Thursday, 27 February 2014


Hello people :)

Hope you guys are doing goood.
Have class tomorrow but feel so restless, aargh.
Felt like blogging!

On the way to Pavi! Sunday aka family shopping day hehe.

Seat ootd? Been a while I didn't do this.
Hahaha. basically means sitting and pointing ur camera to ur oufit.

Look at the passerby photobombing me.
Sometimes people give odd looks to my casio tr. 
Hahaah! Because it's a camera but looks like a yoga phone.

Had brunch at O'Galito, Yih Wern's absolute FAVOURITE.

Scarf from Forever 21.
Pearl Necklace from Forever 21.
Crop top from Topshop.
Tweed skirt from Jaspal.
Squished bag from Chanel.

Had some tomato soup because I wasn't sooo hungry.
But ended up eating some of my brother's salmon and my dad's pasta anyway ^^

Hmm. I think Malaysians dress mostly in.. shorts and t-shirts?
Since it can get pretty hot sometimes.

With my cutie daddy

Lazy to ask people help me take picture.
So, borrow your store's floor to ceiling mirror. HAHAHHA

Prada's interior viewed from up is so.. dizzying.
But I like how they display their bags in pretty glass cabinets.
I should get one for my room too instead of chucking my bags all over the place ~,~

Another ootd.

Okay la, cheat one.
It's the same picture, just different filter.
HAHAHA. Hope can bluff you guys ^^

Pink is my great loveeee.

Maybe I should start collecting pink sunglasses.
If I ever open a shop, I guess it would be all pink.
Or maybe pastels.

Pink seems to garner extreme opinions-
it's either you love it or hate it.

But anyway, I'd rather be someone who people either love or hate,
than be someone who's neutral all the time.

It's hard to be on neutral ground for me.
So used to all or nothing.

And Tuesday was indeed an "ALL" day. ~,~
Class 9AM to 9PM.
crazyyyy. But, there's a four hour break in between.

CAD class nyoh. Draw clothes using Adobe Illustrator.
I think Photoshop is fun too. But I've got a short attention span 0,0

In fact, I have to admit. Sometimes all this stress from college
makes me really, REALLY wanna quit.

But I gotta push those thoughts away and slap myself. 
HAHAHH! Still got nine more months to go.

There's just no way for me to give up.
College is just one of the things,
I have to DO and get over with. 
To get a cert. 

And, what the duck.
I never want to be slotted into a rigid office workplace.
More stress? NO thankyou.

I rather go freelance. Be my own boss.
Or do an online boutique. Or be a clothes buyer.
Or design clothes and produce it in china
then sell it overseas.

I don't want to worry or get pressured by people with higher authority :(
HAHAH. But, of course there's clients and dealines to be faced still,
eventho you are working freelance.

Nahh, can't lay in a bed of roses all the time.

Of course, in my twenties, I don't mind working for other people!
To suck it up, gain experience of the corporate world.
And in between sure complain and rant a lot. ^^

And... I'm the sort of person who questions why a lot.
Why have to be so stress? Why? 
Then I will feel dissatisfied lol.
Like why can't I just do something less stressful
and still earn money.

Outfit for tuesday! Was wearing diff outfit in the morning
but changed for meet up with Chi Cheng.

Smile like noobs here. Teehee.
I love this picture thou.

It's been a while I didn't catch up with her!
Glad I finally did ^^v

We're planning to go on a lil Singapore trip during beginning of April.
Since I have my holiday! 

Eggs Benedict at Amelio's. 
I loveeee eggs benedict. The runny yolk is my favourite part!! ^^

This was Wednesday...
at the same place too!

But add in the rest of the girls ^^
Almost all of them made it except for Mei Yen. HAHHA.
Hope can get them complete for my birthday yoh.

With Xuan and Chi Cheng !

My lips are so red hahah. I seldom wear red lipstick after changing to ash brown.
Wore red a lot when I had black hair!

Xuan gave me her Lola lipgloss because it didn't match her skintoneee.
But fret not! I think there's a shade of red lipstick 
to suit everyone.

if you're fair then you can try blue-based reds. Like Mac's ruby woo.
if you're warm/tanned then you can try orange-based reds. Like Topshop's rio.

I think every girl should have...
A nude pink shade. (my lips but better shade. natural and close to your lip, but livelier)
A shocking red shade. (for when you want extra oomph/look more mature)
A flamingo pink (looks good on bleached hair. hahaha)
A coral pink (yummy summer shade)
And a wine red (for grunge/vampy looks).

I have all except for wine red. HAHAH.
I don't have any dark reds. 

Plus Siet Yen and Jennie ^^
Super glad all of them could make it, because it's not holidays or what.
Just a random Wednesday. HAHAHA.

Cartoon pink heart-shaped shades.
HAHAH. If you were wondering, I got them from FOS.

Jennie and me brought our assignments ^^
Of us all, Siet Yen, Jennie and I are the busiest.
Law and fashion design.
BAC, The One Academy (my ex college), Raffles.

Xuan, Chi Cheng and Mei Yen are more laidback.
it's like they're on holiday compared to us, jelly muchhh.
But still got assignments la. HAHA!
Taylorians and INTI.

I loveee oversized sunnies.
And those unique odd ones.
OVERSIZED. those that attempt to take up half of ma face.

And... also thought of planning my coming birthday. 

Renting a serviced suite for a "sleepover".
HAHAH. Of course, a lot of planning to do!

Where. Who. What. How.
Told my dad alreadyyy about my plans.
He was like, "Who pay ah?" and I just smiled. Lol.

Anddd have to edit guestlist :o
Can't invite too many, because might get complaints and easy to get out of hand lol.
I already have 30 on hand thou 0,0 I hope everything goes wellll.

And then next is food and drinks.
Four to six bottles? IDK weyhh.
Yih Wern is bringing two bottles, so I'm thankful for that!
Prolly getting Bacardi/Vodka. Those with high alcohol content,
easy to make people KO. 40% la. HAHAH.

I told Jennie, since my limit is three glasses.
I'll take one glass at 12AM, another at 3AM, another at 5AM. HAHAH.
So lame right ? ^^ 

Have to get ice packs. And mixers. Cokes. Ten bottles of coke?
IDK. HAHA. And games. Poker chips. Twister. Pinata I wanna get those sumo suits too.

HAHHA. Isn't it cute?! 

But, I scared they all drunk drunk play this,
then break all the stuff in the hotel room T.T
HHAHAHA. Then pity me.

If I bring this, I'll probably have them play in the hotel room
or beside the swimming pool lol. Fall inside the pool won't die right.

And then.. have to get decorations. Balloons, banners etc.
And buy new clothes. Pink theme!

Okay la, fingers crossed hope my party will go well and I won't get arrested.
And also, there's three more weeks.
!!! Three more weeks to concentrate on STUDYING.

Oh my. I love weekends so much I almost want to forget about weekdays.
But if I don't have college I'll be so lifeless moping around at home, lol. -,-

the grass isn't greener on the other side,
it's greener where you water it, RIGHT :3

xoxo. love ya


Sunday, 23 February 2014

Xuan open house

Hello, everybody!!

Welcome to bubuchahchah dot blogspot once again :*
HAHAHA. Efficient okayy.
I think I update my blog at least once a week hehe.

As of writing this, it's Sunday afternoon.
Have to go out soon for family outing in KL :3

So, let's start of with yesterday.

Finally got to hang out with my boyfriend properly.
She's taken already by another guy,
but I'm a girl so at the same time she's taken by a girl.
And a guy.

^^ Went to 1U with Jennie.
Xuannie was *supposed* to come but she ended up 
sleeping real late and therefore waking up real late.

Simple outfit.

Polka dot corset from sungei wang,
Blue bandage skirt from Forever 21,
Brown heels from Charles & Keith,
Saffiano tote from Prada.

Bought some scarves and a little lipstick mirror
from Forever 21. Jennie did a bit of clothes shopping at Kitschen.
Everything was so cheap! Like Rm12.90 for a top 0,0

Jennie said without discount it was around three hundred,
but after discount it was around one hundred for seven items.
Very good! :3

We bought some snacks from Shihlin and Lava,
after that Jennie had to go home because her bro needed to use her car.

Got home around 3pm ish and I ended up napping until 7pm T.T
I hate napping more than two hours. 
It's not even napping anymore!!!

Okay la, at least it's on the weekends, right?

After dinner, reunited with Jennie again to go to 
Xuan's open house. I had dinner with family at The Curve before that.
Yummy yummy thai food noh.

It's the first time Jennie's been to Xuan's house actually.
I kept shouting on the way to Xuan's house because we were using GPS
and the road was so dark and lonely :(

But we made it there one piece.


Anddd here's a very sampat amateur video
of bits and pieces of what happened last night.

I guess with outings, the tipsier and later into the night it gets,
the louder and sillier everyone becomes.

Shouting here and there, wine bottles getting spilled.
I remember Sizo spilled wine/beer/whatever liquid 
for AT LEAST THRICE during that night. Hahahah!

I also remember one part my camera and phone got spilled with wine.
But quickly wiped it, nothing happened! Phew.

Also, it was nice to put my handbag elsewhere.
Wine stains on handbag are like... one of the worst things EVER.
Unless I'm using a RM50 bag la, then it's okay :3

There was quite a lot of people.
Felt like CNY all over again ^^
A lot of Xuan's relatives too.

Three of us

King Jiat kept saying he wanted to INSTA INSTA.

I'm always the one who brings the camera.
If outing don't have me then no pictures wokay.
HAHAHAH. Because others are to lazy to upkeep
bringing a camera.

Have to transfer and upload pictures,
and tag people etcetc.

Jennie didn't bring her camera but helped to use mine.
Sometimes I'm like, "DOWAN. NO TOUCHIE".
But in the end I give up too.
She'll say stuff like, "You bring camera out for what!".
HAHAHA. Stubborn girl wey.

Siet Yen has camera but gone case already. Cos it's really heavy.
The SONY Nex camera. Jennie, she got lazy.
Xuannie, her camera spoiled.

Guys don't really bring cameras, just phone.
I know... Ping Kuang does last time, his DSLR. hahaha

With Sizo Shimoyama, the chinese slash japanese. Hahahah.

Jennie smokes.


of course not, jkyo

Also got souvenirs from Jennie! From her trip to Japan. hehe
Sho nice of her ^^ 

Jennie is the type who will spend a lot of buying souvenirs for her friends.

I got an Esprique palette and a Disneyland pouchie. 
Retails for like Rm100 on eBay?! Sho exy one.

Anyway, thankyou Jennie! I love getting makeup hahahahah.
Accessories too. Those girly girly stuff, as usual.

This is probably my fav picture of the night,
because it doesn't make sense at all.

We were getting silly. HAHAHA.
I'm not drunk, I don't really drink.
But as it gets late and I get sleepy, the sleepiness
becomes hyperactiveness! PSSSSh.

And then Daniel kept saying he was going to treat me Japanese.

You bullsheet Daniel! last week u said the same thing!!


And then comes Huan Yuan with a card taped on his forehead -,-!
We were playing the biggest smallest game.
But it ended a looong time agoo. He's still dreaming.

Little pigs, living in a red barn. HAHAHAHAH

With Jason Bu, who used to study in Raffles too :3

But he said it was too stressful, lol! I think the One Academy is more stressful still.
He graduated from IFTC.

Here is Qi yao wearing a scarf I just bought from The Curve
before coming to Xuan's open house.

Ohhh, did I tell you guys? 
I'm having a thing for scarves recently ^^v

I think scarves are a really great way to add a twist to your outfit ^^
More angmoh-like, because Malaysians don't really wear scarves
(unless for tudung).

I think because Malaysia is hot.
But actually scarf is very useful!
To shield from sunrays, or cover yourself
in air-conditioned rooms.

And Raffles is always so cold! Lol.
But the teachers there always think it's hot,
while the students are freezing. WHY? hahahah. Idk.

Let you shiok la, okay Qiyao.
Look like taiwanese, those kemp designers. Hahaha.
Qi yao is wearing a couple ring. Siet Yen has the white version.
HAHAH. it's from Thomas Sabo if not wrong.

With Jason Bu's mummy :3
She's so friendly and hip lol. Very open-minded outgoing sort.
Mother and son, hahaha. Son wearing chanel espadrilles,
mummy wearing YSL tributes.

I don't know she navigates all these grass in stilettos.
Wedges at best. HAHAH. Pro, pro.

I guess it's true, women are like that.
They just wanna look nice.
No matter how pain, no matter how expensive.

There is such a great market for fashion.
A sigh of relief for me, as a fashion design student ;(

But you can bet people who work in fashion industry are going to be
a lil more bitchy and judgemental lol.

Okay, not a lil. VERY.
Jason Bu agrees too. Hahhaha.
And people in this line look at appearance in a 
objective way.

If you are fat, it's not going to work if you wanna be a model.
Because you don't fit in the society's stereotype.
But, say you were born in the 50's.

If you were skinny it's not going to work,
because people loved Marilyn Monroe-ish curves in that era.
So... it's nothing personal. 

it's just about what society is attuned to during present times.
then of course, what matters most is about being beautiful inside.
As a person, I would personally say that.

But from a fashion industry point of view, then of course have to focus on appearance!
because a good heart isn't something that can be BOUGHT,
but good clothes can be. 

Well.. as Coco Chanel once said,
the best things in life can't be bought,
but the second best is very expensive.

Yep. You can buy sex but not love.
You can buy a house but not a home.
Things like that! :)

Anyway, it was a really fun night, 
just talking nonsense and chilling ^^v

The neighbours did complain lol.
Because we were too loud hahahha.
Probably the place people would never complain 
of being too loud would be clubs,

but in clubs it's so hard to have a conversation anywayyy.

Oh yeah. For my birthday I thought of renting hotel suite for one night.
but then for sure people will complain of being too noisy etc.....
Vincent suggested serviced apartments.. but I'm not sureee.

Hohum, dilemma.
I didn't have a vacation for a long time!
The last one was in Korea.
And that was in July last year!!!

OH NO. I'm twenty this year too.
Honestly, I've come to the age where...
I can't really remember how old I am.
In your teens it's so easy right,
form one means thirteen, two means fourteen and so on.
But college doesn't have that distinction anyway! 

Prolly when you get older, one year is like five years.
Can I call myself 21 when I'm 25?
After all you shouldn't be able to tell the diff right,
since I'm ASIAN!?!

Some bromance happening here.
They were hugging and talking stuff about Penang 
and drink and some other random typical guy topics.

Just like that, they hugged and hugged.

On another side, we have some romance going on.

AND some... girlfriendship?!

Jennie come eat my hair.

I was playing my Boo app here.

Oops, *shy*. hahahahha

Yay for no roots yet! HAHAHA.
but at the same time that also means my hair hasn't grown much!!!
hahah dilemma dieee.

Sooo, that was my Saturday night ! :)
It was a lot of fun, so thank yous to Xuan for the drinks and everything :3

I was really sleepy and sent Jennie and Huan Yuan home.
Was supposed to go to church but I was so tired
I didn't hear the alarm! ><

I HOPE I can wake up for Monday class.
I MUST. It's so crazy, Raffles and the attendance.
more than three days attendance and boom gonna fail!

This was last Sunday.
With a very coral pink and baby pink, pink die you
sort of palette.

I think I would still wear pink when I'm forty.
Four months old to forty years old, pink die you.

Noooo. I think I would wear pink,
but it a more sophisticated and subtle way definitely.
I like creams and tweeds too.

Tea at Chinoz with family.
Shopping at KLCC! 

Reading Wolf of Wall Street.

Also, the raised their fish and chips from RM40+ to RM68.
Lol, inflation much?! Its the brown thing my dad is poking.
But it does come with fries. Hahahah.

Sushi is of course, my ever favourite.
Seriously, nothing can beat sushi.

I can 100% hands down for sure totally yes
eat only sushi for the rest of my life.

I mean I had to choose pizza or pasta or sushi or whatever

oh oh tee dee

bought some emook books, those jap books
which come with bags.

I don't care about the books, I just want the bags lol.
They cost about RM65 each.

I think it got cheaper?? I rmbr it was around RM70 ish last time.
The BAPE emooks are really popular.

Snidel bag.

And the floral L'est Rose tote.
Those kind of big kangkung bags.

Selfie taim maybe?

camwhore when otw to college. HHAHAH.
it takes an hour on average to reach college.
Mornings are the most BLEURGHH.

But then I stop and remind myself.
At least I dont have to sit on a train!
And at least I'm driving my dream car (still)
HAHAHA. Sooo. Be grateful for what you have 
is the way I guess ^^

With Vency the make up artist slash ex pageant. HAHAH ^^

She does nails too, gel nails etc.
she said one week can earn up to RM4k during CNY season. Sho nice :3
Bridal make up is like RM400 one session. Not bad!

And there's Jia Shin.

I had sushi king with Mei Yen. 
This was on Tuesday! After CAD class.

Mei Yen baby ^^

Vency helped me to braid my fringe!
I was amazed because I thought my fringe was too short.
Neggehehehehe ^^

I love trying new hairstyles.
I used to be kind of boring and safe.
HAHAH. the usual black straight hair.

I think once you start to experiment, there's really nothing to lose.
Some hairstyles you will like more than others,
some hairstyles you might not like it when you HAVE IT,
but you'll miss it when you look at your old pictures :P

Oh welll, life!
People always think the grass is always greener on the other side,
when in fact the grass is greener WHERE YOU WATER IT.
This is so true! :3

hello baby star ^^
it's the beanie/styrofoamie filled sort,
which is really nice to knead
when I get a little ADD when stucked in jams.

lol. you know it's jamtime
when you see red brake lights everywhere.
but KL is still okay la most of the time,
because the roads are wide ^^

especially now,ever since they are under construction for MRT.
so long!!! like two more years till completion right.

warao, selca in the car.

selca when reach home.

sunlight is always ichibeng for photos!

With Kelvin haha.
We were going to Jalan TAR to buy fabric.
With Jia Shin Vency Ai Lynn.

had some fish paste noodle.
The soup is mixed with milk, I love it!
More smooth. It's in a very unassuming store opposite

told you I had a thing for scarves.
HAHAHA. before this was headbands.
And looong ago it was gold bangles,
the type you wear halfway up your arm.

Did ciate on my nails.

Bought a desktop monitor for my laptop to connect to.
Because, I couldn't stand my laptop display!!!1 It's so lousy arghhh.
But luckily my laptop is quite light, so it's convenient to take to college.
The Vaio S series.

I have to say, pictures look so much better and 
movies are much more fun to watch now ^^v!

This was Friday night, going to cell meeting at Bethany Church.
Combined cell meeting, under the KL North umbrella.
Everyone who greeted us were so sweet!
love their smiles hehe.

And a little girl was so sweet!
I didn't know her at all, but she was so brave lol.
She was like, "jie jie, ni hen mei".

I was like, "xie xie, xie xie ^^".
Sot die me this little girl.
if she's a guy she would get so many chicks
with pickup lines. HAHAHAHAh.

Caviar nails. HAHAH!
I think I have to refill them in again soon.

The Ciate set was given to me by Mei Yen for my birthday in 2013 :D
Mei yen is always nice, with cute surprises ^^
love you heheh.

That's all for this post!

bubu signing off,