Monday, 2 December 2013

The Roof

Hellooo sweeties!

As you can see I'm wearing a huge headband!
Most of the time it means I'm going to a party. HAHAH.
And mostly it's birthday party. Farewell parties too but those are sad.

I went to family dinner first before Xuan's party.
And I don't know why. But my outfit attracted kids for some reason.
HAHHA. A little boy went like "Woahh" went he saw me and widened his eyes.
And then another little girl grabbed my dress from behind while queuing.
Lol. I don't know why.

But kids I don't mind!
At least not dirty perverts :3

With Xuannie aka Amanda Gwenllian.
Amanda Siau la if you want to be literal.

She celebrated her 19th birthday at Signature, The Roof.
It's quite well-known! Like suddenly lol.
Successful opening I guess. 

They have five different restaurants!
Apparently one of them is owned by a Blue Jacket Fraternity member,
the car club my brother is in. I don't know what they do la actually.
Wake up early in Sunday mornings and drive to Genting with their sportcars.

The Roof is actually located at Sky level in the First Avenue Building.
And First Avenue building is just beside One World
and One World is just beside 1 Utama.

So, yes. You can deffo walk from 1U to The Roof.
Jennie kept asking if it's walkable from 1U 
and I had to tell her a thousand times YES!!

I think girls worry a lot. Lol.

Anyway, glad Jennie could make it because her parents are a bit strict nowadays.
Siet Yen and Chi Cheng couldn't make it because of Avicii! The rave party
@ Sepang.

Xuannie gave her invitations out a bit late also, like the day before lol.
And umm for raves I've only been to Swedish House Mafia and David Guetta.

That's pretty enough for me, I think the only rave I would wanna go is for
Calvin Harris or DJ Chuckie. Or bingoplayers. 
But the thing is with rave it's always so sweaty and smelly (weed).
And people push you around. 
I think the nice part is the fireworks lol.

From the 5 Arts 1, 5 Arts 2 and 5 Science 2.
All of us are from different classes actually but somehow we ended
high school being really close.

Three of us went out like crazy after SPM lol.
My long-gone wild child days! 
During commerce class we would all go to Arts 2.
And I remember bringing Popteen and Vivi magazines to read
under the desk while teacher was teaching.

HAHHA. But heyyy I did study as well!
I got the highest score for commerce. HAHAH.
Commerce is pretty okay as long as you remember the concepts I think.
For History you need to remember dates and the small details,
and you know me. I only see the big picture lol.

Kisses for the birthday girl.

Here are all the girls!
Chloe, yours truly, Jennie, Xuan, Chris (did I spell it right? lol),
Kiki (of Room8008 boutique), Jyedesu, Just Kei, Joey and Mei Ying.
HAHHAHA. Jyedesu and Just Kei they always use their nicknames
I don't know how to spell their real names lolol. guilty! :x

Mei Ying also came, because Kok Leong her brother came too!
She's 17 I think. But look mature cos she's pretty tall.

With jblock! We have the pretty same earrings.
I got it way first la she copy me one. 

Using Jennie style of saying. lantothepro

With Chloe and Chris.
Chris is Xuan's batchmate from Taylor's.

So funny, while I was at One World I saw her standing there and staring at me.
But I didn't know who she was and I looked the other way lolll.
Then Chloe came and I met her hahahahaha.

She's a pretty friendly girl!

Kiki looks so young I don't think you're able to guess how old she is.
Asian girl power!!

They say right. 

Okay no need say la this meme accurately describes how Asians age.
lol! I think a lot of my friend's mummy look pretty.
My mummy looks pretty too, she does gym and all!
So this is a shoutout to you mummy if you are reading.
HAHHA. I hope I age as well as my mum.

I think for caucasians, they look really really gorgeous and mature
when they're in their teens until mid twenties.
But I think their skin is a bit thinner cos they are so fair.

Everyone got their own beauty!
But inner beauty is most important!
I think we nowadays spend more time decorating outside
than filling up with nice things inside.

Cos that's how society judge us right.
Physically it's much faster to decide whether someone's pretty or not.
For personality you have you get to know the person.
And then their outward shell starts to fade and what you feel about them
is more than what you see!

The Roof has a lot of random balloons. lol.

With Kei Kei and her trademark wink!

And I don't know why we all coincidentally wore white :3
The girls mostly. White, black, and shades of red yellow orange.
Chinese New Year coming isit? HAHAHA.

Loving red lipsticks and lipglosses.
It looks bright it pictures!

I like tomato red. The type of very bright red with a slight orange undertone.

This is Joey, Nicholas to the Ng's girlfriend.
Finally Nicholas has settled down.
The last time he was always a hardcore ahemmmm.
But now no la. HAHAH!

Browyn too!
It's like retiring from club season.

Good la right, as always- church over clubs!

I used to be rebellious but I realize it's more stupid than cool.
Listen to yo parents man, their advice is valuable
because they've been there done that.

Sometimes we know what they say is true 
but we still wanna try anyway.
Do the same thing but expect diff outcome lol.
But it's also good to experience things.
Just don't forget to learn from your mistakes!
And respect your parents!

Especially your dad. If you are a girl you better 
listen to what your dad says about your boyfriend.
Because a dad is a guy and he knows how a guy acts and thinks!

Standing up for what is right is good,
the rebellious I mean is standing up for the wrong things laaa.
I guess 15-22 this age bracket is when like kids go a little wild.
But not everyone does that la. HAHHA.
And the perception of wild is different for everyone.

And anyway it's upsetting to listen about all this burglary and all,
and the worse part is there is evidence that the police do nothing
thus making them worse than a thief.

Instead of catching thief they let the thief go.
Instead of executing the law they abandon it.
The are lawkeepers but they let the lawbreakers go.

They can spend the whole afternoon catching people for saman
but when someone comes to them and say their stuff is stolen
(this is not my territory)

But. A disclaimer- I'm not saying all the police in Malaysia are bad.
There are good ones OF COURSE, but I bet the good ones
also give up being good when he sees everyone around him is doing the same.
I think everyone who wanted to become a police at one point had
that sense of righteousness, and I just hope they remember that.

If this goes on, I don't know how safe Malaysia can be man.
What is this Gotham City ah.

Jennie got her car window broken too, the trying to steal her handbag episode.
People ask her to report to police but it's just a waste of time really.
Stealing incidents becoming so common, so please take care people!

OOTN as in outfit of the night

Ribbon headband from Vault
Pearl necklace from Lovisa,
Peplum corset from Sungei Wang,
Lace maxi skirt from Miss Selfridge,
Crotchet boots from Forever 21,
Chain bag from Prada

Anddd I had been contemplating on changing my hair colour actually
but I think I should really stay black now!
Lighter hair colour matches pastel,
but the roots are high-maintenance.

Xuan also dyed her hair to a dark brown.
And Stylenanda models also colour their hair darker!
So I thought, dark is in HAHHAHA.

Cos after experimenting everyone will like take a break and go back 
to where they came from, if that makes sense.

For make up if you want the secret to my look it's just.. hmm.
These products I used-

A very red lipstick.
A glowy BB cream.
Eyelid tape and falsies.
Brown gel pencil liner.
Highlighter for undereye.

I also used my lipstick as blush.
Just dot it on the cheek and blend.
You don't have to be so literal in make up.
get creative HAHHA. 

Cos I was looking for a red blusher but I realized I have pinks and corals mostly.

Holiday season is a coming and that means a lot of exclusive palettes!!!
Anna Sui x Minnie Mouse.
 A few of my favourite things by Too Faced. Rm165!
Vice 2 by Urban Decay. RM200 (a bit pricey but they look so good!)

But also a bit broke now because of birthday x christmas.
November and December is Mei Yen, Siet Yen, Xuan, Chi Cheng's birthdays/
Lol. Then only Jennie and I have our birthday in March.

I'm not quite sure what to do for my birthday next year. Hmm.
I think 21st is like the one of the big ones.
I wanna try a beach-side one.

Cabanas, flowing curtains and flowing maxi dresses.
Flowers. Candlelight. Lobsters. HAHHA.

The tree of lights changes colours. HAHAH.

See! ^^v

The bar section.

And of course a birthday is never complete without a birthday cake!

with the guys.

And this is the view from The Roof's balcony :)
It's so pretty, having a bird's eye view.
I thought if that's how God sees things.
Except that he can see through the walls and everything.

It's hard to comprehend God's omniscient but we are so small
and he's so huge and all powerful.

After the Roof we went to Beer Fact for second round.
By this time I felt so sleepy actually! lol.

But Jennie and I went there for a while.
The 1AM/2AM curfew.

Daniel treated us some pizza!
He came late though, after work function.

Also Beer Fact treated us to some performance!
Around 1AM I think. 

Fireblowing performance!
And then after that the Beer Fact bartender 
juggled with fire capped bottles. Mad skills!

After that Jennie and I went home!
The next morning I had church ^^


I slept for four hours I think?
Then went to church.
But worth sacrificing sleep for of course!

After church I went to KLCC with my family.

Got a little glitter jelly bag from chic out.
And I stuck some stickers to my phone lol.

I had some sushi! :3
I remember I was so hungry.

Look at them looking so sweet and young. HAHAHA

With my brother.
Look at his candid faces :3

After that I went to buy some pressies.
Then went home! 

But I actually I went home for like five mins
then took my car and went out.

For MGM concert!
Aka Malaysian Gospel Music.
It was at City Harvest Church in Subang.
And the church is so HUGE.

Uncle Kenny who put a lot of effort into make this happen!
The little boy is his son Jayden.
Beside him is Darwin.

Entered late and there were rows of people already.
The church could seat like 1k plus people.

Live band playing. There were 14 songs if I'm not wrong.
They also gave us a complimentary CD!

Oh mann I can't wait for Planetshakers next year. 
As in January actually! :33

So pretty right!

But it was kind of sad that we didn't really stand up and sing together much.
Because the first one was like that I think.

Our FGT SD's Pastor Wah Lok on stage :D
As the host along with Lucy!

Lucy prayed for me and just said something very important.
To be grounded with God's word, because without it
we will be taken by the world.

The concert was 7 at night to 10 plus.
After that I went home.

Tiring day, but I rather be busy than too free!

Okay I have so many peek through the sunglasses shot it's kind of annoying.

Because... I usually take them while on the way to class.
During traffic lights.

I am glad that it is holiday now for those schoolkids.
Because... less jam lol.!

I went to Pavi with Chi Cheng and Yih Wern actually.
I walked to Sungei Wang and bought new lens.

I haven't worn colour lens in a while and I found one I really like!
It's called puffy brown. Lol.
It makes my eyes look lighter. 

It's at Sungei Wang Level 2 Fashion City if you're wondering.
RM30 and lasts for 3 months.

I bought 3 together so they gave me a price of RM26.
But aiya! I really like this one.
The other ones I bought were blue and grey.

With Eunice the pretty lady.
This was taken at church! :)

This one was going jogging with Chi Cheng at DPC :D
I wore like this to college too as well actually, lol.

Must put my hair back.
I don't like sweaty hair!

Had some Assam Laksa! At Onde Onde.

With Jia Shin during drawing :)

The fourth sem is coming to an end, have to rush assignments.
Anddd church camp is coming soon! Port Dickson here I come :3

End this post with some selca. HAHHA

That's all for this post.

Tata darlings! <3 p="">


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