Monday, 13 January 2014

Back to black


Hope you guys had a happy weekend!
CNY is approaching hot and acoming.
Like an aeroplane that is going to land
and take me to angpauland!

But of course, before that- have to make sure
I finish ALL assignments.

Which is a little hard because of my erratic sleeping hours.
My sleep has been reduced to 5 hour naps. 10-2 -,-
which is why I am now blogging.

But hey, teenagers struggle with this,
so I know I'm not alone.

Well, I must say teenagers struggle with a lot.
At this age- this is when we stay good and become better
or stray away and waste away.

This was an impromptu OU date with Mei Yen.

HAHAH. Both of us didn't bother to make up that day.
I didn't even do my eyebrows :3

Tuna Salad Maki

3 sets of Tamago Mentai.

Satisfied my sushi cravings :)

This was at Sushi Zanmai, duhh. 
Tamago Mentai is like their "thing". 

As usual, the food is good.
BUT. There's always a line and the service 
can be a bit slow.

Don't go there to eat if you're in a hurry.

I'm glad that in Malaysia there's plenty yummy and affordable sushi chain.
You can fill your tummy with nice sushi for RM20 already.

HAHAH. But, I'm biased.
I'm happy with those from supermarkets too ^^

In the end I accidentally overspent.
WAD. Sometimes I plan to spend RM50
but accidentally spend RM400.

Alright I'll just comfort myself it's a once in a year thing since it's CNY =(
Buttt I did get the stuff I wanted!

Wanted a new powder compact to tote in my purse.
I loveeee Benefit's Hello Flawless powder, it's so smooth and silky.
Not cakey at all.

BUT. The packaging I think makes the powder easy to break.
I broke it the first day I bought it T.T
But it was like a small crack.

And one day my maid dropped it. !@#$^
And put it on the other cupboard perhaps so that I wouldn't notice it
which makes things the more obvious.

I think sometimes they very funny one!
Like Vincent's Meta. HAHAHHA.
Vincent said she stole some money.
Then she wrote a paper there,
saya pencuri, bukan Meta.

ROFLLL when Vincent was telling this story.

Wokay this is how the hello flawless look like.
Retails for RM130! Which is quite a good deal.
It comes with a brush and a sponge too.

The Dior compact I got was DiorSkin Forever.
Retails for RM195.

Okay, to sum it up I like Benefit's powder more on my skin,
but the Dior one is more on the packaging. Like carrying a RM200 mirror la,
with the added benefit of touching up.

HAHAHHA. Haven't used it that much yet.

Got a make up bag from Victoria's Secret.
They had a 50% sale going on for make up bags.

But unfortunately this design was new arrival and is still normal price.
But I know if I got the 50% off one I would still want this one. HAHAH.

This one was RM70.
They also have those trio sets which was RM170 
but after discount is RM85.

It fits okay.
It's structured so it keeps its shape but at the same time
will limit what you can put.

I like that it has a coloured fabric for lining,
leopard print sumore bwahaha.

Because with make up bags, it's VERY easy for the inside to get dirty.
Trust me, it wasn't pretty with my previous make up bag.
There was shades and smudges of brown, black and pink.
Brown eyeshadow, black eyeliner, pink lipsticks.
If you were wondering where the colour came from :3

Some make up favourites?
Hehe. As you can tell I spend more on lipsticks or bases for higher end cosmetics.
Lipsticks are usually RM95. Dior's nail polish is RM70.
Chanel's compact is also RM195.

Also the standalone boutique in Chanel OU had pretty bad service the other day.

Yes I can dress up and wear Prada and LV and people will serve me,
but when I dress up like shit and people still serve me- that's when it counts.
It doesn't count when you only serve people who dress nice -,-

Malaysia's salesperson scene still the same!
Hong Kong is so much better seriously.
I think it depends on who is serving you that day la.
The other time in the same boutique the service was much better.

Heck I should've remembered her name so I could spread it out
to boycott her. I don't know, she was like short a bit and aunty-looking a bit one.

Also when I want to buy something I can be put off with bad service.
If a salesperson has an attitude I would request another person to serve me.
Excuse me, if I wanna buy something I don't want you to earn my comission.


Name it from left to right if you're wondering what are those in the picha wokay.
Dior Lipgloss (2), Dior Lipstick, Dior Lip Maximizer (lip balm from Siet Yen), 
Diablotine Dior Nail Varnish, YSL double lip stick with mirror (limited edition),
YSL lipstick (from Korea Lotte World since they don't sell here),
another YSL lipstick from Chi Cheng when she went to Bangkok, 
YSL lipstick when I went... OH MY I don't remember.
Australia?! yaya. last one is Chanel Peridot nail polish. RM89?

Dior Skin Forever compact, Chanel Mat Lumiere compact.

Feel free to ask any questions or give suggestions etc.
But don't spam me ah okay. HAHAHHA.


Actually, this top was originally all black.
My maid used bleach on it I think, hence the bleached spots.
But I don't care la, since it's rock look.

Pretend I DIY it okay?

This was on Sunday.

Salmon caesar salad at The Loaf. RM22
Eeek. Disappointed they didn't put in any eggs. SO KIAMSAP MEH.
Caesar salad always has eggs! 
And sometimes cherry tomatoes!

The best Caesar Salad I had in Pavi is from Weissbrau,
I love it! So fresh and colourful. They have it with Salmon too.
Weissbrau is opposite La Bodega.

The Loaf was crazyyy crowded today.

Daddy finally got himself a Rolex Datejust.
The diamonds look pretty!
HAHAHHA. He has been rolling around with his dead 
Phillipe Charriol watch. It doesn't even tell the time lol.

Anyway, my Dad is one of those person who earns money
and gives it all to his family first, then himself last.

I think it's very hard to save money when you have kids.
There's like so many expenses. Lucky I'm not a man.

Went to Starhill's Rolex and then beside there was LV.
But Starhill's Rolex is a bit understocked?
My dad said the thieves would be disappointed if they came here to rob
because there isn't much to rob. LOL wad.
So Dad went to Pavi's Rolex instead, opposite Prada (the upper floor one).

I didn't know Starhill's LV was so crowded! banyak banyak orang.
But the service was still good! The salesperson was very helpful hehe.
I was there alone while my Dad was in Pavi and my brother
somewhere in Sungei Wang looking for computers I think.

HA! He was an avid Mac user but I think he's changing to Windows.
Why? Because can't Dota on Mac lo.

Anywayyy. Tried on the Alma BB, tried three colours.
the red (pomme d'amour), the hot pink (indien rose), the pale pink (rose angelique).
HAHAH. So cute right the names.

Wrote it from memory, not sure if correct anot la har.
Remember it due to purseforum dot com stalkings.

Err. I think Alma BB looks nice, but not on me? T.T
Like. Yeah. Sometimes it's like that.
When you see some clothes and it looks nice
but doesn't suit you.

Surprisingly the Brea MM suit me more. 
Alma BB is RM5.9k, Brea MM is RM8.9k.

Yikes, Alma BB increased their price. I think the last time
was around 5.4 ish?

Now it is the trend already.
They keep increasing but people still keep buying.
Are we stupid or what?! HAHAHAH.

Then we tell ourselves:
1- better buy faster otherwise price increase later (KIASU malaysian attitude wey)
2- comfort ourselves by saying there's better resell value. (but honestly I rather 
not have the price increase. I don't really sell my bags anyway. If I am poor until homeless
I wonder how. Hmm. )

Also looked at Prada a bit and the Saffiano tote increased RM900 already.
RM6980 last year, now RM7900. YIKES.

Anyway, I did not buy anything in the end!

I want some Chanel!
Okay, sorry for being so brandwhore this post.
Once in a year, I get like this. 
It's like tradition.

Because as we grow older my Dad doesn't buy much during XMAS or BDays.
Mostly CNYs. I don't know why. Sekali gus maybe. 
HAHHA, I still got my Malay in touch wokay.

For Chanel, of course everyone wants the classic flaps right.
I only saw the mini one and they had light pink corror only.
I'm just scared if it gets dirtyyy. 

Mini is RM7.8k (square), Medium flap is RM15.9k.
And I saw a really pretty pearl necklace!

I thought I wanted this one.

The sales showed me this one and it's so pretty too!
Crystal CC logos. The previous one is all pearls.
You can wear it as a long strand or doubled up as a choker.
This style retails around 4k, I don't know about the shorter ones.
I don't like the pendants! The logo pendants I mean.
Got a lot of fakes on thoseee. 
But quite affordable, 1k 2k ish.

Anne Hathaway's oufits on Devil Wears Prada!
Loveeee this outfit. So Parisian chic.

Also. I have to declare... I'm over pastels.
Sorry, but I'm BREAKING UP with you.
It just doesn't suit my hairstyle anymore.
I had fun with you but it's time to move on! 

Oh yah Celine's Mini Luggage is RM10.9k if you guys are wondering.
HAHHA. I'm good with names and prices,
so I don't mind sharing these in case you guys are wonderling.

Sooo. Current style now is a mix of... 

Black with a lot of gold.
Gold chains, pearls.

This one is from 2012 fall Dolce & Gabbana.

Jewel tones replacing pastels for a pop of colour.
Gucci does them best in satin and sleek fabrics.

Also very sexy when tight-hugging like Bebe and BCBG does sometimes.

Lace dress/ sheer panel dresses are also so pretty for CNY!
Show a bit hide a bit. BWAHAHA.

below is Alexa Chung. Honestly I never really got the hype with her.
But after watching her in interviews, she does have a personality
that makes it easy to fall in love with!

Freaking love this kind of dark flowers on a black canvas.
Marion Cotillard, also another classy lady who's the face of Dior.
Typical classy french woman.

Aren't they pretty? *falls in love *
Flower prints are something fashion never really rids itself of, I think.
and black. And denim. 

And monotone and lots of black. Done in a classy way!
This one is very Parisian chic.

HAHHA. As some of you may know,
I hated black.

But now I'm going back to black man 
gotta eat my words.

BUT. I don't like to wear all black until I look like a corpse wokay.

I like black with a twist, whether it is dark flowers,
gold embroideries, metallic accessories,
or contrasted with white.

Actually Japanese have a term for this style. 
Otona style! Which means more adult and sophisticated.

Before that I was totally more Popteen with the crazy bleached hair,
bright pastels and all.

So, show you a few pics of my shopping!
It really represents what I said earlier.

jewel tone.
Hehe. Lace top from Forever 21.
Very heng long sleeve crop tops ah!
The skirt is from my wardrobe, not new!

The skirt is so unmistakably Baroque.
From F Block boutique. 

Monotone plus moody blooms! Also Forever 21.

Another thing that's on trend lately is FURRY jumpers.
Meadham Kirchoff x Topshop.

Nail close up.

Err. I'm not a medi pedi sort of girl.
Because I have a lot of nail polishes at home and rather do it myself
and change as often in the comfort of my home.

Plus mani pedis are a one off thing while with nail polishes you can keep it.

But I do think gel manicures are nice!
Many pretty intricate design and the texture is diff from regular nail polish.

Ohh Lady Dior is also so cute!

Hermes Kelly is also very classy.

But of course I got no money to buy them. Hahahahaha.
Anything that I have is purely from my Dad
since I don't work yet.

Hmm maybe I should try online retailing.
or selling off my clothes that I don't wear.


*AHEM* one world toilet has good lighting.

This was last, last Saturday's family dinner at Pui Tien.
Their trademark prawns.

I love the soup! It's so smooth and milky.
It has fish inside. Sounds fishy but it tastes very...
soothing actually.

The prawn is a bit salty for me.
But photogenic la hahah.

Random very simple OOTD for college.

I know I'm going to be sleep-deprived tomorrow.
Full day class as well!!

Gotta print some pictures before I sleep too.
OYAH. Redbook is such a rip off.
I bought 21 HP printer ink for RM68 there,
then saw it at Tesco for RM48. -,-


RM20 bucks difference is freaking ridiculous, PUI!!!!
Can buy new Vogue Magazine imported from US ady.

British one cannot la, that one RM30. HAHAHAHAH.

This was the most recent Saturday dinner at The Curve.

Well doesn't this outfit blend in well with Dragon-i.

I should take more pictures like this.
Don't have to beg people to take pictures for me,
and have a close up angle of ootd. WIN lah.

I love this necklace! From Forever 21.
Statement necklace are lovesss.
Bejewelled ones, gold ones, lacey pearly ones, whatevaa.

 I forgot to mention Great Gatsby as style inspiration.

The whole Art Deco, flappers 1920's feel.

I remember learning fashion history and it wasn't until the world wars
that fashion became for the masses.

It was either couture or rags.

Nowadays high street fill the whole big gap,
and luxury houses survive because people still spend so much for fashion.

And luxury handbags has such a mass audience too 
eventhough it is meant to be exclusive.
Everyone wants a piece of it.

For guys it's luxury watches and cars and real estate.
But out of all real estate is the best! 
Can bring profit. 

Oh yeah, read this.
What is seen will perish, what is unseen is eternal.

Which is based on this original verse from the bible:
So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. - 2 Corinthians 4:18

I think this is so true.
We ourselves, our bodies die and pass away
but our spirit is eternal.

So obviously the luxury goods will rot.
yes it can be a lifetime investment as Patek Phillipe always says
but you know, if there's a bomb it will be gone.

So in the end, ahar. God is more important than all these things.

Hehe but of course it's hard to be completely perfect.
I struggle with it too! lolol.

On shopping mode wey, after CNY have to cool down !

top from Stylenanda.

Also, I cheated.
It's actually purple smokey eye on one side,
and blue on the other side. HAHAHAH.

Was experimenting with make up.

Selca level 10000 angle.

Which is also the last pic of this post.

Have a good year ahead everyone!
Don't forget to stick to your New Year's Resolutions.

xoxo, bubu.

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