Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Golden triangle on a holiday

Hello! ^^

Hehe. So fast right I update.
Click older post if you haven't read the last post,
wrote one on Sunday! ;)

Today is Tuesday and I usually have class, but it's holiday!
I don't know for what actually then I googled it..
Yang Di-Pertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan's birthday.

HAHHAHA. That's the good of living in Malaysia.
There's so many holidays and festivities too due to different cultures.

Continue on with the selca...

This is one of the other make up looks I do often.
This one is done using brown gel eyeliner. Very korean-style.
The smokey eye is done using urban decay's black eyeshadow 
(either from Vice 2 or Naked 2)!

Off shoulder top, I got it from Sunway Pyramid this month
when I went there with Siew Wen :D
At the Asian Avenue- they have cheap and cute clothes!
HAHAH. Just look at the spade applique.

Alice in the Wonderland? HAHA.

Tuesday date with Mei Yen baby! 
She's very free now due to a three month break :O
I JELLYYY hahah.

Anyway, the good thing about Mei Yen is she's an earlybird 
and she's quite on time.
I can't deal with people who arrive one or two hours late when
I have assignments to do! ~,~

So I set alarm at 10 o croc. Then get ready and eat brekkie at home.
We reached Pavi around 11, not bad not bad.

Love this shot :3

As always, shopping malls at this time are decorated
with red red red and a lot of gold and oriental stuffs.

Not that I'm complaining :P

Look at this huge Line mascot smack outside of Pavi.

And the group of people taking picture with the mascot.
Then dispersing in the next.

Oh the sun.

Mei Yen. 

And how she took picture for me =(
HAHAH wahrao no artistic feel weyh.

I asked her to take picture of it and she was like WHAT WHY.

So clueless. Hahaha.
Odd things can be the greatest background actually wokayy.
But her photographing skills improved a lot from last time ^^

Second try. HAHAHA. Much better.

We also spotted Tous Les Jour.
The hottest bakery in town.
Man, the name is such a tongue twister @,@

It's smack outside of H&M!
They really renovated it so nicelyyy.
Stands out and attract crowds!

Random mirror in H&M

Walked to Sungei Wang using the bridge.
Also, can see I change my shoes.

HAHAH. I bought a four and a half inch wedges.
It feels like nothing at all. But the add height diff is quite a lot.
Lol, I feel like I'm cheating.

Cos usually have to suffer for extra height.

Sunlight is the best photo filter. 
HAHAH. Didn't edit this picture.

Another side of the bakery.

In the middle of Golden Triangle.

Why hello there pedestrian. HAHAHA.

Sorry aunty for the unflattering candid shot.
They have a lot a lot of bread inside Tous Les Jour.

And then we walked back to H&M.

There was a group of people offering free hugs :D
I got two.

HAHHA. they're such a friendly bunch!
I asked the girl I hugged to take picture with me
and the others join in~

The photographer took pictures too.
HAHAH! So fun offering free hugs.

But hope don't have like hamsap guys OH MY. lolol

Then we bid goodbye.

Then we had brunch at The Loaf.
The buns are so affordable. crazy.
About RM 3 for one!

And then, arrived home and tried the clothes I bought.

These ones are new CNY clothes.
HAHA. So this is like a sneak peek.

Also bought from today except for the pants obviously.
Haha. Love the cheongsam style dress in the middle :B
Sheer lace dresses are so pretty! Love it.

There's also a few other tops and bottoms.
Spent five hundred ish?
I keep track of my expenses in my mini Typo organiser 
that I carry in my handbag.
HAHAH. According to it I have spent almost 2k this month... yikes.
its only half a month! :o
Mostly on clothes and make up and stationeries and petrol.

But okay la, since ang pau season coming.
If you burn a hole, got fabric coming to patch it up.

Saw the Dior Trianon Spring collection.
Based on Marie Antoinette! So prettyyyy.

RM230! Has blush in the middle and comes with a brush too.
Don't know if I should get this or not :3

HAHAHA. but I have so much of make up.
Buy less wont die one.
But this one is limited edition wor.
And so nice to put in handbag, got blush and eyeshadows.
I like very black and very brown eyeshadow.
And one light highlight, thats all I need.
I hate those light colour shimmery eyeshadows, hard to show up on my lids.

Pile of clothes. December I didn't buy much clothes, just make up and more make up.
January yep because it's CNY season!

Also got a bling bling poodle charm.
I shall name you FIFI!
Hello fifi.

Haha ^^

Hmm. Maybe I should do a handbag/make up collection one day.
I remember I did shoes and books before. 
But a half-hearted one la. HAHAHAH.

Class during Monday :) design research and development class.
a lot of research and printing pictures and sketching from that.

and then had kenny rogers on monday afternoon with Jennie
to catch up catch up.

My dad used to take me to Kenny Rogers when I was really little, like
5 or 6 maybe. I remember they had really scrumptious muffins.

BUT now it's like bleh.... More fast food like.
Hmm :/

Also swatched The Balm's Meet Matte Nude at Sasa
and it was so creamy and buttery and pigmented!
Wonder if I should try this? :3 
RM155 for this palette.

The name is so punny thou.
Meet Matte Nude.
The guy on the cover is called Matt and he's nude.
Representing the matte and nude (neutral) eyeshadows.

HAHHAHA. Okay la! Gotta catch up with life.

Bye sweeties!
 xoxo, bubu.

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