Sunday, 2 February 2014


Hello errrbody.

Hope you guys are enjoying CNY and getting a lot of ang paus ! :)
HHAHA. I know a lot of friends who visit friend's house,
get ang pau from Auntie, and gamble with the money. 

This was my first time wearing anything that remotely resembles
a cheongsam. HAHHAHA. 

For chor yat! The first day of CNY.
I think it's so funny that CNY is up until chor 15.
Which means fifteen days of CNY.

The western people have like... christmas eve and christmas day.
But chinese one, neverending. Kiasu lol.
15th I think is for the hokkien one,
the one with the huge bamboos and stuff. HAHHAA.

Cabbie wants to photobomb. Give you la give you la

It was a long ride ahead.
My destination was Bentong. Pahang.
Usually it takes around one hour to get there.
BUT. That day was so freaking jam!!!
We took like three hours -,-!

A lot of people balik kampung.
I think other races too, especially the Malays.
Because the holiday was on friday so they got three days off.
Semua balik kampung~

Phew. Around 4PM we finally REACHED.
Usually we reach around 2PM.

Camwhore a bit the time will go faster right?

"Are we not there yet?" =(

Lol pity Daddy has to drive for so long. Seee! Go inside kampung also jam.

And the other lane is so empty lol.

Pretty precious seeing these type of oldie shops from the early nineties.

This is the house we visit each year.

90's kid generation.
Okay. Actually. The red dress one is the oldest, followed by my 
brother, then me. Yvonne is the youngest but the tallest among the girls.

My cousin named Sharon. But I usually call her
"Dai Tong Cheh" because she's older :3

She's a mummy too. But she looks younger than me! HAHHAA

Family shot. HEHE.
We seldom take family shots cos have to ask someone else to hold the cam.
Lol. Everyone dress so RED.

Claire, Aries, and another new born I don't know what's her namee.
This is the 00's kids generation. There's four now. One boy (Scott)
and three other girls in the picture above.

They all dress in pink! I mean the girls.
Which is sooo cute.

When I reached home it was around eleven.
Went to DPC to visit the dogs.

As always, GAMBLING.
With some beers on the side and a lot of random loud noises.

I like the LED flash for casio! 
Oh yeah, Samsung EX2F is clearer for landscapes and food etc.
Casio is better for selcas. Yepp.

For chor yi I wanted to go jog because I ate a lot during CNY

With Cookie. Daniel's brother's baby poodle.

AND. before I reached DPC some stupid fellow banged me at the roundabout.
First time I let people bang okayyy.
I've bang some other cars three times.
Four time let people bang lol.

It was an Indian woman with kids in tow and 
It's like she didn't know where she was going.
But I didn't care much because most people drive careless a bit sometimes,
even myself sometimes.

But who knew she really pandai pandai come bang me -,-

Basically, she wanted to go Menjalara at the roundabout, I wanted to go DPC. 
I was in front of her and she banged me because she was in the inner lane
and I was in the outer lane and she wanted to turn left to Menjalara.
WTF So stupid. I don't get WHY SHE DIDN'T BRAKE.

Why she didn't brake and let me pass first when she already saw me in front of her.
You think ur stupid wira can overtake me in 0.2 seconds flat meh?!
Adui no brain!! 

She said she put signal as if that gave her the right to stupidly bang me.
HELLO? I was in front of you how do you expect me to see your stupid tiny signal?
If you were in front of me I can't say anything la. 

Her headlamp broke and I saw the glasses shatter.
My bumper paint cracked. My car is quite solid so usually during accidents
the other car sure something break one. HAHAHHAHA.
Proton very easy break one! Another time the whole door can't open.

So I called Daniel and dragged him to accompany me to the police station to make report.
The police station said have to see who wrong first only can claim etc,
then later the sergeant called and said the woman came to report police

Definitely want to repair my bumper. I want it to be pretty again.

And oh may gosh I hope the indian woman don't go and
pandai pandai BANG other people and think it's their fault. 
SOHEM seriously -,- you bang other people how can say it's their fault.
The other times I kiss people car I'd say sorry and everything for making their car kemek.
But this barbarian dono come out from where one!!!!

HAHHA okay. No angry no angry.
Can settle one, just have to leave in the garage few days etc.
AGAHHH. Okay okay la.

I also called my Dad to ask if he wanted to buy toto etc.
The car that banged me was 4885.

And that at night, WALAO.
Opened first prize 5848.
But daddy didn't bao her number only bao my car number.
HAHAHHA. Lari sial.

Anyway isn't Cookie so cuteeee.
Daniel keeps saying he's very "gong". As in blurr blurr stupid stupid.
Stupid like the indian woman.
But in an innocent and cute and loving way unlike the Indian woman who is STUPID only.

HAHHHA. Okay la okay la I don't wanna scold the Indian woman 
pity her for her headlamp.

The monkey.

I've been to police station twice.
Once last year when Jennie and my phone got stolen in Vertigo.

Cukup gay anot. hahahha.

We had tea at Amelio with Cookie.

The pooh bear suit suits him like a glove.
Because brown poodles are like mini teddy bears.

I went jogging also okayyy. But just one round. HAHHAHA.
The fat ass monkey lazy to jog.

After DPC, went home to change clothes and go dinner.

Selca all the way.

And the last one. duckface

So true when they "joke" about girls taking pictures in seventeen diff angles.!

Dinner at Chui Wah Lou at Kepong with family!
It's the usual pork and shark fin seven course thing etc.
But daddy say wasted bring me go these types of dinner.
Cos I don't eat no pork nor shark fin.


I don't eat anything other than chicken for animals on land.
Not even duck. But I do eat seafood.
Shark fin no because it's stupid for a shark to die so painfully
because we want to eat a small but vital part of a shark. 

Eee can google how they kill sharks for their fins. It's so cruel.

With Scott.

After that, went to friend's house to gamble.
Xuannie's and Weng Hock's.

HAHHA. I didn't gamble, but help the guys to gamble.
And then Daniel was on a winning streak and we dreamt of
sashimi platter and Rakuzen then flying to Japan to eat Japanese food
then flying in business class and buying an M3. HAHAHHAHA.
As in, win so much that we can afford all these.

Then at Weng Hock's we tried to cook mushrooms while playing "ngau".
The ten ten ten game. HAHAH. Mushroom means the spade 
and if you get it right you can get five times.

I got mushroom twice and the five ah pek once (six times).
HAHAHA. So win RM50 twice and RM60 once.

But nopeee I didn't play out any money, just help them play with their money.
I think the loudest and most happy go lucky person
always gets the best cards. SERIOUS!
keep shouting what you want.

Xuannies room.
It was pretty! But her house was realyyyyyyyyyyy deep.
Deep in the hole deep!!! The roads were dark dark and there
was a pack of dogs chasing after my car !!

WHAT THE! Car you also not scared meh?!
Then I horned them to shoo them away.

OOTD at Xuannie's room.
HHAHA. very nice to OOTD in her room because of the white lights
and wallpaper.

Glad that I have not been wasting CNY and went out for gatherings.
HEHE. Had fun with the dogs!

Okay. Hope to continue to huat.


xoxo BUBU!

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