Sunday, 15 June 2014

Hello bello~

Hello. This is with baby Mei Yen.

Thursday brunch at Rondaevoo. 

It's at Ativo Plaza! I likey it. They have rotiboy too.
Rotiboy, Kariboy, Mochaboy. Each have different fillings. 

This was Saturday!

Throw on a dress sort of day.

Went to 1U with this fellow.
Ate Sakae sushi, then watched "How to Train A Dragon 2".
I think that's the name. I think.

HAHAHAHA. Anyway. It was a fun time :)

Saturday night. Went to Score at The Roof.
With Siet Yen and Xuannie here. 

FIFA Fever now hehe. 

King Jiat always shout freaking loud whenever there's a goal or missed goal 
orrrr anything else.

This my favourite shot! ^^ 

Goldfish? Duck? ANOHHHH.

Edward came to visit after his event!

That was my week. 

Sowie didn't type much feeling weak idk why lolol.

And also who is this Dwg on my chatbox. Lifeless sial get a life pls.
I don't even know who the toooot is that. Not interested in ur imaginary bf ahem

Anyway, have a great week you guys! :*
till then!

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