Thursday, 10 April 2014

SEED fashion show, DPC & jogs

Hello everyone! :)

Had the mood to blog so here I am.
Went to an event a few hours earlier.

Seed's fashion show at Midvalley Centre Court.
Jason Bu works at Seed, Xuan called us to go.

From left to right! Siet Yen, yours truly, Sizo, Kiki (room 8008),
Jason Bu, Chan Won, Amanda

Naww. The girls.

All with light brown hair.
I wanna go a darker brown soon :3 
Ice cream and pastel ish colours are still on trend.
Mini bags too.

The show had already started when we arrived. HAHAHA.
We reached around 9pm?

My favourite part... was the two topless male models.
Dayum. Their abs and biceps and pectorals, very good.
Beautifully sculpted and all.

Hahahah. Enticing, not in a sexual way.
But in a scientific way, ya know?
Like viewing a perfect human specimen. 

The show was alright.
Had a wide variety of models.
Mostly caucasian, and a few asian in the mix.

Kiki thought of doing her own catwalk show.
I asked her how much, she said around 100k ish
for the stage set up and all.

Quite an amount of money, but definitely worth it.

HAHAH. For me I'm pretty much bandaraya when it comes to clothes.
Whatever brand, as long as I like it I will buy.

Siet Yen. She came eventhough she's having packed class.
For whole semester and beyond lol.
8pm-5pm, The One Academy style!
But I think it's a good challenge for her!


HAHAHAH look at my stupid stupid face. lololol

I wonder why there's so many candid ish pictures? HAHAHAH

I have a love hate relationship for casio tr.
The pictures either come out like shit or like a goddess.
It's like a hit or miss lol. 

But I do like that it has wide angle, 
is great for insta photos.

But still. RM3k is overrated. RM1.5k is okay.
HAHAHAH. Overall I like my samsung ex2f more,
but carry it less because it's bulkier :3

Naw pretty selfies tho.
Xuan brought her black one, Kiki brought her white one.

You see. It doesn't matter if something is overpriced.
If it's popular, people will fork out their money.
Like a perspex Chanel perfume bottle bag that costs RM30 000.
Marketing and branding makes overpriced shitz sell!
Because it creates a demand. 

Chanwon and Kiki!
Chanwon is a blogger, Kiki brought her.
She was very friendly! HAAHHAHA.
Easy to click with.

Kiki owns room8008. She has great ambitions for her brand.
It's not easy to keep a clothing brand going, competition is SO tough.
Siet Yen and I are still fashion design students.
Jason Bu has graduated and is working as VM for SEED.

HAHAH. Four of us in the fashion line.
Fashion is definitely a bitchy and judgmental industry,
but also exciting, full of surprises and passion.

Some celebrities too.
Elaine Daly was hosting. If I'm not wrong hahaha
I'm not good with Msian celebrities! 
Amber Chia as usual, a mainstay in catwalk shows.

The guests were mostly Seed's VIP members. I think.

Served free flow champagne and wine.
Canapes too. I wanted some but the guy flew by :(
You know when you make contact with the person holding the food.
But you feel awkward to hold the contact for too long
and you look away.

Then it feels awkward to chase the person for food. HAHAHAHAH.

HAHHA. Okay. Picture roll time:

Tio photobomb-ed by the auntie behind.

HAHAH. Sometimes I selfie with TR,
and I CAN SEE people looking at my camera.
Stop staring, me shy shy!

Jason Bu in his fur jacket! HAHAHA
It's from Fendi. He kept complaining it was hot.
Of course, it's fox fur lol! 

Everyone kept touching his fur coat the minute they see him.
It's like our instinct right, itchy hands.

I would never buy fur :(
I've seen some nasty videos of animals getting skinned ALIVE.

Jason said Fendi makes the fox die humanely before taking their coat, 
if that's any consolation :/ Like anaesthestic injection.
I hope that's true.

The one I saw was a chinaman stepping on the fox. 
Like the fox head. And it was stripped down to it's bloody muscle,
and STILL moving. That was the worst part.

Imagine having your skin ripped off from you alive :( 

EEE. I hate hate hate animal abuse!

Admire Stella McCartney for using "vegan" materials for her clothing.
Being eco-friendly is a responsibility every fashion designer should put
on their shoulders.

Mmm. That's what I think.
Yves Saint Laurent did antler bags.
Bags with antler as handles.

Someone said it was cruel, then another person explained 
it was antlers that the animal shed.
Phew, glad to hear that.

But I guess it's safest to stay away from animal products.
It's hard to tell anyway.

Naw, I'm guilty too :( I use leather products.
Sorry cows :( 

Anyway! Moving on to Seed lol got distracted with Jason Bubu's fur coat.

The mini background poster thingy! HAHAHHA

Sat in Jason Bu's Vellfire to Aloaf.
Van sized cars are so funnnn.
Carpool party!

Sounds fun to have big family and everyone sit in an Estima.
I remember sitting in Jun Wen's Estima with her family! lol
That was like. When I was 13? REALLY long ago.

OOTD nah :)

Minnie headband from Vault, 1 Utama.
Pearl necklace and bracelet from Lovisa, Pavilion.
Lace dress from Forever 21.
Shoes from Forever 21 too. 
Saffiano bag from Prada.

Anddd! I also brought my fujifilm heheheheheheh.
I'm so glad I did! I can imagine keeping these
and rehashing the memories in years to come.

Love these shots! hehehehe.
Your mama used to be fashionable!
By the time I hope I won't be wrinkly and fat.
If I am, I hope at least I still have a big smile :D

Appearance matter less when you're satisfied with yourself.

I keep some on my mirror.

With Mei Yen at DPC this week, and the one beside from today!
The one below is from Nestle, when we visited Xuan at her workplace.

Miss Selfridge fashion show, with papa in Aussie,
and at Chloe's birthday.

HAHHAHA. Polaroids make good memory keepers
My only complaint is that you can't share it with others.
As in digitally. Unless you scan it I guess. 

It would be nice if Fujifilm was able to save a digital copy of the polaroid,
and transfer it to my phone. OH WELL.

Tiny me in front of a house in Aussie.
It has love shaped moss coverings!

I also bought the album hehehe.
I think this was RM30. Or 25? HAHAH.
Bought it at 1 Utama. The photo shop beside Mong Kok.
I forgot to read the name.

Tell you what, IT stores and alike always have the most nondescript names!
Shong lee la, digikem la fotokem la photoready la. HAHAHAH.

I tried working the scanner but I had to download drivers.
By the time I finished download I had already taken photos.
HAHAH. This one is a printed scanned version.

Can use for scrapbooking actually.
I wonder if I can scan an image straight on my phone?

So that's my Wednesday.
It was a fun night :)

Congrats if you're still reading lol.
My blog posts are always long.
But that means my life isn't boring right!
HAHAHAH or maybe I'm just long-winded :p

Moving on!

Monday, went to DPC with Mei Yen.

Only decent full body shot. HAHA.
I had to backlight effect it because the original photo was underexposed.

Croptop from F21, Galaxy shorts from Sungei Wang,
Boston Bag from Gucci, Ruffled sandals from Vincci 

Tomato bruschetta.

Mei Yen wanted Fitou to have her chicken wings.
I'm not sure about other food,

I can make a better one lol.
Mei Yen's chicken wing was okay.
HAHAH baby needs to fix her cravings yoh.

selfie while walking.

I went gym after DPC if not wrong. lol.

Tuesday I went to DPC (again!) to meet Chi Cheng and Yih Wern this time.
They wanted to eat Steamboat.

We went for a jog afterwards. Erm. Chi Cheng and Yih Wern walked
tho because they were in non-sports attire.

Wednesday I went Star Fitness too.
it's open 8am to 12am HAHAHA . Love that!
A lot of familiar people go there.

Since it's in BSD lol.

Bumped into Long Huat, Zhen Ye and Wei Lun.
Wei Lun looks so buff now! hahahaha. Because he used to be skinny.
Long Huat is very fair. Random observations lolol.

It's fun to keep fit. Eat healthy, exercise and feel good about yourself.
I CAN NEVER do the STARVING trick.

I know some girls starve themselves or regurgitate their dinner,
but I can't! To me that's just wrong.
Why not do it the better and righter wayyy

My mum is crazy lol.
She goes to gym four times a week.
HAHAHA I don't wanna lose to my mama ^^

I like running and swimming. 
And kickboxing hahaha assassin mode lolol.

Next! Random stuffs.

Naw, I wouldn't mind having a classic gold watch.
This one is from Frederique Constant.

AND! HAHHAHAHA. A waterproof watch!
A cheap one where you don't have to worry breaking it.
And do rough activities.

This Baby G is so cuteee. I think it's four hundred five hundred ish?
Nawww so cute.

But Baby G have quite big dials.
I like slim watches.

I thought of getting pedometers too!
Or Nike Fuelband.

Random sketches found online. So hippie this one teehee

And another one from Moleskine, cartoon illustrations.

I like to go on the internet and sketch at the same time.
Ever since college, I sketch for fun less lol :/
I wanna.. learn more things.

Learn how to sing and play the guitar.
Learn how to cook some kick ass dishes.
keep fit keep fit, sleep early wake up early.
Eat healthy and exercise regularly.
Pray and read bible daily.
Put effort in studies.

Ya. It's time for me to start being more responsible and hard-working.
You think you're winning by doing less work, but you're only lying to yourself.
The one who does the most work, is the one who BENEFITS the most.

And similarly, the one who helps/sacrifices for other people.
They benefit the most. Like... doing someone's work.
You gain more experience. 

or simply things like fetching your friend or treating them a meal.
Sometimes giving is better than taking. 
Everyone wants to take, but the truth is.
Takers are never satisfied, they want to take more than others can give.

Givers? They want to give more than people can take!
HHAHAHA. Like my dad!
Feel blessed more than I deserve with him :3

I do hope I will grow up and be more mature.
Focus less on tangible things like branded stuffs. HHAHA.
Focus more on simple meaningful stuffs. 

OH YES and volunter for SPCA 
and sponsor a child. 

And oohhh! Also, I'm kind of lazy to wear heels already.
Pursuing a more active lifestyle.
Sounds so cheesy HAHAHAHA

Sneakers>heels now.
But go parties I'll wear heels for sure.
I don't want to look shorter!!!!!!! HAHHAHA

Me want bright Nike Free Run sneakers :3

The pair of Nikes I use now?
I got it when I was like .... freaking 14 or 15 years old.
The sole actually came off and became a crocodile,
but I got a cobbler to sew it back for RM12 lol.


I think if you look fit and happy and confident in yourself,
you will look good in everything.

Oh man. megan fox can look great in tshirt and jeans.

Work it work it.
Have quite a lot of stuff this week.
I mean outings hahahah.

Sad sad, next week college gonna reopen.
But! College gives me something to wake up to.
And something to put effort in hahaha.
I just don't agree with the traffic jams lol.

Alright! That's all this post :P

Goodnight. xoxo! BUBU!

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