Tuesday, 11 March 2014



Can't believe I went out on a Monday night lol.
So... I shall blog about it!

Usually have full day class on Monday- 9am to 6pm.
It's... awful! Triple monday blues. 
But anyway, this semester is going to end in two weeks time heh. 

Selfie while waiting. 
Vivian told me The Roof for Vinnie's birthday dinner,
and I said okay. She forgot to tell me it was the one in KL!
I assumed it was the one in PJ since it's the one we always go.

We scolded each other on the phone for a while.
HAHAHA. The mocking kind.

Miscommunication weyh :3
Almost wanted to FFK because no way I can make it to KL
and I waited around forty minutes because Xuan had to fetch Vinnie/Vivian
and it was getting late for bedtime (lame me I know!)

After a few minutes Vivian was like. Come now, we changed to The Roof PJ.
Lol. I felt bad! Reached around 9pm.

Wanted to go home before 10.30 but ended up going home around 11!
Had fun catching up with them girls, dress up and chitchat and dine.

Le March baby! :)

Hehe. Excited for my birthday too.
Starting next year, can I tell people I am 21
until I'm past 25?

Like Paris Hilton. HAHHA. She's 33, 
and when someone interviewed her how old she is,
she'll say "Forever 21".

I guess also because her boyfriend is 21 years old. 
Would you date someone younger than you? As a girl.
For me two or three years can accept la... IF. 
If the guy is mature. 

But I think older guys match girls more,
since girl's thinking mature faster :3

Vinnie with her long long hair.
She's not the make up type :3
She said she looked pale, but that's because 
Xuan Vivi and I had heavier make up!

It's easy to look good on cameras.
Put on make up, get a TR15. Done. HAHAHA.
Looking pretty in real life/naturally is a bit more selective.
BEING pretty inside out is even more rare. 

But I do think, that's what matters most.
Being kind, gentle, humble, loving on the inside.
Honestly, I want to be good, but I have to admit it's so hard sometimes!
I hope as I grow old, I'll be less selfish and more wise.

I think also girls who want fame/are vain (ohh it rhymes!),
are easy to be infested with covetousness, envy, bitterness.
Because when you think you are pretty, you expect to be treated differently.
And people do. That's how society works.

Yupp. For me. I'm still the sort of girl who likes to dress up, party.
But at the same time I also like to chill and watch movies with my dog at home.

Okay back to outing.
If you're lazy to read you can just look at the pictures :P

Super nice to selfie. 
Actually I had make up on like the whole day.
Napped for one hour, then woke up and slap on eyeshadow.

Super lazy! Lucky it came out okay in pictures

OOTD? :3

Lace dress from Forever 21. (I think threefloor made many of these dresses.
Oh yeahh! Checked their website, it's like RM800 a piece converted from pounds.
Nooo thanks forever 21 enough for me :B)

High heels from Sungei Wang. (For some reason feel like I'm not so used to high heels anymore. Too much wedges?!)

Anddd crystal chandelier earrings from The Curve,
Saffiano Tote from Prada.

I think also... handbags are a first come first serve sort of thing.
I don't think you can carry an "It" bag without bumping into someone else who has it.
A Birkin, a flap, a saffiano, a speedy. Whatever price range.

If it's popular, people are going to buy it. That's just the fact.
If you want to avoid it you can always go ahead for limited edition or custom order or whatever.

For desserts, had creme brulee and velvet cake. Share share.

And it was so funny...!
We sat inside but it was really cold (really, The Roof?!) it's like Genting at night.
So we requested to sit outside.

And a guy was smoking, and he suddenly said out loud,
"it's so hazy out here but you guys sit here?".
*awkward moment*

HAHAHAHHA. It's so funny when strangers say stuff out of sudden.
Without any introduction. Like talking to the air. 

Vinnie had foie gras and offered me some, and I had to smile and decline.
I have no idea how to eat beef or pork or liver or duck or whatever!
Just chicken and fishies. 

HAHHAHA. Killjoy at ze dining table.

Some group shots.

With Xuan ;]

With Vivian. <3 p="">

Anddd of course Vinnie.
Vivian had training (she works at MAS) the next day, wake up at 5.30AM.
Lol! Crazy. I should try waking up early too, to avoid the jam. Grrr.
Vinnie had 8 o clock class the next day too.

Sooo. Busy busy but managed to come out. 

I swear TR15 is so blur for flash ootd. (but nice for selfie lol)
Maybe next time I should bring two cameras.
My samsung ex2f! <3 p="">

But that kind of defeats the purpose of me,
buying TR15 to decrease bulk right ? :P

Smokey eye... makes the eyes look a bit hiao....
hahhaha just realised that. 

End of Monday night. :)

For Sunday, went to Pavi with family! :)

Furla workshop and I guess the idea is four crazy designers treating the bag as a science object and transforming it into out of this world shapes and embellishments

In all honesty though I think it's more acting than actually bag-making.
Pity them no chair to sit too!
But quite fun ah like art and craft session.

I love the display! Various candy bag embellished with painting/paper mache/studs etc!
Really creative and full freedom. Hehe

Candy bag cheapest is around 900?
But the tri colour ones etc is around 2k, from what Mei Yen told me.

I didn't ask for the price. HAHAHA.
Because I know I will get bored of Furla Candy.
I think when buying something expensive,
you should imagine if you would still use it in 10 years
and how it would look by then.

That's why sometimes a dining table worth several thousands
is actually more value-for-value compared to a rm500 table.
Because the former can use for twenty years, but the latter use five years wanna upgrade dy?

But then a lot of things you don't have to pay so much. Like clothes.
And underwear, because bras especially lose their shape when washed too many times.

This looks like a furry monsta!

I think it was deffo smart for Furla to do an exhibition,
and to give free bags to famous bloggers.

Five years back, no one would have cared about bloggers.
But now, they're like local celebrities!
And they ARE able to reach out to a lot of people,
through social networking. And their influence is crazy.

I remember Furla used to have an outlet in Pavi when it first opened.
REMEMBER there was a time we didn't have Pavilion nor H&M?!
lol. Then it closed down, but now it's back again :3

Brunch at O'galito.
brother wolfing down his spaghetti.

Doesn't it look like a giant candy wrapper?

Seafood Linguine.
It was alright~ RM38? I think.

Thanks to foursquare!!!
Got to meet fye fye hehehehehehehehehhe.

I love it when I check into some place, and someone I'm quite close to happens to be there.
TA-DAH! Random meet up.

If left to fate we might not have been able to meet each other right,
even if just for a minute or two :3

This was Saturday night, The Curve with family.

Bumped into Nina, and also Wendy! 

HEHE. Nice to meet Nina! Had fun talking to her <3 p="">

This was Monday.
Wearing a top from CNY haul,
forgot to wear it until that day. HAHHA!

That's all! Goodnight sweeties!


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