Thursday, 2 January 2014

A new year, a clean slate.

Hello people! :)

It's already 2014 hehe. 
Hope you guys don't write the wrong date :P

If you are reading this then you should be grateful!
Grateful that you are alive and well,
having internet connection and electricity. hehe.

I hope to be more grateful and patient
and less selfish and hot-tempered.
Life is easier when you don't take an eye for an eye.
Or else the whole world goes blind, right?

Anyone can rebuke insults with insults,
but to repay insults with kindness is something rare.

So. Hahhaa. My headbands has been making appearances quite a lot lately.
Vinoth said before it was crazy hair colours,
then now when he sees me there's always something on my head.

HAHHAA. I have a lottt of mickey headbands and ribbon ones.
Mickey when my dad went to Tokyo Disneyland and another that Jennie gave.

Hmm, I like headbands because they give me an extra "pop".
Ideally I would wear wings and a tiara each day.
But obviously too over on a day to day basis.

So I settle with headbands ;(
HAHHHAA. Half-joking.

Which means I am half-serious.
Maybe I should get a wand too.
Like sailormoon my childhood heroine.
Save the world while looking pretty.
And powerpuff girls!!!! I LOVE.
And totally spies.

HAHAH. 90's kids will know what I'm talking about.
My dad did not subscribe to cartoon channels.
Child abuse!! HAHAH nola.

Soooo... on the 30th of Jan, Siet Yen jio us to Bangsar.
For the last gathering of 2013.

The venue was Monte's Wine Bar and Bistro.
Not sure if I spelled it right.
It's in Bangsar Shopping Centre.

Kind of popular har? I remember Lester had his party there too.

Actually Siet Yen arrived like two hours late lol.

These guys arrived like an hour before us. HAHAHA.
They said they ate a lot of bun.
As usual, Bestarians never punctual one.

Siet Yen I think because she went to visit her grandmother
and make up ah isit.
Chi Cheng fetched her, then me.
Thank you Chi Chi!

She drives so fast man no wonder her petrol drop drop drop.
And everything, the price increase increase increase.


Chi Cheng's Lamb and Prawns.

I ordered Spaghetti Marinara.
RM32, I think?
I prefer Chinoz one still!!!!
More saucey and more fresh seafood.
This one tastes a bit too much of a creamy consistency
and not that flavourful.

But okay laaa. Hahhaha.

It has been sooo long since I've catched up with this Vincentholic man.
I remember always Beer Fact and Vertigo with him. HHAHAHA.
And Paradox.

Sadly, he is going to leave to San Franscisco in eight months.
HAHAH if I remember correctly. Theng Loo is also leaving
to Canada this year.

And Jennie also in September? She was supposed to leave a year early but 
got delayed cos of her A levels. HAHAHA secretly I am glad she retake.
Now that I think about it.

Weng Hock is coming back during 22 Jan for CNY.
Vinoth is already back and going to study in Taylor's Lakeside.

Hmm. I wanna plan overseas trip to Europe together!
I just wanna go UK and France. And maybe Italy.

Bow wow pose.
HAHHA. Vincent is the one who will do this.
Daniel is the ma lou one which means monkey.

Vinoth them went to 21 FIRST so Siet Yen got pissed at first
cos she felt like they didn't give face.

HAHAA. But, after a while she okay already.

After we finished our dinner, we went up to 21 for second round.

And we passed by this retaurant area with a lot of lot of props.
So fun to pose with man. It was also late so there was no one but us.

Qi Yao holding a crazy huge knife.

And here I am, trying to peek into the cups.
HAHAH. They actually painted it champagne colour inside.

This reminds me of Alice in Wonderland! 
Where's the rabbit hole? ;)

I want to bring you home!

Vincent with his daily beverage.
No wait, make it HOURLY.

And the cutest. HAHAH.

I think it's suppose to be macaroons?
But the colour makes it look like mini hambugs. Hmm...

We had wine and some Moet champagne.
Vinoth bought the shot and moet I think? Not sure hhahha.
I know Daniel Vinoth Vincent like to open bottles one.

Here's Chal Shalini. HAHHA Shalini la.
Vinoth's girlfriend. It's amazing they're still strongly together
eventho they've had to go long distance for several months.

Shalini is very noisy and fun for parties.
She took out her tab and looked for dare questions since we 
were playing truth or dare.

Some included writing letters with your ass and talking to strangers.
I called Jennie asking her what colour was her panties.
HAHAHHA. I didn't wanna ask man but the rule was to repeat
what the other person says. Like Japanese show game

Truth or dare feels so highschool. HAHAHAH.
Favourite truth question is "Do you love..." 

I remember the worse dare I got was getting sprayed water
at Jun Wen's house. GEE. I forgot who sprayed me.
I think Daniel.

Ohh the video is here. In 2011 man. 
I FEEL SO OLD. We were in Siet Yen's house! ahahaha


group shot :D

the waiter used like one phone, one tab and my camera and everyone kept posing.
excuse da middle fingers ahem. i peace only hahahahhaha.

After that we went to have supper at De Maju.
Very long didn't go there dy.

And I still, still think Al Safa sounds better.
But it is still always crowded.
With teens yamchaing.

And one of the aneh suddenly took my camera wahrao.

So that was that night. ! :)

And then.. the next day!

Switch headbands!
This one is from Jennie from Paris Disneyland.
HAHAHA. I went there went I was nine once :3

I've only been to Hong Kong, Paris and the California one.
I had most fun in the California one!

I remember staying there till late night with my aunt (young one)
while my parents went back to the hotel.

That was when I enjoyed rollercoasters.
I hate those which turn you upside down though.
Like a washing machine. The one in Sunway lagoon one.
I like the speed, not being hung upside down T.T

Oops, selca too much :P

Top from chicheng! Bottoms are lace skorts from Sungei Wang.

And here I am wearing my daddy's "lou fah ngan keng".

For 31st countdown, we went to DPC.

As always, countdown famous spots-
The Curve, DPC, Genting Highland, Dataran Merdeka, KLCC, Golden Triangle.

What I love, is that at the turn of the clock,
fireworks will light up the skies to mark a whole new beginning <3 p="">
And that everyone is in a celebration mode.

After all, we've made it past 2013! 
That's a lot to celebrate for :)

Let me tell you DPC was wayyy too crowded.
My first time in DPC for countdown actually. HAHAHA.
Parking is crazy. But for me it's easy la cos illegal park like nothing.
Park at the grass and all.

Umm. My road tax also died on me, but renewed already.
Just that I haven't got the sticker. 
So mafan owning cars.

Have to pay insurance and tax all the time  :/
I guess in Japan and Hong Kong and Holland etc
it's nice that they have such efficient public transport.

I lovee Hong Kong's subway. Sooo efficient man.
You can really get anywhere on foot.

But the thing is KL's landscape is also very different.
Buildings more spaced out because there's more land here.
The suburbs and stuff. Hong Kong is rows and rows of high rise buildings.

Sooo hahha. Hitched a ride in Qi Yao's car.
He was fetching Siet Yen and Theng Loo too.

We reached around 9.
And bumped into Florence who came back from Aussie,
and Guat Tyng! :)

Siet Yen wanted steamboat actually but it was crazy crowded 
and the service was bad cos they were so  busy.

So we headed over to Fitou instead.

They had a live band playing and sat us right beside it,
which was BAD because the band was one of those
the louder the better jamming bands.

OH MAN and the drums they hurt my ears so bad.
It sounds like something wants to burst.
If there's drums then make sure everything is spaced out man!
Drums are really really loud on its own :/ violin okay la.

HAHAHA. But we got used to it. Shout to chitchat.
And then after a while the deejay took over
and played songs from the 90's.

And those ladies came out to dance, it was like a throwback into the past!
Like disco era moves. YMCA. Ice ice baby.
I can imagine them already in rollerskates and discoballs and flare pants.

Hehe. so funny when next time we'll be in our late thirties/forties
belting out this irrelevant moves and embarassing our kids.

I told Siet Yen, who knows- in seven years time we might
countdown with our kids.

I think it's such a happy thing to have our own family!!!
Hehe. Hope for the best.

Hmm, somehow we look so high school ish here.

Selcas with baby Jennie so she feels less sad.
HAHHA. She looked a little pale, I think cos she took her medicine?
For her rashes. 

And she also got stucked finding parking and ended up countdown in the car :0
Oklaa at least got see fireworks and got meet us. HAHAHA.

Would kill her if she didn't come last night!

HEHE. Learned to love my bangs.
Because I'm used to middle parting/forehead/eyebrows!!
It feels weird being covered with bangs.

But now okay la. HAHAH. Suits bob hair.
Sharene and Chooi Yee also cut bob hair recently! :3
It's a huge plunge to take!

I think after this I'm never going to cut my hair again.
Yeah, if you wanna know how my hair got so long...
I think I didn't cut it for like a year/a year and a half?

Not even for trimming my hair. HAHAHAHAH.

Bob hair is very anime feel lo.
My kind la as far as I know, for asian!
The whole bangs and sharp tapered fronts.
Round round shape sharp sharp ends.

this picha is so cute ^^v

Oh yeah, they also set up some fun fair booth and !!!
yummy hawker stall booths. YUMMY.
And a concert stage.


There was mochi  sweets.
Huge packets of popcorn for RM3!!! And they tasted GOOD.
Like proper packaging.

And some takoyaki. And fried dumplings. Fried oyster.YUMMY.
I miss going to pasar malam T.T
I wanna go!!!! I WANTTTT
hhahaha sudden urge wey.

I wanna try going to the Pasar Malam Taman Connaught!
The longest one in Msia.

I used to love buying stickers, snacks and random knick knacks from pasar malam.
When I was seven to thirteen like that?
Nowadays never go ady aih shopping malls only.
First world problem? HAHAH.

It feels like shopping malls, everything is so EXPENSIVE.
RM50 seems to have a value of RM20 compared to a few years ago.
I don't know :/

Random dog tied up lol.
I wonder where's the owner?
But the dog did look pretty content and well-behaved on its own.

Here's little Mei Yen!
I'm sooo glad she managed to come DPC hehehe.
had some problems with mobile network problems,
but did get to spend time with her so that's a plus!

Baby Mei Yen hehehe.
Bestfriends with her, since we were 13 years old.
Sooo, friends for nine years.

Jennie was... I knew her since I was 7 since she's in the same school.
Wait. AHHAHA. Actually 7 years old I didn't know she was in my "batch".
I think when I was eight or nine.

Then form 3 we were quite close with PMR etc.
But diff "gang". Then form 5 was when we got closest.
So for Jennie I've known her for like twelve years wah biang.

HAHAHAH. All of my friends, I do treasure them!
Eventhough we might not have hung out for a while,
but when we do. Ohh man. 

It's so nice to click right into the place, it's like we never left.
Sometimes it's like that with friends.

I hope to see all of them have their own family and career and grow
into a better person. And have my kids play with theirs.

There, there, the lady behind WERKING it.

bumped into Chloe while I was calling Mei Yen.
And Amanda. HAHAH.

They were with Shaun Koh them.

After that Xuan accompanied me to walk walk the fun fair .

And... we bumped into this huge bunch!

HAHHAA. So many of them man. Joey, Corinne them!

Glad to bump into them of course.
Always ultra noisy one cos their group so big. HAHAHAHA

Jasmine enjoying her snacks! :3

After walk walk I went back to Fitou to countdown.
And watch le fireworks!

adios, 2013!

crowd cheering for the fireworks!!
there really was A LOT of people.

a soft whistle, and up they went into the air.
so quickly, such a rush.

bursting into beautiful yet terrifying explosions of light.

selca with fireworks? HAHAHAH. pro anot? :P

faster take this and focus attention back to the fireworks.
HAHHA. I like to pay attention.
Don't wanna miss anything. Kiasu ma.

I like to watch fireworks, just looking at the skies and 
following the patterns and rhythms of the explosions.

The finale was pretty awesome.

The display lasted for ten minutes!

I'd wanna try going to really well-known places for New Year's!!
Like New York's Fifth Avenue, it is the bomb. 
And Taipei 101. And Sydney Harbour.

I've been to Taipei and Sydney but of course never during New Years! :3

Harrow Rachel Rachiee.
HAHAHA. Her casio camera broke :o
Take one month to repair, have to fly the parts from Japan lol.

I'm glad to have a camera!
Especially one with flipscreen, it is really THE BOMB.
EVERY camera should have a flipscreen.

Don't get why this is not a standardized function :P hahaha.

We left the place around 1AM.
Thennn came back again because Daniel Vinoth them were still drinking.
Thenn we moved places to Siet Yen's house.
Until 4AM? HAHAHA. So sleepy.

I've ended 2014 on a happy note!
Every year, it has been pretty good to me.
And I want to be good to others, too!

I know sometimes I'm selfish, impatient, etc.
So I'm really grateful for those who stucked by ^^v
I'm very loyal too hehehehe year of DOG HAHAHA.

I just wish for everything better.
A better me, a better future, a better walk with God,
a better focus on studies, a better relationship with others.

Thank You for my beloved friends and family,
for all the gold in the world, life means nothing without them.
Without people who truly love you.

But everywhere I see, I do see love!
And that's beautiful, that's inspiring! :)
here's one if you wanna see a throwback of my year overall for '13.

Hope to have a grateful heart always. Goodnight sweeties. 


1 January 2014.

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