Sunday, 29 December 2013

Bits and pieces of 2013

Hello :)

How have you guys been? 

I can't believe 2013 is already coming to a close.
I'm excited and at the same time worried of the things that are to come.
But, I know I shouldn't worry. 
Just gives a false sense of security.

I got my bangs back. Hahhaaha

Got it trimmed because I think it kind of looks better with bangs.
For short hair I mean~

I think it will take four to six months to grow it long again?
Hmm. Based on past experience.

Actually I know this because I was stalking my own pictures.
Guilty as charged. Yesss sometimes I look at my old pictures.
Especially when I have 6000 plus pictures on my FACEBOOK.
I don't know if normal people take that many pictures.

And I thought. Hey.
I should do a 2013 recollection.

Pictures from january till now.
See how much I've changed.

I must warn you though, this year has been punctuated with my 
HAIR COLOUR changes.

It's so obvious lol. 2013 was the year I went cuckoo with my hair.
I think for 2012 it's harder for me to tell when was when 
because every picture is black hair ^^

So, here goes. Enjoy~

Beginning to the end.
(plus a one or two from 2012 ;))

I'm going to put them in no particular order. HAHAHA.
But I do remember what was happening.

This one was at Sunway Giza, and I just tried bleach.
Hence the ash blonde soon-to-be light blonde colour.
I remember meeting Jia Jun that night.
Siet Yen and Jennie was there too, 
and we also saw Siet Yen's sister's gang.

HAHAH. So random.
Why not, I can explain the behind the scenes.
or, behind the pictures.

This was Jennie and I's joint collaboration for our
19th birthday party.

We held it at Micheangelo.
Thank you for the people who turned up!
The bill came to about RM2k I think,
split between me and Jennie.

It's pretty fun. My first time holding a birthday party with someone else.
But thank God I wasn't born with a twin
otherwise I would have to share the spotlight.

HAHAHA. nono jk la~ ^^

I also turned up a little late for my own birthday party. HAHAH.
I remember Jennie wasn't so happy about that.
But afterwards she was alright.

Jennie is not really the "small gas" type.

And also I had this idea to wear a crown.
Because when else right.

But Jennie didn't want to, she felt it was too "over".
HAHHA. Over the top is my style. 

Sometimes! :3

This was 2011 going to 2012's new year's eve celebration.
At Encorp Strand.

I heard about the event and started dragging people to go.
They had Mizz Nina performing! And some acrobats and of course fireworks.
I was very happy that night.

I remember in the end the whole place was filled with smoke
and Qi Yao was dancing like nobody's business. First time seeing that from him :P

I would say, SPM period till mid 2012 the dog gang was really close.
But now everyone's sort of doing their own thing already.
Which is pretty sad.

Shao yang has gone to US, Weng Hock has gone to the down under, aka Aussie.
And then there are also dramas in between, but oh well.
What has happened has happened, no point dwelling on ;)

This was at Giza Fullhouse.
I think we went there for one of the eight girl's party at Beerfact.
Chloe? I think so. HAHAHA.

And look at the red wedges. I haven't worn it in a while 
because the sole has slipped and it's sticky. Yikes, Vincci!

I remember Xuan was there too. 
Then we saw Wendy and Andy 
and Daniel. 

Anyway, Giza is the beginner's step for going clubbing.
Because it's easy to get into Beer Fact/ Movida.
Those sixteen/seventeen year olds ERHEMM.

This one is this year.
Who's birthday was it! I remember it was 
Yun Ken/ Wei Xian that batch one of the guy's birthday.

This was at Vertigo. They booked the VIP area.
I'm pretty sure quite a few of them got crazy drunk.
I remember someone puked on Jennie. HAHAHAH

AHAH. Michaengelo as well.

This was a ladies sushi date at Sushi Zanmai, 1 Utama.
We all wore so colourful that day! :3
This hair colour is the ash blond one.

We bumped into Vincent (he was doing Fitness First)
and he was the one taking the photo ^^

This was Jun Wen's surprise birthday at Vertigo.
Her sister Kim Bee organized it.
Kini is there too, and Mei Thing.

My! They looked so mature. I think they were sixteen? Not sure. HAHAHA.
I remember seeing Choon Lam and some of the KB gang.
Win Shen them? yeah 

And the usual bestarians!

This one's at Signature, The Roof.
HAHHAA. Which was like few weeks ago.
For Xuan's birthday!

Can't believe how popular The Roof has become SUDDENLY.
This party spot just five mins from 1 Utama.
But I still prefer Giza, hehe.

This was for Vinoth's farewell! ;( He was going to leave for Aussie.
We call him the commander. HAHAH.

I like how I look here :3 natural but with just a touch of glamour.
HAHHA. This was when I didn't really did much make up.
Only foundation and eyebrow and lipstick.
No eyeshadow, blush, highlighter bronzer, falsies. 

Of course right overdress for everything.
HAHHA. Realized CC and Jennie wore slippers but I wore heels.

This one was for. Qi Yao's birthday. Isit.
Or was it Siet Yen.

AH, QI YAO. I remember Siet Yen made him cupcakes.
Ahem but that is history la harrr.

This was when college at Raffles started
I met up with Scott Tian the sampat dancing singing out of sudden guy from The One,
my ex college. HAHAH,

We had brunch at Amelios.

This was outside my house taken by my maid using my brother's
Sony Nex 3 camera. Those micro four thirds.
My Canon camera was spoiling, I kept using his one. HAHAHA.

I was going to college!

This was first sem at Raffles.
I remember I didn't start using bleach using the first two weeks of second sem :)

This one was.. before going to.
AH. I remember it was one of the eight girl's event.
Or their boyfriend? HAHAH I don't rememberrr.
I remember I went to Vertigo after that. 
To meet Jennie they all.
And I bumped into Pui Hwa.

My, it's so cute how my brain recollects things from a picture.
HAHAH, You should try doing this.
It's like taking a walk in memory lane!

Here was within the first month of getting Cabbie my shihtzu puppy.
Got him from Petsmore at DPC.
I love him!

He was really cute and helpless and furry as a puppy.
He would do whatever I want. HAHAHA.
I could make him cuddle with me for a long time.
Now he's a bit more restless, but still very cute and
most of the time obedient :)

He's good at walking beside me while I cycle too! :D

This was a week like that before the birthday bash of Jennie and I.
We went to Michengelo for tasting and to discuss the party with the manager.

Actually, I dyed my hair red before but it didn't really show up. HAHAH.
It's like a mild red tint only.

I think I was going to college for this one. And went to meet Jennie at DPC.
In five inch heels. And it was hot I remember.

The dress was from Australia!

Okay, a very Kpop influnced outfit going on here.
With the cap and boots. HAHAHA.

This was at Marini's on 57 with Jennie and Cynthia.
Cynthia's mother was going to this Glenn dont know what whiskey event.
Glenfiddich? HAHAHA. 

Anyway, I do miss Jennie being my on partner.

Cynthia is the bo jio girl.
If you post picture on Insta, sometimes she will go like
"BO JIO". HAHHAA. Typical her!

This was IU Day. 
I went with Xuan.

I loveeee that outfit for the day.
And the hair too.

People used to tell me they loved my hair when I had blonde hair.
Now that I have black hair, I envy her too.

I guess my favourite really is long blonde curly hair.
Because it makes such a good accessory for outfits.
It has the OTT over the top quality which I really love. 
Because, well. 

I love being over the top and glamorous and kawaii and all that.
I guess that's fashion for me. When I dress up, I don't want to need to care
of whether or not it is socially correct or acceptable.

That to me is freedom of expression.
And I'm glad I got to express myself!
But in the end my hair got very damaged. HAHAHA.
So now letting it rest and going back to basics.

I think black bob makes me look like a cat for some reason~

This was at DPC, meeting up Xuan and CC.
It was a short meeting really but as usual OTT virus I had.HHAHAHA.
Go yamcha also wear headband and high heels.

Yup. I remember Kok Leong used to complain that Jennie and I wore heels
even going to Tesco. HAHAHA. Now they've gotten used to it.
Meanwhile Jennie and I will complain about those girls
who go to Giza wearing slippers. HAHAHAH sial. jkkk

This was Vertigo, for Dylan's birthday.
Taken at Vertigo's carpark corridor.
Xuan was holding the camera,
and Jennie was a few steps ahead with Kar Chun I think. yaya.

Look at me with em crazy Gaga heels.
As I said, OTT virus. HAHAH.
I've only worn it like three times?
Cos it kinda hurts.

HHAHA. But fun to take pictures with.
We were at ROOM 8008 Kiki's shop.
She's very friendly! :)

Her shop is at Times Square, you can deffo check her out!

First sem! I was very close with Yabii but sadly
we are diff course so I see her less. HUHU.
But it was fun! Hehe.

She's really good at taking pictures and editing them.
Just has a knack for it!

And this was the last day of first sem.

The three of us did scissors paper stone to see who would win.
The loser drives. HAHAHA.
In the Jia Shin drove ^^

We went to Levain :)
Ashley was the one holding the camera! hehe

I'm not quite sure when was this. HAHAHA. Could be end of 2012?
Siet Yen took us to shop at around the Kenanga Wholesale City area.
Jennie and Jin Fye was there too! We had fun shopping. ^^

This was at Scott Garden.
Definitely 2012. The heels and the claw earrings. HAHAHAH.

I went there with Chi Cheng to watch Daniel spin.
And there my uncle saw me -,-! I didn't know he did. 
The next family outing he said he saw me, wahrao paiseh. HAHAHA.

At Pavilion! Xuan took this.
Ash blond days. I only had this for a month I think.
It's like half between black and blonde.

Orange lipstick looked good with this hairstyle.

And then, boom.
One day, four hours and four hundred bucks later
I got my blonde hair done.

I did it at a random salon after college.
It was an impulse thing.

The idea to go blonde happened one night.
I told Jennie and the next day I went over her house.
She borrowed me her bleach! hehe.

Sometimes I'm like that...
I have this sudden urges.

And thenn, of course! The infamous pink hair.
This came after the blonde :P

This was taken at Derek's farewell. I went there with Sim Kuan.
Pink was cute but the colour faded fast! It faded into a sort of peach colour.

Look at this. HAHHAHAH.
This was beginning of the sem,
and Jennie had this idea to do a OOTD insta page.

Like ootdmagazine -,-
I came up with the name justootd.
But we stopped lol. Cos we didn't update it.
The page still exist thou on insta. HAHAHAH.

Hehe, loved how I looked that night.
Some days you're lucky and every photo you take sort of looks nice.
That was one of those days. or nights.

This was at Beerfact.. with jennie, xuan and nicho's gang.

And here are my two college buddies, jia shin and Vency.
HAHAH! They make college life much, much more interesting. <3 p="">

this.. was 2011. Right.
Jennie was in her eyeliner phase. Nowadays she seldom wears it.
I think Jennie must have a hard time telling when is when
because her hair is ALWAYS the same. HAHAHA.

Look at my eyebrows. This was before I plucked them.
I never used to draw them. HAHAHA.
Naturally, it is round-shaped.

This one was at Korea.
It was really hot! We were going to see some bears.
I did, but from a distance hahhaha. Later they kill me.

Pink hair days, with my little car.
I'm still grateful I've got my dream car.
Satisfied that I wouldn't want to change to any other. hehe.

Went to MJ with Yen Shen and the gang~~
That's Rachel in da middle!

And this one I was just camwhoring.

Siet Yen's brother's wedding.

yep. heheh.

So that's my bits and pieces of 2013.

I'm sure those who are close to me will recognize some of these pictures!
Or even be in it, hehe.

I still have a bit more!
Some new pictures.

This was xmas eve! We went for carolling, just in BSD :)

On Christmas morning we had our item, Carol Choral Christmas.

photos after the performance.

anddd during the perfomance.
Look at Natalie rocking her nativity outfit as Mother Mary. HAHAH

At night, went to Auntie Ah Ku's house for xmas buffet! :)

Hello Cabbie.

Beautifully cock-eyed. HAHAHA
He looks so blur

Look like National Geographic anot?
Look, I've got a wolf! HAHHAA.

Lucian the Huskie.

Cabbie likes to lick me man.

Went to Publika for brunch !
Here's Chi Cheng.

Chi Cheng's pasta.

I ordered Salmon and Poached Eggs. They look so juicy right!
My favourite is still the one in Intermark thou :3

Anddd Siet Yen.

After that, Natalie came to my house and she played piano while I sang worship songs.
HAHHAA. It's really fun to play music together :3!

Fiona is my neighbour actually, so we spontaneously asked her to come visit.
Hehe, glad she was free! After that, we went to Elena's house.
Joel is also my neighbour. HAHAH so many neighbours from church ^^

And I had a lot of fun. I felt like a dog actually.
HAHAHAHHA. I went up the hill and went to the playground.
Also cycled on Elena's bike and took Cabbie and Lucian out.
Lucian is uncontrollable on walks!!! My toe bled because of him.
I need me some Dog Whisperer action. AHHAHA.

My cock eye shih tzu again. HAHAHA
I wuv him.

This was my last Sunday of 2013. :)

Went to KLCC to shop with family!

I'm grateful for all I am and all I have!
Cheers to 2014. hehe.

I'll be waiting.


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