Sunday, 27 April 2014


Hello! This was Saturday night.

Went to Score at The Roof with them dogs.

HAHAHAH. Come come play with me.
I keep shouting when I score.

I love the arcade area!

They have darts, beer pong and pool.

I remember I used to like playing pool for a while.

It's like real life app you know. 
Playing games in real life instead of handphone.
Human interaction. (which is rare now lol)

Played with Ami, Ding and Xuan. 2 vs 2
One round is only RM2, can buy the token :)

Nowadays.. I prefer pubs and restaurants compared to clubs.
In clubs you can't really have a real conversation :(
Just bob your head to the music. HAHAHAH.
Oh my I'm getting old.

Simple simple ootd.
Top from sungei wang sixth floor.
Skirt from giza boutique
Shoes from sungei wang. 

HAHAHHA. Not very helpful OOTD. 

With Xuannie ^^ feels like long time didn't see her ya,
miss camwhoring with her.

Manchester United was playing that night.
Naww, FIFA World Cup coming soon.
No, I do not know much about football and I'm not going to pretend to.

Ding's dog face staring at you ohmygatch hahahahahah

With Ami Lam! And Xuan!

I don't like it when the flash gets overexposed!
It does when you don't set the camera.
HAHAH. Xuan prefer this type though

I like colour saturated and sharp oneeee.
No likey white white
Everyone got diff diff style yo

Some like lomo effect with very dark blacks and high contrast.
Some like the faded, vintage type.

Aww you know it's a real smile when you can't see my eyes.
That's how Asians roll 

And can I please have emoji for blogging?
In fact, I think emoji keyboard should be included for computers!

Furamak, okay. That was my Saturday night!

Sunday morning, wake up at 9am then go to church.
Then after that follow family go family shopping in Kualalalumpur! ^^

Actually today I almost skipped family outing to keep on my nap.
But I woke up lol. And I blame the rain! Makes it so nice to sleep :3

We went to Pavilion. Dad wanted Madam Kwan today.
Usually it's O'Galito. Not bad right my dad switches too. 
HAHAH *sarcasm*

Foodporn coming yo way!

Ordered char kuey teow. I love their ckt and assam laksa.
But their portion is quite filling, so share it among your friends if you 
have small appetite!

Brother ordered nasi lemak.

Look at the curry. LOLOL.
Glistening wet.

Bro looks so emo nemo here.

After shopping, went to second round brunch at The Loaf.
Just had their cranberry cheese and sat there for about half an hour.

Little haul of ze day.

From Forever 21 and Miramew.
The two sweaters below are from Miramew, others from F21.

Been a looooong time I didn't shop for outing clothes,
mostly gym clothes more. HAHAHAHA.
Chi Cheng say I buy clothes every week!
I think I buy less than last time.

Now I feel like I should sell some of my clothes too,
to gain some closet space.

I always like to try on newly bought stuff right after I arrive home.
Do you do that? I like doing that.
It's like a mini christmas. lol.

There was a lot, a lot of Coachella inspired outfits at Forever 21.
Palazzo pants, gladiator sandals, crop tops, halter necks, crotchet knits,
daisy prints, tribal prints.

Kind of a very hippie/indie/bohemian/70s feel.
Music festival right.

Spent around Rm400 on clothes. Hmm, accidentally spent 1k over the weekend
it's hard to keep up with debit card! 

orite, moving on..

big bobble head

Gym with Chi Cheng!
Last Saturday? Friday? I forgot ^^
Gym at Star Fitness.

Bumped into Jie Ying at Play, The Roof!

Pretty happening crowd. 
More of the KDU/international school type of crowd.
Some older set too.

I only stayed for like. 20 mins.
Then took a taxi home. HAHAHHAAH.
I just felt sleepy and bored so I went home to sleep.
See! Told you I'm becoming auntie already.

but when happening, I'm really SUPAAA happening one la. HAHAHAHAH

DPC with Mei Yen :3

Before food came.

After food came.

YUMMY. I can haz sushi!!!!
HAHAH this was at Chinoz, KLCC.
I like it because you can have japanese or western there.

Getting lazy to wear make up dy ^^ 
HAHAH. Nice to give my skin a rest.

With Chi Cheng at Sierramas. Last Sunday!

Daniel them, versus Chong Chern them. 20 year old set versus 18 year old set
They just graduated, stamina still good. Wait 104 weeks more of weekly 
drinking and supper, stamina drop 99 HAHAHAH.

18 year old won! 

Aww made a crop top out of my beloved Kiara tee.

This was college.
Last... Wednesday ya.


No extensions.

Straight hair.

Seldom use extensions nowadays, lazy a bit ^^
Let my own hair grow.

IDK what is this.

After workout. 

No I do not wear sport bra to gym. HAHHAA.
To running around neighbourhood, once in a very long time.
Layer tank top over for modesty ahem.
But if do workout at home then no need la, let the sweat flow lolol.

last Saturday's gym clothes haul.
Bought Nike Free Run 5.0

This the model I got! Hehe. Satisfied!
As I said before, my previous one was since I was 15. -,-

Nike shoes are mostly around RM400 ish.
This pair retails for RM409. Some of the Flyknits 
retail for around RM849 thou.

Found a shop in The Curve that sells workout clothes at affordable price!
Like instead of RM149 from Nike, a RM39 one from the Curve.

Aww two packs please come out.

Eating like a horse now thou idk why.
HAHHAHA. It's like period cravings but I don't think my period is 
that near :v

Aww come snapchat with me ^^

Also ahem dyed my hair to a dark red tone using Liese Antique Rose.
Before it was really blonde and the roots made a huge contrast.

My food pyramid...
Cereals, fruits, yogurt. 

Article from Church's magazine heehehehe

this Saturday's haul. :3 
Pyjamas, gym clothes and make up.
Nothing too special ^^ 

HAHAHA. I spent RM600 this saturday and last saturday.
*SLAP MYSELF* #imsobadwithmoneytellmewhy

But the last two saturdays I didn't spend much! 
So technically it's RM300 per saturday right? 
But also it means this two weeks I spent RM1.6k buying random random shit. 
AH. I do remember the figures, but it's RM200 here and there and it's only when you add them up
it's like oh. What happened. Houston we've got a little problem. HAAHAHAHAH
But technically I didn't spend much the last two weeks so it means I spent RM800 a week la right.
Ohmygatch so tired of rationalizing ohwell save more next month

Watsons had a beauty pandora box for RM80 above purchase,
free eyeshadow and eyeliner and a few other stuffs.
Naww I love freebies.

Bought peri pera lip tint in shade no.2
An orange/red tint for gradient lips.
I love reddish orange lip colours.

Ending with last pic taken using Samsung Ex2F.

HAHAHA. i retire my casio tr15.
Machiii so blur sometimes.
it's like the picture either comes out really nice or really bad grr.
3k is overrated, 1.5k should be the right price!

But anyway ^^ begrateful what you have.

Goodnight peeps! MWAH

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