put it on your under eye. very Korean wave sort of make up.

After 1 Utama, went back home.
I said Jennie came to my house, because we were going to Publika
for Vincent's birthday! A lot of Nov babies yo.

Hehe here we are. 

I drove Jennie. Last time she always drove! 
She followed my car because I was going back early too.
1.30 AM curfew nowadays yo. :3

Especially on Saturday nights, because got church the next morning.
But I like daytime activities more.
Everything is so bright. HAHAH.

And everyone is awake.
After all, daytime is for work, nighttime is for rest.

I used to be very silly and rebellious.
Very princessy in a spoilt way.
Whatever I want, I want.
I don't care what elders would say because I was selfish.

But know? No. I wanna listen.
Because people who are older, they have the experience.
So listen, when they share it.

IF you are getting a boyfriend, always let your daddy for approval first.
Because guys know how guys think.
Guys know how hamsap guys can be also.
Your papa can tell whether your bf is with you for the sake of it,
or because he sincerely wants to be with you.

yesyes my rebellious days are over.
Don't be like Rihanna "Good Girl Gone Bad" ah.
If you are a Bad Girl, you better be a Bad Girl Gone Good.

HAHAHA. Because. Nothing good comes from being bad.
A rotten tree will never produce good fruit.

With Dylan. HAHHA.

I remember he was an Atheist. He told me he was a Christian and I'm like HUH
Since when. Then he said since Form Five. HAHAH no wonder.
Anyway, that's good news to hear ^^ God Bless youuu!

MJ gang. lol.

Was surprised to see a lot of people actually!

Rachel brought her camera, Casio ZR1000.
HAHA. This pic is from her camera.
Not bad actually!

Makes me feel like wanna buy it a bit,
they have a new model dy! ZR1200 lol.
RM1499. ZR1000 is RM1400,
but you can get it for as cheap as RM1.1/1.2k at Lowyat etc.

Honestly sometimes I wish I had good haggling skills.
I just... feel like paiseh sometimes :/!!!!
But a few hundred difference is a lot la hehe.

Anyway, my current camera is Samsung EX2F.

I carry it EVERYDAY. Seriously everyday. It is always in my bag.
Sometimes I can't use my smaller clutches anymore because of my bulkier camera,
and the GALAXY MEGA 6,3 inch phone lol. It's like two and a half times
bigger than an iPhone.

But I wanna appreciate this camera also laaa.
At the same time I don't want to use this camera and wish it to be spoilt to 
have a firm reason to get the Casio one.

At the same time, I don't want to waste money to buy another camera
because it is a little lighter.

AHHH I also dilemma. Casio Tr150 also looks good but I would never pay 3k
for a camera!! Not even DSLR. :V
RM1.8k I will la. HAHHA. My maximum.

With Wendy.

I love how this shot turned out.
Photography is always a hit and miss thing.

But helps la if you put on make up and some decent clothes. HAHHAA.

With the birthday boy, Vincent Tan! :)

He was so nice to ask the November babies - Yen Shen and Li Chen
to celebrate with him eventhough it's his party. Hehe. So nice! :3

Anddd, sometimes the flash turns out overexposed like this ah!
Maybe have to fiddle with settings or clean the lens.

With part of the eight girls.
HAHA. Famous la they all for the party circuit.
From left to right: Yi Han, myself, Jasmine, Shi Yong, Corinne, Wendy, Sim Kuan, Rachel.

I think the guy behind pissed cos the we were blocking the whole entrance.
HAHAHA. Chill la bro.

With Shi Yong. Love her features ^^
So sharp!

I went to talk to Xuan and Rysher said I looked like an aunty,
I'm like excuse me?

Moving on,
From left to right again. Corinne, Shi Yong, myself, Jennie photobomb, and Jasmine.

Again. Oops.Shi Yong closing her eyes.
It's okay, still look poised. HAHAH

Camwhore and camwhore.


High neck yellow dress from online shop.
Blue chain bag from FOS.
Sugar pink and blue heels from Agape Boutique.

Hehe. looks like a little vignette effect.

Saw Yi Han they all while I was parking my car actually!
Such coincidence hehe.

Then after that Jun Wen they all came.
Long time didn't see them!
I'm always happy to see friends, especially high school ones.
Aiyaaa. I'm happy to see everyone.

clear flash shots are loveeee.

Some champagne.
HAHHA. I didn't finish it. 
I never finish my drinks lol.

I left around 1 in the morning with Jennie.

With Melia and Marcus,
totally sleepy face.

I woke up, saw the time, changed my dress and went off. lol.
Didn't even have time to examine myself in the mirror.

HAHAH. Church starts at 9.30AM on Sundays.
When I woke up it was like almost 11PM.
But luckily that day there was FBI meeting (for the youths)
and also Christmas Carol practise (I'm singing at church during Christmas! Comeee )
So in the end I went home around 3PM.
Usually church ends like 11.30PM. :)

I'm glad I'm a youth lol looks like more activity.
But as an adult you can have chance to be a leader etc.

I was excited for church the night before but i slept around six in the morning.
HAHAH. I couldn't stop reading and I was sleeping with my earphones on.
I set three or four alarms actually but heard none of it /,\
lucky auto woke up!

After church, my family and I headed down to KL.
Nowadays my family goes KL late, like 3PM.
It used to be like 12AM and we had dim sum.
But everyone just lazy and mimimomo. HAAHA.

But of course we all enjoy going out shopping, as a family etc ^^
I look forward to this weekly outing!

We had brunch at The Loaf.
Used to go La Bodega always.

A pile of bread. Hehe.
When you are really hungry you can always grab them, no need to wait.

I had Pesto Pasta.
Umm. I think Pasta's not really their specialty, but okay la.
The atmosphere makes the food more enjoyable! :)

Sunday's outfit hehe.

Trying bag from Jaspal.
I think chain flap bags are really right for me.
I like to carry on the shoulder, don't really like on the arm.
But totes look a bit too casual for me, and not structured enough.

This one's RM395. HAHAH.
You know why I bought this?
Because I used to have this silly idea that I need every bag to be branded,
as a standard for myself.

But then now I realise, eh. Can get good bags for a few hundred dollars,
no need to spend few thousands. I just like leather bags with a lot of hardware.

And you know, I have cheaper bags but they look a bit more casual and are usually small,
so I thought this would be a good alternative.

Because wearing designer bags makes you covet, I think.
And I know that the coveting never stops.

Look at Jamie Chua, the socialite with hundreds of Birkins.
It's never enough for her still. 

And designer brands earn so much lol.
I think next time if I opened my own boutique.
I wouldn't want my products to carry any logo or brands.
It would be wellmade. Handstitched leather bags etc.
But I don't want any logo because people obsess over it.

Designer handbags are like a game of recognising logos.
You know how you walk in to the shops and salesperson scan you up and down?
Yep, when they recognise certain brands they can't help but want to serve you.
And I guess that's what makes those brand powerful sometimes.

But really. I don't want to, and have to remind myself not to
pursue riches and fame and etc. 
Look at Hollywood where that's the main point.
They cover it with glamour, but behind it  is drugs, scandals, abuse.
So many things in the name of money and fame. 
For what?

And I'm guilty of that as well, definitely.
Just that now I'm conscious of it, so I will remind myself to stay away.
I still have my designer bags, but what I'm saying is.
I really don't want to go on and keep wanting to build a collection.
A collection, that's what I always thought I wanted.
But I know it's something I start that will never end, so I want to stop.

I would buy a designer bag, but only if I like it for the design, etcetc.
Not that I buy it for the sake that it is a designer.
But at the same time I think I should sell my bags and use the money for something

HAHAHA. Milan station maybe.


Sometimes looks and money can be a blessing or a curse,
but I think mostly a curse.

They make you greedy, because you think just because you are pretty you deserve more.
Just because you have money people should respect you.

When in reality, it should be...
because you do not ask, you deserve more.
Because you are kind and just, people respect you.

But in this day and time, it feels like people don't reward goodness as much as
they reward fame and riches etc.

I see pretty girls out there, you see their pictures, yes they are captivating.
But once you get to really know a person and their outer shell fades,
it's what their true essence is that stands out.

Their beliefs, their principles, how they act. Their ATTITUDE.
So yes. I think a pretty girl can be ugly,
and a "ugly" girl if it's possible, can be pretty.

I think every girl has their own beauty.
Some just don't flaunt it in your face.
It's a very gentle and subtle sort.


If you view the world in the lens of someone who never trust-
you'll always find something to hate about a person.

Because you keep thinking about their imperfections.

But, always look at your own blemishes before you convict other people's imperfections.

Likewise, if you view the world in the lens of someone who sees the good in people,
you'll always find the good in the worst people, even your "enemies".

Let me tell you, what we see in others most, is what we are most.
Because we are, therefore we see it in other people.
If we are kind, we see more the kindness in other people.
If we hate, we see more the hateful side of people.

I think that says a lot.

And of course, in friendships there will always be backstabbing.
Remember that the knifes goes in a circle, it will always always come back to stab you.

Nothing good goes uncovered, nothing bad goes uncovered either.
If you have done your part, your conscience may rest in peace.
If you hadn't, but you regret your mistakes- rest your conscience too.
If you are in the wrong and are filled with pride,
let me tell you that... when everything fades.
You'll only be left with your own doings.

If you hear someone talking bad about you,
never let your emotions take over you.
Think rationally first. Think about the person, their attitudes.
Of course you can trust your feelings when you're with them,
then what rumors are being spread.

If it really bugs you, then confront the person about it.
Otherwise it will blow into a misunderstanding.

And I guess when we don't forgive someone,
we always dwell on where the person hurt us most.
But instead of concentrating on that,
why not think, that the person who hurts you,
ask yourself if you had hurt them.

I don't think anybody wants to hate.
We become victims of hate when that happens, and we lash out.
So it goes- an eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind.

The next time someone gouges out your eye,
and someone else gouges their eye.
Don't laugh at them. Instead,
give them your own eye.

It is hard to do, indeed.
But I think the greatest gift we can receive,
is the gift of giving.

HAHAH. I really wanna learn how to give with a sincere heart.
I don't wanna be selfish!

You'll find that when you are giving,
the people you've helped will be there when you're in need.

And of course, as a disclaimer.
I am not perfect, far from it.
I say this things not because I have achieve perfection,
but because I am trying to be a better person
and I think about my mistakes. 
To learn about past failures I guess.

PS: I always write too much because I read quite fast.
HAHHA. Sorry for babbling.


Aviators I got for RM15. YES, RM15. From The Curve's night bazaar.
The cheapskate in me is screaming. HHAHAHA

I actually used double eyelid tape with black eyeliner.
But you can see it cos the eyelid tape is black colour ^^

Random. Look at the Hello Kitty mat lol.

With Andy in class today. Garment composition.

At night, I went to DPC for a random jog with Chi Cheng.
HAHHA. I wanted to stay home actually but we ended up 
having a lot of fun talking.

Just chitchatting etc. Did two rounds at the park.

When life is good, thank God.
When life is at it's worst, thank God also.
Because sometimes God uses our worst times to build us up.

Bad times prune away our bad side.
It hurts, but it forces us to look at ourselves.
It forces us to pull ourselves up.

Yes, people can help us up but if own legs aren't strong enough we will fall again.
But never be afraid of falling!

When you are most miserable, most alone- even to the point of suicide.
Know that there is a God up there who loves you so much.
Know that there are people suffering like you, and most probably much worse.
Know that there are people who would run over to lend a hand.
Know that there are people who love you, so so so much.

So, never lose HOPE.


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