Monday, 7 July 2014

Holiday part two


Hello all :3

Random picture to start of this post. Hehe.
My two weeks holiday. Are coming to an end.
But! I only have class every Tuesday. 

Hahaha! I heard it's a difficult subject though :3

Looking in the mirror before going out. 
My skirt matches the flowers at the back. HAHAHAHA
So hot lately. Croptops are my saviour ;(

Had breakfast (brunch?) at Tokyo Kitchen in Ativo.
Cravings for sushi suddenly.

But actually, I'm quite a bandaraya when it comes to sushi.
Anytime, anwhere also can.

How lucky actually to have a sushi resto near my neighbourhood. 

Butter Pecan ice cream from Baskin Robbins :D
Went to DPC after Ativo. Because we were too free hehehehe.

Go DPC also so happy one meh?

Hahahah. Went to the lake after ice cream to digest the food a little.

Still got one more too cheesy I shy to put here. HAHAHA.
This one is the not yet ready one.

Ahem flexing as usual

The next day Edward had a match at Padang Hospital KL.
I woke up at 6.30AM. HAHAHAH.

I haven't woken up that early since a long long time.
But it's worth it to see him play :3

I had a scrumptious McD breakfast. Sausage egg mcmuffin. Hashbrown. Ribena.
Eating like a horse on a empty tummy is a nice feeling.

The field.

Actually we waited for like an hour or two for the match to start. 
The opponents were late. If they hire referee and the opponents are late,
they have to pay the extra charge lu.

Eheh one of them brought a big bottle of water. So much of equipment everywhere.
Shin guards, tapes, gloves, jerseys.

Edward is in a club called FC Variasi and they play once a week like that :3


I'm wearing his older jersey. Teehee.
Sometimes I wear it to sleep because it's big enough to be a.. dress.

Sunny sunny day.

I did quiet time with some music as accompany on the bench.

There is boyfie in action. The one on the far left. HAHAHA.
"Edward laju sial".  He plays as a winger :3

This was Saturday! Family dinner at 1U.

Grand Imperial. I love this prawn.
They put strawberries and raisins inside too.

After family dinner, went to meet up with Jennie.
Then sat in her brother's car to The Roof. 
Can walk la but Jennie said dangerous.

Hello. Look at Shao Yang. 
The long lost ji mui from US.

We went to Score. Drink and watch football.
Brazil versus Chile that night. Very gan jiong especially the penalty part.
Hulk. Neymar. David Luiz. HAHAHA. 

It was so packed that night. And hot too. 
But very nice ah watch football with everyone shouting.
Shao Yang and the others played dices mostly. "Dai wa sek"/

I spilled one of his beer. HAHAHA. 
I was insulting him about his accent and the next thing arms were flailing.

Seeking for attention from boyfie.
phone or me phone or me?!?!

Haha got attention dy ^^
Jennie dono how to use my camera so blur sial

With the Amanda Gwenllian.

I think we watched the match until 3 plus. Then the next day,
woke up for church. Went to Gospel Avenue which is Edward's church. :)

Aha. Sunday brunch time at KL.

At Cafe De Paris.

Sexy right my Nutella Waffle? I likey the ice cream. And the nutella of course hehe.
Shared among four people la hehe. Too much of dessert can be a nono.

Orange maxi from Forever 21.

Fish & Co with Edward, William and Mandy.

At the 1U carpark, Edward spotted William's car.
Soooo we ended up having brunch together :3

Hello Cabbie.

Mei Yen brought me to Sushi Mentai.
it's so crazy cheap! RM1.80 for the pink plates.
RM2.80 for the red plates.
Really can whack a lot of sushi.

It's like the price of supermarket sushi.
They have wifi too. HAHAHA

Egg Benedict as usual. This was at the Morning After, Ativo.

ah, antisocial. Miss Jo and Miss Vinnie

Hahahah okay la no antisocial

This was MJ night.
No football match on that night, sad a bit. HAHAHA.
Gotten so used to watching FIFA before sleeping.z

camwhore in the car ya.

I like this shot :)

Mou ngan tai. HAHAHA

The apalu mau face.
Edward epic ya

Okies byebye

Okies hello again.

Headed down to KL with Shao Yang and his girlfriend Shary.
I think they're together around four years now, not bad ah :3

Went to SY's house then SY went to pick Shary up.
Chillis was Shao Yang's fav actually but he ate so much while in US he got sick of it.
So we went to have dimsum at Mandarin Oriental instead :D I recommended one. 

HAHAH. Also bought their pandan mooncakes. RM80 ish for half a dozen.

Look like husband and wife anot?

Im their daughter for that day. HAHAHAH.
The waiter saw me camwhoring and thought my camera was a phone.
As always :3

Relaxing day. Good food good company

Ordered quite a lot. Shao Yang treated again!
Feel bad, next time is my turn to treat him already. Zi mui yo hahaha.
I like the scallop congee and salad prawn with mango :)

After that, went to swimming at DPC clubhouse. 
The fat dog in the middle is SY. HAHAHA.
Shary had to go home because she had classes to teach.
Shary trains for marathon at DPC too.

This was Sunday. Went down to KLCC with family.
And had a short while seeing Edward before going KL :)
HAHAH but I saw him after coming back from KL too.
We went to the pasar malam at Maluri. 
Been so long since I've been to a pasar malam hehe.
Brings back memories :)

Wokie, that's about it this post.
Till then :) mwah

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