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Lounge On The Park

Hello guys! Finally have a spanking brand new post :)

This was taken at the Lounge On The Park's balcony.
It's inside Mandarin Oriental! Those typical tai tai tea time places.

Left to right: Mei Yen, yours truly, Jennie, Chi Cheng the bday girl, Siet Yen.

Mei Yen left, and then Xuan came.
Xuan came when we were about to finish. lol.
Better than not coming I guess!
Mei Yen had a wedding dinner to attend to.

And here's one with Xuannie.
I think all of us look so different from each other.
Skintone, eye shape, nose, hairstyle etc.

Which is good, more variety right!
I think it's so wrong when caucasians think all chinese look the same -,-
the whole monolid flat face thing.

Some selcas before going out!

A very bridal look I think.
Did smokey eyes. Been loving eyeshadow much.
I do smokey eyes with Naked 2 palette and gel liner mostly!

But now I think I wanna use my curlers and mascara more :3
let mascara replace eyeshadow, at least for day look.

I think every girl should learn how to use eyeshadow though.
And contouring! Once you grasp the concept, it's pretty basic.

Again, ya. Someone said I look like I was going to get married.
Melia was one of them! hahahah.

Okay lemme edit them to look like photobook shots.
HAHA! Albeit amateur ones.

It was drizzling, hence the umbrella.
My housekeeper Gene took these pictures.
HAHA! So bad right force her to help me camwhore.

Mei Yen was waiting for me to curl her hair.

As usual, my house was pitstop to gather the girls before going out.
Mei Yen arrived, then Jennie!

Such a big head here, but I love this shot :p

Styled Mei Yen for a bit while waiting for Siet Yen and Chi Cheng.
She didn't want to have make up on so I only did her eyebrows and lips.
Sometimes having no make up is good too! Natural and look younger. 
But for me, when there's parties I take it as a chance to play fashion stylist :3

Mei Yen's hair is very hard to curl by the way.
It's too... smooth -,-!!! It kept slipping out of my curling iron!
HAHAHA. Weird problem to have right.

She goes to salon for treatments once a month, that's why.

Siet Yen drove us there!
She came back from PASAK.
Hahahha, which stands for pasar malam actually.

Siet Yen used to be the princess of the family but ever since
she got her car license her elder sister's errands
have passed on to her.

Share duties! heh

It is called Lounge On The Park, because there is literally a park beside it.
HAHAH! It's the KLCC park.
You can always walk from KLCC to Mandarin Oriental.
That's the beauty of KL. 

Walking gets you A to B faster than cars. :/
Finding parking, waiting for traffic lights.

We proceeded to our tea.

We ordered their tea time special.
The Royal Afternoon Tea is RM78 per person,
they have a new Christmas one.

Also had a salad and pizza.
Chi Cheng "pao" the bill. HAHA. Which was nice of her.
Then Siet Yen said next time when any one of us have birthday,
we treat each other.

Of course I don't mind treating the ladies.
Usually when I do birthday parties, I like to invite a lot of people
but also pay for everyone.

But guys never give presents! HAHAHHA.
Girls do make an extra effort.
I love letters by the way,
please write me some love letters.

HAHAH. I love keeping them.
I have a stash of them :3

This is so candid :3

Mei Yen smiling like a kid at I don't know what,
Jennie realizing I was taking picture,
Siet Yen playing with her phone.

As you can see the tea tier has gotten quite empty.

A lot of different jams for the scones etc.
You see the bottle of honey?
Jennie took home all of them.

She secretly stashed them in her bag -,-!!!
She said because she cooks.
So ASIAN right hahaha.

Then she wanted to ask the waiter to takeaway the food,
and she asked- "packaging got charge ah?".
HAHAH. I laughed hard at this one.

Apparently some restaurants do, like RM1.

Reminds me of the book,
Crazy Rich Asians. The woman was a multi-millionaire,
but still sat in economy class because they wanted to save money.

On a racist note, people also say that the Jews are thrifty with their money.
HAHAHA. Like down to the last penny.
Indians like to check the items and try to find defects.
Sorry ah so racist. I watched a funny racist video
and he was imitating them. HAHAH.

Rewind, this was before we started eating :P

For a few we cut them into pieces and feed each other.
HAHAHA. Like baby feeding session.

I love the Rose Petal tea. The petal crunchies are actually edible.
The girls prefer the more traditional Royal Tea thou.
Rose Petal is very sweet and pink-tinged.

White choco and strawberry cream.

Only had one macaroon in the mix!

It was not bad.

Do make reservations if you plan to eat there.
Overall the ambience is nicer than the food, I think.
The tea time's food is not that nice compared to their price,
but I love the ambience thou.

My fringe has gotten longer,
and I found a new way of pining.
Instead of to the side, to the back it is!

Spot the christmas tree.

Siet Yen also used her new camera, from the Sony Nex line.
My brother one's the older one, Siet Yen's one has the flipscreen!
I think flipscreen is really a MUST.

Black and white. No wait, cream! hhahaha.
I love cream + beige + pearls + rosy pink + flowers.
It is so freaking romantic. And add a bit of bling into the mix.

Chi Cheng in her fav mini top + high waisted skirt + pumps combo.
Siet Yen in her usual one-piece dress ensemble.

some shots with the birthday girl.

And I have to say the balcony is great for taking pictures.
HAHAH. I mean the outdoor area :P
Mei Yen's camera-handling skills has definitely improved by HEAPS.
I don't know what happened to her.

Of course, editing is fun and helps a lot too! :)

I use Photoscape and Meituxiuxiu, that's it.
Photoscape perserves image in high quality better and has more 
individual tweaks but that also means it's a more lengthy process.
Meituxiuxiu is better for beginners and reminds me of phone editing apps.
Photoscape is more photoshop ISH.
I have photoshop but I don't use it. HAHHAAH.

I'm getting married, where's my groom?
HHHAHAH kidding, I'm way too young :P

I'm in a box! hehehehe.

OOTD of the day -

Pearl necklace and pearl bracelet from Louisa.
Lace dress from Sungei Wang. Looks so nice right. HAHAHA.
Platform pumps from Agape Boutique.

Oh yeah, there's also accessories that I wear daily but don't mention in my OOTD's,
because I wear it everyday. To sleep and to shower. HAHAH.

It's my white gold necklace with a bezeled diamond and cross pendant hanging.
Necklace and diamond from Tomei, pendant from Wah Chan.
Another one is the silver beads return to tiffany bracelet.
From tiffany and co obviously!

Sometimes I also wear rings, but I don't wear them to sleep.
more on a rotation basis.

What are the jewellery u wear daily? :3

I think that's the good thing of fine jewellery.
A white gold necklace you can wear it everyday.
A necklace from Diva? It will rust like chocolate if you wear it everyday.
So if you plan to wear something everyday, do invest in a sturdy piece!

Okay, back to the outing!

I went to get a little cake when Chi Cheng went to the restroom with Siet Yen.
They did put on a message for me, but forgot to lit a candle with it!!
So funny one the waitress.

I also asked them to write a message on the cake but the waitress say she
couldn't because the cake is too small.
And I said, write it on a plate cos that's what I always see.
Lol. She went to the kitchen to ask and they did do it la.

Some restaurants are really nice thou,
when you tell them it's your birthday the give a cake on the house.
Paradox did that! On my last year's birthday.
Certainly, a lot has changed.

When I was 17,18 and now 19 going on 20.
Yikes, time goes by so fast.

Here is Chi Cheng with her charming bright smile.

What's special about Chi Cheng is her sunny cheery vibe, 
a smile that's ever ready to be on her lips.

So never lose that charm ^^
have a good year ahead hehe.

Xuan came around four thirty.
I won the bet, of course.
Jennie said three, I said four.

SHOULD'VE waged some money on it.
Confirm win one hahahhaa.

You can expect Xuan to be late but not early. ^^
Generally we are all not really on time.
Siet Yen used to be on time but is less on time now,
I think because of us. 

HAHHA, You know, when you think someone is going to be late
so you be late too so that you don't have to wait.

Mei Yen is still on time I guess.
Early bird and all!

We said 1 and Chi Cheng and Siet Yen came at 2.
As always, Bestarians is on a one hour delay timezone.
Or maybe the whole Malaysia is.

Malaysians are pretty laidback. Just the way I like it.
I don't really think I would enjoy 9 to 5 office jobs.
Maybe freelance or entrepreneur or online business.
More flexible and to my own terms.

I hate stress. When I feel stressed, I wanna shut down and run away.
Stress pokes me like a sharp knife, and no I don't like to be poked.
Secretly I also think how nice it is that girls can become housewives if they don't wanna work.
Just saying that's a pretty nice backup plan. HAHAHA.

But of course I wanna to work and face the real world whether I like it or not.
My dad paid for my education after all!

And sometimes when you are forced to meet people you don't like,
you learn something from them. An experience, a lesson, whatever.
I believe God's plans are GOOD. 

I also smacked my red pout on Jennie's cheeks.
So nice right. Hehe. Such a sexy pout I have.
I should have it on my namecard.

HAHAH. Obviously Jennie is not an eager recipient of my sexy pout.

Also I'm surprised I look more fair now.
Hmm. I think because the black hair gives more contrast.

Don't you feel like pinching Siet Yen's mega-sized cheeks?

Also smacked a little pout on Chi Cheng but she didn't know
until she found a mirror ^^

And then we go home!
Here on the lift to our carpark.

Jennie also brought her camera, but totally left her SD card at home.
HAHAH. I know how that feels. 
Your heart sinks for a moment.

After getting home, had a cuddling time with Cabbie my puppy.

He loves to lick my face as always.

It's like wearing a fur coat.

I love dressing like this.
Anything princessy, I like actually.

And at night, went to Church and met with the awesome peeps!

Melia, Bernard and Rachel on top.
Natalie and Rachel again at the bottom!

taking pictures with them mannequins.

Having a little ruching evening gown assignment.
Chose this blue because it was my dress colour when I was around 17.
HAHHA. That good ol electric blue

This was from another college day.

That's all for this post, more to come <3 p="">
I play Instagram and Twitter too, follow me for more updates.
HAHHA. As usual, bubuchahchah username.

Bye! Love <3 p="">

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