Thursday, 17 April 2014



Back to college for semester six out of eight,
after three weeks of holiday!

First week has been so far so good :)

I've finally... found my footing.

Ahhhh. This is not like the usual outing post.
A more personal and random one.

Here. Are some quotes to give you a picture of how I want my mindset to be on.

I've always wanted to try my best, you knowww.
I think everyone has that. The instinct to be better.

But I've always been lazy. 
I guess I sort of concentrated so much on the exterior 
I forgot about putting effort on the interior.

Then you just become more and more fake.
The more you care about what's on the outside,
the more you care about what people think.

The more you care about what people think,
the more insecure and unhappy you will be.
Because, you can't please everyone after all.

I really want to go back to basics.
To have a simple, happy life.
Not a glamourous empty one...
If you know what I mean :)

HAHAHHA. I'm just glad I'm finally on the right track.
If not I wouldn't dare to blog it out lolol.

So. I just want to.
Eat well. Sleep well. Exercise well.
Go back to the basics.

Play piano and sing more often.
Finish finish all assignments.
Be more responsible and mature, stop being selfish.

When you are selfish. You always think, I have to get this for myself.
I have to make myself more comfortable.
But who the hell are you kidding? You are never going to be comfortable enough.
You'll always want more, this cat and mouse game of illusion and consumerism.

Aww lemme show you some really pretty pictures!
From Tumblr mostly :3

Determination pays off

Be the type of girl who goes out and enjoy the sun. 
Don't be the sort who'll stay under the shade to keep your skin fair!

VS Angel! Adriana Lima with her kickass kickboxing moves.

And fitness is a really good lifestyle to concentrate on.
LOLOL. Before that I think I concentrated more on the glamorous/comfy life sort.
Always take things for granted ishhh.

I never used to get why people were such gym freaks ya know.
But now I know. HAHHAA. The other side of the picture.

Yummy sandwich spread ideas.

Berries, bananas, yogurt, granola

Eggs in a basket.

My very own breakfast concoction. HAHAHHA.
Berries are quite exy in msia, like RM10 a box? And I can finish it in two three days.
I think grapes deserve some loving too!

Before and after pictures like this makes me go like wow.
And have respect for that person. Because I know, it takes much determination to change.

They say it takes 21 days for something to become a habit.
And 20 hours to learn a new skill AND be good at it.
That's really achievable!!! Like 45min a day for a month.

If you wanna learn piano, learn dancing, learn whatever shit you've been wanting to learn.

I have a lot of things I want to learn too!

But I think a lot of times,
we concentrate on how much work we have to put in
and get overwhelmed, instead of fixing our eyes on the results and goals.

I wanna learn to cook more things.
Learn guitar. Learn singing. Learn dancing.
And go travelling lolol.

Aww so sexy her body!

Squat squat leg press cardio.

AHAHHAHAHA. Today I finally learnt how to do leg press -,-
The gym owner showed me hahahah thank you thank you.

I usually go.. Star Fitness. Been going for around four five times a week
for two three weeks now.

Usually do about 4k steps/20min/2-3km ish
then light weightlighting crunches squats blablabla.

Healthy healthy ok!
I can never starve myself!
And alsooo it's so sad that nowadays when you eat healthy
people will think you are on a diet.

Like it's an unusual thing to eat healthy.
No one says a thing when you eat a lot of fries.
But when you eat an apple they ask, YOU DIET AH.

Healthy diet? Maybe?

Anyway. The world is a beautiful place. Full of hope.

Even during the days when you feel like you're not going to make it through.
Ask yourself, how many times have you felt this way, but still make it through?

And young girls har. Don't put yourself too much on a guy and cry cry cry okay!
You are worth more than that. Don't go slit wrists or what for a guy,
notttt worth it.

You're not gonna die if you lose your boyfriend.
It will hurt a lot, but someone else will come along, I promise.

Hehe. Aren't kids so precious? Their innocence.
Look at how freely they love and trust.

Sadly... as we grow older, we lose it.
We get hardened.

People always say. Loving too much can hurt you too much.
That's true, but I don't think you should be selfish with love.

And also.  Stupidity and kindness is two different things.
Stupidity is wasted effort, but kindness always brings a chain reaction of wonderfulness.

Kindness can't be measured like money, but it's more precious than money.
Priceless, right? Like love and all those good stuff.

Aww. See this dog also happy die me.

I love nature. It's like seeing God's handiwork.
Art has always drawn from nature, because nature is the best form of Artwork.
With the divinie touch of life!

JUST look at the snails living in a happy kingdom like they just came out of a cartoon.
But that's nature and it's magical and pretty and God made it.

Photography by Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko.
Obviously, I copied and paste that. 
The vowels and consonant ratio is not my level. HAHAHHAA

Ok! Some pictures at college with classmates and etc.

Abby hahahah my partner during Sem 1 yoh.
So nice we have class together tomorrow :3
Five sem dy didnt have same class with her :o

Fellow fm students! Fashion marketing lol

Ai Lynn the tall girl hahahha

In class, Laurent discussing about random stuffs.

Good thing about Raffles is they hire a lot of lecturers from overseas.
French, Peruvian, etc etc ~

Today we had Mister Manuel. He was pretty interesting lol.
From South America. Talked about PR and social networking.
The harsh reality of making friends. Venture capitalists.
A big thing now ahh for apps. HAHHAA.

Chloe Lee! With her grunge look today

Some props set up by Raffles student in Block C :3

End with this quote! Don't give up!

The first step is the hardest, but once you've started you can't help but go on.
What's there to lose?

Whatever you want to do, do.
What's there to lose?



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