Friday, 14 March 2014

Thoughts; society's dilemma.

Hello guys. 

I changed my blog layout btw! Going for a darker mood.
I love the background picture thou. Aurora!
(I would love to do things like... hiking/diving/camping/picnicking)

A different post this time, one of those life-thoughts moments.
Because life is not all about partying! But that's what I blog about most lol.

Hmm. So, I have thought about how as teenagers...
we are always trying to find out who we are, what we like.
It's like a stage of experimenting.

But I found out. It's impossible and useless to try to please others.

You see....

  • When you are single, they ask when you're going to get a boyfriend. 
  • When you have a boyfriend, they ask when are you guys going to get married.
  • When you eat too much, they call you fat.
  • When you eat too little, they call you thin.
  • When you dress up too nice, they ask you why you put so much effort.
  • When you dress down not nice (lol?), they ask you why you never put effort.
  • When you don't make up, they say you look pale.
  • When you make up, they say you're only pretty when you have make up.
  • When you go out too much, they say why are you so free and wild.
  • When you don't go out, they ask why are you being so emo.
  • When you spend too little, they say you're poor.
  • When you spend too much, they say you're wasteful.
  • When you study in Malaysia, they say overseas provide better education.
  • When you study overseas, they say don't be too "ang-moh".
  • When you drive a cheap car, they look down on you.
  • When you drive an expensive car, they say you're too extravagant.

So. Do you get what I'm trying to say here?
Society's dilemma. All the questions, that there's no right answer to.

You see... it's like your girlfriend asking you if she looks fat.

Then I come to realise.

We should really just forget, forget about all this things people want us to be.
There's no one who's that ideal to satisfy all these questions,

I think people always think that they have a right to judge what others are doing,
EVEN when their opinions weren't asked for.

And of course ^^ I admit I've been guilty of saying those things aforementioned.

And let's throw in a few more pictures.

I think that girls are easy to get jealous, especially pretty girls.
When you dress up in a certain way, society looks up to you.
Then, it's a competitive market with no end nor satisfaction.

Someone is always going to be more famous/rich/pretty whatever.
But truly, having those things doesn't guarantee happiness.

The thing about happiness.... you can't buy it.

As Coco Chanel once said... "The best things in life are free,
and the second best is VERY expensive".

So you see, if you are poor that is okay, because the best things in life are free.
Can comfort yourself by saying rich people only have the second best,
while poor people have the best plus free one. 

Lol. Apa theory ini?!

This is true. I think? Idk since I'm not in a Western culture hehe so I can't compare.

But I've been lucky to have friends! They do nice things like coming out for unexpected calls, random rides, random treats (I almost wrote threat lol).

I think when you're a teenager, friends are like FAMILY.
Friendily! HAHAHA.

Because friends come out together, explore new places etc.
But I can't wait to have a family and go on family vacations etc lol.
I used to want two kids, but now I think I want four!!

But I think when I become a mum, I will be more low-key.
I don't want to be those sort of high-maintenance mum who leaves their kids to the nannies while they go do manicures :(

Eventho some people can imagine me as that kind of mum.
BUT I NO WANT! I want to be dressed in slacks and hugging le baby.
I think Xiaxue is also suchhh a loving mum.
And it baffles me how she always has perfect make up on!!

Okay lol wait, I'm still young.

This, I've felt many times before.

Especially.... when there's a FULL DAY, 9am-6pm sort of class,
and I haven't completed my works. Those are kind of dreadful.

But then... I've tried to escape, but what's left behind only comes back two times as worse.
That's the thing about work to be done.
You THINK you can escape from it, but it only piles up there,
smiling and an "I told you so" when you die trying to catch up.

And no!!! I can't. I have to push on.
Especially for mini collection/graduation show this year.
Five looks in three months o,o
That's up to fifteen outfits, a lot of sewing/drafting/fabric buying involved mannn.

That's why, now I'm still a bit work hard play hard.
Okay la play very hard. HAHAH. But college hours are so long,
I need to escape! 

I would reallyyy love to travel to a few places after graduating.
Europe is my must do, the last time I've been there was thirteen!
And I would love.... to try family life. New Zealand!!
I want to stand among the sheeps and play with a collie shepard in NZ!
Or maybe plant Kimchi in Korea! HAHAHHAHA.

I remember I stayed in a Moo Moo Flying Cow Farm in Taiwan!
It was pretty fun, milking cow's nipples and stuff :3

And here is a random outing picture for decoration.
It's like..... during 2011/2012's New Years at Encorp Strand. Phew.
That's a long time ago.

So, as I've said. December to early April is kind of like splurge period.
Then I'll go into saving mode. Bleeding a lot lately and of course you can't bleed forever.
Why? Because there's Christmas, New Year's Eve, CNY, My birthday, Singapore.

I think my holiday ends around mid April. YEP.
Finally have a three weeks holiday. 

Also I think.. when I'm stressed, I eat more/spend more to console myself.
:( And i love to roll in my bed too.

HAHAH. Exam week, next week.
BUT. So far, every weekend has been fun-filled.
So, I'm grateful for that.

I do think so I wanna be more low-key/patient/gentle etc.
I'm so impatient! I need to take a backseat.
I would love to take a backseat too during traffic jams ^^

But then again, I can try waking up an hour earlier (6.30??) to avoid the jam.

Also. As Asians I think we are deffo not outspoken enough.

Been seeing all these international news on the missing MH370.
I love how honest and aggressive they are.

No Malaysian would EVER dare to speak bad of the government on a public front,
lest we be arrested. But I'm quite thankful actually for all these articles pinpointing 
what's happening.

Articles on bloomberg and nytimes. Quite a nice read.

On a separate note, I also BROKE my phone LCD screen while using the toilet the other day -,-
How typical. Noo. I didn't use it while I was doing my business.
I put it on the "table" then when I got up to take my phone it slid off my hand.
I seldom drop my phone, and this one was only like waist level.

Nevertheless, my 6.3inch of it crack. Just a little, but enough to hinder me from typing normally.
Anddd clicking a few thousand other things on the bottom area. HAHAHA.

I'm using Samsung Galaxy Mega. I went to Ampang Park to ask, I'm sooo glad I asked like four or five shops. Two or three said RM630 around there. 

I'm like, pfft. Better get a new one eventhough this phone is five months old.
I guess Asians think it's more worth it to get new things than fixing old things. Sad.

But I'm sooo lucky. Suddenly the guy called and said RM350. PHEW.
I'm going back there tomorrow, hopefully it'll work out well.

Five places to go! Meet up with Chi Cheng and Yih Wern.
Morning class, have to sew evening dress toile.
Then have to go ampang park fix phone.
Then go Jalan Tar buy fabric.
Then go church.

HAHAH. I better sleep now.

Good night! Till then, sweethearts! <3 div="">

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