Thursday, 27 February 2014


Hello people :)

Hope you guys are doing goood.
Have class tomorrow but feel so restless, aargh.
Felt like blogging!

On the way to Pavi! Sunday aka family shopping day hehe.

Seat ootd? Been a while I didn't do this.
Hahaha. basically means sitting and pointing ur camera to ur oufit.

Look at the passerby photobombing me.
Sometimes people give odd looks to my casio tr. 
Hahaah! Because it's a camera but looks like a yoga phone.

Had brunch at O'Galito, Yih Wern's absolute FAVOURITE.

Scarf from Forever 21.
Pearl Necklace from Forever 21.
Crop top from Topshop.
Tweed skirt from Jaspal.
Squished bag from Chanel.

Had some tomato soup because I wasn't sooo hungry.
But ended up eating some of my brother's salmon and my dad's pasta anyway ^^

Hmm. I think Malaysians dress mostly in.. shorts and t-shirts?
Since it can get pretty hot sometimes.

With my cutie daddy

Lazy to ask people help me take picture.
So, borrow your store's floor to ceiling mirror. HAHAHHA

Prada's interior viewed from up is so.. dizzying.
But I like how they display their bags in pretty glass cabinets.
I should get one for my room too instead of chucking my bags all over the place ~,~

Another ootd.

Okay la, cheat one.
It's the same picture, just different filter.
HAHAHA. Hope can bluff you guys ^^

Pink is my great loveeee.

Maybe I should start collecting pink sunglasses.
If I ever open a shop, I guess it would be all pink.
Or maybe pastels.

Pink seems to garner extreme opinions-
it's either you love it or hate it.

But anyway, I'd rather be someone who people either love or hate,
than be someone who's neutral all the time.

It's hard to be on neutral ground for me.
So used to all or nothing.

And Tuesday was indeed an "ALL" day. ~,~
Class 9AM to 9PM.
crazyyyy. But, there's a four hour break in between.

CAD class nyoh. Draw clothes using Adobe Illustrator.
I think Photoshop is fun too. But I've got a short attention span 0,0

In fact, I have to admit. Sometimes all this stress from college
makes me really, REALLY wanna quit.

But I gotta push those thoughts away and slap myself. 
HAHAHH! Still got nine more months to go.

There's just no way for me to give up.
College is just one of the things,
I have to DO and get over with. 
To get a cert. 

And, what the duck.
I never want to be slotted into a rigid office workplace.
More stress? NO thankyou.

I rather go freelance. Be my own boss.
Or do an online boutique. Or be a clothes buyer.
Or design clothes and produce it in china
then sell it overseas.

I don't want to worry or get pressured by people with higher authority :(
HAHAH. But, of course there's clients and dealines to be faced still,
eventho you are working freelance.

Nahh, can't lay in a bed of roses all the time.

Of course, in my twenties, I don't mind working for other people!
To suck it up, gain experience of the corporate world.
And in between sure complain and rant a lot. ^^

And... I'm the sort of person who questions why a lot.
Why have to be so stress? Why? 
Then I will feel dissatisfied lol.
Like why can't I just do something less stressful
and still earn money.

Outfit for tuesday! Was wearing diff outfit in the morning
but changed for meet up with Chi Cheng.

Smile like noobs here. Teehee.
I love this picture thou.

It's been a while I didn't catch up with her!
Glad I finally did ^^v

We're planning to go on a lil Singapore trip during beginning of April.
Since I have my holiday! 

Eggs Benedict at Amelio's. 
I loveeee eggs benedict. The runny yolk is my favourite part!! ^^

This was Wednesday...
at the same place too!

But add in the rest of the girls ^^
Almost all of them made it except for Mei Yen. HAHHA.
Hope can get them complete for my birthday yoh.

With Xuan and Chi Cheng !

My lips are so red hahah. I seldom wear red lipstick after changing to ash brown.
Wore red a lot when I had black hair!

Xuan gave me her Lola lipgloss because it didn't match her skintoneee.
But fret not! I think there's a shade of red lipstick 
to suit everyone.

if you're fair then you can try blue-based reds. Like Mac's ruby woo.
if you're warm/tanned then you can try orange-based reds. Like Topshop's rio.

I think every girl should have...
A nude pink shade. (my lips but better shade. natural and close to your lip, but livelier)
A shocking red shade. (for when you want extra oomph/look more mature)
A flamingo pink (looks good on bleached hair. hahaha)
A coral pink (yummy summer shade)
And a wine red (for grunge/vampy looks).

I have all except for wine red. HAHAH.
I don't have any dark reds. 

Plus Siet Yen and Jennie ^^
Super glad all of them could make it, because it's not holidays or what.
Just a random Wednesday. HAHAHA.

Cartoon pink heart-shaped shades.
HAHAH. If you were wondering, I got them from FOS.

Jennie and me brought our assignments ^^
Of us all, Siet Yen, Jennie and I are the busiest.
Law and fashion design.
BAC, The One Academy (my ex college), Raffles.

Xuan, Chi Cheng and Mei Yen are more laidback.
it's like they're on holiday compared to us, jelly muchhh.
But still got assignments la. HAHA!
Taylorians and INTI.

I loveee oversized sunnies.
And those unique odd ones.
OVERSIZED. those that attempt to take up half of ma face.

And... also thought of planning my coming birthday. 

Renting a serviced suite for a "sleepover".
HAHAH. Of course, a lot of planning to do!

Where. Who. What. How.
Told my dad alreadyyy about my plans.
He was like, "Who pay ah?" and I just smiled. Lol.

Anddd have to edit guestlist :o
Can't invite too many, because might get complaints and easy to get out of hand lol.
I already have 30 on hand thou 0,0 I hope everything goes wellll.

And then next is food and drinks.
Four to six bottles? IDK weyhh.
Yih Wern is bringing two bottles, so I'm thankful for that!
Prolly getting Bacardi/Vodka. Those with high alcohol content,
easy to make people KO. 40% la. HAHAH.

I told Jennie, since my limit is three glasses.
I'll take one glass at 12AM, another at 3AM, another at 5AM. HAHAH.
So lame right ? ^^ 

Have to get ice packs. And mixers. Cokes. Ten bottles of coke?
IDK. HAHA. And games. Poker chips. Twister. Pinata I wanna get those sumo suits too.

HAHHA. Isn't it cute?! 

But, I scared they all drunk drunk play this,
then break all the stuff in the hotel room T.T
HHAHAHA. Then pity me.

If I bring this, I'll probably have them play in the hotel room
or beside the swimming pool lol. Fall inside the pool won't die right.

And then.. have to get decorations. Balloons, banners etc.
And buy new clothes. Pink theme!

Okay la, fingers crossed hope my party will go well and I won't get arrested.
And also, there's three more weeks.
!!! Three more weeks to concentrate on STUDYING.

Oh my. I love weekends so much I almost want to forget about weekdays.
But if I don't have college I'll be so lifeless moping around at home, lol. -,-

the grass isn't greener on the other side,
it's greener where you water it, RIGHT :3

xoxo. love ya


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