Monday, 31 March 2014

Jennie bday and pandora

Hello :)

Hehe. Found a spot to OOTD in my room finally.
Actually, my room is quite messy.
But oh, what you don't see won't hurt you.

OOTD. Maxi dress from Siet Yen's shop at Jalan Kenanga.
Bought like... when I was 17 or 18?
Jennie and Li Chen has the same dress but in diff colours!

This was on Saturday :3

Nowadays outings start quite late, around 10 ish so it's okay.
I remember last time there were a lot of parties around 8pm,
and a lot of people were punctual so there were times
I had to sacrifice family dinner.

But now, lol. Everyone is so late.
Anyway, if you're doing something in F&B or entertainment industry,
24 hours would be great. Or open until 3.30AM.

Because the amount of silly youngsters awake and wanting to go somewhere 
at night, is VERY VERY HIGH.

Had dinner at Grand Imperial, 1 Utama.
Usually it's the Curve. I was like "YES!" when Dad told me where we eating.
HAHHA. Because I wanted to buy something from Pandora.

Anyway, I'm quite happy that Saturday family dinners are inside shopping malls.
I HATE HATE HATE having dinner outside of shopping malls.
Hahahhaha I mean for saturday nights, because I find window shopping relaxing. :3

They gave us a room. I think it seats 10?
The food took quite long to come, I got restless and went to run some errands first lol.
Party favors for Jennie! My march baby partner yo.
March 30th. 

I remember I panicked once when Jennie got mad at Shao Yang for not remembering her birthday.
Or was it Kok Leong? Hahahaha.

Also I always remember wrongly my dad's birthday -,-
29 not 28 29 not 28 okokok. (October)

Inner monologue : "Ehh food you please come faster the longer you take 
the less time I have to shop please please please oh hungry there's peanuts oh no"

Camwhore with Jennie's balloons! HHAHAHA.
Went out and buy them halfway through dinner.
Sorry pops. But I took like 10mins laaa.

Every birthday girl deserves some cute props.
Like balloons or roses or tiaras or cakes.

I don't care if you say it's a waste of money.
Every birthday girl deserves to be treated like a princess!

also.. HAHAHAH.
While I was walking down the escalator, and there was another group of guys.
They looked at me, I looked on the floor.

And then one of them said to the friend.
"Stop holding my hand.. See lenglui don't know how to let go ah" 

Sorry for being haolian. But it's been a while something like this happened. 
But of course girls are all prejudiced.
If you're a young swanky guy doing that, girls will ^^
if you are not so ahem, oh my. The girl will be like eww. 

AHHAHAHA. But I don't think I'm pretty. 
Normal-looking la okay.
Okay la I'm lying. No wait.

You know some days you think you might be pretty.
Some days you wake up and look into the mirror.
You be like, "WALAO EH apa creature ini".

Hahhaha but anyway I still feel flattered.

Kind of jelly too of those caucasians the way they are so daring 
to use pick up lines on strangers that catch their eyes.
Malaysians would never do that, even if they want to.
Shy shy yoh.

And then I waited in the One World lobby for parents to come.
Only like five mins la lol.

Sorry Jennie for using ur props. HAHAHAHA

After dinner, went to fetch Jennie BBZ.
BIBIzzzzz. HAHAH wtf so lala

Ahem. Anyway, Jennie just wanted a quiet dinner I guess :3
We went to Bangsar. Also, no thanks to MRT's building road obstructions,
the road was altered and we made a huge u turn.

But we made it in one piece yo. Jennie is quite good at navigating Waze.

Jennie loves taking this sort of Oscar selfies.
It's everywhere on her blog -,-

Simply it's just her pointing the camera as far as possible
to fit everyone in lol.

Just a small group, Rachel and Yen Shen. Qi Yao and Siet Yen.
Kar Chun and Jennie.

I 3p with Jennie ok. HAHA.
So bad the Jennie say I'm the lightbulb.
Hello, single girls rock okay. We party the best.
HAHAHAH cos not tied down.

But ok. Life is not all about partying.
It was fun too to just sit down and chitchat, a quiet dinner.
No loud music in the background (actually it's so loud it's not background music)

Keep teasing the couples lol.
Qi Yao going on Penang trip without Siet Yen.
Rachel's first impression on Yen Shen etc.

HAHAHA. Yen Shen really talk cock a lot.
Rachel said she thought Yen Shen was cool.
As in arrogant like that.

Then siet yen jennie and I were like.
WHAT!! He's the lamest boy ever.
HAHAHA. Because we know him since high school prolly.

Here's Rachel yoo. Long hair puff puff eyes doll doll girl.
Yen Shen and Rachel calls each other Birr Birr.
HAHAHAH. I have no idea why.

Couple's baby talk I guess.
Siet Yen and Qi Yao call each other "Bee".
Since forever, they two. lol.

Little tiramisu cake for Jennie! :)

The candle went off halfway while taking pictures thou,
I think due to Jennie/my breathe. lol.
Then I asked everyone to stop breathing to take pictures.

Kisses for birthday girl. :)

Siet Yen was a bit tired actually. Glad she came and stayed ! ^^
She had double date with her sister and her boyfriend at le Meridien.
Buffet sumore, both of them so full. 

Chi Cheng's still in Korea,
Mei Yen can't come out at night,
and Xuan ffk bcos her mami bday.

but it was all good. Fun night to catch up with Jennie.
Long time no night outing with her.

Ohhh, licks for bday girl. Sorry for this horrendous picha.
*image spoil* oh well hahahahaahhaah.

Oscar selfie number two. HAHHA.
The thing about flash oscar selfies is that the light fits the nearest face,
then everyone at the back become burnt chickens.

But let's roll with it and add an "Afga" filter yoho.
So freakin hipster. HAHAHA

Cheers to Saturday night for Jennie bbz.

Aww so ladylike and charming, wow.

Wow, so candid. KL ladies on the roll, wow.

Lol ok ahemmm.

Sent Jennie back home and it was only then she received her presents :3
Hope she had a good one! Hehe.

Can't believe she's leaving to UK in Sep, going to miss her muchie.

So that was my Saturday night!

This was Friday night :)

Had church cell meeting. We watched the movie, "Book of Daniel".
HAHAH. And we had a lot of popcorn thanks to Aunty Pearly.

YUMMY. I freaking love the Planet Popcorn seaweed one.
ARghhhh cravings. And I also love Tutti Frutti!

I didn't know Tutti Frutti could be cheap lol.
The first time I took a lot of toppings (so kiasu)
and didn't know it would be so expensive! Like RM20.

Then Chi Cheng told me actually it can be RM6/7 but still taste good,
just take less. And it did hahahahahah

Double cheeks fair fair cute cute couple again. Qi yao and Siet Yen.

The dogs as we call it. Dog gang hahaha.
Hopefully mid year will have another trip again maybe?

Daniel randomly called and said he wanted to go to Giza and we were like on.

Siet Yenzzz 

And Liyee hahaha. Nice to see her again ^^

I also brought some Absolut Vodka.
Vodka is the best. So transparent, like water.
I poured some of my party's leftover into a Spritzer water bottle.
It just looks like water.

HAHAHA. And then they mixed the vodka with beer aiksss.
King Jiat blamed me lol cos he lost to Liyee and had to drink that.

Anyway! I left around 1plus I think.
Quite early for me lol. 

Actually I don't think I go out that much?
Just that when I do, I always take pictures.
So people think I always go out. Hmmmm.

For me weekends I always go out.
Like Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Hopefully when I start working, I'll still have time.
There's nothing more I dread that being a corporate robot...
so mindless and trapped into society's norm.

Aiksss. That's why I really admire those people who 
quit their jobs and travel around the world.

I guess some would say it's stupid because it's important to earn money and stuff.
But it's also stupid to earn money only and forget about the other things in life...

I think the most important thing in life 
is to spend quality time with other humans. Lol.
And love others. And to thank God for everything.

But of course it's deffo easy to lose track and stuff! 

Alright, move on from Friday night to Sunday morning.

I went church, I skipped quite a few Sunday meetings aishh cos I couldn't wake up.
But I figured it's holiday so I guess I can sacrifice sleep.

Lol it was quite horrigible because I only had two hours of sleep.
been sleeping around 7am ish nowadays -,-

HAHAHAH. But okok. 

Dad's dessert hahaha. 
We had brunch at Chinoz KLCC.

Halfway through I went to drop the pinkie flap at Chanel,
because the jointed part of the strap came off (the stitching).

It takes like three weeks. But, it's free of charge even if the bag is over one year old.
(It's only a few months old thou)

Eee, I think Chanel's quality quite bad for their price lol.
10-17k for a flap bag and the stitching comes off.
1.5k for crystal earrings and they come off quite badly too.

LOL. get yo shit together Chanel!

HAHAHA. But then, people still buy it.
The bag is still okay because Chanel offers refurbishment services.
The earrings are a bit eee because the crystals come off easy,
and they charge around RM15 per stone.

I think for mine about eight ish stones came off, so that's quite a bit of money to fix something.
I hate spending money to fix things lol. High-maintenance like that.

I think next time, don't buy their crystal earrings lol.
Also the WOC is quite cheap ah. The one with the embossed CCs.
RM5.4k! I thought it was like 6k

Okay back to more important things than shopping. Food! hahahahah
Had sushi roll. Today one was a bit too plain for my liking.

But anyways. Me still grateful for food! 
Thank you papa muahehehe

With my bro. HAHHA.
He's so mean lol always sneer when I take selfies. -,-

A random shot. Not bad wad.... 
HAHAHA. Actually I don't really like camera point to mirror shots.
I rather use timer and point it myself instead of mirror!

I think only cheesie pulls off mirror shots well.
The trick is to capture mirror shots, without looking like you tried too hard...
even if you probably did.

HAHAH. Oh yeahh Saturday night at 1U I bought a pandora bracelet.
I've pondered getting it for awhile.

My mum has a full bracelet and she's talked about it wayy before it got popular,
like five years ago? idk lol.

I didn't like pandora last time bcause they always advertise their bracelets
with a lot of these type of bracelets.

I  don't like the glass charms and the holey holey beads with oxidised silver eee.
The black black look. It feels kind of old and too vintage.

Not my style ahhh. But if you like it then no offense!
I think they can be pretty but not on me that's whyyy

but these type I likeee. Saw pandora coming up with more charms like this 

Got a teddy bear charm on Sunday. RM169?

Yaya. I think pandora is quite affordable.
Deffo a cheaper obsession than handbags.
I like that you can spend little or a lot depending on how u want ur bracelet to be.

I think two tone bracelets are really pretty!
Since my watch from Phillipe Charriol is two tone too.

Like silver, like gold, so pick both settle.
The gold charms are so exy thouu.
Full gold ones are like RM700 to 1k plus? Banyak exy.

Oyaa I bought it also because Mei Yen got the charm for my birthday.

HAHAHA. She bought it at ou. Then I bought the bracelet at ou too.
And I told the salesperson at ou the charm was from my friend.

Then she remembered she was the one who served Mei yen lol.
Good memory. She said Mei Yen picked the charm because she didn't know 
my wrist size. HAHAH. And the sales remembered because
the snow angel was the last piece in store.

I think I wanna buy clips or safety chain next?
And friendship charm! Since Chi Cheng, Jennie and Siet Yen has the bracelet too.
Siet Yen is the most full one, she filled it in one go lol.

I hope I don't rush filling mine.
HAHAH. Buy it on occassions. 
Less excessive and more memorable.

As said. Mm I have to go back to saving mode already/

Went to Sephora to pick up my complimentary birthday gift.
So nice of them! :3 It's a mini shopping bag palette.
Don't think I will use it much, but it's cute and thoughtful for Sephora! heheh.

Basically if you're a Sephora card member and it's your birthday month,
they will send you an email to ask you to collect the gift.

Then you present it in store :3


So that was my weekend!
Have to finish homework eee pass up from Wednesday.
Hate this feeling lol. 

Anyway! Holiday has been so far so good.
Great catching up with everyone.
Look for the simpler things in life. Lol.

Good night!


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