Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Dream bag

Today was crazy.
I drove back and forth KL today to bring back my handbag.

Mini Cooper is my dream car, and I've got that
and I'm totally contented and still love it as the first day.
Cosy and cute car.

Chanel flaps was sort of my dream bag
for some reason the chains and the flap part just seemed to appeal to me.

But before I go any further!

-I only get this materialistic once a year.
-I am going to ban island after this handbag.
Except maybe to buy a kangkung bag (aka huge tote because
I don't have bags which fit A4 paper like Neverfull!)
-Money is the root of all evil and material things never satisfy,
it's true you'll only want more. SOO. Cannot get too obsessed.
-BUT HOHOHO I'm so happy to get my dream bag in time
for Chinese New Year to fit my ang paus. HAHAHAH. ONG AH HUAT AH

Look at this face, I only had 4 hours of sleep actually.
I slept 10-2. Then I COULDNT sleep again.

Okay, you see.
Sunday I went to see the bag.
I had my eye on a mini flap actually because it was cheaper
but it didn't work out in the end. HAHAH.

I'm glad it didn't work out because what if I got the mini
and still wanted the medium! :O

Mini is around 8k, medium is 16k, double that.
Umm. 7.9k and 15.91k if you want to be exact.

I think ever since before the Australia I wanted a Chanel flap,
which was like... when I was seventeen?

It always felt unattainable because it's above the 10k mark
and I'm a friggin student. lol.


These two really made my heart skip beat.

Don't they look pretty!

The charms were what sold me.
Chanel flaps are classics, but almost TOO classic.
Almost everyone has a black chanel flap!

Anyway, Chanel's valentine pink flaps are always much sought after,
and the last pink valentine flap they did was around 2009?
According to the salesperson :3

And she said the previous ones were with plastic charms,
this time with metal hardware so upgrade a bit la hahhaha.
BUT! I know the pearls and crystals are going to fall out.
The CC pearl earrings I wear, fall out nonstop!
But after a while you get used to it lol.

If it's still under one year they will repair for free,
if not they charge around RM5 per stone.
Ahar, I hope Chanel finds a better way to set their stones
so we don't have to worry so much!

My mind was like pink pink black black beige black actually.
Sooo all over the place.

The typical "which handbag to buy" dilemma!
the salesperson said a customer once spent EIGHT HOURS
to choose a bag. EIGHT HOURS.

I asked Jennie to time me for ten minutes to decide.
Hahaha, give myself pressure a bit.

For the salesperson, my dilemma time is small small la right.

I tried the classic flaps too, but I think I'll get them when I'm older.
Hmm. More structured! Maybe caviar since it's more durable.
But for now, I'll stay content with this flap :D
For a year at least. HAHAHA.
BE LOYAL. Save money. Donate to the poor instead.

Yess I do feel guilty buying handbags when other people are dying of hunger.
That's why it's always good to donate!
I saw a homeless guy under a bridge while driving back in Segambut.
So sad! I know some places like Switzerland doesn't have
any beggars/homeless because the government allows
needy people to apply for welfare. :3

Dragged Jennie out to accompany me actually.
Morning I went to college,
Afternoon I went to college back to Kepong bank and back to college,
Evening I went to fetch Jennie then to KLCC,
then back to college.


My will was FULL ON that day to get the bag
because it was selling like hotcakes, to quote.

And me, once I see something and mark it,

But at the same time, have to know the limit!
Don't have such big a head, don't wear such big a hat.
As the chinese saying goes~

So, in the end, I got my very first chanel flap :)
I don't think I would ever sell this piece because
it's limited edition and special in every way.

I don't have bags to borrow from mama,
so every bag I use is something I choose
with great care! 

But at the same time it's good because every bag is really my bag.
I don't know what it's like to share bags, hmm.
It's a personal thing for me.

Anyway my bags are always pink or beige. Sometimes black if lucky.
I still love Prada Saffiano of course!

I've never tried buying vintage/secondhand bags.
I think it's quite popular overseas? 
But something about getting it fresh that's so exciting.
Picking it out, choosing the creme de la creme. 

I'm really tired and sleepy but all the same time excited. HAHAH
It's weird feeling really.

Watermarked them so random people won't steal pictures and sell bags.
SERIOUSLY! A lot of fake handbag sellers do that and it pisses me off.
Ripping people's money.

Okay deep breathe hahaha.

There's layers and layers of stuffing to protect your bag.
And of course the camellia and the ribbon.

Dust bag, care booklet and care clothe to polish your handbag if need be.
Lambskin is so delicate.

My diamond ring scratched the inside while I was tearing up the stuffing -,-
Got scared and cut my fingernails too.

I'm not known to baby my handbags,
basically I buy it and use the heck out of it.
But with this one, heart pain a bit.
HAHHA. Cos use my own money.

Err. The salesperson says customers tell them
"it's the last handbag" but they always come back.
YIKES. Expensive habit. Once a year okay la.
Expensive for me since I'm a student, sial! ahahahha.

So of course I'm grateful I got it,
and a limited edition one as well :D

wrapped up and protected like a little baby.

THE CHARMS are to die for.
They resemble much like Chanel's pendants thou.
Shame they aren't removable, force you buy separately. HAHAH

But a customer actually plied out one of the charms and it worked.
ERR. Me, I'm too scared to scratch anything so I'll just stay right here :3

There's five charms, the biggest one is the camellia.

Worn as a long strap.
Just bought this so I've never taken it out yet.
Update OOTD if got wokay.

What if spilled wine? HAHAHA nightmare

It's not spacious because it's structured.
But I managed to fit my essentials.
Cellphone, camera, purse, lipstick, organizer, keys.

Chain doubled up!

That bubblegum pink is sho YUMMY

Lambskin is very very soft, supple and smooth.
BUT DELICATE. Don't scratch it because it will leave white marks.

Can polish but can't guarantee. HAHA.
Maybe after a year or two when it has a few scratches then it will
I'm going for the vintage look".

There's also CC logos behind the Camellia charms.

So girly. 
Pink die you hahahah.

also did a post on purseforum.
The people there are very friendly and nice! hehe.

Decided to do a reveal because I was looking for a review for this bag
but found none. Prolly cos it's so new and limited !!

Back pocket.
For keys and spare cash maybe.

I'm truly truly grateful for all that I have!

Of course material things will degrade and go away,
but the love of others will always remain in our hearts!

Hoping for a happy CNY season ahead hehe.

TATA, xoxo BUBU!


  1. Congratulations! It's such a pretty bag! Hope you will get heaps of use out of it in the years to come!

  2. How much is that Valentine Edition Chanel flabbag?

  3. Baby Jane I have one I could sell for $3,000.