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Hello people :)

I can't believe I'm onto the fourth post for CNY.
HAHAHA. I've been going out literally everyday for this CNY holiday.
I guess, I didn't waste anything? Hehe.

Let's start with Chor "八"
Which means the eight day of Chinese New Year.
This is when the Hokkiens will celebrate at midnight,
to 拜天公。

I'm Hokkien wokay! Tan family. 
And Tan is a very common surname in Malaysia. 
Huge happy family. HAHAHA.

During this day we also put bamboo on our front doors.
They say because during war, the Hokkiens hid under bamboo trees?!
Hahahha. I'm not so sure actually.

But I'm happy that Chinese have a lot of tradition,
and our New Year is celebrated like crazyyy long.
Reunion, rejuvenation, renewal.

First stop was Daniel's House.
Cookie the poodle is so cute.
She recognized me! HEHE

With Xuannie!

King Jiat decides to join in.

They played the cow cow game.
Five cards, most points win.
Must have three cards making ten points as base.

If... that makes sense?!

Anyway, during gambling there's so much of innuendos going on.
Cook mushroom. Get down from car. Bou bou. Hahahah.

Malaysians speak many different language/dialects,
it's like quantity more than quality. HAHAH!
Mix everything together.

We can speak English properly, but the lahs and the ahs
is just how we roll....

Also it's funny when some people think knowing more than one language is a lot.
three is the norm here! hahahhaha diff place diff standard i guess!
Diff country have diff specialty hehe.

Gold necklace from Juicy Couture,
Orange tank top from Zara,
Palazzo Pants from Forever 21. 

After seeing them gamble (and eating some yummy sushi)
I went back to my house to 拜拜

Actually I don't do much! But of course have to respect family tradition.
Later papa say I go friend's house also dowan stay at home, lol.

Every house will do elaborate stuff during Chor Pat.
A lot of paper to be burnt, food, roasted pig, firecrackers, joss sticks, ETC ETC.
Look at the chicken on the table.

A cat was prowling around and few seconds later it actually BIT THE CHICKEN.
And wanted to drag it away. LOL. The my dad shooed it away.
Why so daring one this cat!!!!


And then it was really hot so I changed into another (white) tank top
and a black flare skirt. (From Zara and Bershka, respectively).
HAHAHA. Not much diff just that I wore skirt because my long pants
was mopping the floor, YIKES.

The little blob of light above the streetlamp is "Hung Ming Tang".
Hot air lantern! You write your wishes on the paper lantern,
then set fire to it and watch it fly to the home of the stars.

Most people write stuff like good grades, good health, happiness, ETC ETC.

Look at this MINI thing in the middle of my tyre.


Three out of four missing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I didnt realize until my bro told me -,-
Apparently, some cheapskate stole it.
I think they're like plastic "stickers"?

I know people like to steal the car logo.
EESH. Go buy your own car la!
I don't get why people do that. :/
I would rather buy you food instead man

HAHHA, okay.
After done praying and the "红炮“ was let off,
I went off to Siet Yen's house.

I used to like firecrackers when I was younger,
but now I stay away from it! 
Especially the loud, crack all over the place kind =(
I still like fireworks thou :) hehe.
So romantic bwahahha

First two person I met while I stepped in!
Karyn shouted my name lolol.
My beloved ex classmates.
And Yasmin too!

Glad to catch up with them! hehe.

With the Low Chi sisters. Cheng and Lam. HAHAH.
A lot of people say they look alike.
Some sisters really look alike, some not really :3
But blood runs deep!

The sohem Ding, his answer will be:
of course la, come out from the same "hole" wad.

HAHAH. Crass as always.
Not hole la, factory wokay.

Look at this big ol 财神爷 mascot.
Fortune grandfather? Literal translation hahaha.
Chinese is always MONEY MONEY MONEY.

If there's an emoji for chinese, it would be... -,- and $.$
Slit eyes, and money eyes. HAHAHA

With Siet Yen ze hostess.
She's always in black, lol! Like Jennie

Another one with Chi Cheng.
She came the earliest!

Vinoth and Qi yao.

Ah Bee x 2.

Kha Weng, Daniel, Ding.
By now they're already used to my camera and know
how to photobomb. HAHHA.

And my favourite picture!

It's so hard to take picture with all the girls together lol.
Six, plus Mei Yen and Jennie.

Playing Mahjong. I have no idea how this works.
Yih Wern loves this. Hong Kong movies always show those tai tai playing this.
Then for rich mafias it would be poker. HAHAHA. 

And then the tai tais can wear their diamond rings and show them off
when shuffing the mahjong tiles. HAHAH.
Actual scene from a movie!

Hung my casio on the drawer to OOTD shot and the guys were like 0,0
like this also can? HAHAHHA.

A lot of them were like WHAT. 3k for a cam? lolll

Look at Weng Hong's feet, on tippy toes like a ballerina.

Sohem shot.

After that my eyes got irritated so I wore glasses.
HEH. I came prepared! Because Siet Yen's house is a lil far,
and I don't want to drive half blind lol. 

And that was my Chor Pat on Friday! :)

The next day Mei Yen randomly came over saying she wanted to eat.
Went to Wangsa Permai for seaweed popiah  but the shop wasn't open,
so I suggested KakaoTalk. It's like a nyonya/western cuisine.

I think their deco is really Publika-ish, their price tag as well.
Hmm, I think it should be cheaper because BSD is still a very suburban area.
It's at Ativo Plaza! 

It's around the RM13-20 range?
I only ate mushroom soup because I wasn't so hungry.
RM12.90 if I wasn't wrong. HAHA! But I think worth it,
it tasted nice enough.

I hate those OUT OF CAMPBELL CANS ONE. Eww!!
You think your customers tongue cannot tell me? Argh.
Hate restaurants which dare to serve Campbell or powder mix mushroom soups.

With Mei Mei :*

No makeup cos I was planning to go gymm.
Went three days straight ahhaha. Body feeling sore already.
I go to Star Fitness, it's within walking distance from my house.

So... I feel like I have no excuse not to work out.
Not many people can say they have gym that they can walk to!
RM5 per visit for Ladies. For guys it's RM5 too if not wrong,
but RM8 if include treadmill. I think ^^

picha from google. hahaha

It used to be RM10 for Ladies but they lower down. HEH.
Montly membership is RM90. But for first time you have to pay extra RM90,
so u pay RM180 first time, then RM90 every month after.

HAHAH. I'm not sure whether I want to join or not???
If I go more than 18 days a month using the RM5 per visit,
then it will be more than RM90.

I like that it doesn't have air cond unless most gyms.
HAHAH. because you can sweat more.

Also I still find it funny hearing guys shout while lifting weights.
HAHAHA. I mean I don't think it's wrong to do that,
but still! I find it funny lolol. UGGHH WAHHHH YERUGHH.

Pros of this gym would be. 
NUMBER ONE, cos it's so near. No excuse. HAHAHA.
if I go tesco or 1u celebrity fitness I might not wanna go
because I might be lazy to drive. 
it's less packed too. SD club one the treadmills are always fullhouse!
Anddd it's cheaper. Other gyms around RM160 I think.

The cons are... less variety of equipment /facilities.
No dance classes nor swimming pools etc.
More informal!

okok back to Ativo Plaza hehe

The spotlight also makes the place VERY HOT.
It doesn't feel like the aircond was on man T.T
But at the same time taking pictures is also clearer due to the lights.
BUT I WOULD RATHER it be cooler!!! hahhaha

Le pumpkin soup.
The spotlight helping to warm up my soup weyh.

Lazy day outift.
Wait wait casual because go gym HAHAHA.
I don't want lazy.

And then, at night!
Went to 1Utama with family for the usual
Saturday night dinner.

We dined at Grand Imperial. It was fullhouse too and
we had to wait for a while. I think the manager was a bit unresponsive.
I like people who are hospitable. Obvious they need to be right when 
working in shopping malls!

Spot grandma!

Yee Sang again hehe.

Some garoupa fish? Quite pricey around two hundred plus.
They take out the bone for you and stuff. 
HAHAA. The fish was good. But I liked the prawn moreee.

YUMMY. It's like in a cheesy fried batter
with smatterings of cashew, raisins and strawberries on top :)

HEHEH. I love savoury food the most.
More than sweet food. Those salty/umami feeling.
Like... seaweed. Unagi. Miso Soup. (why i love japanese!)
potato chips... etc :3

But nowadays I eat more healthy stuffs.
HAHAHA. Like coral leafy greens, plain yogurt, pasta. 
And also!! Love to drink tea lately.

I think I drink like three packs each day.
green tea, chamomile tea, peppermint tea, ooloong tea, MMMM.
I know Japanese, Chinese and English people love drinking tea :)
HAHA. Then Americans love Starbucks. French love wine.
Russian love Vodka. German love Beer. 

Hehe okayy moving on!
After dinner, walk walk around.
Bought a Revlon lip... I DONO.
It's like Clinique's Chubby Stick.
And an eyebrow pencil.

Wasn't even planning on buying make up but it happened
to be useful so... 

and I lost my Watsons card, ARGH. Have to pay RM18 for membership again?!

HAHHA okay. And thennn.
I went home. Then went out again.
Off to Vertigo with the dogs.


Finally meet this girl again.
She went away to Japan for seven days during CNY!
She was like, drats. Every year miss the chance to get angpaus.
Lol. But nice also get to go Japan! A lot of people going Japan and Korea nowdays.

Unfortunately, she had to go home around midnight due to curfew.
But it's nice that she's taken it in nicely! 
and glad to see her to yoohoo.

Sel to the ca!

with Weng Hock. he finally went out without glasses.
"I finally learnt how to put on contacts" he said.

Ding, Vinoth, Lester, Weng Hock, Vincent.

Apparently Vinoth, Vincent and dono who else
went to Giza to warm up beforehand.
Drink before drinking.

AIYOH! Need to drink so much meh? lolol.
three glasses is the maximum for meee.

The dancefloor slowly got crowded around 1AM.
Around midnight it was still empty, there was like guys with sunglasses on the dancefloor.
I DON get why thouu. If Vertigo hired them, obviously
they're not crowd pullers... lol.

I think guys are more intimidating. Girls better.
But I like watching guy dancers.

A few guys introduced themselves. HAHA.
Tim paul eddie and i dono who.
I don't know why but I seem to attract guys with bleached hair.
Why? they can tell I bleach hair before? HAHAHAH.
Those pattern follow Korea hallyu etcetc.

Anyway. girl talk.
If you ask a girl out...
I dont know means yes.
Maybe means try harder.
See how means no.
F*** off really means f*** off.
No can mean NO. if said curtly and with hands waving.
No can mean yes but not sure if said with a smile and eye contact.

I think the reason why girls are so fickle, is that...
we are brought up to be more mild and gentle, not so aggressive.
And JUAL MAHAL la, of course.

But sometimes... HAHAHA. 
It's hard to decide maybe.

But, I'm the sort of person who base things a lot on
first impression. If I like you then I like you.
if I don't like you at first then it's kind of hard to change that.

HAHAH. But no hanky panky okay.
Flying solo.

Group selca! heh.

I think Casio is really much better for selca.
When the lens face inwards, it's nice.
But when you turn it outwards to shoot other people,
it's less nice! I prefer Samsung for parties!
Casio is more for portrait and personal haolian use,
or group selcas. :3

Wanted to go home early but still stayed till 3AM. 
lol. Was quite tired actually.
And I din't wanna waste money!

Paid RM100. Eee, I rather pay cover charge which is like RM40.
Because I don't drink much. 

I like Beer Fact more still, because it's just chill, and no need cover charge etc.
Girl wad! HAHAHA. 

I don't mind spending five hundred in Sephora or on books,
but I don't like to spend on alcohol. I don't like getting drunk!
HAHHA. But okay la, go with friends once in a while.

Hmm. Not that much of a clubber as I used to be.
When you're sober and everyone else is doing funny things.
The music is way loud too.

For the younger kids like the 15/16 set.
Don't be in a rush to hurry up.

I do miss being in high school.
Being in a classroom with all my friends,
and the occasional person who irritates you.
And maybe a crush you always accidentally look at.
And your bestfriend who you laugh everything with.
yawning during your dreaded subject.
And getting excited when your fav teacher comes in.

yuppp. Also I find it weird when 14/15 year olds have boyfriends!
WALAO. So young. hahahah.
And I'm like 20. 

But 20 isn't so bad :D

I think every age, there's diff stages of life to be enjoyed.
Childhood, teenage years, adulthood, senior years.

When you're a kid till twenties, you're making friends,
trying to find your footing in the world.

Then thirties and forties, you'll be having your own family.
Learning how to deal with the pressure,
and treasuring motherhood/fatherhood.

Then fifties and sixties, we slow down and take a step back,
and look at how the younger ones do.

Hehe. :)

Sooo, that was my Saturday night! Regret staying out late lol.
Cos I wanna sleep early too! Since class is starting on Monday.
Which will be tomorrow! :O

Have to wake up at 7 plus in the morning,
but as usual. It's 1 plus in the morning now...

HAHHA. Anywaysss. For Sunday,
my dad didn't take us out for shopping
as he usually does.

Mei Yen suddenly called thou and asked if I wanted
to go Paradigm Mall with her. So I was like on on hahaha.
Since it's the end of holidays anyway!

Didn't put foundation but Casio TR filter cheats. hahaha.

I seldom go Paradigm Mall because it's far and there's 1u.
But the good thing is that they do have well known stores where less people buy.
Like H&M and Sephora in KL which always have stuff sold out.
If you want to, you might try and find it in Paradigm Mall lol.

Didn't plan to spend but I shopped a little at Cotton On and Kitschen.
Having sales for some reason. HAHAH.
Got three gym shorts because Daisie my housekeeper
takes a long time washing them -,-

They disappear for a good few days.
HHAHA. I wish Daisie was more efficient,
buttt still better than the trial housekeeper who
didn't even get what I was saying lol.

They were having some sort of Bearyland exhibition.
HAHHA. I dont know why for,
but I know they were cuteeee.

 A lot of parents taking pictures for their kids.
Oh well, I'm a little big kid! :P

Typical. hahaha.

Anywayy, I've wanted a scarf for a while but just couldn't find
a pattern that suit me.

But I love this one! It's a skull print from Cotton On.
Inspired from Alexander McQueen maybe?!
HAHHA. I prefer hearts over skulls,
but it looks nice so I make it an exception lol.

I think the LA Cali girl always dress like that.
Reminds me of Lauren Conrad.
Scarf, sunnies, tank top, flap bag, jeans and boots.

I listed those items off my head and decided to google Lauren Conrad...
SEE! HAHAHA. Check weyh. Sunnies scarf boots flap bag etc.

AND. Not forgetting blonde hair of course

OOTD? hahah.
Tank dress from Cotton On too.
Wedges from Flipper.
Flap bag from Chanel.

Mei Yen!

And then we went outside, and there was this huge bear on stage.
Mei Yen was like, we found Bearyland's mother!
HAHHA. It's true, the bear was soooo huge.
It would take up the space in my whole living room.

Cody ze giant bear hehe.
You can also pose with the gold ingots.
They're actually painted styrofoams!

hehe. So that was my short and sweet trip to Paradigm with Mei.
It's definitely getting more hot and humid now! :3
shall use sunblock more often heh.

off to homeee.

Natalie got me some souvenir from her Harbin trip! :3
It's those Russian nesting dolls :3

Guess how many are in there?!

HEHE. There's a total of five dolls! It's handpainted except for the face.

And the smallest one is like a precious baby. HAHAH.
I think they are funnn to open but tiring to put back.

It would be fun making my one set of dolls and painting them with my own family members.
Like having a story to tell. My small doll would prolly be Cabbie the shih tzu. HAHAH.

Sooo, that was Sunday.


On thursday night, heading to dinner with family and ze uncles/aunts.

Selca :)

Yee Sang! This was at Sin Kar Hee Resto.
HEHE. those cina "ahpet" resto.
Because a lot of uncles like eating out at these place.

The resto is owned by Guan Tian! Ex bestarian.

Sometimes I love the food! Just that I prefer shopping malls more,
thats why I dread cina ahpet resto. No where to walk walk after makan , lol.

Food was gooood that night. I loved the tom yam prawn!!
OH NO! I'm craving for assam laksa T.T!!

hahhah nononono


tank dress/flare dress are such a breeze to wear
when you're in a hurry/ wanna be effortlessly put together

After dinner, head to Rysher house for his open house.
人日 day for seventh day of CNY. 
Which means it's everybody's birthday.
Daniel was wondering why people kept saying Happy Birthday. lol.
Noobssss. HAHAH. Actually I didn't know why too 

With Siet Yen!

Yepp. the usual gang.

That's "all" this post.

HAHAH. As always, my post are always quite long. 
Congrats to you guys who read to the end :P
Means you guys can read fast right? HAHAHA.
People who write more = read more, and vice versa.
I always tease people who read slow.. HAHAHA.
But, I read chinese realll slow! 

Oops, gotta wake up for class tomorrow.
Had fun with my holiday, thankful much! :)
But of course, can't holiday forever in life.
get back with the routine!

College, church, family outings and occasional gatherings with friends.
My birthday is also coming soon, not quite sure what to do ! :3
Hmm. Hehe.

Anyways, goodnight! Till then.


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