Sunday, 16 February 2014

End of CNY!

Hello people! 

Start off this post with my fav pictures of the day, hehe.
Taken by Xuannie in da Golden Triangle. Behind me is Pavilion!


Pastel off shoulder from Sungei Wang
Aviators from The Curve,
Flap bag from Chanel,
Midi galaxy skirt from Forever 21,
Wedges from Sungei Wang.

Oh yeah! If you guys don't know what's Golden Triangle, 
it includes Bukit Bintang (Pavilion, Lot 10 etc), KLCC and Berjaya Times Square.
I love shopping in Pavilion the most, out of the whole malaysia.

More than KLCC because when you're at Pavilion you can walk to
Fahrenheit 88 and also Sungei Wang. You can stay with Prada Gucci
OR walk to Sungei Wang and buy a dress that costs 30 bucks!
Of course I love shopping at Sungei Wang more. HAHAH. 
Suit my poor student budget. But brunch and designer shopping, Pavi of course!

Some selfies.

CNY has officially ended yesterday, the whole FIFTEEN days of it.
I'm satisfied, can't ask for more. Hahahah! I mean the chinese
aren't really shy with holidays. A whole fifteen days, lol.

I love outdoor photos! The sunlight just works like MAGIC.

Also, a note! I did not edit ANY of this photos.
That's the good thing about Casio Tr15 lol.
You don't have to edit much.

With Xuannie! My favourite selcas of the day.
Asked the ladies out for tea but only Siet Yen and Xuannie could make it.
Had fun thou ^^

Chi Cheng had to go back to Bentong, while Jennie ffk.

Xuannie drove today, sat in her Porsche because her sis took the other car for work.

As usual!!! Xuan is never on time. HAHAHA.
She will always make it to outings, but just a matter of what time.

I think I had about a 100 selfies already, camwhoring while waiting.

The sunlight is really my favourite. Hehe.
My doorstep is my favourite place to camwhore.

We reached KL around three plus.
Walked over to Fahrenheit 88 and Sungei Wang too.
I wanted to get contact lens, and perhaps some Casio skin decal.
Clothes for my camera. So hard to finddd.

Also, at Pavilion a bunch of beefy old foreigners "asked" us for directions.
Xuan is so gullible lol. She took them seriously.
HAHAHAH. That's how foreigners hit on girls, and they aren't shy at all.

How I knew they were bullsh**ing?!
Because one of them took a look, and said something to his group.
Like hint hint.

I used to take them seriously, when a guy asked if this was Pavilion
while I was with my family at Pavilion.
My dad overheard and he said, Of course this is Pavilion!
Can't he see the big sign outside?! There's always a directory map!

Lol. Cos guys know how other guys operate right.
But obviouslyyy you can't think everyone who talks to you 
is trying to hit on you. Guys trying to hit on girls concentrate on holding eye contact,
those who really want directions just nod nod nod to get you to talk faster 
so they can have their directions. 

Just know that if a guy tries to glance you up and down
.... then you should be wary. 

I would say thou, locals don't really hit on random girls.
Unless in clubs la lol. It's usually... CREEPY OLD MEN!!
The worse tries to follow you around until you call a security guard -,-

hahahha okayyy back to shopping!

Oh yesss you guys may also have noticed my hair colour has changed.
More on it later ^^v

I curled my hair too, which is a first at this length.

After shopping, we bumped into King Jiat them at the roadside
on the way walking back to Sungei Wang to Pavilion lol.
Not bumped into la, HAHAHA.

We were supposed to meet up for tea!
We had tea at TWG but it was super late like 6pm and 
the tea time just finished, poopoo.

Yours truly, Xuan, Daniel, King Jiat, Han Yuen.

I've never tried TWG before, and it's one of those places
where people rave about and you HEAR about it a lot.
Check in on foursquare. Pictures on Instagram. ETCETC.

Like burgerlab. Tous les jours. Ploy. Bear Paw. Coffee Stain by Joseph.
And so many others lol. 

But I've come to the conclusion that,

Mandarin Oriental is better.
Chinoz is better.
Grand Hyatt is better.

The whole place was so cramped and the waiters/ress were so unresponsive.
The manager was polite, but there was this waitress I didn't really liked.
She was petite and pale and had her eyes rimmed with black eyeliner.

The thing is, I hate people working in the service sector who don't know 
how to smile. I feel like doing the whole joker thing on their mouth.

nah lol. What made me annoyed was when Siet Yen and Qi Yao came
and requested for two more chairs to be added, she said we couldn't.
So? Where you expect them to sit? On the floor?

It exasperates me that her brain wasn't working.
Mygatch. Should've called for the captain to come.
But anyway, Siet Yen was chill about it and sat at another table.

Still, fuck TWG. Oh my gosh. 
I don't really swear now, but really this calls for an exception.
TWG is shit.

Next time you want tea, go walk a few steps.
Away from TWG. Anywhere but TWG.

Siet Yen all the way over there lol. 
Cute or not paparazzi shot. HAHAHHA

Hahahhaha. The lovely couple.

As you can see. There were empty chairs and tables,
but the stupid waitress does not know how to manipulate them
in order to accomodate customers.

Anyway, that's the nice thing about having a blog.
You can rant about bad services and give them shit publicity.
On the other hand, you can also rave and recommend stuff to readers ^^

Tried on new lens! It's a bit of pinkish tone but comes out more brown on me.
Bought three pairs. One is for RM29 with power. 3 for RM85!
It's in Sungei Wang Level 2 fashion city.

Freshkon is expensive for me, and doesn't have such huge effect.
Butttt. Those geolens etc are hard to find, espo if you want power!
ARGH. Please comment if you know where to get power colour lens.
Those korean brand one. HAHAHA.

This was at night. Had dinner at Dragon-i with family in The Curve.
This was at O Briens and I was having a salmon quiche because I didn't
eat much in the morning. HAHAHHHAA. 

Also, I've given up trying to baby my bag.
HAIYAH. I will feel heartbroken if there's scratches etc.
But it's even more of a waste for me to baby a bag.
I'm never one to show love for something by not using it.
If I like it, oh man. I'm going to use it a lot.

I also bought some cookbook! ^^

Magazines, cookbooks and novels from Popular.
They had these crazy nice deals for RM8 per novel but I only got one,
the Dan Brown one. What i really wanted to read was Jordan Belfort's
Wolf of Wall Street! 

I watched the movie and Leonardo DiCaprio was A-MAY-ZING.
I love watching him, and Robert Downey JR.
They're the kind of actors who LIVE their characters,
their characters becomes them. Johnny Depp too.

But, I do have to say the movie has a lot of strippers and PG13 scenes lol.
Margaret Robbie is also very the hot.

Also, I'm quite excited to try new stuffs to cook. HAHAH.
But I really like doing stuffs likes sandwiches and salads that involves
really little cooking. Pasta too.

I HATE cooking meat. NEVER.
Never ever tried to gut anything before.
I think I'll cry :( Sorry future hubbie, whoever you are.
I am not going to cook much meat. 

I would cook salmon thou ^^v 

This was on... Thursday?
Suddenly decided to change my hair colour.
So I called up Mei Yen, the trusy hair room companion.

Had some Butter King Chicken at The Bird.
I love it, it's soooo creamy and buttery.
But I wouldn't have this too often ^^
once in a while treat.

Hair Room is in Menjalara. Near De Pastry!
Back to the colour chart lol.

I wanted some like ash blonde/ ash brown.
I'm not afraid of light colours, I told Mandy the hairstylist like six times,
that I don't mind light colours lol.

I hate it when my hair is too dark!
Because if my hair is too light, I can darken it myself
with Liese etc. 

First bleach

I think I bleached my hair like three times. The whole thing went on for four hours,
even for such short hair lol. Also did treatment.

It was RM120 for colour, RM60 for bleach, RM50 for treatment.
Altogether RM230 which I think was good enough considering
I bleached my hair thrice.

I love Bobo Stephanie's hair! It's light and blonde and bobbed.
Lol. She's a Malaysian blogger.

After blonde, the kind of hairstyles I love is really the kind of ViVi hairstyles.
Those that involve bleach and curling thongs, lol.

Black I love for it's natural goodness and low-maintenance 
and easy to look good without make up.

But... it didn't suit my pastel-ish wardrobe and wasn't loud enough for me.

A little throwback to my hairstyles. lol.
I would say I never really tried anything much
until like... March/April 2013.

That was when I discovered bleach and the AHAH! moment came. lol.
Because previously I tried dyeing my hair red and it was still BLACK.
It was like the stupid sort of red that showed up shyly under the sun T.T
I did not pay three hundred bucks for some shy colour.

HAHHA. i'm always a little all or nothing unfortunately/fortunately.

Hmm. being daring with hairstyles- it's a hit and miss.
But all in all it's really fun.

Be prepared to spend a lot of money especially for touch ups
and treatments. If you're not prepared for that,
then save the hassle and stay in natural goodness!

Also, if you've never tried bleach before and you're wondering...
yes it stings quite a lot, also on the ears if you don't wear ear caps.
But it's not like super acidic gonna burn you or what lol.
Thou I know SOME people have bled due to bleach lol.
Bleach takes out the pigments from your hair
so in a sense your follicles will become more hollow.

Dyeing your hair is added colour to your hair shaft.
Bleaching is taking out the colour you naturally have,
When you dye, the colour will fade.
If you bleach, the colour WON'T fade because it's
your natural colour but WITHOUT some of the pigments.
it can get too brassy/orange thou so you can use some toner
to counteract it. Also be prepared for touch ups,
because the roots can be really diff. Unless you wanna tell peepo
you're going "OMBRE".

HAHAH. Do google if you wanna know more in depth,
because this is just stuff I listed at the top of my head.
So don't arrest me for being inaccurate kay.
Based on experience. HAHA!

Hmm. Costwise, I think I spent about... hmmmm
2k 3k ish for the whole year of 2013? Or maybe 3k plus?
I don't knowww. The most expensive was the stupid RM700
curling session at A Cut Above lol. 

That figure also includes curling thongs and at home dyes and treatments etc.
Okay la... for one year.....  hair room is about RM300 plus each dyeing session.
Touch up is RM...80 I think. 

Any questions just ask me, wokay.
I'm always friendly. I like friendly people.
BUT! I don't like smarty pants who think they know it all etc.
If you don't know me, don't act like you know me lol.

moving onnnn.

This was the colour fresh off from the salon.
It looks normal on camera, but really orange in real life lol.
I only had this colour for a day.

had a little sushi break at Niji sushi.
The food was not bad, but the price was a bit pricey
considering it was in a shoplot area. 

Priced like sushi zanmai lol.

After that, went to Hero Market at Ativo Plaza to get some groceries.
Salad, pasta, tortilla etc. To cook in the morning as breakfast
before heading to college. EEEE.

I hate waking up early for class.
But, eating well makes it up a lil.

Selca. hahahhaha

The jam, every morning.....
Takes about an hour.....
But I'm slowly learning to be patient...
one of the good ways is to do daily bread,
sing to radio, eat some healthy snacks.
To distracte myself, I shall!

Unimpressed face. WAD! So JAM!? EVERYDAY?!

Scarves are surprisingly useful in Malaysia ^^v
To fight the air cond!!! And the sun!!! hahaha.
Just make sure you don't get those thick ass wool ones etc.
Just buy the thin/silk ones.

Spot french lecturer behind lol.

I put my bag on the table and went another table to chitchat etc
then he passed by modeling my handbag lol.
He didn't know whose one it was but he was like "this must be yours".
AHAHAHAH. Cos he knows I like bling bling princessy shizz.

And then chitchat a lil, he said the bag can last for 20 years
and pass down to my daughter. HAHAH. I hope so.

After class.... I went straight to the drugstore to get some hair dye.
I went to Watsons. Usually I prefer the Liese, but they didn't have it,
and had this Fresh light SCHHWARGGGFH one instead.
Please, don't ask me to spell the name. PLEASE NO.
Let's jut call it SCHWARFGGGGKOPF.
Typing this makes my brand hurt, the ratio of vowel to consonants!!!! 

It was the foam type, so, phewww. I still have a box dye of blond colour,
the cream type. From Revlon I think. Tell me if you want it man.
I don't mind giving it away for free.

Anyway, foam is just really perfect for at home self dye.
I chose a pretty dark (for me) ash colour.
Ash because the green base counters the orange really well! ^^
In make up as well. Salmon pink counters dark circles. 
green counters red pimples. Etc etc.

RM27, for two boxes!! They had some promotion.
Am happy with the result, suits my skintone much more :3
It's my hair colour now, as seen in the first picture outing with Xuannie.

After that, had dinner at Grand Imperial with family!

Scott! His cinaman clothes is actually reversible.
yellow gold one side, and red on the other. SO SMART

i like how my watch is shiny here. hahahhaa random much

been a while we didn't come here...
we used to come here often for dimsum before shopping.
But... that was those days when we left the house at 12pm.
nowadays we leave at 3pm, and have tea at chinoz etc, lol.

The guy mixing the yee sang.
They say stuff that brings good luck etc with PUNS.
Yes, chinese love puns.

Nian nian you yu. When picking up the salmon.
Every year got fish/prosperity.
Whole floor got gold. Mun dei wong gam.
HAHAHA. Etcetc

Clairie, you are so cute.
You are gonna grow up to be a charming lady.

Still having baby pink nails.

Isn't she sweet? Isn't she cute?
isn't she isn't she!

So, that was my last day of CNY!

there was lion dance at college too! Funnn.
But lecturer was a killjoy lol and carried on with class.

With Vency and Jia Shin.

Myyyy breakfast before leaving to class!
I tried making eggs for the first using a microwave.
it's so easyyy.

Just crack an egg into a glass/ceramic bowl.
Put into microwave for around 60 seconds.
The yolk is a bit runny, just how I likeeee.
I wanna try making eggs benedict ^^
With the microwave, yes.

Don't look down on the microwave okay hahah.
I should buy an inductor on Tesco or something.
I hate using the stove because of the fire and the oil chi pow boom.

For the salad, I mix salad greens and cherry tomatoes and pasta tomato sauce
in a bowl, put inside microwave for 60 seconds and done.
Add some garnish too like lemons and oreganos or cinnamon sprinkles if ya likey.

Sooo. That's all for this post ^^

Have a goodddd year ahead.
Huge loves to everyone!


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