Saturday, 25 January 2014

Qi Yao's twenty first at One City


First of all, happy birthday to Qi Yao! 
Another january baby along with Ding, Shao Yang, Chloe.
Theng Loo and Weng Hock soon also if I'm not wrong.

The venue was at One City, all the way in Subang!
We passed like three tolls lol.

But found it, thanks to Waze!
Chi Cheng drove Siet Yen, Yih Wen and I!

It's not a club or pub or whatever.
It's on the top floor of this shop office lot,
but it's pretty spacious and there's 7eleven downstairs.
King Jiat and Weng Hock got some hot noodles there after drinking.
ahem kj puked on the glass door window HAHAHA

They rent it out for people who want to hold parties.
I think Qi Yao spent around a few k for this,
he didn't ask anyone to pay.

Hehe he has turned 21 already.
I can't believe I'm 20. I keep forgetting.

Left to right: Jennie, Chi Cheng (RED from drinking!), Siet Yen,
Amanda Xuan, myself.

So happy to see so many old faces, and some new ones.
The girls all made it, except for Mei Yen because it's a late outing heh.

I wonder ten years later if we would still camwhore like this.
Walao eh. HAHAHA. I know friend's moms who'll go out to so many outings.
They're like teenagers but moms who party like a teenager.
And bring their daughter with them. AHEM cynthia cqe.

Siet Yen and Xuannie wore like go clubbing. Jennie wore ah ma/casual a bit 
because she wasn't expecting to stay late. 

Xuan and I wore clothes we just bought. Hahaha!
yikes, it's so hard to wait until CNY to wear new clothes -,-
before CNY came I wore like 70% of my new clothes
so I had to go and buy sumore. 

Qi Yao said I keep wearing so princessy nowadays.
"Need to find a prince to match already".
HAHAHHA. I don't mind a prince in dirty clothes.

Dirty clothes means hardworking, no? HAHAH

Watercolour effect off shoulder top :3
LOL I take back my words. I'm still not over pastel -,-
Bought a lot of barbie pink, pink die you sort of clothes
to match my bag. HAHAHA. Since I have so many pink bags.

Qiyao the birthday boy.
And Weng Hock who just touched down in Msia from Aussie
a few days ago.

I was complaining to him there was this random person texting me.
Anonymous texted, "bila datang". So I replied "siapa ini".
Then the person said "your LAO BEH".

I'm like whattt my dad doesn't even like to text.
And then when he was hearing this his face sold him out already.
I KNEW IT WAS HIM -,- the weird digits not local one hahaha.

It was nice Yih Wen could make it because
she seldom gets to go to parties. Nevermind nevermind,
CNY plenty more. Hahahaha.

Also interviewed her in the car what was it like having big cushions.
She said it was very... tiring to carry around. HAHHAHAHA.

yihwern ah what pose is this

Xuan came with Qi Yao's cake!
Siet Yen was the one who arranged for the cake
but she forgot to take it and Chi Cheng was fetching me already
so last minute she asked Xuan to take.

"I owe you one!" Siet Yen said to Xuan. hahahha.

I did that one time too.
I left Siet Yen's present in my house and Jennie had to go back
to my house to get it.

Actually Siet Yen was asking suggestions.
Some people said Minion. Or Angry Bird.
I said egg. Or duck. HAHAH. Those reminds me of Qi Yao.

But in the end it was a key!
Cos 21 years old right, legal for anything already.
FULLY an adult.
18 still not really right cos you can't
go inside casinos until you're 21.

With his Taylorian friends too!

Aww so sweet!

Birthday kiss hahahhahahaa.

The guys.
Noisiest bunch is them already man.
Especially Kha Weng and Ding. 

Warao, Kha Weng worse then Ding already.
Ding retire, Kha Weng take over.
HHAHAHA. Entertainer.

They also decided to "ALLUBA" him.
I dont know why it's called that.
But basically it is guys trying to hurt a guy's private parts.
Hahahha walao eh high school they always did this.

In between class when teachers are out, whoever is unlucky-
legs wide open, and then OUCH..

And then some others KO and lie down.

At first it wasn't so loud.
One or two hours later, BOOM.
Everyone was noisy.

But I love that no one complains about ANYTHING.
No neighbours, no hotel guests complaining
they need peace. HAHAHHA.

Party with ease.

Jun Wen got some wondermilk cupcakes for Qi Yao!
They got lost on the way and ended up late lol.
But it's okay! At least got to see them hehe.

Jin Fye is flying off to spain on the 29th!
Gonna miss seeing him during CNY :3

Kha Weng the noisiest person that night.

Jun Wen with her MAC ruby woo lipstick :*

Hahahaha! I ended up staying pretty late since I was following Chi Cheng.
Went home around 3AM.  

It was a really fun night, so many silly things happened.
Reminds me of Penang trip. HAHAHHA


This was during morning.
I changed three oufits on Friday. lolol.
One for class, one for pavi, one for qi yao's.

After class was shopping with Xuan at Pavi.


Lace top from Forever 21
Palazzo Pants in bloom prints from Forever 21
Chanel valentine flap bag in medium

My first meal of the day at 5PM! Totally gratifying.
Shih lin's ricebox. Sooo long I never had stuff from Shih Lin.
Because it's heaty! But yummy.

Love this shot.

So, that was my friday :)
I think I had almost 400 pictures from that day. Lol!

It was definitely a fun day.
Work hard, play hard! :33

More to come,
xoxo BUBU.

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