Monday, 9 June 2014

So far so good

Hello. This was two Saturday nights ago at Beer Fact.
Last minute planning to go out. Rachel was the earliest to arrive.

I was supposed to be early too. But due to the MRT road construction,
I took a wrong turn. :( Went to tropicana then kayu ara,
then damansara uptown and pass by eastin hotel at TTDI.

SO SAD. I wanna bang wall.
T.T not good with directions seriously grrr.

But anyway, I did have fun. Chill chill la okies.

HAHAH this one so goofy.

Rachel birbir act cute ya.

Formal pose maybe?

Nahh, dowan formal.

Xuannie lala ya. HAHAHAH.

Ding doggie. HAHAHAHAH hello.

So bad Daniel.

Vinoth's maid ran away and left the door open. 
So, the dog ran away too.

Then Daniel said, let Ding be your replacement. 

Edward came to visit after work.

Jennie with her oscar selfies habit.
Stretch far far squeeze everyone in.

This was DPC. On Monday? Ya I think.

Cynthia suddenly called for lunch. I was free, so I woke up and went to DPC.

And then. I bumped into Ami. She was going to eat at Amelio too.
So we sat together. Look at Ding, his stare so horny. Geli.


So that was Monday.

I think this was the next day. I think lah.
I remembered going to DPC three days in a row. ^^

Jennie is busy now though since she has started interning.

Anyway, planning to have a short trip to Port Dickson during mid year.
Since it will be holiday season. HAHAHA.

This was last Saturday at Tom Dick and Harry TTDI.

Rachel and I were the first two girls to arrive, the rest came even later lol.
I was supposed to skip dinner actually because of family dinner
but dad came home late because he went to his little palm oil thingy at Bentong.
He likes to grow durians and IDK what there. HAHAH

Watermelon and coconut ya.

Long time didn't see Xian Jiong since he doesn't do late outings anymore.
Different lifestyle yoh.

And King Jiat kept bugging me for camera.

The guys playing card games.

It's Phin Chin's farewell, the face on the right hand side .
He's leaving to UK for studies.


Siet Yen very stress nowadays, no time to relax. But she still make time for outings.
The girl beside Rachel is Christelle, Kha Weng's girlfriend ^^

King Jiat taught me a new phrase to annoy people.
"Ni de girlfriend leh?". HAHAHAH

I kept asking Jason Chin. Then after that Rachel and Siet Yen asked him too.

We played cards that night. The main point was loser gets served with some odd punishment.
Xian Jiong served up a drink with salt, tabasco sauce, beer and IDK what other sauce.
Gross. Yen Shen came late and I gave that to him.
He gulped it down like nothing. HAHAHA.

After that played some one two juice and slap hand that game.
Childhood game weyh. Sure play until someone angry one.
HAHAH. Qi Yao's forehead bengkak cos of Xian Jiong and Jason Chin.
I pinched Jason Chin's hand until bengkak. Lolol.
Because he kept losing. 

After that, balik rumah.
Didn't go for second round because I might not have enough sleep for church.
HAHAHA. They went to watch Singaporean movie.
eee, so long didn't watch movie with big gang.

Maxi day for Sunday.
Family outing to Pavi.

Weather is so frickin hot nowadays, I'm going to melt faster than Olaf does.

Bought a watch because I don't know where the old one went.
Eee, hopefully I can find it. Not my fault lah!
The lobster clasp was loose and it flung out of my hand when I wore a jacket,
but I didn't know until I was in the car -,-!

Poker dress with Chui and Caren :3

It was a competition organised by Pavilion and compulsory for us to join,
because Raffles student have to join at least one competition before they graduate.

Ai Lynn being a live mannequin. HAHAHA

This one is the other group's. The dress is made out of canvas bags!
And painted with acrylic after that.

This was ootd from idk what occasion. Oh yaaa.
Family sunday shopping! 

That's all this post :)

Hope you guys had fun reading.

Oh ya, please don't leave stupid messages I will delete them ya. 

Buai buai, peace! :*

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