Monday, 23 December 2013

Holiday season yoohoo~

Hello people.

Shoot the selca roll

okay okay *pause!*

hahaha. This was on Saturday morning.
Chi Cheng and I wanted to get Christmas present for the night,
so we went to 1u~

CC was nice to drive me.
In her new little black beetle which she calls batman.
Look at her feet working the accelerator. 
teehee ^^!

Little ootd.
I like short hair for selca.
But I prefer long hair for ootd.
Short hair looks weird in ootds sometimes.
But a huge headband always helps.

Top from sungei wang. Quite revealing -,-
Crystal necklace from Forever 21. I love it! Such a statement necklace.
Other necklace I like are pearls or gold or diamonds.
But I think crystal necklace are so cute and also affordable.

I want pearl necklace.

Okay okay.
Skirt from Korea. Melia asked who kissed my skirt, lawl.
Candy heels from Agape boutique.
Saffiano tote from Prada.

We went to Benefit.
So funny, Chi Cheng wanted to buy something there
for our christmas gift exchange with the ladies.

But I was sitting there like a pig and she was like.
Don't you wanna shop somewhere elseee.
Nope, I'm fine here.

HAHAHA. Ended up both of us bought the xmas exchange gift
at Benefit.

I like to test make up.
But somehow this time it feels like Benefit's product fell short of expectations?!!?!
I mean the packaging is still cute. But.

Paying for our stuffs.
Catching a selca.

I like it when shops have a sofa to sit.
Hate it when I'm all tired and have to wait
but have no where to sit. :3

Of course, because it's Christmas,
there's beautttttiful decorations everywhere.
Snowmans and christmas trees, gingerbreadman and santa!
Where's baby Jesus! It's his birthdayyy. :3

Went over to Etude House.
Didn't really wanted to buy anything except for BB cream,
but they had buy 1 free on promotion :O

Korea is always best and cheapest.
The etudehouse lipstick I got from Korea was RM14,
the same thing here is RM40!!! WHAT.

The cherry lip tint.

Anyway, I got their cotton fit BB cream and glowing CC cream.
And a powder pact and a liquid highlighter.
My fav is the highlighter! Reminds me of high beam from Benefit.

This thing called Golden Ratio!
Top one is cream for under the eyes, 
inside the bottle is the liquid highlighter.
RM45 like that I think.

I tried them all already.
The BB cream was okay, but I still prefer Holika Holika's one
because Etude House one has a more powdery finish hence cotton fit.
The CC cream made my skin WAYYY too shiny.
Have to tone it down. 

Both CC and BB retails for RM100.
But buy one free one so actually RM50.
Promotion goes on till the end of this month I think. :)

Seriously, I buy make up more than clothes now.
Make up is like painting clothes for your face.
Okay, that doesn't make sense.

But somehow it's just so fun.
You can do so much with make up.

At night, went to church for christmas dinner.

Smokey eyes from Vice 2 palette. 
Honestly,  I love really bright or really dark eyeshadows
that are crazy pigmented.

I don't like those half-assed ones. Like brown sparkle etc.
I like very black black or very sparkly glitter.


Minnie mouse headband from SIM KUAN. Hehe.
Siet Yen came earliest!

We went to Thaibase to eat, for RM15 we ate A LOT.

After that was worship and games.

Headband from France Disneyland. I think. HAHAH.
Dress from H&M.
Chain bag from Jaspal.

After Siet Yen left to make tang yuen for winter solstice, Chi Cheng came.

Little Chloe.

Charmaine, the one in blue shirt, brought cupcakes.
The special part was she brought the decorations (icings, sprinkles, etc)
for us to decorate our OWN cupcake.

HAHAH. That always make kids go crazy happy.

Melia, yours truly, Rachel and Derrianne.

Bernieboy. HAHHA

Finished product of my cupcake.
Only the top la haha, bottom Charmaine did.
It's supposed to be a heart-laden Christmas tree :3

WHAT! You couldn't tell?!

I love the holiday seasons. Holiday has finally started for me.
*but* I still need to finish up assignments.

Christmas dinner finished around 10.30pm
I couldn't reach Jennie's cell so I thought she was OFF.
I showered and changed to my home clothes.

The plan was to go Siet Yen's house to exchange presents.
I was lazy actually but excited to exchange presents.
And Jennie was like I'm fetching I'm like whatwowokay.

So basically this was how we exchanged presents!
We bought stuff RM50-RM100.
Then we name the presents randomly.
Then we pick the numbers.

If that present is 1 and you picked 1, then you get present no 1! :3

I learnt this from church. HAHA.
Jennie initially had the plan of everyone buying four presents.
So everyone get four presents.

But to make things simple and save cost and add surprise,
we did this la ^^ not bad!

I got present no.3.
Which was Chi Cheng's!
HAHAH so funny I went to buy with her.
But I do love it!

Jennie got mine, which was Benefit's tint bundle.
Siet Yen got Jennie's clutch.
Chi Cheng got Siet Yen's mascara.

I bought xmas headbands but gave it to them.
HAHHA. I didn't have any headband so I wore my beanie.

Anyway, it was a short and sweet session with the ladies. :3

Also, I have to say.

Don't treat people a priority if they treat you as a choice.
Otherwise, you only get disappointed.

Some friends are meant to be treasured, and we are truly lucky indeed
to have friends who treasure us too.
Some friends are only to the HI and BYE extent at parties and outings,
 because being true friends take commitment, trust, effort.

Being friends/being boyfriend/girlfriend is a two way street.
It isn't going to work if only one person is interested.
It's like trying to clap with one hand.
No sound will be produced unless you bang your hand to the wall.
Likewise, you'd wanna bang your head dealing with someone who doesn't
know how to appreciate.

What I'm saying is.
Some people you have to give up, because they aren't worth it.
No matter how good you try to believe they are,
they never change. 

Sounds familiar? Everyone has someone like that in their life.
It's not that you're not good enough, simply that you deserve someone else.

Also, a very interesting one in sermon!

Ladies take note ahem.

1. Someone who loves God.
If someone loves God, I would say that 99% of the things you wish a man was,
he already learnt from reading the bible and obeying God's word.
it's easy too, to stray away from God and argue over religion etc
because your life partner has such different values.

2. Someone who loves you.

In this world, it's hard to differ love from lust, attraction from devotion.
Being together 24/7 doesn't mean you guys love each other.

Parents have a good judge, pure instincts on whether 
your partner has pure instincts towards you or not.

Honestly, my dad hated my ex and I was so blinded I did not see the signs.
But now I can only say, papa is the best, what he says is right.

HAHAHA. I mean, they are your parents. Obviously they only want the best for you.
You're THEIR flesh and blood! And boy, how much do they know
how being in a wrong relationship can destroy you.

Also what Pastor Wah Lok said was so true.
For guys, they have to beware if a girl is with them for their MONEY $.
For girls, they have to beware if a guy just wants them physically.
Their looks, so people will praise him for having a trophy girlfriend.
For sex, because obviously guys can have sex without deep feelings -,-

Okay I'm not being fair to the guys here.
HAHA. okok, guys, there are a lot of gold diggers out there.
If a girl is very keen on you and you are lacking in the looks department
but always GUCCI PRADA LV then you know what is happening la...

BUT THEN OF COURSE. Not every relationship is like that.
Not everything is so doomed. Never try, never know, right.
But 90% of the time.. YUP. Especially this age.
Girls, 25-35 you better beware of wolves trying to eat you for your looks.
Guys, if you have an accomplished career then you weed out your prospects.

It's not wrong to want your gf to look pretty,
or have a rich husband. But it's wrong when you're with someone because of that,
and not because you love them. That should be the icing on the cake,

And if you're young and still a virgin.
It's not boring or uncool, it's precious.
So if your friends are busy having sex and all,
don't worry. You're not missing out much.

Because sex outside of marriage complicates things.
When you put sex into an uncommitted relationship,
it makes you hard to let go of a person.

When you have sex you become one with another.
That's why some people don't love each other and they know it
but still do things physically.

And also, what if you get pregnant right.
I think there's more unnoticed abortions than we know.
Birth control is never 100%. 100% is when you DONT DO IT at all.

I think it's so wrong to when celebs have children but never even get married
in the first place. It's like having your child call your boyfriend daddy, isn't that weird?
If you aren't ready to get married, you aren't ready to have a children. 

Marriage is more than a piece of paper.
It's God's will for man and woman to be one,
and never to be separated.
Marriage is love, devotion, commitment, trust and a whole lot of things.
It's not a try try game like you're shopping for the shoe which fits you best.
You can throw away a shoe, but throw away marriage?
If you didn't want that shoe then why buy it in the first place right.

Actually I just have the mood to argue about stuff.
My maid broke my compact powder and I'm not happy.
You know, girls. Some days they just feel BLAH.

OKAY oppss.

Moving on to the third one is someone who loves his parents.
They say how they treat their parents is how 
they'll treat you eventually.

if your boyfriend has red flags like you've caught him cheating,
he's short tempered to the point of physical abuse etc etc.

Don't think that it will get better after marriage. It's just gonna get worse.
I'm not saying every relationship is bad, but if you find someone meant for you
from God, you will know it in your heart.

You're not gonna worry if he's gonna flirt with other girls or 
get mad over little things without trying to understand you etc.
If you have that person in mind, then God bless you! :)

Also. There was this story of a kid called Little John.
One day, his father asked him to get a remote control from his bedroom.
He searched high and low for it and found a huge present.
It was christmas and he wondered if that gift was his.
He secretly unwrapped it... and found a playstation, which was his wishlist!

So, he carefully took it out and begun to play with it.
He kept playing with it secretly and never got caught.
This went on for about three weeks, and then xmas finally came.

His parents happily asked him to unwrap his present.
By the time he unwrapped it, he was faking the excitement.
Then Little John knew, he ruined his surprise,
and felt bad for his parents.

AHEM. Actually.

This is about having sex before marriage.
Opening the gift early and ruining the surprise.

Ahemmm last one is, someone who has a good character above natural beauty.

Beauty is only skin deep.
Make up only lasts a day, looks only lasts in our youth.
But a kind heart never wavers, loud in its gentleness.

I admire people who are beautiful inside.
I never used to see that. But now I do.
Their beauty is not that they have big eyes and tall nose or whateevr
society's perception of beauty is.

Their beauty is everything BUT the social perception of beauty.

Their beauty is the way they smile at everyone regardless of gender or race or age.
Their beauty is in the way they respond gently to a harsh reproach.
Their beauty is having childlike trust when everyone is realistically harsh.
Their beauty is having the ability to love even those who can give them nothing while
others love those who can give them everything.

And their beauty is priceless.
Not the type of beauty that can be bought with make up or clothes
or surgery, NO.

Their beauty is something they have in them, 
something so precious it can never be bottled and sold.

To spot this kind of beauty, is when you truly know a person.
When you know a person, their exterior sort of fades
and only their core essence remains.

On the other hand.. I have to say.
There are some people who are so beautiful and popular
but when you get to know them....

They have beautiful lips but they deliver poison with them.
They have great bodies but they use it to pry away other people's boyfriends.
They have money in abundance but never give to the poor...

Yeahh. I'm not trying to persecute anyone, but just illustrate my point.
Heck, I'm definitely NOT perfect. Far from it.
I do lose my temper.
I am materialistic.

But writing things like this, make me realise what I'm doing wrong too. :3
So don't take it personally. HAHAHAH. 
Cos I'm scolding myself too if you wanna take it personally.

Wokie, enough of debate. HHEHEH.

I got this from Chi Cheng. Love it up.
Three eyeshadows, one cream base and a dandelion lipgloss.
I'm putting dandelion and the creamshadow in my make up bag :3

I have too many eyeshadows though for now. HAHAH. Like seriously.  :x
Also by the way Stila's Lip Glaze and Too Faced's a few of my fav things has

But, today in Pavi I really saw a lot a lot of people.
Carrying banyak shopping bags too.

Breakfasttt with Natalie and Jason.
Arrabiata pasta at Ours Cafe after church.

Tomato soup and caesar salad from late brunch at O'galito in Pavi.

Accidentally bought way too many make up again.
Hello kitty make up bag! AHHAHA so kiddy but i like it.
Bahana Mama from The Balm as bronzer. My first bronzer actually.
The others I have are more for nose shading.

Nyx jumbo pencils. I'm glad they still had this. RM53 for six!
Usually it's RM19 for ONE. So actually you only pay like RM9 for one.

Also bought their liquid liner, the sparkly ones for my undereye.
My trademark shiny eyebag look. HAHA. I don't have eyebags actually.
And precision eye pencils and lip liners.
And a colour combo eyeshadow.

Look at the kiddy stuff I bought.
Mini water bottle to put in my handbag.
And an alarm clock.

Hehe I didn't have a clock in my room for a long time actually.
Always use my phone.
But sometimes I feel kiasu use phone only.
Later never hear the alarm, HOWWW.

This is random but I actually cleaned my brushes.
As in make up brushes.

I'M STILL WAITING FOR MY EBAY batches to come.

The Chloe edp came, I love this one.
It shall be my trademark scent now on.
It's like a sweet musky rose. Very girly, sweet, elegant.
LIKE ME. HAHAHHA. Okay la not the elegant part la ^^

And sometimes I wear perfume to bed.

Wokie abrupt end to post.
HAHHA. More to come, as always.

Goodnight <3 p="">
thank you readers. Muacks!

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