Sunday, 23 March 2014

321 Birthday Bash


Celebrated my birthday over the weekend and now I'm here to blog about it.
Did some serious partying. HAHAH.

Because... my three weeks holiday started on my birthday week,
so I had time to relax and plan what to do!

Imma march babyyy. 3,21,1994.

Hehe. I'm still at the age where I feel alright saying out how old I am.
For my youth... I guess I just wanna live free, be happy and grow as a human. lol.

The picha was taken on the way to Sunway Giza.
There was a bunch of guys crossing the road, they stopped at the other side.
I started taking selfies during the red light and I heard.. CATCALLS!

So embarassing when I realised someone was watching all the time 
I was posing for selfies. HAHAHAHA.
Nola, actually I'm quite thick-skinned!

Sunway Giza Beer Factory.
It used to be my second home, when I was around 18. Lol.
But now it's more of a once in a while thing!

Here's Ami, Ding's gf.

With Xuan. Baby purple and baby pink!

With Yen Teng! Also saw Ci Min and Annie them.
They scolded me bo jio! lol.

Sorryyyy. But if you call me out, I will call you out one!
Because it feels so awkward if suddenly I ask someone out!
What if they don't wanna go out with me? *insecure*

Ding on stage for some lucky draw.

And then they had some fire bottle throwing and some dance.
HHAHA. To compete with other pubs I guess!
Cocoon and movida etc.

Nowadays a lot of clubs close down, and new ones cropping up.
I'm so lost, not really in the clubbing scene. HAHAHA.

NOT very lucky.
Got served Graveyard courtesy of Shaun Koh.
Eeshhh confirm he will puke on his birthday. HAHAHHA.

I only took like a quarter to half of it.
It's like beer chugging! And the liquid is forcing down your throat.
I pushed it away and some of it spilled on my dress.
HAHAH. Then I think King Jiat took over.

Siet Yen and Xuan.
Siet Yen went back home early cos she drove alone!

With King Jiat, all floral pansies today.

And Li Yee.
HAHHAA. She's super friendly.
Every week for sure check in Zouk.

College mates also came!
Chui and Caren. :) Heheheheh so glad they came!
First time going out with them at night actually. Heheheh.

A passerby helped us to take this picture!
HAHAH. Sometimes I get scared/paranoid that they'll run away with my camera.
But most of the time, NAHHH lol.

Brandon who apparently goes out with my brother too.
Small world eh.

With Chi Cheng. Love these selfies!

CC also brought her friends along.

The Cheah sisters, Fiona and Anna.

Chaw Chaw Hong 91. HAHHAHA.
I think this was his twitter name or something.

Kept saying his age. TWENTY THREE!!!

Because I always thought he was 20/21.

With Chlo Chlo ^^
long time didn't see her, was glad to catch up a lil~

So many pichas lol!
Friday night I took a lot of pictures.
Saturday night I'm like... KO.

Daniel Heng aka the malau (monkey)

Strangers are friends you haven't met. HAHAHAHHA

Long Huat and we kept saying we are march babies blablabla.
He's a day earlier than me but two years older!

 Alright! HAHHA. I went home around 4am.
Which was pretty late for me already, since beer fact closes at 3am.

Also a douchebag threatened someone with a knife and the cops came at beerfact.
Lol. Macamyestetapibukan, wanna show off but nothing to show!

I think when girls want attention they act slutty,
then when guys want attention they act like wanna fight. Hmm.

HHAHAHA. Alsoooo it's qing ming soon, and unfortunately quite a few people
got into accidents lately! Lucky that they aren't seriously hurt though... everyone must take care wokay! Especially when driving home late.

The next day! Time to pack to head to Park Royal Serviced Suites in Kuala Lumpur.
SERVICED SUITES! Not the hotel!!!

Reached around five plus to get ready. A lot of alcohol, balloons, and bubbly drinks.

Xuannie was so nice to go to the hotel early with me! :3
HAHAHAH. I was a bit annoyed actually that the girls FFKed.
But nevermind! All is well.

Booked the two bedroom premier suite, it's on the highest floor.
Requested for corner room and they did give us that :3

Kind of risky holding a party in a hotel,
because you might get complained.

We did get warning from the guard twice, but lucky no third time lol.
I keep going, "SHHH"

Vincent, Jason, Qi Yao were one of the first to arrive.
Vincent went home early because he had a marathon,
but surprisingly Jason Chin slept over. He was the cinderella ya knoww

Someee presents! Thank you everyone who made the effort to get me a present,
no matter what it is.

But most of all, for being my friend of course! :)
I know I'm not easy to put up with, but thank youuuu for being my friend.


Michael Kors keychain from Siet Yen and Qi Yao! :D 
Chi Cheng gave a hot pink Coach wristlet!
Xuannie gave a VS perfume set!
Jennie and Yen Shen them gave VS body lotion/perfume set!
I joked I don't have to buy lotion for two years lol.
Daniel gave Versace perfume.
And even Ding brought present. HAHAHA.
I was surprised!

Anyway! Thank you everyone! ^^

Typical scene when there's Vincent around.


Also made a video.

And here I am, the girls deciding to camwhore while I have gone deep into drunkzone.

Okay la let's go to better times. HAHAHA

We are bobbleheads!

Chi Cheng and Jennie bought cupcakes!
Thank you so much !!!!!!!!!1 ^^

Bought drinking hat from S&J.
But actually. A lot of guys wax their hair so I have to hold it for them.
Didn't realise that lol.

Lemme take a rest ok, I'm 20 years old already. lolol

Jun Wen!

They were watching some silly football game.
Okay la not silly la very important la

LV everywhere. HAHAHA

My gaze is like a fish that's about to flop its belly over. How sexy.
I'm drunk.


Came home with presents to unwrap :3

You know I've always been curious what it's like to have a blackout because
I've never let myself drink TOO MUCH. 
Because I know my limit and I seldom go past it.

But it was my birthday, and there was wine and whiskey and vodka and everything mixed together.
PHEW. I tried to eat pizza in between to absorb the hit. HAHAH.
But in the end, KO.

Around 1? I forgot lol.

So there. Held a sleepover party.
IDK what will be coming for 21st.
I guess 21st is a big thing, bigger than 18 because
21st means entirely legal.

In Malaysia if you're 18 you can't go into casinos until you're 21.
HAHAH. Actually I'm not sure too.
Sometimes it's kind of a headache planning parties,
problems are bound to happen.

But all in all it's still fun and worth it.
I'm NOT the type who will go through a birthday without celebrating it.
Tradition since 17 years old I guess.

Hmm. That's all.
Had fun! Love friends!

xoxo, BUBU

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