Sunday, 6 April 2014

KLCC with Esmodians; Back to Hometown


Blog about recent outings, as usual. 
This was on Saturday afternoon :)

Jie Ying whatsapped me to arrange an outing,
then she made a whatsapp group lol!
Because that Giza for my birthday thing they didn't come,
so catch up on Saturday hehe.

Thanks Jie Ying for arranging. HAHAHAHA
With The One Academy students aka Esmodians.
I studied at The One Academy for half a year before switching to Raffles.

Took Scott to try Chinoz On The Park,
my routine Sunday place if family is going KLCC.
I like that they have teatime stuff like cakes and also pasta,
but they have SUSHI as well. Om nom nom.

HAHAH. Actually, KLCC doesn't have much to eat!!!!!!!!
Seriously. Maybe I should try Ben's or Harrods Cafe more often.

Ordered california roll.
RM25 if not wrong.
Just kidding, I'm never wrong.


Look at Scott. Showing his penis.
I mean his t-shirt. HAHAHA.
It's from Christopher Kane, he bought it from Bangkok.
Funny oh they trace out that too ahem.

Denim vest from Forever 21
Palazzo pants from Forever 21 too
Canapa bag from Prada 

Scott said supposed to meet up around 1pm,
we reached around 1pm.
Aaron and Yee Chien came around 2/3pm so we accompanied them
tea for second round.

Tried this fancy cafe. 
Marini Caffe, as in sister of Marini's on 57.
This one is like high tea high tea TWG sort.

But it's still quite less-known, it's situated near Chanel and Giorgio Armani.

Very "atas" and "mau sangat" feel.
Confirm a lot of people will visit there soon.

And !!!!! This couple who sat few table away from us,
the girl kept on taking pictures of herself,
over and over and over again lol.

Then after she got tired of camwhoring, 
she asked her boyfriend to help her take fake candid pictures.
She left her mouth hanging open for more than 2 minutes,
posing with the teaspoon halfway inside her mouth.

But then again, I camwhore a lot too.
But shiok sendiri selca five minutes enough la,
no need take 500 selca pictures for one meal. Yikessss

The pricing, is quite pricey. HAHAHA. But still affordable.
Just don't order their caviar or champagne.
Their beluga caviar was somewhere around 1.6k.

lol I would never pay that much for caviar. 
If a ten course meal, maybe!

Sexy man. Draped in velvet.

Aww sexy man photobomb my selca.

From left to right: Scott, Aaron, Yee Chien, yours truly

Yee Chien going on a very Parisian feel today with her beret.

Scott commented that the tea was very "mau sangat".
AHAHAHAH. Mau sangat means something like...
you wanna be rich and famous and drenched in branded stuff, something like that.
Wanna give the impression you're rich.

The term is popular with Burberry staff, Scott and I used to work there before.
I only worked there for a month la, lol.
Usually describes customers who act like they wanna buy a lot of stuff
but in the end didn't buy anything. Stuff like that, lol.

Serving of complimentary bread and butter.
Heavensent for Yee Chien and Aaron as they were STARVING.

Scott and Aaron's man bag.

HAHAHHA. Both are from Balenciaga.
Scott is the front one, around RM6k ish.
He said his dream bag is Hermes Kelly.

Super mau sangat

I ordered their gelato because I was quite full from Chinoz.
RM8 for this one.

It was yummy! Very smooth, like yogurt.
Reasonable price at eight bucks!
Also it doesn't feel too filling/fattening.
More like tutti frutti than haagen dazs

And then Jie Ying reached! She was the latest,
but I'm super glad she came cos I thought she was going to FFK!

Silly faces with the girls ^^

Oscar selfie time. Five is still okay.
Eight and up is challenging.

Handed my camera to Scott to experiment with angle.
I must say he catches on pretty quick. HAHAHA.
Some people take a while to get used to my camera.
And they always say it's a phone lol.

Then Scott started holding my camera up higher and higher and I was like
Hence Aaron laughing

Okay serious back lol

OOTD groupshot

With the girls! hahahah.

I went home around 4 plus.
The rest stayed until at night, they wanted to catch a movie.
LOL. Scott didn't wanna go back early.
I think because their classes are always so heavy,
so when they go out, they go ALL out. 

HAHAHA. anyway, head to bed early for Sunday morning.
Had to go back hometown for qingming.
My hometown is Bentong, Pahang!

Surprisingly a lot of people from there too.
Chi Cheng, Long Huat, Cynthia, Scott.

Reached after about an hour of driving. So tired! hahaha
I slept around 12am but woke up around 3 plus.
And NEVER managed to sleep back.
So you can imagine how sleep deprived I was. HAAHA

Lucky holiday, because if I get sleep deprived for more than two days,
I will very very likely get sick.

Naw sleepy me. 
Packed a lot of stuff into my Neverfull. 
Cap, sleeping mask, sunnies, scarf, water bottle, minyak angin,
ipod, magazines. The whole nine yards.

Also Dad gave me his iPad mini to play, now I want an iPad :/

All working in full force!

Mister frog and mister chameleon came out to visit today in the cemetery.
Eeeeee. The chameleon was scary, it was so fast.
Mister frog was a little smaller.

The uncles enjoyed catching them. :( 
I kept screaming whenever they came near. 

Scott looking so stylish after he had done his "business"

Look at little Claire! So cute. But so spoiled hahaha.
She's like a mini drama-queen in process 0,0
and you can see Scott in action behind AHEM!!

HAHHA. Blue blue skies

Simple comfy outfit, nothing special :)
I like wearing white cotton tops for hot outings.
White tank top from Kitschen.
Black lace shorts from Kitschen too!
NY moustachey hipster cap from Korea (I love this cap!)
Neverfull Damier Azur from Louis Vuitton 
(quite recent purchase, as a throw everything in bag)

We went to pray for three... emm. Tombs? lol.
One is my late grandfather from papa's side.
I remember him as the grandfather who bought sweets lol.
He was really manja towards my brother, because he's the only TAN grandson.
If you know what I mean!

Another one is my late uncle, my dad's eldest brother.
He died due to riding motorcycle, brain tumour from fall.
He was quite handsome from his old photos!
Never saw him, he died before I had the chance to.

The third one is in another cemetery, the Chamang one for cantonese.
The former two are in the Hokkien cemetery.
Third one is a bit more distant relative,
my grandmother's little brother who lives in Bentong.

Hope they all rest in peace!
and hope all my friends and family to be in the pink of health 
and to be safe and sound always!

Daddy always tells me stories of growing up in Bentong.
He said his family was really poor, living in a wooden house with no bed
and drinking water for lunch. And eating flower nectar too!

But I think it's amazing that the three siblings including my dad 
ventured out to KL and managed to find their places,
enough money to support their families and all.
They've come a loooong way haven't they!

Admired my Dad for his hardwork.
I guess being poor made him not give up, because he had nothing to lose.
And my dad got 骨气 one! HAHAHAHA

He doesn't like people to look down on him.
So, prove them wrong instead.

Anyway in future I wanna learn to earn money too,
and give back to my family. Especially ze lovely papa!

after that, we went for the famous ice cream and rendang shop.
Restoran Kow Pow. Small and unassuming, but a lot of people go there.
I'm playing Sprin on dad's iPad mini lol.

I used to have this in my iPhone 4s! Available for Apple only ohh.

We reached back home around 3/4pm.
Tired tired!

Another outing!
Thursday?! I forgot hahahahah.

Sweater from Taiwan (so comfy! I don't have too many sweaters thou)
White flare skirt from Bershka

Headed to 1 Utama with baby Mei Yen!

Had lunch at Sushi Zanmai.
I coined for it a new name, Sushi 等mai
Because you always have to wait.

HAHAHHA. Not such a big fan of Sushi Zanmai anymore,
because it's always crowded and the food can be slow.

I rather go Sakae Sushi or Watami or Ichiban Boshi laaaa

We watched Divergent!
Theo James is sooooo hot in the movie.

Divergent is something like Hunger Games.
The dystopia genre. Better than vampire genre lol.
Vampire themes are getting overrated.

I wanna watch Lucy! and of course all Marvel movies. And DC too.

I loveeee watching those struggle for survival movies.
Assassins, spies. James Bond, Ocean's Eleven.
World Mission sort of thing.

Sometimes I fantasize what it would be like
to have super quick reflexes and super fit body 
that is ever ready to throw punches

NAWWW. Love this picture Cabbie looks so relaxed.
I love cuddling with baby Cabbie!

HAHAH very cute oh Cabbieeeee

At night I did some at home workout, because it was too late for gym.
Anyway, Star Fitness opens at 8AM and closes at 12AM.
That's ichibeng!! 

But I don't wanna go too late, a bit dangerous  :3
Kickboxing fitness blender. HAHAH can do at home.
Can make you sore actually.

I'm still sore because the next morning I went to gym too.
Jab jab uppercut elbow HAHHAHAH.

I like to eat, so better for me to exercise.
I don't mind exercising, quite like it actually.
During holiday it's easy for me to find time to exercise!
Wanna keep it up when college reopens too.

I have no excuse lol I have a gym within walking distance.
Feel so lucky for that! Thought of getting True Fitness membership,
but then I'd probably be lazy to go because I have to drive.

And here is a random sweet and sour fish I ate at Pu Tien,
for family dinner at 1U on Saturday night.


Okay okay lah!
That's all for this post. 
Hehe. Gonna find some other things to do.

Till then, XOXO BUBU!

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