Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Young & Ji and OU

Gifboom. HAHHA

I was looking back through my 2011/2012 blogposts and found gifboom. Oh man, missed it.
The best part was I could download the app again and see back the old gifs.

The first one is Young & Ji from Tuesday.
Second one is brunch with ze ladies on Wednesday.

Those years ago. 
The one above, first time working with CC at HTC.
The one at the bottom, hanging out with Jennie and Xuan at DPC.
Those faicai days were outing was never interrupted by college nor work. 

HAHAHA. But same thing, holiday never last forever.

Some old pics. Recess time is fighting time for Bestarians.
SY chilling as usual.

I remember I used to make a lot of funny/gross/haolian poses. 

Levain! Hahahaa.

Missed my asian eyes suddenly. Small and black, but still the best.
HAHAHA. Switched back to clear lens instead of coloured lens.

This was Monday. Went out with Chi Cheng to Ou.
Just a short outing! :)

Blue x white. 

PS: My fringe is getting growing so quickly

After Chi Cheng chilled for a while in my house. 

And then we started making silly poses. Of course, not gonna pose those!
Too 18xx hahahaha. Nahhh just kidding! :P

This was Tuesday night. Went to Publika's Young & Ji for yumcha session.
I called them out randomly. Hahahah. 

Cynthia was supposed to come but took a raincheck.
Bojio bojio when jio dy ffk!!

Hahahaha. Malaysian slangs./

Didn't shisha for a loooong time.
Just a casual thing for me la, like eating grapes.
Not addicted. Hahahaha. 

I'm not exactly wild, I don't like to drink or smoke,
just that I like to go parties.

Very on for outings but so off for assignments.
Le sigh. HAHAHAH.

I love this shot! :)
Chubby cheeks. 

With ze flash

I need to shit!1 face

Okay hahahha. Managed to capture one with a lot of smoke.
I think if you need smoke effect should call Yen Shen.
He can be like a bull when shisha-ing.

Kisses for me 

Yihwern who arrived a little afterwards!

Dylan and Lester also came.
Not bad, so on! Last minute call one hahaha.

Dylan was saying I didn't invite him to the sleepover :(
lol. Lester too. I think I did invite them! But they didn't rsvp
so I removed them from the event list. HAHAHAHA.

My bad, sorry boss. :( Forgive me.

Maybe I should do barbeque next year. 
With tents and music and we can be as loud as we want. 

We were at Young & Ji for like.. two hours ish?
Somewhere there. It was nice to just chill and chat! 

Next day, went to OU .
Xuan was working at ou, 
and Chi Cheng wants to pass Jennie's pressie before cc leaves to Korea.

Selfies in the car. HAHAHAHAH.

Love this shot!

Baby jennie xoxo forever 4 eVa Lulzz

Okay stop it. With siet yen :3
Quite long didn't see her!

groupshot, thanks to TR15 wide angle lens. HAHAH.

Makes skin look smooth, but I don't like that the pictures are blur sometimes.
Oh well, treat it as effect noh.

Had brunch at Delicious.
Ordered mushroom soup only because 
I was quite full from sushi that Daddy bought ^^ loveeee ma Daddy.

And then we visited Xuan at her workplace.
Her coworkers were pretty nice and easygoing actually.
Not bad the pay, Rm200 per day!

HAHHA. Then we dappang tried the Nestle photobooth.
This was the instant photo. I love it!

Kept this picture because everyone complained they didn't look good.
HAHAHA. I'll take it home with pleasure ^^v

Group ootd taken by xuannie!

That's all for this post.

Till then! XOXO,


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