Thursday, 5 December 2013

Being a girl is high-maintenance

Hello sweeties :)

It's pretty unusual for me to update so fast.
But well, the time was right and I did feel like doing a post.

This post is about doing make up actually,
if you can guess from the title :P

Start of with some pictures- selcas and whatnot!

 Outfit for class! OFC?! HHAHA noo

long sleeve top from Sungei Wang
fishtail skirt from H&M.

I just thought both of them complimented each other well!
They just remind me of watercolour renderings of flowers etc.
(Jia Shin said I looked like Tarzan's wife. Lol. Climb trees with this)

And mmm. I don't know if it was this outfit or what,
but the night after I bought this blush from benefit.

I hate dull, earthy colours. I seldom wear those.
Like dull green/grey/earthy brown etc.
I love cream + beige though, very light and clean and princessy
especially with flowy fabric.

But pastels are just perfect.
Other than pastels, I love bling bling stuff.
Very princessy colours lol.

And I meant I bought it from eBay!
Umm. Figured it would save my pocket money.
But I don't like waiting! Haven't bought anything online in ages.
It's nice though, when that package arrives!!!

Like a gift to yourself, lol.

Driving to class. WHOOPEE. 
Whizzing through the KL Jam.
Sometimes stucked on the same road for ten minutes.
What to do~ 

I have a year plus to go. A year and a three months?
But a year and nine months if I fail subjects along the way D:
I don't know if I will fail anything or not.
OH man. Touchwood.

I'll finish college around late 2015. 
After that, I wanna take a break and explore.
I wanna go overseas, Europe probably.
London probably. Meet my mum there. 

Stay for three months - 1year? I'm not so sure.
Maybe take a short three months course.
For fashion styling/ accessories/ make up.

I think I would like to learn make up.
Or, I could work while in Europe.
Earn their currency then shop there.
Visit the designer stores and factory outlets.
Eat pastries and have coffee breaks while sketching. HEH.

Sounds nice.
But concentrate on what I'm doing now first!
Life isn't bad at all now, just that sometimes I let
worries burden me.

That's what we all do right!
But we just gotta remind ourselves.
Worrying just gives us a false sense of security.
Makes us think we can control things when in fact it helps nothing.

So. Hakuna Matata! No worries!

And of course, read the bible everyday.
I bring a compact bible with me, glad I have a big bible and a small bible!
It's amazing how much impact the bible gives.
Well, it is from God after all! :)

December is the month of Jesus hoho.
I mean as in it's his birthday!
Santa is not the main character, Jesus is! hehe

Well sometimes my Dad is like a mini santa.
Well. Actually he is my big santa everyday.

He got me sushi!! :D
And that means a lot.

I was craving for it in the evening.
An hour or so later he came back.
And told me he brought home sushi heheheheheheheh.
Little things like that makes me really happy!!

Alright, now on to the make up part!

I started make up when I was 17?
Which is very old I think. Quite an appropriate age.
Well. For me I didn't really go out much until I was 17.
But once I did it was like BOOM.

HAHA! Now it's time to put on the brakes!
Everything is best under moderation.

When I first started using make up, it was 
base make up. Concealer, foundation, powder.
And eyeliner and lipglosses.

That was it really. 
I had like one eyeshadow palette that I used like once a month.

But how far I've gone! lol.
I think I started experimenting make up late 2012.
When I started drawing my eyebrows.
I remember because I was working at Burberry lol.

But this year I really learnt a lot.
Ever since bleaching my hair I guess.
Because, the funny thing is - when you are blonde you will look washed out
and at the same time you've already tried weird colours for your hair
so why not for your face too.

HAHA. Experimenting period I guess.
The two things that helped me to learn make up is just.
1- Watching videos on youtube.
2- Buying make up and trying it myself.

Yep, that's about it.
And the more videos you watch, the more concept you'll grasp 
and more tips you'll know.

And the more you try, the more you know the contours of your face,
and the more you know what suits and what doesn't.

Make up is really about shadow and light.
And putting colour into your face to accentuate it.

I started swatching colours on my hand!
To experiment looks for holiday season.
You know me, if I buy something I am GOING to use it.
I don't like letting stuff lie around.
Expensive or cheap, I love it when something gets used and beaten up.

Was swatching because I wanted to try diff ways to put on eyeshadow!
-with your fingers
-with sponge applicators
-with fluffy/crease/liner brushes
-with spray on brush/applicator.

HEHE. The last one was quite fun. 
To spray water to my brushes and pick up the eyeshadow.
They DO turn out more intense.
Now you know the secret!

Vanity corner.
Was trying to organize it! HAHAH.
I must categorize things to lips/eyes/face etc.
So at least even if I chuck things around,
they will be sectioned off.

To be honest I don't clean up after make up...
I leave them scattered on the table.
But when I come home it is magically back into its place,
because Gene has learnt to remember how to put them back ^^v

Sometimes she does put one or two things in the wrong places,
but overall I give her 90/100 score lah.
New maid is here, I don't know how well she'll do.
She's really quiet! Hmm.


Okay, I find it kind of funny.
If I watch tutorials the ang mohs always use brushes, espo for eyeshadow.
But I know Asians use more fingers and sponges. HAHAHAH.

I think brushes are more precise but waste more product.
And you have to wash them, of course!
But brushes are really good for blending.
Using finger's benefit is that your body warmth will 
warm up the product and make it blend easier. HAHAH.

But I think you can't really put powder blushes with your fingers.
YONG SUI weyh.

Oh yeah, sometimes I also use lipstick as blush if I feel like wearing a colour,
but I don't have it.
Sometimes I also use eyeshadow glitter on the center of my lips.
So honestly, you don't have to use makeup ONLY for what it is intended for.
Go out of the box.

Liquid highlighters are also nice to be mixed into your foundation for a healthy glow.

If you're not sure of how to contour you can always 
look at face maps until you get familiar with them.

Ahhh. I'm in love with blushers lately.
Coral peachy ones, pale cool pinks one, warm reddish ones.

Nars, Benefit, Too Faced make great blushers/bronzers.

But I think Asians shy away from bronzers because
we are all so in love with fair skin right.
But! It makes your face smaller so I think worth it to sacrifice lo.
If you feel too dark you can always highlight again anywayyy.


Chanel's compact powder. Vitalumiere eclat in beige rose.
Benefit's Hello Flawless in champagne.
Benefit's powder time lover (coralista, dallas, dandelion)
Sports Girl glow and behold illuminating bronzer

The Chanel one was my first powder and I did use it quite a lot.
Between Chanel and Benefit I would say Chanel has more coverage and is more yellow-toned,
while Benefit is more soft and silky and has less coverage.
I prefer the Benefit one because.. umm, my skin looks younger. 

And ARGH. I never put them in my cosmetic bag anymore, they keep breaking.
So I keep them at home. As a finishing powder mostly, because I use BB cream more often.
I think I should buy a cheap drugstore powder to touch up on the go.

But yeah! If it breaks you can use alcohol and press it back together again.
So don't fret! And if your lipstick breaks you can melt it with a hairdryer,
stick it back again and leave it in the fridge overnight.

My guerlain lipstick is a total loss though, I would never buy lipstick from them again!
Not even the lipstick broke, but so did the casing -,-
For a hundred bucks lipstick, seriouslyyy.

Oh yeah, I have a habit of buying lipsticks in airport.
I think they are duty free? But they don't seem noticeably cheaper lol.
I love YSL and Dior lipstick!
I love YSL more because you can't get it in Msia.
HAHAHA. They used to have it, but not nowww.

Next, move on to mini eyeshadow palettes.

I'm sure everyone has these!
There's also a Rimmel one Jennie gave missing from the picture.
Honestly, I use the highlighter the most.
For my eyebag area.

If I had a dark brown/dark black one I'm sure I would use those a lot!

The right side ones are ones I use for eyebrows/contouring nose bridge.
Well not the shimmery one on the top right la hehe.

Dior one's look pretty!
I think it's about RM200 a pop?

And the big guns! Make up palettes.

These are my favourite things of make up, hands down.
If you don't know what to give me for my birthday,
a make up palette would be fine.

A girl can never have too many of those. HAHAHAH.

Isn't it just so, so fun to play with them? :3

Top one is Naked 2 by Urban Decay. They retail for RMRM179? if I'm right.
It comes with a mini lipgloss. Very sheer and minty.

The left one is the Sephora Palette, for RM99.
And you get so many colours.
I'm excited with the pinks, the greens, the blues.
The non-neutrals! Neutrals are fail-safe but for a while
I could not do some looks because I did not have those crazy colours.

They are extremely fun to experiment on!
Mixing the colours, pink and blue together.
Purple and blue. Green and brown.

I like thinking of colour combinations like that. 
Eyeshadows are really easy to do.
Just dip your finger and rub it all over your lid,
using your eyeball socket as guideline.

Some people love matte more, but I love shimmers.
Because they are good for party, and they are so bling bling. HAHHAHA.
Matte colours seem to have more colour payoff thou!

I wanna try Maybelline's Colour Tattoo.
And get Too Faced A Few of My Favourite Things.
And Vice 2 by Urban Decay.

Because they all have duochrome shadows!

They look like this.
Metallic and looks like two colours combined.
It's like wearing hologram effect on your lids. ^^

This one is from the Vice 2 palette.
And. I don't get why some eyeshadow palettes have such sinister names. lolol.
But seriously they are so pretty.

Especially for smokey eyes. 
Everyone knows I love smokey eyes.
And a red lip. For this season la ^^
And blushes. HAHAHA.

These are the base make up products.
Chanel Le Blanc is a sheer glowy base which you can use as highlighter as well.
The Nyx Pore Filler is like Benefit's Porefessional but with the fraction of the price.
My skin feels soft but I don't like that my skin also looks matte and aged
if I don't use it with my Chanel base. The Chanel one I think I use everyday.

The Holika Holika Petit BB is the bomb really.
It's an unassuming product but it gives so much change to my face!
Evens out my skintone and makes it glowing.
I prefer BB to liquid foundation.
Just look younger and less heavier!

I think I bought it for like RM20ish from Korea.
So cheap right! Regret I didn't buy more :O
Also, my make up thing started more after I went to Korea lol.
The land of make up. Ulzzang yo! 
OH yes Dara Park and Park Bom are so pretty.

I wanna try Holika Holika's BB jelly when I run out :3
Or Etude House. I think there's Holika Holika in Sunway Pyramid.
But I hate that Korean brands are so MUCH more pricey here.
I bought the Laneige sleeping pack for like RM62. It's RM100 ish here! -,-!!

Okay, let's move on to lipsticks!
Lipsticks are a great way to change your look in a flash.
I think vibrant colours make the most difference.
Bright red lips too.

I also often mix/layer lip colours/glosses/sticks together,
so everyday is different lol.

I'm loving red lipsticks now.
The shade I love most is the tomato orange sort.
IN2IT one is so nice actually! I was wearing it these last two day's worth
of blogpost I think.

And they are really cheap. Like RM20? HAHAH.
I was surprised it was good!

Next to it is Nyx, you can get it from Sephora.
Their products are really decent but cheap!
I think this lipstick is RM19.

And next to it is The Balm's lipstick.
I don't really use them, don't really like it
The packaging is cute but the colour goes on too sheer.

Next up are the orange

I didn't realize I have so many orange ones because people don't usually wear orange right.
Hhehe. Orange lipstick brightens your face and makes it more bubbly,
but I think it makes me less girly.

I had my orange lip phase when I had brown hair.
The lip paint from Topshop is the most ORANGE one.
The YSL lippie from second left is from CC!
Actually in this post I think there's four items differently from 
Xuan Jennie CC Siet Yen.

HAHAH. Cos they gave me make up as souvenirs/bday presents before.
^^ yay for friends

Month of giving is here! Christmas yoo

This pretty cool one. I think it's discontinued.
I like the mirror but I never really use the lip colour actually.
The YSL logo thing is actually a lip brush.

And these are my vibrant cool pinks with tinge of purple.
I LOVE EM when I was blonde.
They went so well with my old look.
Blonde hair, blue eyes, rose lips.
Heh. Now it's black hair, smokey eyes, red lips.

And these are my good ol' truer to my own lipstick/neutral pinks.
Understated but pretty.

But they are loud enough for me nowadays. HAHAH.
But I do realize an understated lipcolour with a glossy sheen on top 
is really pretty.

And here is the mini eyeliner army. For the blacks.
Three liquids, one pencil, one gel.
The Skinfood eyeliner pencil is the one I got like two three years now.
And mind you, I use it all the time.

But this thing NEVER runs out!!!
Which reminds me I should buy another one just in case.
HAHAH! But I think I need a waterproof pencil liner.

I also love love love coloured gel pencil eyeliners.
Gel pencil eyeliners is love, seriously.

I also have weird colours like pink green blue
to use with eyeshadows or alone, smudged out.
Some people don't really like non neutral colours on their eyes
but for I think it's a fun thing ! I love to experiment.

On the left side is white/sparkly liners.
Pencil one and liquid one.
I loveee the Kate one, so great for using on the eyebags.
Instant brightening and widening effect.
White pencils can be used to tightline your undereye waterline
and also to highlight browbone/cupid's bow.

Umm. I never knew I could use so much make up,
but I realize YES, can. Because the more you learn,
the more things you'll use. HAHAHAH.

Ohhh I also love brown gel liners. I like them more then black ones actually.
More natural and more forgiving.
Black can also shrink the eye if you put too much.
But, I love black for cat eyes! Can give great widening effect too.

Oh yeh look at this. This is a Sephora make up remover.
It has nothing on it. It's just a big thin foam thing.
It's like a waterproof cotton bud.

You can wipe off your make up with it as you do with your cotton pads,
but you can wash it and reuse it. And as you can see,
you can wash quite a lot of the make up off!

Here are the eyelash category.
The top one is the growing serum thingy.
The bottom on is the eyelash fibre, those gray/white fibers etc.
The middle are all mascaras, three from maybelline and one from Etude House.

Ahem. I have got short lashes.
But nowadays I'm lazy to use mascara lol.
Usually I use falsies for a more dramatic effect ^^

Here's the falsies army.
I used to buy natural looking ones.
But I SAY NOW, forget about it.
Go buy those fan-like jam-packed black black lashes.
They are best for dramatic looks.

I mean if you're going to go through so much trouble
to put falsies why not make them obvious right ^^ ahahhaha

Beside it is a box of eyelid tapes/stickers/lace/glue.
Yes I have everything. The black one, the double sided-one,
medium-size one, small-size one. 

The lace on you use with glue. 
The glue ones.

But honestly, I like the normal sticker ones the best.
Just put on eyeshadow over it as usual if you want.
The glue is a hit and miss thing, have to practise more maybe? hahaha.

But main thing I just want higher and balanced eyelids
but at the same time I can use eyeshadow as usual.

I use eyelid tape when I want my eyelids to be higher
or when I want to balance out my eyelids.

This was today's make up! Blue!
Used eyeshadow from the Sephora palette,
and used blue gel eyeliner to brighten it.

And for under eyes, just line your eyes with eyeshadow/pencil at the outer third.
I line mine to the point of pupil, but tapering as I go in.
Umm. I like to line more cos make the eyes look bigger. HAHAH.
And then use the glitter on inner corners of your eyes and drag it to the side.

Okay, that's all for this post.

Hope you enjoyed it.

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