Sunday, 25 May 2014

Beer Fact


Hello! Went to Beer Fact last night with the peeps.
Been a long time didn't dress up for night outings.

With Jennie hehe. Asked her out quite last minute, glad she could make it.
After all, what's the point of a holiday without some partying!
For her la hahaha I still have college.

I literally screamed when I saw Wen Qi.
HAHAHAH. Because I thought she was in US studying! 
 Glad to see her back! ^^

Samara and the Jian Zhen too, so long didn't see them. 
They went to Play afterwards.

Aww pweddy wen qi.

After that Ding and Ami came. 
I don't know how long Jennie didn't see Ami already.

Edward dropped by halfway studying ^^
HAHHAA not bad not bad, glad he came :3

With Daniel, who had AND1 basketball competition the next morning.
Daniel and King Jiat kept saying they'll leave at 12.
In the end, they stayed till 2am ish. I think.

Also bumped into Chun Moon and Jessie!
Ahh forgot to take picture with Jessie. :3
Anddd also saw Shaun Koh Long Huat them.

Oya! Forgot to say this neon dress is from Chi Cheng.
She gave it to me because she posted on twitter asking who wants her leftover clothes
AND I SAID I WANT!!! Hahahhaa then one day she dropped a pile of em.

Hugging my girlfriend.

Ding receiving some free drinks, mouth open wide like... a doggie ^^ TEEHEE

I'm trying to slap Daniel awake here.
HAHAHA nola. Very good one okay, take care of friends when they're drunk.

Jennie drove his car home in the end, after that I went to Daniel's house to pick Jennie up.
Daniel kept wanting to drive home but later BMW total loss nono.

Drunk driving is a NONO. A danger to others and yourself too. 

Jennie took these for me. HAHAHAH.
She likes to make good use of a camera.

Eee i love this groupshot. Looks so candid and fun.

Add some cheesy polaroid frames. 

Look at the two little buggers beside Jennie and Daniel.
Act like our gang, not bad. Photobomb hhahahahahaha

So that was Saturday night :)
Glad to come out and have fun with friends for a while teehee.

Much less wild compared to when I was 18 now that I'm 20.
I mean myself lolol. Idk. People always think I go out a lot.
No la, I just take pictures often. Maybe? HAHAHAH 

Play is the most crowded now. A while ago it was Vertigo.
But. I still like Beer Fact most. Just a lot of memories.
And other clubs are always very very noisy. 

Beer Fact is like half a club so you can go downstairs to chitchat? hahahaha

This was a random one at Brewery Tap, Ativo Plaza.
Daniel and I drinking fruit juice. HAHAHA.
No beer. I no fan of alcohol.

This was at La Casa, before an impromptu swim at Westside with 
King Jiat, Daniel, Siet yen, Ding. After swimming, had some drinks at Fitou.
It was Wesak Day.

I look so lost here. HAHAHA.
This was Sunday family day at Pavilion.

This was some college ootd.

This is a men's bomber jacket I finally finished sewing.
Teehee. Thank God I was able to pass it up on time :4

This was a Daisy sweater kind of day. Thursday!
Because it kept on raining recently.

This was Amelio on Saturday afternoon with Chi Cheng.
A short catch up session yoh :3

That's all this post, update more next time. 
Buai buai ^^

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Costume party


Long time no post teehee.
Went to xuan's costume party.

Xuan found a shop in Sungei Wang which sells costumes for RM28 one set.
Crazy cheap! She brought several of em and forced the girls to change lolol.
Li Chen became a policewoman, Jun Wen became a stewardess.
Xuan is a nurse.

I'm a... hmm. Baby leopard? IDK AHHAHAHA.
I only have cat ears no leopard ears.

Xuan's parents went to Japan soooo can party. 

It was nice too that Jennie could make it since she's almost done with exams.
HAHAH I keep insulting her outfit.
"You going funeral isit wear all black this is costume party hellooo"
HAHAHAH my bae. I give her C minus for effort 

Rachel I give her A+ HAHHAHA she got Kimono set from Times Square.
HAHHA Thank You Rachel for bending a bit because you are so tall.

HAHAHHA hellooo Daisie reminds me of Lucian my huskie.
AND OH YAH. This top keep moving around I have to stick seals for modesty
excuse me please.

Ze host

J block, Xuannie, BUBU!

Rae Rae!

Sooo long time didn't see Cynthiacqe. HAHAA I always remember people's
instagram name or twitter name. 

She brought Edward. The guy I always see at Star Fitness lolol.

Jason Bubu. They were outside gambling.
Me no gamble. Unless CNY maybe hahahah.

HAHAHA helooo seal needed

Ding and Yen Shen 

As the night went on everyone got a bit more blur.

We also played musical chair.
But instead of sitting down, we had to step on the cellophane tape.

Rysher and Huan Yuan keep being together.
Xuannie jealous lol.

The cellophane tape we used earlier? The guys used it to tie Huan Yuan to Rysher -,-!!

Teamwork is at a very high level here.

Also this picture was taken when my camera was dying from the lack of battery juice

HAHHAHA xuannie wants rysher back lolol

The WELLY cousins. Cannot call them Ngo or Tan cousins hahahaha.
Welly is their family company which sells motorcycles

Girls. Non stop camwhore ya.

This was during Labour Day. Went to Amelio DPC for brunch with Siet Yen.
Daniel King Jiat also came to join us a while later.

Went out with Mei Yen. She drove her sister's Volkswagen that day.
We wanted to watch Spiderman 2 for a looong time but couldn't cos of time constraints lol.


Mei Yen baby ^^

Sushi will always be my favourite hehe.

This was with Rachel. We went to yamcha with Ping Kuang.

This was family brunch at DOME KLCC on Sunday.
HEHEH long time didn't use this bag.

This was at college during menswear workshop./

Hellooo Ai Lynn and Chloe.

This is Chui! She went to Japan recently so niceee 

OOTD ya I love Palazzo pants hehehehe.


Sewing room lolol finished sewing denim jeans for men.

This was Ci Min's birthday party at her house in batu Caves.

ANDDD that's about it ^^ 

Oh ya gym progress this is May 1 - May 7.


See you guys hehehehehehehe buai buai!