Sunday, 5 January 2014

Ding's bday and other happenings


Hope January has been a good start for all of you :)

It has been for me! Can't wait for CNY.
But of course, hehe. Have to do assignments.

I guess we're all jugglers in some way.
Instead of balls, we juggle family, friends, relationship, college, church,
eating, sleeping, hobbies. Everything has a time and place!

Anyway! The event of the night was Ding's birthday at Sunway Giza.
Ding dong bell. Black dog. Robert. Hei gou. HAHAHHAHA.
Okay anyway when someone has so many nicknames,
confirm they famous right.

But famous for what, that's another story la ^^
Me, I only have one nickname. BUBU. HAHA!

I have dayre, insta, twitter. Just type bubuchahchah can dy. HAHAHHA.

While driving to Giza, at the traffic light got this mad boy wave his hands
in this black car beside me.

I thought, aiyah typical la got some unknown guys too bored want to get attention.
HAHHAHA. But actually it is someone I know.

Yen Shen was driving the chicks, his girlfriend Rachel,
and Florence and Elaine who are freshly imported from Perth. HEHE.
Anyway, quite fun to see him just beside me. HAHAH.

Qi Yao was the first to arrive, I think?
Ding said, quote- "11PM SHAPE".
Shape as in sharp but I think he dunno/forgot how to spell.

But in the end I think 11PM *SHAPE* he went out of his house la.
Oh yeah, actually the place was supposed to be Vertigo but
changed last minute.

Good also, Beerfact nearer. Qi Yao also told me
on his bday he'll be doing it at Beerfact too.
His 21st. lol.

His birthday is somewhere this month. 27th?

Also, for new semester I'll be having five days class, instead
of four days a week. Yikes, gonna be more TIRING.
Definitely so for DRD because Laurent is taking over, warao.
Everyone phobia. HAHAHHAHA.

But I really prefer being busy than too free.
Prefer to have fun and to work too. 
If I have less fun then I feel less motivated to work.
For me it's not the quantity of time, rather than quality of time.

So. Staying home all day doesn't guarantee that I will get much work done.
But if I go out, then when I come back I will feel like doing work.
HAHAH. That's my mentality. I like to last minute and rush. 

But of course! Have to know yo boundaries.

Moving on...

Hahhaha. Here's Xuannie.

Siet Yen also came thanks God!
She came on time too. But didn't stay so long la hehe.
Anyway, our group has less girls, more guys.

Oh yeah, I asked Ding how much to pay.
Then he said girl no need. Hahahahah.
Then he said, if you want to pay also can.
Lolol joker. Guys paid RM100 for that night I think.
RM12++ like that? For the birthday package
to sit in the VIP area.

But okay la, got whiskey + beer + cake shots.
And also flaming lambo and cocktail but I dono where they came from la.
And the pipe force feed tube thingy also.

As usual, my rule is never drink more than three glass.
Aiyo. Don't laugh at me please.

I'm really, really bad when it comes to alcohol tolerance.
Maybe God wants me not to drink that's why HAHAHA.
I don't really like being drunk because err I puke easy =(
Been a year or so dy I never puke okayyy HAHHA.

I never tried blackout before. Jennie has.
Also one time I thought my alcohol level was high,
then a police stopped me and ask me to blow into the breathalyser.

First few times I didn't dare to puff so much because I scared KENA.
But it didn't work so the polica asked me to puff harder.
ANYWAY, came out...

And I thought I was tipsy. But actually I think more like I was sleepy.
Or was it the music. I don't know man.

I remember when SPM just finished, SO FUNNY MAN.
Everyone was trying to find their footing with alcohol tolerance.
I've seen everyone's drunk pattern already hahhahaha.

Nowadays we adult adult a bit, AHEM.
Seldom lose control. But ding ding of course
being the birthday boy, kena.

Daniel my mickey partner for the night. HAHAHA.
Disney is popular now. Karen says.

Beside is Long Huat.
After taking this picture, he commented to himself- "hen shuai".
Wah, finally got someone more haolian than me.

With Siet Yen and Ami aka dai soh for Ding.

Yen Shen keep trying to photobomb when the girls were camwhoring.
Maybe he learn from Rachel? HAHA.

So sad, Rachel's camera still in hospital.
Siet Yen also brings her camera sometimes.
Jennie used to post very efficient.
But nowadays everyone take picha but never post one?!
Except for me la of course, ^^ forever efficient wokay.

Blogger sial

Ding and Ami.

Ding asked me to whatsapp him picture of him and Ami.
I gave him this. Then he asked,
the kiss kiss one leh?

HAHHA aiyoyoyoyoo geli

Ya okay this was the picture he meant.

The Attic also got decorated with some fuzzy blue ambient lights.
Nice for taking pictures~

Glad I brought my jacket with me!
AHHAHA. If not so revealing.

Actually I wore something *like this* before when I had pink hair.
if you don't remember then nevermind :P

The force feed tube. I don't know what's inside man. HAHAHA.
If I kena this one confirm I will be a waterfull,
close my teeth together and the drink will overflow.
Better kena my clothes than my stomach weyh HAHHA.

This... reminds me of foie gras.
Like, how they force feed ducks?

Not kidding wokay... ducks suffer for this delicacy =(

On a less serious note...
I think of this when Ding drank the beer. HAHAHAHAH.
Foie gras from Ding.

Yes to Ding cruelty.

King Jiat and Vincent ^^

Love this shot :3

And here is Kei Kei doing her trademark *WINK*.

Asked Qi Yao what time he was going back.
But he said he was going to wait till everything finish.
Hahahah! As always, responsible to take care of his fwens. :3

Girls camwhoring. 
Then Kha Weng obviously laughing about something at Ding.
Ding is the checkered shirt one. HAHAH.

I think Ding was trying to ask Daniel to drink or something.
This was after 1AM so after the flaming lambo and shots and whatnot he 80% KO dy.
80% because he was still dancing and shouting around.
If 100% sure lie down on the floor and puke right.

Vincent's house is the legend of blackouts,
that's why he is called Vincentholic.

Okay, after that Ding had this idea to take the WHOLE beer tower
and force feed everyone beer. The guys la ^^

Again, more foie gras in the making :3
justtt saying. ^^

And then mister Han Shen aka Dayne Cobra and don't know what not
started dancing with my headband. As always,
长不大的小孩子. Forever young.

Aiyah, I wanna be Forever 21 can? 
How nice if wearing clothes from Forever 21 
can really make me Forever 21.

HAHAH. But, alright.
Growing up is not such a bad thing after all.
More things to experience.

Life is a beautiful road to walk.
Sometimes we try to run, sometimes we stumble,
sometimes we fall down but don't feel like getting up.

But then, after getting up you discover something beautiful ahead,
and you feel glad you never gave up.

Life is always like that! Just when you think you can't take it,
you can. You can, and there's something better in front.
All you need to do is "KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON".

Jeremiah 29:11

New International Version (NIV)
11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

I always try to remember this verse when I feel like 
life does not go how I want it to be.

But life never goes how you want it.
Sometimes there are missed opportunities,
but that doesn't mean you won't get better opportunities.

In fact, sometimes that's exactly why we get missed opportunities!
HAHAH. Do your best so you'll have no regrets.

Friday's cell meeting. HHAHAHA.
Very relaxed one, like chit chat.
But of course, chit chat with studying God's words.

Busy busy this weekend since new sem is starting next monday.
Aiyaaa nightmare ya know.
But , phew. I gotta take a deep breathe.
And remind myself, worrying does nothing good.

Unless you worry about something that you can do something about.
Like you worry about not finishing ur assignments then you do it.
But if you worry worry then also never do, then very AIYOOO loh.

HAHAH. so cina right, u under or not my way of speaking? :P

On Friday afternoon, dropped by at Sunway Pyramid 
to meet up with nicolelocin! HAHAHA. 

Elocin as in nicole backwards.
Mine would be narek which sounds like SHIT.
Like najis only. HAHAHAHHA. 
Or korek.

But Karen is a beautiful name of course.
Because my parents gave it to me :D
I don't like it when people say my english name
is my glamour name. 

WHAT! I had it since birth and it's on my IC wokay.
Not a nickname! Nobody calls my chinese name. lol.

Anyways, I also have this weird habit of memorizing
people's pseudonym. Especially those they use on twitter/insta etc.
HAHHAHAHA. Guess I'm a social media freak.

Anyway, I'm always good with price (kiasu malaysia)
and categorizing things.
That's why when writing blogs or remembering how much I spent
it's easy for me laa.
But not good with directions ^^
you will get lost with me. HAHAH.
But I'm good at reading GPS la, easy easy only.

Nicole with her raybans and smiling ^^

I would never ever get bored of it.
If I had to eat something for the rest of my life,
it would be sushi hands down. I can live with that,
with pleasure. ^^v

Oh yeah! Nicole is on a scholarship, so niceee. 
Save RM60k+ on tuition fees :3

But of course, all due to her hardwork!
have to score better than 95% of the people 
who take this exam 0,0. Aussie-based I think.

Hehe! So good!

Been a loooong time I've not been at Sunway Pyramid kay!
Since my The One Academy days which was in 2012.
Because we could walk from The One to Sunway Pyramid in like five mins, literally.

I like the Asian Avenue!!
I also found Holika Holika like finally.
Thanks to Nicole the tour guide of the day :P

Bought the BB cream! Original price RM30
but after discount RM24.

I bought in korea for 7000 won, so about RM21 here.
Not bad ah the price. I love it soo much!
More than my Etude house BB cream or my Dior nude foundation
or Clinique one's. 

The coverage is just right, and smoothens out my skin too.
Also it's very light, I don't need to put too much effort removing it.
It's in a green tube and has a cat on it. HAHAHA.

Even better than their flagship Aqua Petit Jelly weyh, 
and that one is like RM70+.

But for make up base I still like to use Chanel's
Light Revealing Base. RM160 for 30ml but it lasts like a year for me.
Need to refill soon!

And I also bought some clear storage trays from Daiso.
I told Nicole I wanted to find the Muji one,
but she recommended me this :3 

Another one for powders. Benefit's boxed powders are good :3
For eyeshadows, love Urban Decay.
I have the Naked 2 and Vice 2, they have great colour pay offs!
Don't know if I wanna get Naked 3 or not...HMM.

Save money on make up.
I think I should buy more clothes because I've been on a make up binge for a while now.
I also bought some falsies from Sasa.

Oh yeah, here's my dayre link!
It's mobile bite-sized blogging.
So technically it's a mini bubuchahchah dot blogspot,
but more casual one ^^

I pronounce it dayre.
They call each post a day.
Wait, I mean I pronounce dayre as diary. HAHAHA.

Okay, giving you guys a sneak peek.

Random ootd.
Am trying a creeper on my other leg. HAHAHA.
The slippers are wedge slippers from Flippers.
They should take over as my flagship slippers.
My Michael Kors one is like breaking apart.
Michael Kors one was aroun RM360 I think.
Flipper one RM35.90. HAHHAA.

Le falsies!

Anywayy. I do have quite a lot of eyelashes at home,
but some of them have the stiff black band, cheaper a bit.

The orange one is for RM50, smaller one from RM30 somewhere around there.
Sasa had 10% off for all lashes.
I also bought a pair of bottom falsies just to try it.
Rm25 for the one I bought :3

So... ahem. Accidentally spent RM100 on falsies.
So, no more buying falsies for three months la okay.

Now I have more experience I know what kind to choose la hehe.
I like those fuller ones. Criss cross, dolly cat eye look.

like this type too ^^
Dolly wink retails for RM55.90

The bottom falsies one, not used to it!
The look is a bit spidery.
                                        Maybe try it when I'm being overly dramatic.

Also, tackle box are such a great way to store falsies.
I used to keep losing them -,-!!!
Tacklebox are those plastic boxes
with dividers. People use it to store beads etc.
Fashion design student sure got one. HAHAA.

Okay, decided to take a picture for you girls.
Efficient blogger! HAHAHAH.

Okay la, just this simple box. Can get from Daiso.
Don't get scared of falsies okay, very easy to use one.

I think I prefer it to mascara.
If I had fan-like lashes then I can rely on mascara la,
but for me falsies are faster.

As Xuan say, stick and peel off only lol.

I think this is one of the worse I've tried.
Others I can fit into my eyes, eventho less comfy.
THIS ONE IS SO STIFF, it doesn't even try to fit to my eye shape -,-
even after I've cut it smaller.

So if you see this brand, don't buy okay.
Risky a bit buy china stuff. HAHAHA.
I think this was rm15 or rm20?

This is what I mean by stiff band!
Some cheap ones also fall out easier when
you try to peel off the glue for reuse.

Maybe this one I can cut it up to pieces to layer on top? hmm.

But this one is actually not bad.
My first falsies I think, from The Curve's bazaar.
RM30? I forgot. I think it wasn't that expensive.

I think got Korean words so safe a bit? Hahahahah.

Anyway when I was a total noob I thought it was the eyelash problem
but actually is my own problem.

If you are newbie then I suggest you try more natural looking falsies,
so it won't be so obvious if you do mistakes.
And use clear glue. With black glue, it's easy to aim wrongly
and accidentally make a black line.
Koji's glue is not bad! RM10 a tube only.

HAHA. Orite, that's about it for falsies. :3

Woke up to my hair sticking out like that.
But it looks nice eh. HAHAHA. 
I think I should use wax and recreate this next time.
More tomboy look I think. a sassy touch :p

BUT of course, I'm not tomboy.
I'm as a girly as can be.
Except that my whole room isn't pink la, like Shu Yin's! :3
But I do like to buy pink stuff.
Like my Vaio lappie, water tumblr, wallet, handbags blablala.

Saturday night family dinner at 1 U yohh.

Saw a girl carrying this in Pavi and I was wondering if it was from Japan or whattt.
Then I was walking around Isetan and saw it :3 
From So Seoul~ It's so cute, with hearts on the quilting and heart as a lock lol.

But it's like RM329.
I don't know how much I will use it because I got quite a lot of handbags?
But... oddly for me, the more expensive the bags the more I'll use it.
Some people like to keep their more pricey bags at home
because they're scared to damage etc.

But I yolo la, I like to get as much use as possible.
I don't mind breaking in stuff.
Plus, more worth it the more you use something right? :3

Le schedule 0,0
Got one week holiday during CNY and also end of march.
I think that's why the classes are so packed! :/ hmm

What to do! It's okay la!
Take whatever comes.
                              I should be grateful already to study what I wanted :)

Vency was admitted to hospital because she fainted!
I hope she's getting better nowww. 
She told me she's coming back to college on Wednesday :3

Andddd her iPhone and Blackberry got stolen while she was in hospital -,-
LIKE SERIOUSLY! Then the nurse said, normal la, this is malaysia. 
Win weyyyy.

Random assignment thing.
As always, last minute do one.
Draw five silhuottes and moodboard etc¬

Lookie! Here's how Cabbie is now ^^v
My beloved doggieeee.
Love cuddling with him! :)

Mei Yen took this collage of him hehe and posted it on Insta.

Okay, let's do a throwback of Cabbie's puppyhood!
Back in February hehe, how time passes.

Everyone is like aww when they see him at DPC. hahahaha.
Puppies are really sho cute.

Chi Cheng holding Cuppy

And he was so tiny it was no problem toting him around.
I think the puppy bag weighed more than him :3


Thank God I'm not allergic to much of anything.
Pollen/fur/etc. I never got rashes
or tummy pain from certain foods.

So thank God for that! ^^

The *only* thing is that my nose is a bit more sensitive
and can get dry so I use rhinocort and those vicks thingy sometimes.
And I'm prone to heatiness la, like freaking prone.

Actually right now I have a bit sore throat, lol ^^
habit of eating junk food. Try to make it up by eating fruits
and drinking more waterr.

So wistful hor the way he stands.
"what are you doing, mama?"


Cabbie is still kinda a bit clueless when I leave him on the bed.
HAHAHA. But if I'm on it then he will sleep there
or chew on my soft toy, the cow one.

But usually he lives downstairs la wokay.

This was from the very very first day I took him home from Petsmore.
I think they sold him for RM1300? Somewhere there.

Shih tzu is a bit more common so buying a purebreed is not that exy~
Chow chow and some other breeds I've seen can cost up to RM6k 0,0
Lucian was for RM3.6k if not wrong! From Summer pets in SS2.

Anyway, there's always a good alternative that is to adopt!
Oh yeahh one of my new year's resolution is to
volunteer at SPCA and an orphanage too actually.

Random doggie picha ^^
Sometimes I'm on my social apps and I see cute dogs
and I sort of forget if I was being moody at that time.

HAHAHA. I laugh at their blur clueless face and antics ^^

Animals are so fascinating!
Some cute, some powerful, some tricky.

I love watching this on Youtube lol.
True facts about _____.

He calls the Armadillo, Armadildo. Ahem spoiler. 

What makes it so funny is the narrator's Morgan Freeman accent
saying sarcastic/silly things in a serious tone. 
And some of the facts are really surprising!
But should take it in a tongue in cheek way :P

This week, also went to 1U with Mei Yen and we totally window shopped.
Mei Yen is such a gooood person to window shop with.
The best! She gets the art of it.

HAHAHHA. With Jennie Chi Cheng all I will buy,
because Mei Yen is the type who won't rush you or what. :3

Then on Thursday night? I think? HAHA.
Went to Publika with Chi Cheng to Young & Ji's.
Met up with Thuan Kiat and Vincent and few of her other cahayan friends.

Top from Sunway Pyramid. 
HAHAHA. Haven't worn it out yet, was trying it on ~

So, that's all for this post ^^
hope you all have a great headstart,
and for future blessings to enfold. 

xoxo, bubu.

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