Thursday, 21 November 2013

Sweet escape


Today is Thursday!
Went to the Curve.
Spontaneous outing with Vivian Loh.

Good face day luckily.
HAHAH. I think I deal with bad hair day less.
More like FACE. 

Sometimes it's photogenic, sometimes NOT.

But... as always right we shouldn't put so much emphasis on decorating the cover
but forget to put good content.

So okay lah you are a story book and your cover looks great
but the cover better the higher the expectation.
Then suddenly when they open the book, WAH. BLANK.
Or it's full of doodles inside.

By the fountain!

Umm. A lot of random people staring.
OH yeah, also saw Ping Kuang.
He came over suddenly.

HAHAH. Then later he told me.
He was standing outside with his friend 
and his friend pointed to us from afar and said something like
 "look got pretty girls wearing short short taking picture"
(I was laughing when I heard this man. so this is how guys survey their surroundings)

Then Ping Kuang was looking at us but he couldn't recognize at first cos of my hair.
Then he saw Xuan then bingo la. HAHAHA.
But his friends didn't believe he knew us.

Anyway, Ping Kuang is working now.
Anyone wanna buy insurance or what, can go find him. :B

Miss Shao Yang and Weng Hock too!
The Science 2 gou gous. Woof.

Surprisingly Vivian is also a Christian.
HAHHA. I saw her little cross pendant which looked like mine :B
She's a Catholic! Also used to go to CHARITAS.
That church is so famous man.

HAHAH. The big Catholic church at the Kepong traffic light!

But sadly Vivi stopped going to church for a while dy. lol.
I guess everyone has that period. 
But what matters is going back!
Hopefully before the end of days come right. 

I thought of changing my hair colour to ash brown.
But then. I thought.

NAHHH. Ash brown suits pastel clothings more.
But the roots are very the high-maintenance ehh.
It took me like six months to get off the bleach and go back to black.

I don't know. Wait until my hair grow first.
Bob hair looks CUTESY ON ME. Like little kid.
I think cos of the bangs. 

Some people look more rock with short hair. 
Especially pixie cut. I've never tried that!!
I would wanna try, but scared laaa.
Maybe when I become a mother or something.

And hmm. People always call me cute or sexy.
If they dont like me then they call me fat or ugly.

And oh yeah. On my blog there has been meanies leaving vicious comments.
I dealt with that before.

But, that was like once or twice I think.
Others all are really nice and supportive of my blog,
so thank you readers ! ^^

Thanks You to all of you who enjoy reading my blog.

We went to eat sushi, of course.

HAHAHA. I always drag people to eat sushi
whenever they go out with me.


But thankfully girls like to eat Japanese one, cos very healthy!

This was at Sakae Sushi, I ate this cheese tempura thingy.
I think cheese+mango makes a weird but YUMMY combination.
Melted cheese on oyster too.

And oh I am craving for frozen yogurt. ESSSSHHH.
!@#$%^ control!


Leopard print bustier from Guess
(this one I bought the day after my beloved Chuckie passed away.
kind of like retail therapy. I think I spent around RM700 on all leopard print stuff :v)

Flare burgundy pleather skirt from Sungei Wang!

Ankle Boots from F Block and my feet hurts in themmm.
I think cos I wear heels less. They say if you wear it everyday.
Your bone structure will change and your skin will thicken up.
Like the blisters will grow and heal until they become thick.
Eww, but interesting right! Maybe that's how SJP managed her Sex in The City days.

Chain bag from Jaspal.

Pearl necklace from Lovita.

I OOTD less nowadays.
Honestly, I think I gained weight.
HAHHA. I wanna lose weight, but when I see food
all I think about is "tomorrow". /,\

Seeeee. Lol warn you dy right.
Go out with Vivian sure camwhore a lot one.

I'm in love with Kate's jewel liquid eyeliner.
It's sparkly and white and you use it to highlight your... eyebags.
Yes laaa korean style makeup. The ulzzang look.

Thick eyebrows, gradient lips, small face, blush etc.
The main point is to look like you have a baby face I think.

I have hooded + wide set eyes. Means I have a lot of space to put eye make up actually.
HAHAH. Like smokey eye/eyeliner/etc. 
But maybe will look quite plain without make up.

I learn make up from videos mostly.
It's really easy to learn la, but I think the best tip is to be flexible and creative.
Like, you can put eyeshadow on the center of lips as highlight.
You can use your eyeliner as mascara, esp to draw your lower eyelashes. 
You can use blusher as lipstick. ETC ETC.

And Michelle Phan of course.
HAHAH. But if you type smokey eyes/ways to draw eyeliner you can find a lot of beauty guru.
It's easy to learn make up la, you just got to try.
And to try, of course you need to buy MAKE UP.

To save money it's better to buy all in one palettes I think.
And start from drugstore brands.

Student no need buy so expensive la har. 
HAHAHA. Nyx from Sephora is really good as a budget brand.
Their lipstick is RM19 and wayyy pigmented. 

Japanese/Korean make up are also the BOMB.
Kate, Candydoll, Kiss Me, Canmake.

HAHHAHA. Recently I've been spending time at Watsons and Sasa
trying on make up like a 8 por.

My favourite thing of the moment is... gel pencil eyeliner and eye bag highlighters HAHAH.

Xuannie also came to join us afterwards.
Vivian and I were at The Curve since 11 I think. lol.
So early!

Xuannie came around 1 or 2. I left at 3 because my feet was hurting!


Vivian just uses her iPhone for pictures lol.
I think iPhone is pretty good for camwhoring.
But I use pictures for blog too, so I have always been used to
carrying a camera WHEREVER I go.
I think it has been three or fours years along now
that I pack a camera into my handbag everyday.

I remember Jun Wen was another girl who ALWAYS had a camera. hahaha.

 Vanity exploded.

If you're curious. I accumulate four hundred pictures already this week 
and today is only Thursday night.

Me, I tend to wipe out my SD card now and then.
My lappie has huge storage la. 400 GB left I think.
Should buy external hard disk! Who knows it will kaput again!

The last time my laptop kaput, Jennie's brother managed to save my hard disk for me! :3
hehe so much thanks to him.

I mean I couldn't on the lappie but he knew how to 
take out the hard disk etc and connect it to my new lappie. YOOHOO.

Oh yeah also on a random note WHY hiring housekeeper so expensive?~?
Gene is leaving (
The agent fees is RM16k. ??! Walao eh. 

I hope the new housekeeper doesn't have sticky fingers like Aini.
Hmm. It's hard to settle in a new housekeeper.
Cos they have to get used to the routine AND 
especially what goes where.

It drives me crazy when I can't find my things lol.


Thai Style Pasta. Curry ish.
Taste okay actually but I still prefer seafood.

Oops. I mean marinara!

This was at Honeybear.

Guess who's favourite?

Yes Mei Yen exactly.

She loveeees the pasta there.
But I do agree with her taste! hahah.
It's cheap but tasty.

Their RM12.90 seafood marinara taste better than a RM40 one in KL.
Seriousss. But the surroundings not so atas la definitely. hahahha.

After eating we went to shop around in those shoplot boutiques.
Just window shopping. Jorya her favourite.
But it's so expensive. One pair of heels is like RM200.

On their soles are brands like WBYX. Wey Bi Xiang. Etcetc.
All those cina cina brand, WALAOEH.
I think they got it for RM20 a piece then sell it for RM200,
walaoeh. Wanna make profit also have to make your prices attractive a bit righttt.

I think I am getting more cheapskate definitely.
But it doesn't help much. T.T
Cos say, I will buy one stuff for RM200.
Then if I'm being cheapskate, I will buy stuffs for RM40.
Then sikit sikit jadi bukit then accidentally RM250 gone.
So. Even worse right.

You keep thinking it is cheap. But when you buy it in bulk, nooo.

Black and white.

Because I've been feeling emo recently.
Not really emo la.

But like. Contemplating mode.
And feel like wanna get away from everything.
Except there's no use hiding. :x!!

Very the noob face!
With Chi Cheng and Yih Wern yoh :3

We went to Sunway Giza for karaoke.
Chi Cheng gave us a ride! Thankyou ! :3

In the lift of Loudspeaker. lol.

Reminds me of IU Day. Ages ago.

Loudspeaker Giza! Quite worth it actually.
RM26 but we sang for two/three hours
and ate chicken chop + honey lemon.

During the afternoon, we went to eat.. umm. Sushi again.
lol pardon me.

This was on Tuesday afternoon.

okay, that's all this update. byeee!

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