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Picture taken today while at Publika with mummy.
Poetry of Flowers hehe.

Mum wanted to buy flowers for her mummy,
or in a simpler way, for my grandparent's 49th anniversary.

In today's society, lasting more than two decades of being married is a feat!
I hope to have a happy and simple family in future. 
No need to have a super luxurious life or what, 
but just a family filled with love that's all.

We took a while to find a florist in Publika actually.
Then I remembered in KLCC Cold Storage there's a florist,
so I thought of going B.I.G Grocer to see if they have the same.

Lo and behold, they did lol.
So next time you wanna buy flowers, look for a supermarket? HAHA.

This is their cold room where they store their flowers. 
It smells sooooooo good in there.

I wanna roll around in a tulip field someday.
I guess not roses as eventhough they are my favourite flowers, they are thorny lol.
I love sunflowers too! I used to have them at home but they "dieded". 
They were really big and bright and pretty.
And Edward is my sunshine hahahahoops.

Random picha of mummy ^^

After that we stopped by Moo Cow.
I had cravings for frozen yogurt hehe.

I like tutti frutti too! 
Now I know, RM7 is enough for tutti frutti.
Because the first time I tried, I got greedy with toppings
and loaded it to RM20. HAHAHAH.

Then someone told me actually tutti frutti can be very cheap 
and I was like ooooo really

And here is a random blur shot


Very tropical indeed.

Yellow vest from Bershka.
The zip is supposed to be the back but I like it to the front lol.
Printed flare skirt also from Bershka. RM99 the price popped in my head :3

Ya okay camwhore.

And this was our brunch before we bought flowers. :)

YUMMY! Was craving for some good egg benedict so we headed to The Red Bean Bag.
I ordered the Atlantic, egg benedict with salmon om nom.

The egg. So round and fluffy. I like.
I need to learn how to make lolol.
Runny yolks are the best, and poached is how I like em.

Poke it burst it watch the yolk run over
and smush your bread over it and scoop it into your mouth, NOM.

Hehe so that was my brunch with mummy at Publika.


21st July! :) 

Boyfie took me out to a date, because 21 is a special date.
HAHAHA. Monthsary hehe.
Of many more to come ^^

And I just wanna say thank you dear for taking the time and effort
to plan this date and run around to get surprise gifts eventho
you had work! 

Izakaya Okinawa japanese restaurant.
I keep forgetting their name lolol.

Dear ordered salmon set for me because he knows I like salmon hehe :3

They didn't have chairs! The type you take off your shoes and sit on pillows.
Reminds me of Korea trip hehe. 

And of course, the perfect caption for this is.

My favourite food,
and my favourite boy in front of me.

What's not to love? :3

Balloons, cards, chocolates, hello kitty and a fat pooh.

Hehe. Thank you dear for taking note of little things.
And for being so nice to me. 

Always feel lucky to have you :)

I could say more, but later kena hantam by blog readers hahahahoops.

So that was my 21st. The last one i got six roses because it was June
and he picked 21st because that's my birthdate hehe.

That's why I say! I have a thoughtful boyfie :3


Galaxy bodysuit from Tosphop.
Pastel flare skirt from Bershka. 
(same cut as the yellow one i wore on top!)

It was Tuesday afternoon. Boyfie had work aka internship aka one month left.
HAHAH. So I went to Uptown to find him for lunch ^^


Look at this smile. Looks like he is up to something. Cunning face, hmmmmm ^^

We ate at Hayaki Cafe, SS2 Uptown.
Known for their nasi kerabu and french toast.

I love their nasi kerabu with ayam percik! Mygatch.
So fun to mix all the ingredients. MUAHAHAHA.

Yummy in da tummy.


So that was Tuesday 

Clipped my hair up because it was hot! Midday sun :3


This was Saturday. 

White off shoulder top from.. BERSHKA! HAHHA.
Skirt from umm Forever 21 I think.

Another check out myself in the mirror pose

Went to 1u with boyfie

Hehe tutti frutti! :3
This was RM6.50 ish I think.
I like the oreo. 

I don't dare to take too many gummy bears because I know 
it is heavyyy. And heavy means expensive hahaha.

We watched The Fault In Our Stars.

Haven't read the book yet. The movie was not bad! :)
Very emotional. Shailene Woodley did a good job potraying this character.


Saturday night!

Siet Yen organized a gathering for Bestarians.
Hehe thanks to Siet Yen for hosting. It's not easy hosting events, I know.

I came in late because I was lost on my Waze.
The venue was Sushi Maiu at The Place. 
Near Empire Damansara :3

RM48 for buffet.
Apparently they said leftovers will be charged.
I came late, and everyone was quite full and there were unfinished food.
Sashimi, sushi roll etc. Everyone kept giving me lol.

Pictures from King Jiat's iphone ahahaha.
Catch up session

From my camera. Brought casio tr15 that night.
Eeeee, regret. Samsung ex2f is much more apt for parties.

NG! haha

Groupshot :)

Hehe. About 30 people came that night.
Or 30 plus ^^

I didn't go for second round that night!
Nowadays settle down dy hehe.


Floral dress :)
From Forever 21. Good quality eh this one.
Forever 21 is a bit of hit and miss one.

This floral dress is at least 5 years old.
I remember wearing it on my 15 years old youth camp!

Mummy and edward came to visit me at my church! hehe :)
I go to Full Gospel Tabernacle if you are wondering :3

We didn't hold hands. HAHAH.
We held fingers because we were shy *ahem*

Melanie. Haha! She's a sweetie :3

After church, went down to KL with family! 

Cafe de Paris again hehe. Daddy likes going there recently.
And lol. So nice, they have wifi. I remember for the first two visits they didn't.
I guess they got tired of getting like 50 customers asking them for wifi everyday. HAHAHA

Yummy! Sushi again hehe.

This time with mummy at 1u.
Hokaido Sushi! Om nom. I love their oyster roll.
I had miso soup too hehe.



Blue ruffle top from F Block.
Bandage skirt from. Ahem. Bershka again HAHAHAHAH
I had a mini shopping spree there recently thats why lolol.

This was Friday if not wrong hehe.
Guess where's this?

Antipodean. HAHA.
Siet Yen's craving.

They didn't have a menu.
You have to stand and read it from the wall, LITERALLY.

And here is their kids corner. Lol so cute.

Food was alright. I didn't like my french toast lolol.
But siet yen's egg benedict was yums.
Maybe I should come back here and order one? :3

After that Siet Yen kidnapped me to Vincent's house. HAHAH.
Because she said she wanted to stay there till 4.30 but went home at 7 plus in the end.
Edward came and save me around 5 plus, after he got off from work.
We stopped by Ramadhan Bazaar after that.

Guat Tyng. Long time no camwhore with this girl hehe.

End with this random picture of boyfie and I at Subway.
Their chicken tandoori was yummy! Tastes like kebab hehe.
Kebab King at 1U used to be very popular before they shifted!

Life has been treating me well pretty good lately.
Just glad to be with boyfie, family, friends. 
Be content with the simple but precious things in life :3

Hehe. That's all for this post.
And hello ilymotm if ure reading.

Buai buai xoxo

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