Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Cinemas, dpc, eveningwear!


HAHAH. Sorry for the haolian post header. 

On Monday I went to watch Captain America with baby Mei Yen!
Went through a lot of trouble to watch it actually. 
Cos Mei Yen was quite busy and it was a last minute plan.

Ended up watching at night!

TGV hahahha.
Long time didn't watch movies already.

However, 2014 is a great year for superhero movies.

Xmen: First Class and Avengers are my favourite.
I like Xmen: First Class more. Hehe. 
Because it blew me away the first time I watch it.

Wearing a velour jacket (from Calvin Klein) bought when I was

It fits. It's mean to be a cropped jacket!
I remember because during 11-14 years old Dad always took 
me and my brother to CK and AX and DKNY.

HAHAHAHA. Last time they used to be popular, espo the 1U ground floor.
Back then no one really bought branded-ish stuffs, I mean like the whole shopping mall
only a few people wore designer bags. That's like a long time ago.
Before Pavi even existed lol. Before Sephora came to Malaysia.
And Victoria Secret. And Balenciaga. And Miu Miu.

Dad seldom ask us to buy clothes. 
Because as me and my brother got older, I guess we increased our expenses.
College and car mortage etc. Not easy being a parent! :3

I'll know next time. Haha.
I'd be the one nagging my kids.
"Spend spend spend but don't know how to earn!"

Anyway, I'm off the shopaholic lane.
Want to save money already. 
Cold shoulders to shops. hahahaha.

Here's baby Mei Yen ^^
We munched on popcorns, mini sausages and wedges.
OH MAN. Next time, I wanna bring Planet Popcorn's seaweed popcorn.
It's the best. ICHIBENG.

Also. HAHAHA. Big bags for cinemas is a must.
Put jacket and hide food inside too.
This white bag is the biggest one I have. HAHAHA.
The only among my bags to fit A4 paper.

Here's a video of someone sneaky-filming thieves in action.
I'm not sure where it is. Hong Kong? IDK.

But thieves are EVERYWHERE!!!!!! !!!!!

I used to think that it's safe blabla, why would anyone wanna steal.
But now, the truth is- why would anyone NOT wanna steal?

Everytime you go out, be careful of your belongings.
When you're shopping, when you're in the car, when you're walking.
Carry pepper spray and body alarm. Zip up your belongings.

Because better safe than sorry!

Chi Cheng lost her Chanel wallet when it was in her Prada Saffiano Zip tote!
She put it in the middle compartment and it doesn't have a zip.
So the robber just took it, boom.

Hopefully she won't lose anything in future!

I think right. Maybe I should carry a bag openly, wallet peeking out and all.
But inside there would be no money, and put a spy camera inside.
Put a note and say. "Makan pisang la you".

HAHHAHA. Behtahan people who steal things so sneaky and all.
If you want something go work for it earnestly!

Homework! I'm on holiday (three weeks)
and I'm halfway down.

Actually the first and a half week didn't feel like holiday,
because I had homework to do lol.

Eveningwear that is!

Overlock machine at college.
I don't have one at home, just the sewing one.
I think I should get one! The affordable ones are around 1k.

They are used to overlock the edges of seams.

End result!

Quite happy with it, because I kept thinking I wouldn't finish it decently. HAHAHAHA
Laurent said it was better than expected lol because he knows I'm very shortcut 
sort of person. 

The inspiration is from porcelain!
Two layers of fabric are layered together,
the top is a sheer organza. 

Teacher likes the printed part.
HAHHA. He gave constructive criticism, as usual.

Actually. I really like it when teachers point out what 
they don't like about my work.
Because then I can improve HAHAHAH.

And teacher is really just doing his job la,
nothing personal. You gotta learn to accept criticism and respect your elders.

AND. MISTER LAURENT (the french teacher)
was so badddd.

He told me I failed my DRD.
And I was thinking. WHY WHY HOW COME. I passed up every assignment!
Then he said I can draw and have ideas but I don't develop.

Then I looked at Ai Lynn and my face was like. Is this for reallll.
HAHAHAHAHA. Then I asked him if I failed.
He said, "NO. If you failed we would have been in a meeting".

HAHAHAHAHAH. Belated april fool ah this one.
I think he just wants to scare me into being more hardworking lol.

HAHAHAHA camwhores.

I seldom take picture of my assignments lol.

I deffo wanna get more hardworking, and disciplined!!!

Anyway. Thank you God thank you God
that I've been able to complete this assignment in time,
and doing an okay job too (in my terms hahaha).

HEHEHHE. Been starting to read the bible and praying more.
For a while I've been kind of neglecting it!
And now I just feel so grateful. HAHAA. Thank God for everything teehee.


I've come to realize.
Simple is good.

yeahh I like glamorous stuffs and all,
but sometimes the beauty in simple and humble things
is far greater than pretentious and eye-catching things.

I guess it's like a farmer smiling when he rides on his horse in his dirty overalls and all,
compared to a lady dripping in diamonds but wearing a sour mouth.

With material things, anyway, you never get enough.
I think it's much more precious to just sit down and have heart-to-heart with friends.

And also. Appreciate my small eyes more now.
Didn't use contact lens because it blocks my sexy small eye gaze. HAHAHAHA

This is also a great reminder, because often times we worry a lot.
Especially girls.

We think our guilt will help.
We think we can control by worrying.

But it doesn't, it only gets worse.
You can worry, but worry and go ahead do something about it.
Don't worry about the things you CAN'T control.

And of course! Do everything in love.

Sometimes we get into a robot mode with our routines.

But if we stop to appreciate what we have in life, we would feel ashamed
for not being grateful.

Having water when other people's water tanks have dried up 
(during this water rationing period! lol)
Having friends to watch a movie with
Having money to buy popcorn 

Simple things like that.
We take it for granted but they are priceless actually

And thank you God for everything ahahahha
Praying really works! I'm quite a slacker so I every now and then I have to push myself

Procrastinating is such a bad habit! Tomorrow never comes.
We think we win by buying time, but the truth is more work gets accumulated.

It's like oweing someone money.
Not paying them back today doesn't mean you're any richer.
In fact, you'll be poorer since there's interest.

That's how time and responsibility works!
So you better get shits done!

HAHA okay excuse the shit. 
Okay la, better get POOP done. 
Eww sounds gross -,- lol!

Wednesday, after passing up eveningwear
(it was also nice to see Kevin, Chui and Ai Lynn coming to pass up! :3)
I went to meet up the girls!

Siet Yen suddenly called us out to DPC.

She brought Jennie's bday present!

Glad Siet Yen called us out and that Jennie came :3

HAHAH. I'm okay with last minute outings.
I know some people can't deal, but I roll with it lolol.
If I have time and my mood is okay, why not.
I like meeting ma friends ! ^^

HAHAHAHHA. Happy me with my Holandaise Sunrise.
Not bad, remember the name out of sudden.
I keep calling this Eggs Benedict ^^ HAHHAHAHA

Siet Yen says she like this sort of smile.
The big mouth small eyes grin.

"Very natural". HAHAH I do agree.

Natural is good, because God's creation is always the best (Y)
Just look at nature teehee. It's so beautiful.
Man and artworks always try to emulate nature.

Nature has something no man can emulate thou,
that is it is artwork with the magic touch of "life".
No man can make a living artwork

And I don't mean robots! Lol :3

My sexy egg.

Only finished one of them lol.
It was the first meal of the day at 4pm
I woke up around 12pm and was busy with assignments thats why..

I did doggy bag the other egg, thinking I'm going to eat it.
But the thing is. -,-

The leftovers never get eaten. Seldom.
There's always fresher food and I always eat those! /,\
Should give Jennie next time, lol!

Here is Jennie beybizz xoxo march babies forever wow zomgush

Well I haven't been making silly faces for a while.

Look at those two photos. HAHAH.
Siet Yen said her hands were shaking and its true lol.
Jennie is pro at oscar selfies.

And then we tried to eye contact and do kissy face to each other but we failed,
because it was in broad daylight and we were wayyy too sober lolol.

Meet this uncle hahahahha.

While we were camwhoring, he was interested with my camera.
He kept thinking it was a phone! I told him it's casio tr. HAHAHAH.

Then we talked for a bit. He was a bit shocked when I told him the price lol.
And I think the other uncle's daughter wanted this camera or something. HAHAHAHAH.

And then right... after that I went to the toilet.
When I came back, Siet Yen told me the uncle paid for our bill!

AHHAHHA. I was shocked because things like this seldom happen :3
Thank you uncle for the random act of kindness!
Shall pass it on hehe, treat a random stranger too next time!
It really brings a smile to someone's face.

Jennie kept saying she regret she didn't order anything!
HAHAHA kiasu Asian to the max! She said if she know she would order steak lol.

Nola, this things are just random, a bonus thing.
How can order steak one lol free lollipop I happy dy.

HAHAHHA. Said "thank you brother" to the uncle.

Aww screenshot for Jennie's blog. HAHHA. 
I was reading it from my mobile.

<3 babies="" beybizz="" love="" march="" nbsp="" p="" wow="" xoxo="" you="">

Doge meme hahahahhaha.

I always die laughing when I come across this on my phone.
Very relatable.

Very hand that feed shibe.
Very taste wow.
Strait to my THIGHS
wow such tempt.


Okayy lol.

After Amelio I went to Star Fitness for much needed gym session.
We stayed at Amelio for around two hours? HAHAH.
had fun with the girls, just simple meet up.
Played fun run lol I hate that game! >.<

Anyway, I've kind of figure what I want this year.

I want to be more disciplined, more tidy, more determined.
I want to go gym regularly and eat a healthy diet, just be healthy.
I want to waste less time.
I don't want to be a naive vapid doll, pretty on the outside but empty on the inside.
I want to read more books (EH! haven't redeem BR1M lol)
I want to learn to sing and play guitar (bro randomly bought drumset? lol)
I want to appreciate the simpler things in life. Simple but beautiful and precious.
Like... smiling, love, a simple heartwarming meal, hanging out with friends, petting my dog. 

Yep yep something along those lines.
I feel sorry too for the times I've wasted and people I've offended.
For times when I've been selfish and dramatic.
For times when I've worried much but did little.
For times when I forget about God.
For times when I chase the wrong things.

But life is all in all a good ride.

Much to be learnt, such amaze, wow dangerous,
many paths go, HAHHA DOGE DOGE DOGE.

signing off, BUBU!
xoxo. ;)

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