Thursday, 26 June 2014

Holiday adventure


I'm done with semester 6 out of 9. Hehe.
This week was one half of my two week long sem break.


Sunnies from F21, 
Off shoulder top from Bershka,
Lace skorts from Sungei Wang,
Cardigan from Esprit,
Boston bag from Gucci 

Moustache and lippie.
Representing mr and mrs. HEHE.

First try :3 it's quite a well-known cafe.
I saw Zhi Yen there working as part time! Small world ah.

It's so pretty. The fountain area. 
Reminds me of this place. Scott Garden! Yeap.

They also have Burger Factory, Rakuzen and one more dunno wad crazy crabby.

The place is Oasis Square. William (Edward's friend) recommended it.
Edward only mentioned it as "Oasis".
So I was like, ohhhh Oasis Square ah.
Then he said. No, Oasis Wonderwall.
POO! Bully me. I don't want to listen to Wonderwall songs dy.

Cafe from the outside. Cute cute hor.

Anyway holiday has been an adventure for me so far.
Because of Edward. HAHAHA. He starts internship next week,
so for now. We see each other like crazy. lolol.

Oh yeah, the timetable for semester 7 is so crazy awesome.
Just one full day class on Tuesday every week.
Which is pattern grading and costing. 9-6pm la.

All other days I'm free as a bird. HAHAHAH.
Except! IF I have assignments.
So friends, I guess I will be very free for brunch ^^v
And continue gymming too. Hope my little injuries will subside.

Oh yeah! I done 10km like finally the other day on the treadmill.
I was onto 7km, wanted to stop at 8km.
But Edward challenged 10 and I KIASU.

Back to cafe outing ^^ I ordered The Atlantic. 
Egg benedict with salmon.
Poached eggs are my favourite :3

PS: Picture not mine. Chop from internet one. 
Didn't take picture because I was hungry.

Oya. We ate with William and Mandy.
William likes to photobomb and camwhore.
Mandy is the opposite hehe.

Dragged Edward to the fountain area hehehe.
It was quite sunny actually. Luckily both of us had our sunnies on.

The place looks so nice. I wanna try burger factory :3 

Camwhore while walking.
My other hand was...

Holding his hand.

HAHAHA. Nowadays got slight groin injury, walk like pregnant auntie :/
So. Oasis Square was my Wednesday date.
At night we went to Mai Street Cafe to shisha.
No TV to watch football. Hehe. 
Just chitchat and accompany each other that's all.

Last ootd for wednesday.

Pink Day!

Top from Berskha. It's the same as the white one just in diff colour. ^^
Palazzo pants from Sungei Wang.
During my pink season from CNY this year.

Thai Food date om nom.
Makes me feel hungry blogging this middle of the night hehe.

Absolut Thai at The Curve :)
Who lives in the pineapple under the sea? Hahahah.
I had pineapple fried rice. My loveeee.
And we shared tomyam soup.
Mister Edward has fried belacan rice.

I whacked finish my pineapple rice.
HHAHAHAHAHAHA. Lucky after that burn 1000 calories
by running 10km. About 90 mins on treadmill, after that walk like auntie.

I jelly Edward bulking can whack everything.
Can you please give me your metabolism.

Blur blur eyes. ^^

Guys as usual love those shooting/driving games. 
Or anything that gets their blood running.

This was at the arcade near Cineleisure while waiting for our movie to start.
"A Million Ways to Die in the West".
Crude humour sort. LOLOL.


Or 大头贴.

Hit among chinese youngsters weyh.
Edward was really shy to take this actually HAHAHHA.
Cannot believe it was his first time taking purikura.

Anyway, was a nice alternative.
My fujifilm polaroid sot dy. Sad :(

So after movie we went gym, Jason Chin dropped by after work.
After gym went home eat dinner, then went out to De Maju to watch football.

This was Tuesday

Okay. There is a reason why we have matching jerseys. 
Accidental one. Sort of lah. HAHAHAH.

I bought Edward a Chelsea jersey because he's a Chelsea fan.
I remember he already had a Chelsea shirt but I thought this one was slightly different.
But actually not much different. HAHAHAHHAHA.
So Edward gave me his and he wears the one I gave him ^^

Om nom big breakfast.
Wanted to eat Fatty Fatty their japanese cuisine but
they were closed!!! 

So we went to another coffee shop nearby.
Edward help me chop the ham.
He doesn't like to see food wasted.

After eating we went home rest,
then went to DPC jogging. 

Then at night De Maju watch football again lololol.
Italy versus Uruguay if not wrong :3
Italy lost. Suarez gave Chiellini a lovebite. HAHAHAHAH

This was The Roof on Saturday night.

This was the Curve on Saturday night.
I kept leaving my shopping bags behind -,-
It was a mini cardio session because I left my stuff not once, but twice.
But thank God, both times I got my stuff back lolol. 

This was yamcha on.... Sunday?! I forgot hahahahah.
Oh wait. It's last Monday lol. Had steamboat with them at DPC.
Then at night De Maju.

Yan Qian who likes to make cartoon with her bear bear.
Famous on snapchat dy.

Miss Crystallexy. Long time no see this girl.
I have this habit of remembering people's instagram name. HAHAHAH

I very lazy make up nowadays. HAHAHAHAHA.
Lucky my eyebrows not that thin T.T

This was last Monday?! 

Japanese meal at Hokaido Sushi in 1u. 
It's actually near Sakae I didn't knowww.

Yummy meal hehe.

William's disgusted face.
You know why :(

A fly did waterfall inside their smoothie.
They ordered two.

BOTH KENA. William and Mandy's. So sad right lolol.

And lastly. end with a half candid picture 
William took while trying my camera.

OKIES. Time for me to say goodnight :)

Love all of you, even my haters ^^v

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