Friday, 31 January 2014

Start of CNY

Hi! First of all, happy new year guys :)
As of writing this, it's "Chinese New Year's Eve".
Tonight is where most families will gather to have "reunion dinner".

Tomorrow is when the angpau starts to come, and of course
balik kampung time!! I will be going back to Bentong ;)
As in Pahang! It's my dad's hometown, he grew up there.
My mum's hometown is in Ipoh. (and I accidentally wrote iPoh. -,-
darn you Apple. hahahah)

Early afternoon like 12AM, was chatting in the group whatsapp.
Mei Yen wanted to go out shopping but her mama was busy praying.
I wanted to go shopping to but my dad was buying flowers. HHAHA.

So in the end we went 1u together ^^ thanks mei for driving hehe.
It was crazyyy crowded in the shopping mall.
As always, people doing last min shopping! 
Lucky mei yen had one card and I asked her to park at random
non designated spot since it might take loooong time to find parking. 

Ah, actually the point of me shopping was to "see see" cameras.
I wanted to check out Fotokem for Casio Tr15 because I knew
they write their market price as RM2.8k (or 2799 to be exact)
whereas online shops sell like RM3.2k for the pink/white ones (GO DIE)

But unfortunately, they didn't have stock. Only ZR1200.

Okay wait. This is Tr15.

This is ZR1200

ZR1200 is much cheaper, about RM1.5k.
You can buy two ZR1200 with one TR15.
But the point is, I wanted TR15 because I wanted a slim camera.
And TR has better image quality

Even though I had to fork out double. HAHHA.
And I like the design.

Secretly also because a lot of pretty girls use TR15 like macam yes.

Okay anyway just look at the difference!
My camera was Samsung EX2F but see, you can stack FOUR TR15s 
to reach Samsung EX2F's thickness. -,-

But my own fault la chose such a thick camera. HAHHA.
EX2F was bought somewhere before JUNE 2014.

Don't get me wrong! I did enjoy using EX2F A LOT,
the image is really clear. But now I've been going back to smaller bags.
HAHHAA. So that's why.

First picha taken with TR15.

Fotokem ran out of stock so I went to Shong Lee.
Weird name right. HAHAH. Shong Lee is near the Isetan in Old Wing.
I asked them a couple of weeks before but they didn't have stock.

Today they did! Lucky for me, unlucky for my wallet. 
But most things I bought this year was with my savings wokay! Not daddy sponsor.
And I guess the way I spend is like save and splurge.

Save first, then splurge.
December and January- XMAS and CNY. March- BDAY MONTH.

So these four months piggybank serious damage la, other eight months
must keep skin a bit. Save money! Deffo need to save money.
Jennie has been saving money recently! I mean she doesn't spend as
much as she used to. Phew, I wish to spend less too.

With Mei Yen. HAHAH.

The saleswoman I talked to, she said there was no test model (what?)
and the price was RM3k firm.

But I told her I'm paying in cash but I only have 2.9k, 
wan then wan, dowan then dowan I ciao.

Then she say okay lo. 
HAHAH. But the guy was like "see, everyone else 3k, only you are the exception"
when he was writing receipt from the receipt book.

Hahahah I give instant cash what! Somewhere I think 2.9k is not that cheap
cos the stated price is 2.8k. But thennn casio TR sells out like crazy
and online shops sell them for 3.2k so I won't complain la.

HAHHA. Feel lucky instead. 
So yep. Will jaga this camera nicely.
Phew. Really have so much space in my bag now after switching cameras.

Remind you again the difference in thickness.

EX2F, it's not really obvious when you're carrying satchels etc.
When you carry clutch and flaps, that's when you notice
HOW MUCH SPACE it takes.

But otherwise, I will still use EX2F. 
I think cameras have diff strong points, I'll figure out between these two la lol.

Hmm, I think what's good is that this camera has pretty amazing anti-shake/anti-blur.
You can walk and take picture but it still comes out pretty clear.

Actually I was worried because sometimes on Insta those TR pictures look quite blur,
but I think that's because they take OOTD with the beauty mode lol.
Otherwise, image quality is good for me!

Simple dimple outfit.
Dress is from Sungei Wang, Level Two.
Heels too!  Sunnies from The Curve,
and handbag from Chanel.

Didn't edit this one with filter/colour etc. Just did the mirror thing.
TR you don't really need to edit for portraits because
it is really not called 自拍神器 for nothing. HAHAHHA.
Roughly translates to selca magic tool. lolll

Car selca.

Beautiful mei.
Nautical blue always reminds me of her.

Hello to the guard.

I hung the camera on my fence. HAHAHA.

Something like this.
If you want, you can also use your bottle as tripod. HAHAH.
I think it's a really creative shape. 

it's the only camera that's designed ... like this.
props to the person who designed this lol.

Random shots.

Also tried the remote control feature.
TR15 has built-in wifi, TR10 does not and retails for RM2099.
EX2F also has this feature!

Next, went to Ativo Plaza with Mei Yen.
Mei Yen wanted to go Hero Market to buy CNY cake for her mami.
Hehe. By the way, Ativo Plaza is so good for taking pictures.

Mei Yen said, don't intro this place to anyone, keep it secret.
HHAHAHAH. But I very good one, nice things must share share a bit~

I love grassy shots. :3
Reminds me of when I was in Aussie laying on the grass 
and everyone was doing the same too.

Not like in Malaysia takut got centipede lurking in the grass and WHATNOT.

Ativo Plaza has a playground behind the shoplot. There, secret uncovered! HAHAHA

Hello? Supposed to be for three persons but I forever alone so I 
stood in the middle. STILL very hard to balance. wobbly a bit.

We welcome you to Ativo Plaza.

But don't come here so often, later BSD sak cheh how? HHAAHAA.
As in traffic jam. HAHHA nola.

I'm still glad BSD is never really jam.
I think Wangsa Permai/Sungai Buloh etc can be really jam
even near the housing areas.

Oh yah! For BSD, it is the LDP which is most jam.
But if LDP jam then use alternative routes nohhh.




HHAHA. Mei Yen improved her photography skills, woohoo~
One good thing about Instagram is that many people have learnt
how to take good pictures. ^^v!

Let's forget all our worries.

Purseblog-ish sort of shot.

Le fountain. 

How good if got swimming pool too?!

And their huge swings.

Simple barbie pink nails for CNY.
Wanna try gel manicure too but... I'm not going to have long nails for a while...
I scared... to scratch my handbag... 

HAHAH. Sweat. 

Also it's supposed to be matte and I actually put a matte topcoat,
but the FUNNY THING about matte nail polish is that...
after a while they become shiny. Prolly due to friction~

Tried the Casio LED light flash. HAHAH.
It's easy to tell when people are using Casio TR/ZR to take pictures.
Normal ones have a yellow undertone, is abit blur and fair. Wide angle.
With LED one the face will have a sort of white cast, but features will stand out.

iPhone too! Canon also. HAHAHA. Actually I think once you try diff cameras
you'll know the difference.

Hmm. I've always liked toying with cameras since young.
Like 13 I guess? That's when I got my first digicam. 

It was one of those Sony slide cameras! 
they were very heng back then okay. HAHAHA.
I had a pink one, of course. DUH. 

I always choose pink. 
Maybe when I was a kid my parents used to dress me up in pink.

Here is my papa! He's dressed up for Reunion Dinner ^^v!
Daddy saw my camera and he asked how much. Five hundred ah.
HAHHAA. I wish. I'm like errr two thousand something.
But actually more like three thousand minus one hundred.

Fisheye effect on the camera.

My brother. He looks so petite here. HAHHA.
But he's actually five ten in real life la, so no worries.


At a cina ahpek resto! 
A lot of relatives where there.

my granny :) 

of course CNY is never complete without lou sang!

take one. okay.

take two. what happened to you baby clairie?!

This is so TR like. AHHAHA

And here with Scottie.
So fun to watch him grow year by year. HAHHA.
And then one day, BOOM. Get married have kids.


love this shot :3

with Yvonne yooo. She's eighteen this year already!

Rhys Gibson. Hahhaa!
She's Malaysian Chinese mix with Hawaiian Ang moh blood. HAHHAA.

All getting worked up over toys already.
Rhys cried a little when Scott started taking over the toy she was playing.
HAHA. And I felt so sad for her.

But after that she move on ady.

I don't get how babies can cry so bad for a minute,
then smile the next! It's like they forget what upset them just like that. 

Those lashes are to die for.

HAHHA. TR's editing thing. Reminds me of purikura.

Anddd more effects under ART mode.



Toy camera.


HHAHA. wokay. end of selfshots.

pictures before this line is from TR15. after this line is from EX2F.


Oh yeah some out of the box shots. Included the usual. 8GD microSD, charger, USB cable,
case, lanyard, manual.

So pinky girly.

Last Saturday at The Curve! Family dinner.

Dad asked us what we wanted to eat.
I said Japanese but Dad doesn't like Sakae Sushi anymore :(
So I suggested Thai.

Rasa Thai. I think this is more like... Indonesian mix Thai?
Not really Authentic Thai. Absolute Thai at 1U is really nice! But always crowded I think.

Their fried rice. I loveeeeed it! So flavorful. YUMMY.

I love Thai food man. Pandan chicken, pineapple rice, green curry, tomyam. MM.
I remember COCA in 1U was really niceee.

Look for Last Sunday shopping with family. 

YOHO one of those Seat OOTDS again. HAHHAA.

lao dou behind the wheels as always.

Xuan and Kei was there as well! In Pavilion I mean.
Thanks to Foursquare. HAHAHA.
You check in I check in.

Top and wedges from Sungei Wang.
Pearl Necklace from Lovisa.
Tartan kilt from Burberry.
Chanel valentine flap.

Camwhore as always ^^
Tumpang brunch with them at Din Tai Fung,
then went to Sasa and Parkson.

Got some face mask (on saleee), nail polishes and Chanel lipgloss in Amour.

Hei hei. Bought this bag organizer from The Curve.
So useful, love it!

College day.

I look like I'm ready to hit the beach.
Oh yeh, I love the beach.
Long time no visit seaside~

And yay! My 22 piece brush set from Coastal Scent finally came in.
I ordered in back in December okay but it was lost in transit.
I think due to Xmas rush etc :( 

But the seller was nice enough to replace it :D 
I bought this from eBay. Around USD45 I think, 12 bucks
for the shipping thou.

TOTALLY worth it. One brush can cost like RM20 even if you buy the cheap one.
Some of these are Boar Bristles etc and very soft too.

Definitely worth it and useful for make up! Loves!

Mush mush my cabbie gou gou.
Love him much, he's so nice to cuddle with ^^v

LOOK AT HIS EYES. They always look like they are going to pop out.
He be like. Oh. Such massage. Me doge. More.

I love to selca in this top.
No idea why :P

Another simple college outfit.

On the way to Dad's annual company lunch thingie.

OOTD. :)

Top from F Block, Skirt from Forever 21.

After lunch I went to sing K with Mei Yen and Jennie.

Jennie has left to Japan! 
Gonna miss her out during CNY outings.
Will miss her of cossie~


Silky, the very creative name of
Mei Yen's silky terrier.

Had tea time at Dabbsy's Cafe.
Mei Yen and Jennie didn't bring money so I sapu.
But it was cheap! And worth it for the food

At night, went to lou sang with the ah peks. HAHHAA. Daniel them.

here is Siet Yen :*

After lou sang, went to Loudspeaker in The Strand to sing karaoke.
As always, I'm team JOLIN TSAI.
Semua emo emo. 

And here I am with my new camera.

HAHHA. Happy girl indeed.
I'm not rich or what, just that I save and splurge! :3
HOHO. Gonna save 99 for four months at least to repair damage.

Anyways, it's always good to save money.
When you spend, you only spend more and more.
Material things never satisfy, because there's always so many things to buy.
A new gadget a new purse a new fridge a new car, WHATEVER.
The point is- if you aren't contented with yourself you won't
be contented with anything you have.

If you think you will feel more content about yourself after you buy a new dress etc
then I think you are wrong.

But oops, I think that way too sometimes. HAHHA.
So yep. If you want to feel good you can deffo do it without spending.
I know there's this thing like shopping from your own closet.

Instead of buying new clothes, you find unworn/forgotten clothes in your closet.
That's a pretty cool idea! I'm sure there's cool stuff in your closet just that
we don't make effort with the old stuff.

The society is always NEW NEW NEW.
Because, oh well- consumerism.

But anyways! Thanks be to the Lord for all that I have.

Whack myself, time to save money and give away to charity instead.


Also, congratulations for coming this far.
I mean reading my blog until so far.
Phew. I always type so much and put so many pictures.
HAHAH. that's just how bubuchahchahdotblogspot rolls.

Happy chinese new year, welcoming the year of Horse.
May prosperity and love be in abundance and God bless you! :*

xoxo BUBU! signing off, till then. ;)

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