Thursday, 6 February 2014



Hehe. Continue on with CNY.
I'm glad my CNY's not wasted.
Literally went out everyday. :3

Pink maxi dress from Sungei Wang ^^
Sungei Wang always has pretty and cheap clothes.
JUSTTT don't try to look if the seamlines are straight or if the sewing's pretty.

Went to Happy City Steamboat to eat with mua family!
Brother won a lot in the afternoon so he treated everyone to eat.
About ten of us and the buffet is RM40 per person for adults.

Happy City Steamboat is just behind Tesco.
Can't miss it, it's so friggin bright!

With cousin again.
Such serious face when he takes pictures! hahahah.

Sooo many people inside. 
There was a queue to get in too.

Tons of food to eat....
can stuff yourself. There's four "fridges" of Nestle ice creams.
A sushi bar. Lots of seafood like crayfish, prawns, crabmeat, scallop.
The usual steamboat stuffs. Satay. Oh man never ending.

So actually RM40 is not that expensive! Worth it.
They say the charge RM10 for every 100g uneaten but lol.
No one checked nothing. And my dad kept taking extra!

We took two tables, so two steamboat pots and another one for grilling.
Hahaha. But the grill takes super long one!
By the time grill finish everyone full dy :3

I like the seafood!
Thank goodness I'm not allergic to anything muaheheheh.
I know xuan and chicheng are allergic to seafood!
But hey I'm picky with on-land animals.. so fair la~

This was the next night, another foodie outing.
Ate dinner at Chui Wah Lou again!

Lou Sang. Yee Sang. Yu Shang.
Whatever you wanna call it.

HAHHA! I love the crispy bits and the salmon :33
I don't like the jellyfish. Heh.

This used to be my favourite. I always go for second helpings.
This, and nga ku!

Cheongsam shirtdress which I got at Sungei Wang for...



The answer is RM10. WADDA, have to clap for finding this.
Super suit Chinese New Year.

I think if you wanna save money you should go to those really ugly shops
which look like they are selling "last batch" stocks for RM5 or RM10.
there's actually wearable stuffs in that price range. ^^

After that, went to KJ's house for a while to gamble.

Very red.
This was Monday :3

I didn't put make up hahaha. Not even eyebrows.
I think sometimes when you're too used to make up
you forget to go out without make up.

No make up look younger la. HAHAHA.

YO. I finally got on board the origami pants trend. ~,~
Zara was the forefront of this trend.
I got mine from Sungei Wang. Heh.

Black flower necklace from Forever 21.
Bag, Chanel Valentine Flap in Medium.

Had brunch with Chi Cheng~
YUMMY. Long time I didn't have sushi already wokay!
We ate at Sakae Sushi because Zanmai was fullhouse as usual.

Hmm. I think Zanmai is so overrated.
Give other sushi chains some luv too! :3

Their cheese + tempura maki. I LOVE THIS.

Oh yes Daniel still owe me one Japanese meal. HAHAHHA
From playing cards. 

I don't know exactly what this is called but it's
Scallop with Mentai.
I love Mentai. I love anything gooey/savoury/cheesy. YUMS.
Even better when paired with rice or bread or pasta.

Muka cina saya

After 1U, went to Xuan's house.
She invited a lot of people to her house. Over 20.
HAHAH. A lot of them complained the location shared on Whatsapp
sent them to the wrong place.

Her is Wei Wei, the youngest bunch of the Siau sisters.

A very candid one.
Ding was playing this game where he gave one card each.
First was biggest and smallest drink.
Then he added four jokers and four jokers drink.
Then same "flower" smallest or biggest drink.

Sohem make the rules like nobody's business.
Then someone kept blowing water saying Ding won RM1000.
HAHAH. Bullshit oneee.

Ding played with Rysher RM200 one round.
Blow water only. HAHHAA

With the long lost Bestarians! :) 
Familiar faces indeed. Top right is Kha Weng's girlfriend.

This was today, off to Chi Cheng's house.
Basically what Chi Cheng said, Yih Wern's party,
but at my house.

HAHHA. Because Yih Wern wanted to gamble
so she called everyone to go to Chi Cheng's house.

OOTD was .. blue top from Forever 21,
galaxy skorts from.. Sungei Wang? I think? 
gold necklace from Juicy Couture

Yih Wern and Mei Yen met up at my place,
then off we went to Chi Cheng's house.

Hatchbacks. HAHHA. A beetle and a mini.
Beetle is CC's, Cooper is yours truly.

Found her house by spotting her black car.
Her house is not really hard to go... just that...
it's reallll deep inside Sungai Buloh.

Like trying to dig for a well like that.
PHEW. The bumps and potholes kill me softly.

Mei Yen, Yih Wern, Yours Truly.

Played some poker, 21, and ngau. I DON't know the english name for ngau.
The 3 cards at the bottom, 2 cards as your number game.

With Rachel Rachiee :*

King Jiat who we met afterwards at Barfly.


Hehe. So glad to see Siet Yen again.
She's been MIA for forever because she went back to Alor Setar!
And also Penang. 

Sim Kuan's coming back tomorrow from Japan :3

eh,!! Still thiinking for to work Casio TR best for group shots.
Selcas are good, but group shots and OOTD are a bit harder to figure out.
I think Samsung EX2F is deffo clearer when it comes to flash and OOTD etc.
Casio is just very compact and light. But so exy lol.

So, that was my Tuesday night :)
Everyday feels like a freaking holiday
which is true!

So happy to have this holiday and not waste it at all.

XOXO, BUBU! till then ;)

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