Wednesday, 19 March 2014

March baby


Hahhaha opps.
Open with a quote from Jennie,
"March babies are the best".

Lol ^^ just kidding.
Because Jennie and I are born in March that's why.
Today I have a very serious question for you.
When is my birthdate?

Remember correctly come redeem prize okay. Hahahaha.

Jam *yawns*

This shirt would be perfect to wear in two years time.
Age is terrifying yet exciting.
Growing old, I mean!

Wait wait! growing up.
After 30 I say growing old okayyy.

Bought some knick knacks from Raffle's mini bazaar,
held by fashion marketing students.

I'm wearing the mint nail polish right now hehe.
Takes patience thou, needs four to five coats to make it opaque.
But! At night after I turned off the lights I was like what is this glowing thing.

Then I realised! My nail polish was glowing in the dark.
So that's kind of cool hehe.

Outdoor bazaar. view from my classroom!
It was in the midst of haze too, lol.

That crazy haze lately.
Malaysia has been going through a lot lately.

Haze, water rationing.
MH370 missing.
FMFA cancelled due to five people dying from overdose.

(Which made a lot of ravers angry, but don't be angry for those who died okay.
Be angry at the organisers. I mean come on. They're dead already!
It's the same as blaming someone for causing jam because they died in a road accident I guess. 
Yes, you wasted your time, but hey you're still alive! So be considerate!)

Naww. Stay strong Malaysia.
I think Malaysia has always been pretty okay,
we are abundant in natural resources, but free from
terrible natural disasters. The worse is like.... flood.

But at the same time, after this MH370 thing happened, 
the whole world is watching us.
And our leaders have a lot to do, they can't just treat foreigners
like how they treat the locals.

Being bossy etc. Foreigners won't take our government's shit.
Being mysterious and all, keeping people waiting etc.
Locals tolerate, because we have to choice.
Doesn't feel like democracy, more like tyranny.
Since no matter the votes, UMNO wins anyway.

It's like a football match, team A scores 5 but team B scores 7.
Then suddenly when announce results, TEAM A WINS!
Oh, their score is actually 10!! Bonus score for them.
Team A is UMNO of course.

HAHAH. Then, a lot of people criticize Malaysians
for blaming the government and not loving our own country.
Let me tell you what.

I love my country, but not necessarily the current government.
I don't like how they run things, but that's the government.
Malaysia, I love. It's my birthplace okay.
And it's wonderful to be living in a diverse country with a lot of good food!

Yikes, politics is a messy thing in Malaysia.
A taboo, too. A lot of strong feelings.

Okay! Moving on...

Head to jalan TAR (SOGO KL there) to visit Kamdar and Nagoya for textile.
Before studying fashion design I always wondered where to get fabric lol.
But now there's Jalan TAR! HAHHA.

There's sooo much of fabric there. Sewing tools too.
Fabric.. can be cheap as RM3 per meter, or as expensive as... RM1000 a meter.
Yep, serious.

Those italian suiting fabric that Armanin/Zelda uses cost that much.

Took the train to reach there with Caren! :3

Selca nonstop. Lol.
But wait! Let me take a selfie!!

That song is so catchy lol.

ESPECIALLYYY the bimbo talk.
I love listening to that part. Hahahahah.
Girls do talk like that when they gossip.

"Did you see her? She's so short and the dress she's wearing is so tacky... bLABALABLA"

I don't like to gossip with guys though.
Later ruin my imagine, sial.
HAHHA oh well. It's already ruined.

Please, no. I'm polite and kind.
Believe me. *puppy eyes* :(

hahha  nahhh. Just be yourself.
Perfectly imperfect, can? 

Lace dress from Australia, floral shawl from Forever 21.
It's so fun to buy clothes from overseas! harder to bump into someone
who has the same thing right...

Toile fitting. That was the fabric I was choosing.
For this dress hahaha. Blue and white fabric, because my inspiration is porcelain.

Toile is a mockup. Kind of. 
You sew it from your original masterplan using muslin,
then see how's the fitting.

Then change and proceed to using actual fabric..

This week's exam week . Two days down,
three more to go! BSSSH.
Hopefully all goes well :DD

Been able to pass up everything so far teeheee.
Also I've been napping like crazy.
Only had one meal yesterday!
But today eat back yoohoo.

After class, met up with Yih Wern and Chi Cheng yooo.
At O'galito, Yih Wern's favourite. :3

Ate some salmon thing, so-so nohh.
Salmon sandwich !

I was a little late because I had to go ampang park to fix my phone
The samsung galaxy mega. 

Some said RM650, then I found the cheapest one for RM550.
But I didn't go there to fix, then he lower it to RM520. Lol.

But. I bought a new phone in the end because the mega is so big.
Maybe I use it more as a tablet...

I bought Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. HAHAHA.
I thought of having iPhone again since there's many pretty cases.
But Samsung has better screen, and iPhone is EXPENSIVE.
I'm not good with taking care of phones...

I've lost two, spoiled countless others. -,-
I dont remember the last time I had a phone for more than a year lol.

BUT!! I'm good with taking care of handbags!
HAHAHA. I've never lost any designer handbags before.
Only the red aldo one along with my iPhone 4s in vertigo man.

My dad was funny though. I told him I bought a new phone,
and all he asked was, why didn't get note 3?
Hahahha later break then he scold me :3

Selfie yoo.

I don't remember having this picture taken. HAHA.
Yam xiu oh this one.

Hello yihwern. She didn't like her tomatoes, so i helped her finish it hehe.

After that I went to Starhill to get a tote.
I swear this will be the last handbag for 2014.

A Neverfull. HAHAHA.
Because even my biggest bag isn't able to fit A4 sized things.
I wanted a shoulder bag so I got this one :3

Rm3.4k? Yeah. They're raising their prices again
on 17th March though. 8-10%, I asked the sales which model,
and he was like "all"? HAHAHA serious?

Handbag prices are getting ridiculous.
RM4k is the new starter price, when it used to be 2.5k.
Then 10k bags are the norm.

Buying designer is nice, seeing all those ribbons and boxes.
But after a while you'll get sick of it lol.
Then after a while you want it again.
Save and splurge la aish headache. Hahahahha

Just half filled.
Not going to baby this bag eventhough it's white.
If people thinks it''s dirty, I'll just say it's well-loved wokayy.

A very blur mirror picha.

Church day, my eyes were a bit swollen!
Not enough sleep lol ^^

; I'm loving chandelier earrings recently!

Look at Natalie lol. Loving her new vintage outfit.
Punishment for losing during FBI's game at church ^^

Hello auntie bessie ^^

HAHAHAHA yongsui eh.
Natalie took this candid of me laughing like a squirrel with a giant mouth.
Oh well. #killingit

Huge table hogging at the hawker stall. HAHAH.
I had some noodles.

Then went to Madam Kwan at Pavi with family, eat again! x.x


Assam laksa. :3

Hmm, their service/food seems like decreased a lil in terms of quality.
My dad scolded the waiter because the cendol was ready for a while but
he didn't bring it to our table. Lol. Sorry! Pity! 
I would cry if kena scold like that!

HAHAHHAHA. i tell you a secret okay.
once, I cried while in a jam.
Once or twice la.

so embarassing weyh.
but cry out already really feel better... ah....

Cute or not?

Meet my octopus massager 2.0 from Daiso.
I feel like a dog using it, like how a dog feels when their owner pets them.

I mean, seriously very shu fu la.
HAHAHAHAH. Stress that time can use.
Stimulate blood flow, whoooo.

Okay la I act prim and proper again.

bare face day.
#killing it

HAHAHHAHA. I always see Paris Hilton hastagging this on Insta.

But first!!! Let me take a selfie!
(hey Instagram, this is your theme song already)

Okay la, that's all. I lazy talk to you guys already.


No la kidding don't angry okay.
Must come back :(

Okay, bye bye.
Goodnights! :*

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