Monday, 3 March 2014


Hello peepooo.

This was on Saturday.
Had replacement class, poo poo.

But teacher was nice! :D
Treated us some chicken mcnuggets and let us out early.
Of course, have to show him our progress first!

After came home, went out again to OU with Siet Yen.

Here is my snuggly little doggy woo.

Hello baby cabbie, come sayang mami.

Oh you monster.

"Let go of me!".
*bribes with massage*

Now here's a happy camper.
Naw. Love this shot.

I should print out my pictures.
I don't know how many I have on my laptop.
There's... close to 7000 pictures on my Facebook. 0,0
Laptop? How many? HAHHA.

Here is little siet yen. ^^ 
She wanted to go ou to replace her watch batteries.
I hate it when that stuff happens.

I hate buying menial things, like batteries or glue or refills.
Anyway, money is never enough.
Even if you had enough money to buy the whole world,
you still won't be happy. HAHAHA.

I guess true happiness comes from loving and being loved by other people.
And dogs too, of course. HAHAHA. 
And God too, the ultimate of all.

Sadly I have missed Sunday meetings due to being a bit busy :<
Hope to straighten things out over the holidays.
AND keep fit also wey. HAHAHAH

Say hello to my moo moo cow.
Doesn't she have the most adorable eyes, ever?

On a random note, BSD is OUT OF WATER.
For two days! @,@

Thank goodness dad bought little water tanks for each bathroom
last time when there was a long watercut.
So now there's still water, just that you have to scoop it.

And before that, I also thought you have to tahan your poo poo
if there's watercut. But actually hor......
you can just use a few small buckets of water to flush your toilet! ^^

Now you don't have to hold your shit (literally)
when you got to go but it's watercut time.

Also Kepong had eletricity cut for a while? Based on the tweets.

Why the eff har got watercut and electricity cut everywhere.
And why WHY WHY WHY the streetlights are not on everywhere?!?!
Valencia, BSD. At night so dark, see what shit?!

So dangerous, later accidents happen.
Especially if your car breaks down and it's sooo dark.

After shopping, had to chuck all the plastic bags in my car
because the boot was filled with my assignments.
Oh oh. fashionstudentproblems

Managed to find a legit drinking hat from S&J.
HAHAH. And a shot game thingy too.

If you're wondering.. it's for the birthday party I'm planning.
HAHAHA. The theme is pink. 

Honestly a bit dilemma bcos if I do I'm going to do *quite* big
but why not save it for 21st right?

Hmm. For 20th it's more like close friends sleepover sort of thing.
21st it would be nice to invite a lot of people, maybe 50-60.
But dinners are so boring! And Bestarians are always late. HAHAH.

Eventho I'm 20 now, I still identify myself as a Bestarian.
once a bestarian, forever a bestarian?

HAHAH. I still spent like a decade of my life there.
And whatever I complained, in the end it was still like second home.
Hmm~ high school was pretty fun. 

And I think my happiest year, if I had to pick..
it would be eighteen.

The year everyone had their car license (well, almost)
we were still innocent and naive, and curious.
What an interesting mix. A lot of great memories! :)

Sumo suit. HAHAHA.
I wanted to find oneee.
But I only managed to find an inflatable baby at balloon buzz.
And it's RM200 for one so a pair would be RM400.
Yikes, would be blowing my budget.

And then I saw these tents. HAHAHAH.
I thought it would be fun to put in a hotel room as decoration.

ANYWAY. Where's a place to rent stuff like this?!?!?!/
Not worth it la to spend RM200/400 on a game I'll be using once :/

This year is a hotel party. It has always been dinner parties.
Maybe a pool party one day. Or a cruise party.
Or a vacation party. Or a cinema party. HAHAH IDK.

Moving on.... Saturday night! Changed outfit,
because that's how I rollll.

The flash seems to suit my outfit.
overexposure and all.

I think the cooler your expression in a picture,
the funnier it is if you were to see it captured it real life.

And also! !@#$%^&*
Realized the stitching from the jointed part of my chain strap

If it's after one year of use it's considerable,
but I only got this bag in January!

HAHAH. On the flipside thou, it means that it's 100% under warranty.
BUT STILL! I hate sending things and waiting for them to come back.
So menial. #notfree

At the same time, also kiasu must fix. 

Had dinner at Dragon-i.

And then... on... Thursday? Yeah Thursday.

Took the KTM with Caren, my name twin.
I think first time ever in my life
someone in my class bore the same name as me.

We took the train from Ampang to Bandaraya.
AKA, from our college to Jalan TAR to buy fabric.
It was quite a long walk. One or two km? 

Like this shot :3
Lucky I had slippers on. HAHAH.
They had a mini wedge thou.

And then after we bought fabric we still had to go to class.
Went to Caren's house which is two mins away from college
to have a drink. 

And I ended up laying down like the total pig I am.

ALSO. I have to say. Dayre kind of mixes up my blogging psyche.
Sometimes I talk about things on blogspot
but I wonder, did I say this on Dayre?!
Or twitter?!?!?

MAN!!!! I'm caught up in so many social networks it's crazy.
Overshare to the max. HAHAHA.

Here I am spamming Caren.

After that... went home around 5pm?
Class was 9am till 5pm.
Tired die me.

When you're far away from college,
that translates to more like......
7.30am to 6pm -,-

OHWELL. Let's concentrate on the better things.
Be grateful I'm studying what I wanted.
be grateful my dad paid for it.

I think mindset is really important....
it's like....

Scenario A: You're flagging a taxi and one comes,
but a person rushes to it and hijacks it.
Then another taxi comes and he gives you a few dollars off.

You can be in a bad mood by focusing how rude the person
who hijacked your taxi was, or be in a good mood focusing on
the taxi driver who gave you a discount.

oh well well ~

this was on Sundayyy.
Long time I never wore this top. HAHAH

typical asian peace sign.

I dont know why cabbie always likes to photobomb me.
But okay la, I don't mind~ you're cute ^^

Ootd. Nothing unusual la you can DIY your own top.
HAHAHA. Imagine if I was a "fuhin blogger"
Might as well just upload a picture once a year.

HAHAHAH. Okayy. Fineee.

Cap from sungei wang
(remember there was a time glitter caps were popular?!)
neon yellow top from Forever 21
(it was like......... two years ago )
red skirt from Kitschen
(WHEN bandage skirts were really popular?!)
and red wedges from The Curve
(I bought it on Saturday)
pink canapa bag from Prada
(from Korea lol)

KLCC. Chinoz On The Park.

Sunday means family shopping day.
And yummy lunch. Free food.

It's kind of odd being a college student -,-
You have the responsibilities of an adult,
yet you are not working, and have a budget of a student.

ARGH. Bang wall.
WHen you feel like your pocket money is not enough,
but to be fair to your parents....
it would take so many hours to earn the same amount.
Aiks aiks.

So juicy. HAHAH.
had fire roll. Salmon maki. ichibeng.
RM30? yeahh not bad for the portion.

The codfish opposite me is the expensive one. RM68?
Hmm. Also I might as well drag Daddy to Marini's for 
some lobster pasta

And then after that... hair extensions.

Hmm. Kind of reminiscent of lala?
I know lala very heng this kind of hairstyle last time!

Straight, long, black hair used to be the epitome of Asian beauty.
Now it's more like bleached, long, curly hair.
But shorter hair seems to be more popular nowadays.

And then after that I went to OU with Mei Yen.

And here it's with curls. HAHAHAH.
They're clip on extensions from Fennel in OU.
Rm129? yeah. I got the lightest brown because they only had safe colours.
No full blonde extensions lol.

The real human hair full wig was like RM700 and up!
Phew. And the wig doesn't look natural.
But I think wigs are so important for people who're 
having chemotherapy. Hair really means a lot!

I don't know if I will wear clip on extensions daily? hahaha.
Will try wearing it a whole day and test how comfy it is.
I think long hair is just more me. Short hair is nice
when you've just cut it but as it grows the shape sort of looses!

Permanent extensions I've thought of before, but I think it's just
easier to let my hair grow on it's own! :3
Plus I don't wanna get hair traction!

Overseas I think extensions are more popular and therefore
much more advanced. And skilled lol.

Anyway, I is glad to have long hair back. ^^v

I'm so used to long hair. HAHAHAH

And lastly I have eyeliner marks on my cheeks.
HAHAH. I swatched them on my hand and I guessed I rubbed
my hands to my cheeks.

WHOOP!Gotta sleep early for college

xoxo, bubu!!!!

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