Saturday, 8 March 2014



Called up the girls last minute today after Friday morning class,
to catch some brunch. I didn't eat much at college,
because the canteen serves a lot of oily food!

Had my fav food aka Japanese food. The whole sushi and sweet sauce shebang.
Zanmai was oddly not crowded, so we went for Zanmai.
But as usual, the food took quite long.

Zanmai is not my favourite anymore. HAHAH.
Sushi at 1U, I prefer Sakae Sushi or whatever else.
Because Zanmai is so overrated! It used to be good,
before it got crowded and the service started getting sluggish.

But I'm sure I'll still eat at Zanmai. lol.

Jason Chin and Yih Wern also came,
both who are usually quite off one.
HAHHA. Jason Chin scolded me for not inviting him
to my birthday party.

I remember when I was 17 years old he scolded me too
for not inviting him to my birthday party.

But I like that he's all buay paiseh and will scold me for not inviting.
Better than people who don't bother to scold me but dulannnn.

I always forget to invite him, because he always go home early :3
And this year it's more of a private party, didn't really invite too many people.
Since it's in a hotel suite and all.

Xuannie arrived lateeee as usual. 
She was supposed to arrive around 3PM,
but typical Xuan fashion, arrived around 4.30PM.

LOL. I do wish she would be punctual for once!
It's like arriving when the party is ending.
But wad to do, high-maintenance.

A random typical blue collar guy also came and helped us take picture.
He thought we were tourists..... idkwhy.

The moment you hear us speak. TOTALLY MALAYSIAN.

And then we went to outdoors to take pictures and walk walk. HAHAHA.

Taken with a timer, hung on the railing. 
Xuan got her TR15, she's still a bit careful with it.
I was too in the beginning.

But after a while, lol. Throw here throw there only.

Jennie also asked if I was having a boyfriend or a would-be boyfriend,
and actually I didn't realise I was single.

That's how much I don't need a boyfriend right now.

The thing is, I used to think that in our youth,
WE MUST have a boyfriend. Like from 17 onwards up till adulthood.

But actually, now I do agree with my parents.
They said don't date until you're older than 21, in typical Asian fashion.
It was a nightmare hearing this when I was 17, but now...
I think they are right.

Maybe when the right guy comes, whatever happens happens.
But I'm not at all interested in having a boyfriend
just because my friends are attached.

I guess as girls we do go through peer pressure per se,
and feeling envious of other girls "being sweet" with their boyfriends.

But I've been through "being sweet" and honestly,
love is overrated. At least, dating is overrated.
Maybe not overrated when you are with someone who is your future husband,
but this kind of disposable dating I used to do is not worth my time anymore.

Hmm. More precisely, having a boyfriend is like caviar.
People rave about it and glamorize it, people covet it and will envy you for eating it

But after you try it it's like urghh and you wonder why so many people like it.
Probably because it's expensive. But that's just life.

All I'm saying is, if you're young and pretty and you don't have a boyfriend,
it's okay. Never have a boyfriend for the sake of having it.
And never have sex, because your virginity is that precious.
Guys don't care, if anything they are the ones who have the advantage.

AND OH MAN. I used to find guys who sweet talk, sweet.
But now I'm like, cut the crap, show me the actions instead.
Whiny, attached boyfriends also drive me crazy. Like seriously.

So yup. Maybe when I graduate. Right now it's all college and 
hanging out with friends on weekdays.

And I confess, I FLOPPED on my fitness regime.
Stress took over lol. Semester five out of eight
is ending in two weeks.

I love that. Two more weeks.
And I'll be in my hotel suite sipping champagne for my birthday.
Yes please.

And then also to add. I think I'm a bit more cynical now with people.
I used to think that I have to make every friends stay.
But now, I do realise. Not everyone is meant to stay.
Some friends are just meant for a passing.

If they want to stay, they will.
It's easy to tell whether someone cares or not,
by how much they make time for you,
or chat with you randomly etc.

It's always the little things that matters.
After all, little things amount to big huge giant things.

wokay, moving on.

I likey oversized sunnies.

It's kind of hard to find them thou for some reason!

Oh yehh. This was Monday, and I went to Caren's hostel to nap during lunch time.
HAHHA. It was great, managed to get a forty five min nap thanks to her ^^v

At night, Daniel treated sushi at Rakuzen.
For the CNY thing. HAHAH so long ago.
King Jiat came too after working.

To be honest, I don't like eating dinner at home (cooked by maid)
so.. I like eating out. Or cooking my own food.

Anyway, anytime is a good time for sushi!

Here is baby Mei Yen :)

I love Mei Yen. HAHAHAH. 
She's chill, simple-minded and non-dramatic (unlike me).

We decided to eat at D'Fong at Ativo Plaza.
It was so-so, like Kim Gary that style but a bit cheaper. 
They serve dim sum and cheesy baked rice too.


After that, went for a swim at Valencia.
Because it was sooo hazy.

AND!!!!!! My house had water cut three friggin days in a row.
Pimples came out too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAHAHA. And then , water came back and made me happy.
FOR ONE DAY. And then friggin watercut again.

Really jelly my friends where their areas din have watercut. 
Due to the water rationing due to haze making less rain and less water in the dam,

Honestly, Syabas or whatever should compensate my family for cutting off our water.
PSH. I think when electricity failure or water cut or wifi cut or whatever,
we should be compensated. 

It's like paying for 365 days of service but you give us five days less or whatever.
PSHHHH. First world problem.

Okay la I'm starting to sound spoilt.
But :( no water for three days is so friggin awful.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With Chui Teng she has such BIG eyes.


Wokay. that's about how my weekdays went.
I wanna go IKEA to buy glass cabinet.
And buy a kangkung tote for my bday because all my handbags are so structured.
None of them fit A4 paper -,- all pretty but cannot fit much only!

And then. Settle Singapore. Aiyo. 
And birthday.

And print hotel reservation thingy and CAD.
And finish pattern pieces and do ribbon for childrenswear.
AND?!?! I DK weih.

Feel kind of stressed this week actually.
As always when end of semester is acoming, with all the exams and shizz.
Complain a lot lately. 

^^ okay la.
Dowan laogai dy.
Maybe I should do blogging from my mobile like Dayre.
But honestly a bit lazy to update Dayre stimes, takes long time to type.
After a while I type like ths with mfny wrong wors.

Okay. Bubu signing off.

PS: suffering from erratic restless mind and moodswings and binge eating disorder and ADHD and blablbalablabalbalbalbalbalbala and typing disorder ohfoierhfoierhiogergergetgtrrgetbhtb

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