Thursday, 9 January 2014

New Year Resolutions

Hello! :)

2014 has been a great START for me this year.
I hope I follow through.

I just want wholesome living.

I wanna get fit!

Fitness Blender.
Exercise in the comfort of your own home!

I think Florence Loo did this to get fit if I'm not wrong?

And it seriously works kay, you will feel it the next day in your butt and thighs.

Hahahah! Gym-goers motto, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger right.
And the muscles tear when you do exercise then builds themselve back again, stronger this time.

It's true that there's no free meal in life, you get what you work for.
Well, unless it's someone from love la right.
Love is given not earned. HAHHA.
But of course, when you love someone you automatically try to be the best.

Watching videos like this is also inspiring!

So, I also want to commit myself to learning cooking this year.

Sorry to admit it, but I don't know how to cook.

Argh, I'm scared of the stove. I hate oil popping all over.

The last time I tried to use the stove, it was an egg.

The oil boiled like crazy and I never seen anything like that so I let my maid handle it. :/


My previous maid almost burned down the house with the stove.
She shouted my name and asked me to come,
then I saw like this fire from the stove to almostttt reaching the ceiling.
The walls turn black okay!!

Thank God the maid has gone back to her kampung now, lol.

But. I think I will find uncanny ways to cook. Freestyle.
I can imagine it already. Salad and pastas and whatnot.

I wanna get a microwave and blender :3
Maybe induction cooker or baby steamer if I wanna go further? lol.
But I know some people use microwave to steam stuff right,
immerse carrots in water then put it in the microwave and stuff :3

AHA. I wanna eat some homemade breakfast later.
Toast with melted cheese and egg and tomato.
Jelly Jennie knows how to cook.

YUMMY. Can't wait to get on this healthy bandwagon,
I've been treating my body like trash disposal. -,-
Shall not eat canteen food more than once a week.

First of all, I wanna thank God!

Because there was a particularly trickly subject.
It's not because it's hard, it's flat drawings and I can get 80% for those,

I did not come on one day where the assignment was due,
the final assignment and another weekly assignment, so I lost 25% there.
Some people passed up a day after, so they could still score half
As in the lecturer accepted it but only gave half of the marks.

I just wanna say, phew.
In life there will be people who are strict, but you can learn a lot from them.
And you find out that they aren't that bad as you think.

I used to really get like "eeee" over strict authority figures
because I'm such a laidback person, but I think that's actually good.
It's so true,
"Some people come as blessings, some people come as lessons".

Either way, I thank God for them.
Anddd some more what ah.
"In piano there are white and black keys. They black keys (sad/minor keys lol) are obstacles and pain in life, but without them the music wouldn't be so beautiful".

HAHHAHA. A while ago I think I was quite emo, for like no reason.
And I would close myself up. Then after that I would regain myself again
and realized, why so stupid girl leh.

So many things in life to be GRATEFUL for but wanna sit there and sulk -,-
But we are human! It's okay to be sad, just don't forget,
never ever forget there's a silver lining ahead.

There's always hope on Earth. It's not hell, a place without hope.
So yeah. If you feel like you can't get through something- don't worry.
Time and time again you will be proved wrong.
Psalms 139:14 "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, I know that full well." 
This is a verse from the bible that holds true when you feel like nothing.
Here it says, I praise you (God) because I (we humans) are fearfully and wonderfully made (just think of how we're able to invent telephones and go to the moon etc, ideas that seemed IMPOSSIBLE at that time). Your works are wonderful (here your works because God created us), I know that full well.

HAHHAHA. I have to confess for the last two semesters I have been plagued with laziness okay.
But I promise myself, nope! It's time to start living a life of using my time with great quality.

MM, sounds good.

ALSO because God answered my prayers not to fail. Phew.
On Monday Mister Laurent was like, "you are SO lucky. You got 52 marks".

The passing mark is 50. And I feel so thankful okay!
Yesss the marks is low, but I lost 25 marks lol, already so happy
by some stroke of luck I passed.

Nahh, not luck ^^. But just wanna thank God.

If I failed I would have to:
-delay graduation for half a year because I can't do project workshop without garment & compo
-waste around rm3k and use 3 months to study again the same subject :3

Sooo, I'm thankful. Lesson learned.

And I feel lucky too for being able to study what I've always wanted since I was 7.
Except for that one time when I was eight or so I wanted to become a lawyer
because my brother argued with me and he always won and I wanted to professionally know how to shut him up. HAHAHHA good times.
And another time of being a veterinarian I think because I would cry watching animals die and all that.

Ah yes also one of the things I wanna do is volunteer at SPCA this year :3
I've always wanted to do that but never got around too.
Thick them off my list.

Okay, so when I was little I would doodle a lot all over the place.
And I would always nag my mum or grandfather to draw with me,
so I can learn from them. HAHAHA. I liked my grandfather's drawing.
My father however drew like Picasso. AHEM.

So here I am.

Fashion design is a really hands on course.

Raffles is a good college to me, because I'm able to learn a lot.
But yeah, can be stressful sometimes.

Draping, drafting, beading, embroidery, marketing, history of fashion, flat drawing, fashion illustration, CAD and the list goes on.

And also, *realization*
I have been so lazy also because I didn't take care of my body.
It's like whole package wey! Now gonna do a 180 degree turn.

I always felt tired because:
- I ate a lot of junk food
- I didn't sleep well
- I didn't exercise

And that, came from my weak will of course. Having low confidence,
and thinking it's not worth it to do anything.

Thinking that my actions don't have much impact. But it's wrong!
There's so much to achieve!

But of course, not forgetting God!

Been memorizing psalms lately, Psalms 130 with Natalie.

Out of the depths I have cried to you, O Lord.
Hear my voice.
Let your ears be attentive to the voice of my supplication.
If you should mark iniquities, O Lord, who could stand?                           But with you there is forgiveness so that You may be feared.
I wait for the Lord, my soul waits.
In his words I do hope.
My soul waits for the Lord.
More than those who watch for the morning,
Yes, more than those who watch for the morning.
O Israel, put your hope in the Lord,
for with God there is mercy,
and with Him there is abundant forgiveness.
And our Lord shall redeem Israel from all his iniquities.

HAHAHA. Wrote this from memory, so I'm not sure how correct :p
But that's pretty much it! It takes like 20 mins to memorize? I think?
Go verse by verse.

And it's so true when this pastor said we read the bible and don't meditate,
it's like we eat but don't digest it. So vomit out again lo.

HAHAH. Understand more deeper once you dissect the words one by one.

I want to say also that I am not perfect.
I'm not better than anyone else!
But by the grace of God I've found myself again.
And I just wish to become better, stay on track.

Keep things simple.

HAHAHA. There are struggles too wokay!
Like feeling @#$% during traffic jams.
Coveting the lastest materials stuff which I SHOULDN'T.

But there is reassurance knowing that I can slowly become a nicer person with time,
with God's help.

After all, the prettiest face will look ugly if there is no pretty heart to accompany it.

And lol suddenly felt like writing this.

It's not that she did anything bad intentionally...
She's a famous socialite actually and gets $450k a month as divorce settlement.
And she uses it to buy HANDBAGS and more HANDBAGS.
One of her 100k handbags can save SOOO many lives mannnn.

And I'm just thinking. You're forty years old, you have way more than you need.
When you die, what kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?
Someone who buys a lot of handbags out of her divorce settlement,
or someone who gives to charity? -,-

Or maybe she gives to charity secretly.
But that seems like she would rather spend it on the latest fashion?
Instead of saying a life?

I feel ashamed writing this also.
it is true God has blessed me and I have more than enough too!

Always make up make up clothes clothes also har. HAHA
I wanna try those adopt a child thing! For RM50 a month,
save a life. I think got those program online?
And you can write to the child you adopt and etc :3

Oh yessss this one! 
I remember one of the church member volunteered here before.

Okay lah, I'm as bad as Jamie Chua la.
HAHAHHA. But since I realize it now, might as well do something about it.
I think if you are a role model you should always be careful of what you do!
Anyway, even if you're just a regular person like me,
we all have impacts on people around us.

After all they say we are like the closest five people around us right?
SO AH. If you impact five people then five people impact five people
then become twenty five people!!! Then twenty five people impact five each,
warao. 125, then 625, then 3125.

WAHRAO. See, who many people you can impact.
Don't even have to be famous. HAHAHAHA.

ya it's trueee.
I realized I've been a selfish person, guilty as charged. 
Hoarding personality and scared of getting "rugi" etc.

It's true that poor people know the art of giving better.
Because, they know what it's like to go hungry.
We distance ourself from this reality, but the truth is
there is people who would die if someone didn't
lend out a helping hand, a random act of kindness.

I know Paggie does random act of kindness sometimes.
Support! HAHAHA. 

Hehe here's the link.

And, if you have a laptop you are rich already laa.
And if you are rich you should bless someone less fortunate la.

Yep! Amen to that.

Today during contemporary fashion class we also talked about it about
the Gilded Age, Industrial Revolution, and the powerful families.

I'll talk about The Vanderbilts versus The Rockefellers.
Does the name ring a bell? They are famous families of US.
Super rich, where their wealth convert today would be hundreds of BILLIONS.

Here on the Vanderbilts:
The noted economist John Kenneth Galbraith said that several generations of Vanderbilts showed both the talent for acquiring money and the dispensing of it in unmatched volume, adding that they dispensed their wealth for self-gratification and very often did it foolhardily.

Here on the Rockefellers:
John D. Rockefeller gave away US$540 million over his lifetime (in dollar terms of that time), and became the greatest lay benefactor of medicine in history.[23] His son, "Junior," also gave away over $537 million over his lifetime, bringing the total philanthropy of just two generations of the family to over $1 billion from 1860 to 1960.[24] Added to this, the New York Times declared in a report in November, 2006 that David Rockefeller's total charitable benefactions amount to about $900 million over his lifetime.[25]

And then the Vanderbilts:
The family suffered from a major downfall in prominence by the mid-20th century, known as the Fall of the House of Vanderbilt.[1] Despite the family's downfall and major loss of fortune, the Vanderbilts remain the seventh wealthiest family in history.

And the Rockefellers:
 They are considered to be one of the most powerful families, if not the most powerful family,[3] in the history of the United States.

Both are seriously wealthy. But of course I like the Rockefellers more!
They used their wealth for good things!
They also had the Rockefeller foundation and supported Ivy Leagues
universites (Princeton/Yale/Harvard) enormously.

Same with Bill Gates!
Another huge giver. 

I think God gives wealth to those who have a heart of giving.
Those like Jamie Chua sure bankrupt oneee.

It's not about how much you earn, it's about how much you save.


Same lesson to me. I must also learn to be less selfish.
Buy a eight buck magazine which can feed someone for a day alreadyyy.

Okay, in summary for my New Year's Resolutions:
  • Never stray from God, only increase my walk with Him.
  • Read bible, pray and meditate daily. EASY! MUST DO!
  • Complete all due assignments. Give my best effort.
  • Manage time properly ^^ 
  • Get fit. Lose 5 kgs! In three months! Before end of March!
  • Exercise 30 mins each day (jogging/fitness blender/skipping rope/gym/cycling/etc)
  • Learn to cook! ^^ I have a feeling it will taste good one. HAHAHA. (pasta/eggs/pita rolls/salads/sandwiches)
  • Improve myself musically. (singing/piano/guitar?violin?)
  • Join worship team in church? :3
  • EAT HEALTHY. At least two servings of fruit, LESS JUNKFOOD.
  • Conquer Lucian the Husky on dog walking. CALM phew
  • Don't fail any subjects. Do my best and leave the rest.
  • Go onboard Sponsor a Child program
  • Volunteer at SPCA/Ophanage/Old Folks Home. Try one, then one a month, then more and more.
  • Don't stress my daddy so much. HAHAAH.
  • Memorize 10 Psalms. 5 in January, 5 in February.
  • Plan more things in my journal. Fail to plan is plan to fail ah ahbeng!!
  • Save >2k during April,May,June,July.

That's about it for now ^^

For 2013, memorable ones was.

I came back to church. HOHO. Back for good. I went on a two year hiatus.

I got a boyfriend, thought it was what I wanted but NAH. Dating is overrated, especially when it's not someone meant for you and you just want to rush things because everyone else around you is dating. Love is beautiful, and relationships are great when the time and person is right. But now. LOL I GOT MY ANSWER. More than satisfied curiosity of having a boyfriend. I've done things I'm not proud of, but I'm thankful of how I came out of it and that I came out at all. 

13 No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to humanity. God is faithful, and He will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation He will also provide a way of escape so that you are able to bear it.

So yeap! You young people out there, don't be afraid of being single.
Especially when you are not even over your twenties!
Parents are always right okay when they say don't date until you start working.
HAHAHAH. I'm serious!

Trust me, if you are single now God made you that way for a reason.
And I can confirm if you were to forcefully get into a relationship,
you would realize you are much happier being single.

Not everyone can be in a relationship during  points of the life. 
Maybe later in life. But now when you're so young.
You need the freedom to explore. Be independent.
But, some relationships are different la, where couples support each other very well so that's different! :) Congrats to you if you have an understanding bf/gf!

They say you are most ready to be in a relationship when you don't yearn to be in one.
Plus, sometimes people love their partners for themselves, not for who their partners are.
Which means the love their partners because they can provide them something. 

Sex or money or plain accompany or whatever. Yes, those things your partner should give (except for sex la if you guys not married) but imagine. 

If your partner suddenly became poor would you still love him? Yes? If he sincerely does not have enough money to even pay for your meal? Yes? If you're lonely and your partner can't accompany you would you hate him or be understanding? 

Hmm. I've seen and realize young love is a bit more selfish. It's about what the partner can do for them. It's about how much they can lavish on them, about a trophy girlfriend, something like that.


Okayyy moving on.

Another thing is also I simply wrote in my 2013 journal. Learn how to make up.

HAHAHA. And boy, did my make up kit grow.
And I did learn a lot! Just from Youtube and the occasional time at beauty counters.
Important part is trying them at home I think? Hands on experience.

Learned smokey eyes, contouring and highlight, the korean trends- straight eyebrows and gradient lips, eye make up, etc etc.

BUT. I think if you don't know how to make up you're not missing out on much.
HAHHAHA. Because natural is GOOD.
Especially when you are young.

A little lipstick and eyebrows is all you need.

I think I should only wear lipstick/lipgloss for college now. 
No BB cream or foundation to let my skin rest. HOHO.

Alright. 6 AM now! Gotta head to college soon.
Wait. Before I go or you go.

Take a deep breathe.

You did?


Le'ts look at some inspiring stuff to kickstart our year!
Keep the fuel burning.

Alright ^^

I know everyone is charged up during January.
But I don't want to die halfway during mid year okay! HAHAHA.
Have to charge myself all throughout the year.

Hope you all have a great year ahead!
Thank you God for everything


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