Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Roof

Hello guys!

Please brace yourself for the long post ahead :P
Well, long post means a lot of happenings,
so that is a good thing. Hehehe.

Writing blog definitely has helped me
in terms of writing long-winded essays.
It's not unusual for my posts to have over 3k words.
hahaha! Too bad fashion design seldom write essay...
unless marketing or research ! :3

Let's jump right into it.

Went to Chloe's birthday at Signature, The Roof.

I love to call that place 屋顶。

HAHAH. Literally translations make me go rofl sometimes.
Chloe's the first among the girls to turn 20.
I'm 20 already this year, can you believe it?

No longer a teenager.
But hey, life goes on. Like level up, haha.
But at least I'm not so old where I feel offended to tell my age :P
20 is a good age actually. Hehe.

Well well. grateful for all that I have!

Been a long time didn't hang out with the seven girls.
The rambunctious bunch. HAHAH.
Such a big group, everywhere is a party with em :p

With ma ladies!
Siet Yen and Sim Kuan!

On a random note.
Found this on fb hahahah.
I agree it is true because there's K inside.
If not... ahem. HAHHA, shiok sendiri betul.

I got a lot of friends with S and N actually I think :3

Outfit of the night aka OOTN :B
Hairband from Parkamaya (you can adjust the ears actually, heh)
Barbie pink cut out dress from Sungei Wang
Eva clutch from Louis Vuitton
Platform wedges from Sungei Wang.

HEHE. The ones from Sungei Wang were from last week's haul.
Am satisfied with my purchase!
Hahaha, so bad I didn't wait until CNY.
Oh well, outing season now.

I love the wedges! It might be able to compete with my black booties
as regular outing footwear. 

For me it has to be comfortable and high for me to want to wear it often.
Comfortable as in I can stand or walk for four hours like that 
and not feel like my feet has to be amputated. HAHAH.
High as in at least four inches.

So platforms will be your best buddy actually to achieve height and comfort :)

EHE, love my camera much actually.
Can selfie all the time! ^^v
Hehe grateful grateful. Never gonna lose this camera.

Hmm nowadays the girls seldom bring camera.
hahaha kidding

Polaroids. I think Chloe must have had two or three boxes in hand.
Phew. I have a fujifilm but seldom use it cos the film keeps running out.
Should get it out for CNY, hohohoho.

Some shops crazy one, sell for RM28 per pack.
RM25 is okay, RM22 is good deal.
Buy in bundle cheaper!

I love Hello Kitty one ^^
and the Rilakkuma one I wannnn.

With my babygirl slash luv luv slash boyfriend.

Very glad she decided to show up the last minute :P
Cos actually she wanted to lock herself up at home
with assignments and sims.

But cannot la! No way I'm going to let her be a robot.
It's good to be responsible, but don't neglect your friends 
and having fun once in a while wokay!

I think life is really an act of balance.
Family, friends, God, church, college, assignments, relationships, hobbies, etc etc.

But that's the fun thing about life.
It's always a learning curve.
I'm sure if you're a willing student,
you'll be rewarded :)

I don't ever believe life can be bad forever.
Sure, I have my lowpoints and sometimes it's hard to stop being miserable.
But we just gotta trust. 

When you're rock bottom, the only way is UP!

Jeremiah 29:11

New International Version (NIV)
11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

1 Corinthians 10:13

New International Version (NIV)
13 No temptation[a] has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted[b] beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted,[c] he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.

Amen to that. 
Of course, God's word is totally essential for life!
Once the bible starts making sense, you'll know you never want to stop reading it.

Aha some odd half-candid shot.
I look like a conman trying to lure Jennie into something.

Suspicious slash progressing what is being said to me face.
Jennie was telling me a bimbo story here I remember.

With Chloe again yoh.
Hahah! My wedges look so big.
Alvin took this, not bad oh.
Cos guys don't work camera often.

Unless a guy becomes boyfriend with a girl who OOTDS nonstop on Insta,
then for sure he will be forced to take pictures. HAHAH.
Speaking of the truth okay!

Taking pictures at The Roof is a bit of an unpredictable thing
Because their famous tree of lights always change colours :3

Joe and Jasmine. Hotties phewwit.

Corinne hhahah love her make up style.

Chloe with her cake and Shaun Koh. :)
Happy birthday and get prettier each year,
outside in and inside out !

With the ladies, Siet Yen and Sim Kuan again ! 

Jasmine and Siet Yen both changed their hairstyle recently.
As in the norm for CNY. New year new start weyh.
Oh yeah Chi Cheng too!

Jasmine dyed green, Siet Yen permed, Chi Cheng cut bangs.
Jennie soon to turn blue.

AHA. I spent the whole last year going crazy with hair colours.
Now I'm going crazy with headbands only,
let my hair grow itself out and keep it healthy for now. hehe

With the dogs!

They came quite late. Chloe they all went to Zouk,
while Jasmine they all some went home early
while some went to Publika.

We chilled at Signature (AGAIN) for a while.

With Amy, Ding's girlfriend!
HAHAH. Nice seeing her again.

Went back home around 1 plus!
Church over clubs hoho.

So, that was my Saturday night! ;)


This was during one of the schooldays. HAHAHA.
There was only one day where we had replacement class
and I had to stay at college until almost nine o croc!
Never stayed that long before.
But okay laaa.

My dinner was Pasta Salad from Intermark.
It's quite yummy! :3
Kind of like healthy fast food.
It's served chilled by the way!

HAHHAA. Vency wanted to pose but there were cars coming in.
We went out during lunch break to buy fabric for project workshop.
Most people are doing a dress, me too!

My inspiration is Space Age cowgirl. HAHAH.
let's see how it'll work out.

Meet my star cushion.
It's actually those softies filled with beads.
And I find it really, really soothing and therapeautic to
squeeze at them during traffic jam.

HHAHAH. So instead of horning like a madwoman
I can now squeeze my star to death.

Nola, I think it quite enjoys being squeezed, right starry?

Yih Wern called me out of the blue to go to The Roof.
It was totally random like ten on a Thursday night.
But the next day was holiday, so I didn't mind :D

Plus, long time I didn't catch up with Yih Wern.

Hehe. Sometimes I can be very on while other times off.
But I always like making time for friends!

OOTN? hahaha.
Minnie Mouse whoohoo~

Headband from 1U, 
lace top and origami shorts from Sungei wang
(the same batch of haul last week!)
Chain bag from Prada,
Ribbon heels from Charles and Keith!

They served free snacks and 
had a blonde lady performing as well.
She's caucasian but she knows how to sing chinese songs,
sooo PROPS to that!

Again with the tree.
HAHAH. Anyway, quite typical for outing places.
It's a small world in the Malaysian party circuit.
Or where teens/young adults frequent.

Shopping malls like 1 utama and Pavi.
Drinking places like Giza, Vertigo, The Roof, Zouk.
Chill places like DPC, K gallery.


This one was... Friday night!
We had cell meeting outside of church that night.

Coffee lava! We went to Old Town at Ativo plaza.

Anyway it was totally hilarious 
Eunice overheard the Indian family beside discussing in Tamil and English
about us.

They thought we were siblings but wondered why Eunice and Angely
were different races, then they thought they were adopted.
WHAT! HAHAHA laugh die me weyh.

Why not, it's true we're like family ^^ bwahahaha.
brothers and sisters in Christ.

With Angely and Derianne.

Also, we had a proper mobile stack.
Samsung tabs and smartphones and iPhones.

I don't like it when people text all the way during outings!
Dude you can have a real convo with the person in front of you
why text with someone else right.
I don't get it!

Edit picture and check social media for five mins okay la.
But it's a habit I know! Bad habit of havin smartphone,
too many things to play.

Anyway, what I like about my phone is the battery indeed.
Always leave 60 or 70% after I come back from a long day
of regular use. Samsung Galaxy Mega. HAHAHA.

With Ruthie on the swing
I'm on cloud nine!

I think Ativo Plaza's concept is like a mix of
DPC and Giza. 

Hmm. Like the more neighbourhood friendly of Giza.
They have giant swings which were fun! :3

Hehe, glad that Ativo Plaza is open.
I think it has great potential!
Hope no jam la hhaha.

With my cousin Scott!
He's ten years old now, time flies.
A while ago he was a little baby.
hahah! He's studying in Bestari now! :3

First Yee Sang this year!
CNY feels a little bittie rushed because it's in January,
usually it's in February.

But it's all good!
I loveee CNY.
Catch up with relatives and friends.
Snack here and there and relax and get angpau.
Who doesn't like right! hehe.

Clairie who is usually really shy and picky with strangers
but gave me the honor of taking pictures
because she was attracted by my bunny ears. LOL

So that's life currently!
Excited for each new day hehe.

I guess we always think about the past and future,
when what matters most is HERE and NOW.

What you do NOW is what makes the past and creates the future.
So... concentrate on doing your best now, no regrets later! :3

Alright, gotta head to bed and wakey wakey for church.
I think I have four hours ish to sleep. HAHAHA.
And then go KL shopping after church.

Whoop, busy day ahead.
But fun-filled!

Bye bye guys,
more update to come.

xoxo, BUBU!

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